Rick Gates, Astrosplained

Finally birth data for Rick Gates, my prayers have been answered!  Maybe I should start praying for better things.  But I have been curious lo these long months, and I’m probably not the only one wondering about this international man of mystery.

I really don’t know a single thing about him except that he was Manafort’s partner, then the money laundering allegations that have come out.  I also heard that Trump didn’t like Gates and thought of him as a hanger-on.  Also for whatever reason his face reminds me of the Grinch.


Is he a mean one, Mr. Gates?  Let’s find out.

[August 10, 2018] Gentle reader, I am horrified and I beg your forgiveness.  I see now that I have neglected to post the chart!  D’OH  No idea what was happening with my brain that day, sorry.]

Rick Gates chart

Alrighty, the Sun is in the first decan of Taurus, making this a Venus-ruled chart.  Like with General Kelly and Rob Porter, a Venus chart in a fairly aggressive guy speaks to one whose live revolves around other people and the native’s connections to them.  That is the primary driver, connections with and support from others.  Think of Venus as the original Real Housewife, especially in Taurus where she’s liable to stay home drinking in her jammies all day.

Trump may not like Gates, but Gates has Uranus conjunct Seginus the Guard, the fixed star indicating a connection to Trump personally, especially for political contacts, because Trump has this star conjunct Jupiter.  Jupiter, of course, represents the government generally, and Trump specifically because he is a walking, talking Jupiter archetype.  A smaller fixed star like Seginus is really a minor chart factor, and this is a great example of when something like that matters a whole lot.  Seginus, again, portends ruin through association.

With the chart ruler established and the above note out of the way, the next thing I note is the aspect pattern.  This is I think the first Trump-related chart that I’ve seen with a “mystic rectangle,” that blue rectangle in the middle — Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury.  Note that there is also plenty of red, lots of dashed lines too.  This is a dizzying chart, would be very difficult to really understand the interplay of all the planets due to the extreme dynamism.  It’s very, very busy inside Rick’s head.

Anytime I see a turbocharged Neptune, I’m looking for either a mystic, a liar, or both.  I’m reminded of a former friend, a young covert narcissist named Alex.  He also had a mystic rectangle.  He is quite a spiritual person, has a lot of intuition and good insight.  But as I got to know him, I realized he truly lives in a little fantasy world in his head.  He doesn’t know which things are true for himself or not, because he lies so constantly and so fluidly within himself.  I suspect Gates does, too.

With Alex, I began to notice that he had a lot of really illogical ideas, things that made no sense to me at all.  He had a lot of difficulty keeping his own nonsense straight, is what it comes down to.  I imagine Gates is, like Alex, a world-class manipulator.  Alex would often be at loose ends, unable to focus or ground himself.  Gates probably has the same issue simply because of the way his energy moves around his chart like a superball.

When you think about the above-described skillset, I imagine Paul Manafort put him to amazing use.  Gates, with his Venus chart, either already had or was able to make the right connections to facilitate his goals.  Manafort and Stone provided the overall vision.  I can only imagine what an amazing assistant Gates was for Manafort, with his versatility and cleverness.

The Moon is in the tail end of Libra, Venus’ other sign, making both of his luminaries ruled by Venus.  That normally makes someone a bit polished, charming, sociable.  But the Taurus side of Venus definitely has horns.  Taurus Venus is also a people person, a hostess at heart, who wants to gather everyone around her table (and let them wash the dishes afterward, because she’s lazy and selfish).   But it’s still a very feminine and passive planet.  The classic Taurus thing is, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.  But think about it:  a bull charges you to protect its family, its home.  It doesn’t feel it has any other choice.   A Venusian native would rather have everything peaceful and relaxed at all times.

