John Bolton, Astrosplained

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Luscious Ladies,  Men of LaMancha,

There are many miscreants to Astrosplain (TM) these days.   There’s Meghan McCain, with her adorable wedge chart.   There’s Gina Haspel, one of America’s finest torture ladies.  There are James Comey — who I can confidently say is not my homey — and Reince Priebus, key players with interesting charts that I haven’t gotten around to.  Then there’s Mike Pompeo, who will be coming next due to the votes that have come in so far.

But hey, what about Keith Raniere and Allison Mack?  They are both giant WTFburgers, and their charts are telling.  Katrina Pierson is a bit player who has faded from the limelight somewhat, but her chart is also fascinating.  I also intend to Astrosplain Chris “Crying Nazi” Cantwell.  (Why is he so pissed off?  Because he can’t well.)   I also have data now for Ted Malloch and Rick Gates.  So I have my work cut out for me.

For now, though, let’s get to the miscreant du jour, John Bolton.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, John Bolton is one of the worst people alive, tied for worst Bolton with Michael.  He and Robert Bork are literally two of the ugliest humans on the planet.  Wait, what about ISIS?  Child sex traffickers?  Aren’t they worse than these two guys from Washington?  No, not really.   John Bolton has no more regard for human life than ISIS, no more regard for the (stated) principles of America than ISIS does.   Does not belong in this cabinet any more than Jeff Sessions (who was unqualified for a federal bench position decades ago due to his racism) or Scott Pruitt, who hates the EPA and sues it every chance he gets.  Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, duh hey, he meant INTO his cabinet.   Drain it INTO the Oval Office.  So, well done.

So yes, gentle reader, I remember this horrible clown from decades ago.  And now let’s get down to it, there’s a whole circus waiting for me.

John bolton chart

First things first, here the Sun is late in Scorpio, the chart is ruled by Pluto (modern) and Mars (traditional).  The Sun is in a late degree, so it could possibly be at the beginning of Sagittarius.  That doesn’t make as much sense to me as the Mars/Pluto rulership, though.  Yes, Bolton has a Jupiter issue, evidenced by the life he has spent in government and other large organizations like Fox News.   But Sagittarius is a feel-good sign, a party animal.  That’s definitely not Bolton.  Bolton is safely in Scorpio, with the sneaky, manipulative, conflict-driven disposition.

Chart co-ruler Mars and Jupiter are conjunct, and opposite Uranus.  I can tell you for sure that in any chart where the guy has that kind of a mustache, Uranus is going to factor in.  Same with John Dowd, famously cranky and weird, sends emails in purple Comic Sans font.  Much like Wayne LaPierre, Uranus is about thinking you are your own universe, and other people should accommodate that.  Doctors with prominent Uranus include Ben Carson and the serial-killer-adjacent Dr. Hackett.  Can you imagine the bedside manner of either of these guys?  Ben Carson would prep for surgery while telling you some bizarre lie about how he once punched a librarian in the face.  They’re just weird, out in left field.  Uranus is not easy to relate to or connect with.  The nicest Uranian was of course Nikola Tesla.

Pluto plays a prominent role here too, as co-ruler of the chart.  It’s in a hard aspect to Mercury here, keeping his thoughts dark and secretive.  Machiavellian thinking probably comes very natural to John.  His Pluto is conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother.  Remember that Pluto famously ripped a hole in the Earth, in order to abduct the child Persephone and drag her into hell where he could rape her.  Then Ceres, the girl’s mother, charged into hell to get her back.  Pluto is the one who rips a fetus out of a woman with no remorse, at his very darkest.  Pluto goes right on through, no limits.  Obviously not every Scorpio is this ugly.  But this is a known quantity.  This man has spoken in public quite a bit.  My sense is that his mother bottle-fed him his sickening ideas.  This also suggests that no amount of environmental impact or collateral damage would be problematic for him.  He wants what he wants, by God.

The image above is well-displayed in the chart, with the hammer and the mushroom cloud.  Bolton is the classic guy walking around with a hammer in his hand, thinks everything he sees is a nail.  That is the Pluto-Mars combo platter.  Especially with pronounced Jupiter, as John has, this is a recipe for an Alexander the Great (Sociopath) archetype, like Paul Manafort.  Torturer pinup Gina Haspel also has a prominent Mars.  Go figure, the God of War is key to all of these natives.

John has a bowl chart, which I have discussed at length in this blog.  There are a lot of bowls in Trump’s world and the GOP in general.  Mueller is a bowl, and in fairness, so is Bernie Sanders.  But by and large bowl charts are just impossible to get through to.  They don’t meet people halfway.  If you’re a bowl, then yes, Fox News is fair and balanced.  They completely eliminate the things they don’t like from the conversation, then reset the center.  It’s not something they do intentionally, though it feels incredibly obnoxious when you’re on the receiving end.  Trump is a bowl, as is Chump, Jr.