So with all this Venus focus, I need to see where Venus herself is in this chart, how she’s situated.  And this is where the chart takes a decidedly macho turn.  Gates has Venus directly on the malevolent Mintaka, suggesting a strong tie to the ancient Orion wars (I will confidently say he’s on the other side from me).  Further, his chart-ruling Venus is tightly conjunct Mars and Nessus the Wife Beater.  I have no reason to think Gates beats his wife.  But if you think about the imagery of a wife beater in chart where Venus rules both luminaries, it creates kind of a staggering paradox.  Venus conjunct both Mars and Nessus suggests a profoundly toxic vision of love, what it means to love or be loved, who or what other people are.  This would be rough even without the Mintaka connection.  General Kelly also has a prominent, defiled Venus, notable for both ruling and affliction.

Gates also has Toro the Raging Bull conjunct the North Node late in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, suggesting that the end of his life may have a huge payoff.  With Capricorn, we start out that hardscrabble orphan, and through hard work, scrimping, and saving, we end up Warren Buffett.  It takes a really long time, and there’s a lot of scar tissue in between.  But Capricorn is where Saturn ends up holding all of the money he worked his whole life to get.

And this is where we get to the weasely Neptune.  Capricorn is the mountain goat, the tough, determined one.  In the picture below, there is a goat on top of the cliff, and a little group of them on the first plateau down.  (More on these fearless guys here.)

mountain goat

That’s late Capricorn.  Except when it’s people instead of goats, that mountain is all made of money.  And with Taurus, that’s his own wife and kids with him, and nobody else in the world.  Like Venus, he’s a money person, self-centered.   Like Venus in Taurus, he’s grounded (Earth signs).    Unlike Venus, Saturn (Capricorn) is not a people person, quite the opposite.  Saturn is judge, jury, executioner.   Saturn on his best day is meaner than Venus, even when she’s in Taurus.  He’s not a rapist, like Pluto.  He’s a hanging judge, who thinks of empathy as something his wife whines about when he takes a rod to the children.  Saturn is a punisher, and late in Capricorn, he’s king of the hill.

So if you think about the picture above, Neptune is about integrity.  Capricorn the mountain goat is the king of grounding.  He can go very, very high, because he stays 100 percent connected to that rock that holds him.  It’s a very intricate dance done with the whole body, gripping the stones with the foot pads while balancing the core like Pilates masters.  Compare Rick Gates to the below goat.

mountain goat niche

That’s a good analogy for where Rick Gates is right now.  He’s no spring chicken, in his late 40s.   He’s well up that cliff face now.  We’re looking at a close-up picture above, but if the view pulled back I would probably want to throw up from how high that is.  Goats apparently never look down, they just keep looking in front of themselves.  And with a chart as dynamic as this one, I’m sure that’s the case here.   That’s why he’s the assistant, not the boss.  He needs the direction of someone with more focus and perspective, because Gates zooms around inside himself at a high rate of speed.

The difference is goats stay in their element 100 percent of the time.  They never try to do anything at all except climb up and eat stuff.  With Rick’s intense Mintaka, even without the intense Mars, this is a power-hungry individual, one who lives to conquer.  With Mercury, Vesta, and Chiron all in Aries, Mars is both influential and highly aggro in this chart.   Especially with the close Mars/Venus conjunction on Mintaka, this chart is almost like a carjacking, where Mars has Mrs. Venus duct taped in the trunk of her car while he drives around looking for ATMs.  It’s her chart, it’s her car, it’s her debit card.  But there’s is a very macho agenda in this chart, with the Nessus, and Toro on the Node.

Remember, the North Node represents where the life will end up, the destiny of that individual.  (Free will always exists, within the destiny that is chosen by free will at a higher level, says me.)  So the North Node is a perfected spot, always, showing where the native will hand the baton to the “next” life in the succession, if you look at lives linearly (which I don’t:  there is only here, there is only now.  all lives exist at once).

Anyway Toro on the Node is reason to pause for thought.  If you think about the life as a hallway, where you enter at birth and exit at death, that hallway is chosen by yourself before birth.  The South Node would be the entry point, the North Node the exit.  Free will always exists.  We use free will to choose our hallways, then again while we traverse our paths, we use free will to choose the tone and form of every step of our lives.   So the North Node is where we need to end up on a higher level, where we will end up.  Gates is ending up in Capricorn, at the top of that mountain, charging like a raging bull.  Yet it’s fairly easy to see from reading the news that he’s in no position to dictate terms to anyone.  Curiouser and curiouser.