The thing with bowl charts — especially when you have a big honking rim opposition as we see here — is that they only work in half of their energy.  They are the classic “glass half empty” people.  A bowl chart is unlikely to be a glass-half-full type IMHO.  There is a chronic sense of missing out.  Having been close to more than one bowlie, I can tell you that they seem oblivious to the perfectly obvious choices they could make.  There’s a certain sense of entitlement to be met where they’re at.   A bowl chart native is like someone who halves a recipe and then is disappointed with the low yield.  With an unevolved bowl person, they put half as much in, and they want a full result back.   When they don’t get it, they’re resentful.  Nothing in this chart would tend to mitigate that feeling.  On the contrary, I expect that intractable, pessimistic, “permanently wronged” feeling to be John’s emotional mainstay.  Sometimes such people feel chronically cheated, when in fact their butts have been kissed quite well.

Like with General Kelly, this is a very dynamic chart, though not very strong one.  There are no major aspect patterns to create internal circuitry, that would help the personality flow or focus it.  The red lines are hard aspects, wherein elements of the personality do not mesh, like people who do not like each other but have to ride the same bus.  The blue lines show flowing energy between planets, ways in which the personality is well-integrated.   Then the dashed and dotted lines are energy that is redirected.  That can look a lot of different ways, including misdirection, which is overall a very high probability with this Plutonian native.   With any afflicted Neptune, look for dishonesty, especially in a strong Pluto chart.

Bolton’s Neptune is in Libra, ruled by Venus, aka relationships with other people, specifically women.  Venus reflects the other people in your life, connections with people generally.  I suspect that Bolton is a good finder of useful idiots.  He has the potential to have a guru-like quality for those who like that flavor of Kool-Aid.  His Neptune is also a smidge outside the Via Combusta, where he has a ton of action.  Via Combusta is really more about the Sun and the Moon, but is generally unfavorable and contains Mercury, Venus, and Vesta the True Believer.

So Venus is empowered in her own sign of Libra, despite it being in the Via Combusta.  Planets like to be in their own signs and houses.  John can do well in making connections within his circle.  She’s in good aspect with the rim opposition planets (Jupiter/Mars/Uranus), which reflects John being well accepted within a very difficult crowd.  She is in hard aspect only to the Moon, which makes perfect sense to me.  I’m sure John is cranky AF, and his supporters think of it as a feature, not a bug.  Other people work his last nerve, I have no doubt.  And yet his voice is so very clear that the ones who love him accept him as is, walrus face and all.

John’s Venus is actually gifted, conjunct fixed star Spica.  Spica is a distant fixed star, sometimes called “God’s spotlight,” because it is located directly under (between the Earth and) Arcturus, Heaven’s Gate.   This gifted Venus/Spica is what has made John so successful.  We have a saying in America, “Run it up the flag pole and see who salutes.”  The idea is that when you put something or someone out there, it’s an opportunity for those who resonate with him or his ideas to commune.  Such an opportunity allows people to stand up and be counted, especially with God’s spotlight shining on it.  So this is quite a toxic individual, IMHO, very effective.

There are a few other prominent points that leapt right out at me in this chart.  One, the Sun is conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer.  Before I move on, let me note that anything within 8 degrees of the Sun (the focal point of the entire chart) is “combust,” or obscured within the Sun’s corona.  Astrologically that means it’s cooked into the sauce, something that gives a distinct flavor to the entire thing, inseparable in a way that would be invisible to the native.

The energy of Chiron has recently become much clearer to me, so forgive me if I repeat myself.  This is astro work in progress, refining my understanding for our changing times.   Chiron is of course a floating rock, a small chunk of space debris, shrapnel from the destruction of a planet called Maldek.  Maldek, I am told (by Bashar) was destroyed by the aggression of its inhabitants.  The literature on Chiron discusses the centaur of mythology (who was, among other things, a trainer of heroes) and how that archetype applies astrologically.  The classic example is someone like John Walsh, who used the death of his son Adam to create a movement to assist endangered children.  All of the show-biz silliness aside, John Walsh became a whole new man, one who spent his life protecting and defending children with stunning results.  America’s Most Wanted rescued and assisted many children, including Jessyca Mullenberg.   I think the world of John Walsh.

Anyway so that’s basically how we understand Chiron astrologically.  I chose the link above partly because it shows that there is not a lot of clarity about the origins of Chiron, whether a planetoid, asteroid, or comet.   It’s a newly discovered influence.

Maldek is not commonly discussed among astrologers.  Maldek was the angriest planet before Mars, an extension of the Orion wars that raged on for millennia.   The conflict among the citizens of the planet was so prolonged and so relentless that eventually the planet itself reflected that turmoil, and exploded.    The citizens of Maldek went on to incarnate on Mars, and eventually Earth.  I believe this will be the last planet to sort the Orion energy.  As horrible as things seem now, this is only a taste of how bad Orion was.  We are now in the time of ascension, well into it.  As we look around and see all the things the Trump administration has done, make no mistake, we’ve given these people enough rope to hang themselves.  The Earth will ascend or die now.  And I see people around the world really dividing into two different ideas:  those who want peace and environmental health, and those who want only conflict — like John Bolton.

I have seen this prominent Chiron several times now on people who are definitely not living up to the more evolved vision of Chiron discussed in the link above and elsewhere on the net.  When you think of someone like John Walsh, who took lemons and made lemonade, that doesn’t so much suggest the perma-horrible John Bolton.   Of course there is a higher and a lower form of everything, and many in between.    So if John Walsh is a strong, highly evolved Chiron, what does it mean to have poor or afflicted Chiron?   Well if you do a direct flip, it’s one who turns lemonade into pee.  And that fits John Bolton, whose worldview is as grim as Stephen Miller’s.

I’m coming to see that it also suggests one who is profoundly conflict-driven, who has no desire to get over it, namely the massive aggression of Maldek.  If Stevie Nicks can pick up the pieces and go home, why can’t Wayne LaPierre or John Bolton?  Who shattered their illusions of love?

Maybe Bolton hates Muslims more than anybody in Fleetwood Mac likes coke, distinct possibility.   John has a massive chip on his shoulder, evidenced by his life’s work.  The rim opposition has Jupiter (the government) in the first decan of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  This is an extremely determined position for Jupiter, who feels entitled to make decisions that will impact others, and spend other people’s money.  Jupiter has no qualms in such positions, because he is very out-of-sight, out-of-mind especially with the needs of other people.  Jupiter is about self-indulgence, paid for by others.  And of course the end game is to become a philanthropist, like the Koch brothers, where you’re seen giving heaps of money while taking at least as much back in other ways.

Jupiter is also ruling Sagittarius, the sign where we find Mars, the chart’s co-ruler.  Mars the God of War is always itching for a fight; he’s restless, impulsive, angry, and hates introspection.  Mars is the initiator of the zodiac, the planet ruling Aries, the first sign.  Of course Mars goes first, he’s the guy who pushes to the front of the line, the original conflict-driven motherfucker.  The God of War.  With Mars and Jupiter together, think Alexander the Great, who was born to fight so he can be the greatest emperor who ever lived.  Jupiter is what makes Trump run all over the world plastering his name on giant buildings.  He wants to look like he owns things even when he doesn’t.  He likes to see his own name.  He likes a lot of attention and prestige.  And then Mars.  Those two are conjoined twins in this chart.

So both of those two are across from Uranus, Mr. “I Gotta Be Me,” with those red lines forming a sort of fence separating John Bolton’s consciousness from his inner Mexico.   Not unlike his own personal “douchehenge,” except of course much more effective at keeping people out, because it’s in his consciousness where he gets to be the boss of everything.   With a bowl chart there is a line of demarcation, a line in the sane, and the native is not only disinclined but on some level unable to cross it.  They simply don’t seem to understand that it’s possible to engage other people on the other person’s terms.  It’s a sort of spiritual myopia or energetic, empathic impairment.  With the bowl people I’ve known, it feels like a spiritual lethargy or laziness, an abiding negativity.

Anyway Uranus is really the biggest problem in this chart, methinks.   The rim opposition, especially with those planets, is going to make him really difficult on an interpersonal level.  Not unlike Bob Mercer (but for different reasons) Bolton simply can’t be connected with on a human level.  There’s a sort of psychic moat around him.  Bolton is a guy for whom the word “freedom” means something that simply doesn’t happen inside my body, despite my own raging Mars.   There’s an intense oppositional defiance here, combined with a sense of entitlement from Jupiter.

Then Uranus has all these dashed and dotted lines, basically energy being redirected, rerouted, or misdirected.  This is a person who is very complicated inside, has all sorts of rationales and ways of seeing and doing things that he insists others accommodate him on.  He probably believes we’re all that brittle and needy; we’re not.    But of course for intensely conflict-driven people, they have no way to imagine what it’s like to chillax.

There’s a little side note I’d like to make before I go forward with the more standard chart analysis.  As with all locomotive or bowl charts, there is a sort of psychic bull’s eye in the center of the big empty patch where there are no major planets.   It can be almost like a spiritual treasure chest that the native knows in dreams, and feels the lack of in the waking life, especially when there’s a focal point there, in this case Juno the Spouse.