I can only conclude that the weasely Neptune I began discussing above will give Gates no choice but to be airlifted from that second goat picture, the one where he’s splayed out vertically.  Unlike that goat, Gates hasn’t chosen each and every step very carefully, with full awareness of the contour of each and every pebble underfoot as well as his own body weight.  He has that massive drive leading him to the top of that mountain.  But when he arrives there, does he have a solid footing?  Neptune is about integrity, how we connect to the higher self — the part of us that chooses the hallway in the analogy above.  See where I’m going with this?   Do you think Gates can account for every piece of paper Mueller will hand him?  That’s Saturn/Capricorn, the one with the paperwork.

Someone with a mystic rectangle is unlikely to be enough of a self-buster to break through his own lies.  Mystic rectangles can be difficult people.  The oppositions make them somewhat oppositional-defiant, whether they are overtly aggressive or passive-aggressive like my former friend Alex.  With this chart, I think he’s capable of either, but with the Venus ruling, most likely passive.   Nessus speaks of actual physical violence though, and it’s by no means out of the question IMHO.

What I’ve observed among mystic rectangles that I know, is that they have something like a hall of mirrors inside their heads.  Russell Brand is a mystic rectangle, for example.  He was a famous substance abuser, addicted to heroin.  I think the fact that he was charming and witty enough to become famous is what allowed him to get a grip on his Neptunian addiction.  The fact that he was in the public eye, that he received so much negative feedback for his behaviors, made it clear that his connection to other people was more important than what he was using the drugs for.  He forced himself to straighten out through shame, basically.  I have yet to meet a mystic rectangle who wasn’t at least somewhat egotistical, that is a very strong motivator especially in a Venus chart.

Mystic rectangles are often inclined toward arts and music as well.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Gates plays in a bluegrass band or something.   Some of them really do have great talent.  But they’re also prone to wanting attention, and can be very pretentious.  All of this is stronger in a Venus chart, of course, due to her love of art and music, and her  need for external validation that is part and parcel of her archetype.   The hall of mirrors effect makes it very, very, very easy to offend them.  They see negative reflections coming from all sides.  They can be exceptionally brittle in this way.  Gates has the Sun opposite the Moon, exacerbating that sense of discomfort within one’s own skin.

And especially in a double-Venus chart, there is a really strong need for acceptance, to love and be loved.  Venus in Taurus (Rick’s Sun sign, his reason for incarnating) is not one who would ever, ever climb up that mountain.  Hell no.  It’s cold.  Nobody will visit.  And OMG it’s really hard work.  Saturn would have to carry Venus in Taurus on his back to get her up there.  But that’s where he does end up, on that cold rock all by himself.  And then Toro the Raging Bull, has no choice but to charge, no other impulse.  I can only see this as Gates being plucked off that mountain he’s clinging to sideways by Bob Mueller.  Charge where?  How?  Especially with wobbly Neptune opposite Saturn, I don’t see that ending well for Rick.

Saturn and Capricorn are also emphasized because Jupiter is at the head of a T-square in Capricorn.  That’s of course the red triangle from Jupiter to Mercury and Uranus.   Jupiter again represents the government and large groups, like political parties.   That is how Gates uses the conflict between his Mercury and his Uranus.  I talked a lot about Uranus in John Bolton’s chart.  Basically Uranus is that guy who thinks he’s different than everybody else, has a broader perspective, and thus must be treasured by us plebes as some sort of genius.

I need to touch on Mercury, though.  Mercury, the conscious thoughts and ideas, is in mutual reception with Mars here.  That means each planet is housed in the other’s sign, with Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini.  Again, I take Mars as the carjacker here, Mercury is his sidekick.   This chart is on Mars’ agenda, not Mercury’s.  Venus is actually complicit in all this, by the native’s own choice, as with Ayn Rand.  Why would anyone do this to themselves?  Who knows?  Because it is there, maybe.