So in this case, that Juno is pretty smack dab in the middle.  If it were a major planet this would be a bucket chart, completely different thing.  Here it’s creating an energetic fulcrum in the negative — it exists in the center of the part of the chart that the native does not explore.  Of course our consciousness does not roll like eggs.  An egg that’s flat on one side only rolls one time, ask a turtle.

What does Juno the Spouse represent?  As with Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, it’s about who you connect with every day, the one you text the most, your own sounding board.  That may or may not be the literal spouse.  I would argue that Roger may be closer to Manafort than to his own wife — despite their obvious marital bond — because the part of himself that Roger shares with Manafort is arguably larger than the husband part of him.  Those two totally get each other.  Bolton is not really situated to get other people.  He’s a guy that certain other people get.

So that Juno being smack dab in the bull’s eye position of the void, that’s a screamer for me.  In this bowl chart with the Uranus rim opposition, of course what such a person wants most of all is intimacy, true connection with others.   That is the pebble in his psychic shoe, that desire to connect with others that he has made so very difficult for himself, like a treasure chest he’s walled up in the side of the house he’s closed off.   It could also indicate that Bolton has a spouse around whom his personal life revolves, though it may appear to be an odd or arm’s-length relationship.

In other words, Bolton’s not hard to understand.  He needs someone to hold his hand.

Bolton has Neptune conjunct Seginus the Guard, which of course T-Rump has conjunct Jupiter — which again represents the government itself.  Thus I use a Seginus contact as a sort of Trump resonator for anyone in his cabinet.   Bolton is a guy that resonates with Trump, like Stephen Miller and Omarosa with that extreme Plutonian desire to make your enemies pay, make them beg for mercy that will not be shown.  Seginus portends ruin through association, and I think that’s a safe bet for this whole lot.

In this particular chart, conjunct Neptune, the Seginus contact with Trump feels like something where Bolton can spin the sort of bedtime story Trump likes to hear.  Neptune is about imagination and intuition, dreams, archetypal information, the sort of things referred to as the “Akashic records.”  The Akashic records of course aren’t some library under the Sphinx (though there may well be a library under there, and probably is).   The Akashic records are simply the energetic blueprint of All That Is.  Every thought that has ever happened still exists, in the Akashic record.  You access it constantly from wherever you are, every time a sense of knowing automatically arises, every time your brain reaches into your experience databank looking for an interpretation.   So a wonky Neptune throws everything in the life off.  Neptune is where you access the divine, or for a lot of people, where you don’t.  Bolton could be the one who leads Trump to his ruin, like an accidental Pied Piper.

One other important thing to note here, Bolton has Pallas Athena on Aldebaran.  I’ve written so much about Aldebaran on this blog that I truly can’t again.  General McMaster also has good Aldebaran, making him an obvious square peg in this administration full of Antares brats, if you want to understand that axis and how it works.

Now Pallas Athena the Field Marshal is an asteroid, a lesser influence.  The asteroid belt with the sister asteroids discussed herein is between the inner and outer planets.  Where the outer planets are generational, the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus) are fast-moving and constantly changing, much more dynamic than the slower, outer ones.  Then this asteroid belt is sort of between those two ideas; it’s how we transition from our individual selves to ourselves as members of a society.  It’s how we interface with the human family.  Juno shows you as a spouse, Pallas and Vesta as sisters, Ceres as a parent.

Pallas Athena the Field Marshal has a hypermasculine quality.  She is the goddess of wisdom and courage, and is the patron saint of Athens, Greece.  Her head is a diamond, and her primary role is identifying patterns and creating strategies.  Pallas Athena is about the high road, as is Aldebaran.  So the two of those together should make for a true warrior in the mold of the Archangel Michael.  Especially with his fancy Neptune, I think this definitely adds to the Pied Piper thing mentioned above.  He really is somewhat gifted, between the Spica and the Aldebaran contacts.  He is highly intuitive, especially with his Cancer Moon (which also adds to his crankiness and stubornness).

That Pallas on Aldebaran definitely plays into his career success, especially with his prominent Venus.   Again, Venus is about the connections we make with other people, the support we get from individuals and society.  Good Venus is about being born well, knowing the right people.  So there is a certain contingent of the government that has definite use for a field marshal with an Archangelic-level ability to perceive and strategize.  He does appear like a right-wing Hercules to the people who appreciate his thinking.

So that’s John Bolton.  The fact that he has somehow made it into the White House is a reminder that it’s always darkest before the dawn.   Thank God for the Parkland kids, and the tsunami that will be 2018.   #MuellerIsComing


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