Also I think this is the widest setting I’ve ever seen of the Sun to Mercury, almost 30 degrees apart.  That is truly stunning, and blows my Farah Suckabee Flanders theory all to hell.  I had wondered if that wide setting between the Sun and Mercury was reflected in the setting of the eyes, close or wide.  But no, Gates has narrow or average eyes.  So that’s either the theory blown all to heck or the exception that proves the rule.  I think the former.   Anyway it suggests a marked ability to distance oneself or compartmentalize the thoughts.  This individual feels like he can change his thoughts the way he changes his socks.  He’s not bothered by any one thing, other than Mars’ agenda, the carjacker of this chart.  Pluto is also in Mercury’s other sign of Virgo, adding darkness and secrecy to the thought process.

The criss-crossing dashed green lines also need a mention.  I have seen this pattern many times now, and am beginning to understand it as a sort of internal trap door.  It occurs in the charts of fractious people like Nikolas Cruz.   I haven’t observed it  long enough to know what else it can look like.  Right now that circuit looks to me almost like a reverse yod, where the individual has internal escape hatches to avoid responsibilities and consequences.

As I look deeper into the chart, I have to say again that physical violence is not out of the question for this native, though I have not heard any suggestion of same.  The overall tone of this chart, with the empowered and debased Venus with raging Mars is a red flag already, even without the presence of Nessus the Wife Beater.  Throw Mintaka in there like gasoline into a bonfire.

But the way Juno the Spouse is situated directly between Pluto and Dejanira the Victim made me literally gasp.  That’s happening in Libra, so again Venus, who we know is already duct taped in her trunk, so to speak.  Having those three together is a recipe for extreme emotional and physical abuse of sexual partners, no other way to describe it.  Especially with Ceres the Earth Mother in Leo, not contacting anything in the chart, there is a pronounced distance between mothers and wives in this native’s head.  Women are born either Madonnas or whores, basically.   Ceres has nothing to do with anything here except the ego itself, the Sun ruling over the sign she’s in.  She gave birth to him.

As I look at the hourglass or see-saw shape of the chart overall, I see that Ceres in Leo is actually punctuating an axis that would make the chart flow much better.   For example if there were something else across from Ceres it would be a splay or locomotive chart.  If there were another red line going from Ceres to something in Aquarius, that would create a whole new axis, basically, one that rolled rather than flip flopping like a see-saw.  That could make the native more scattered, and be a complete disaster.  But there is so much willfulness in this chart with the raging Mars.   I think any way around it, this guy needs leadership and mentoring on a lifelong basis.

Unfortunately Rick’s wife is unlikely to be the moral and intellectual leader that he so desperately needs.  He is unlikely to choose a woman that he has any respect for.  She may be someone from a wealthy or connected family, that would not surprise me at all.  But this is a very compartmentalized guy, capable of going in a lot of different directions.  The overall tone of this chart is, again, like a carjacking.  Mars is the opposite of the chart’s double ruler, ruling both the Sun and the Moon.  But those two are in opposition, working against each other, while Mars holds sway over Venus due to the highly malevolent fixed star and asteroid in tight conjunction, Mintaka and Nessus respectively.

Altogether the whole thing screams of Gates being used, manipulated, and victimized by his partners.  I think that’s fairly self-evident.  Manafort got him in so deep with Oleg Deripaska that Gates probably freaked out when Mueller showed him how badly his buddies hung him out to dry.  I have no doubt they thought of Gates as a highly useful idiot.  He’s not stupid.  But as aggressive as he is, in my experience the mystic rectangles can be very, very easily derailed due to the intense internal dynamism described above.  He’s no match for the people he was in bed with, basically, Juno the Spouse in a Pluto the Devil/Dejanira the Victim sandwich.

So hey, Rick?  Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.




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