Mike Pompeo, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Mike Pompeo is someone I have never known much of anything about.  I recall him being the CIA director, and so I marked his file “untrustworthy” and left it there.  I must be cracking up, I thought I recalled Pompeo being involved in the GW Bush administration.  I haven’t liked or trusted him for a long time, let’s say.  He was a big Tea Partier, and holds opposite views to my own on most subjects.  He likes Guantanamo, doesn’t want to permit abortion, doesn’t want GMOs to be labeled, fill in the blanks.

So Pompeo is part of that crew.  I’m pointing all of this out because nowadays CIA and FBI agents are all over MSNBC and CNN, and the left is all fawning over them as if they’re our friends.  They are definitely not.  Both of those agencies are as dirty as Mark Fuhrman.  The FBI has a long, sordid history of domestic spying on leftists.  Trump is their dirty, craven chickens coming home to roost.  Not that I don’t appreciate the input and information of Malcolm Nance or Clint Watts, I’m sure they’re well informed.   They seem like nice enough guys.  But their employers are enemies of the people, and always have been.  I appreciate that they do things like catch bombers and kidnappers.  Not saying the FBI or CIA are worthless.   Just that they’re not trustworthy, and never have been.  Now that the right wing scares even themselves, all of a sudden we’re buddies?  I don’t think so.  I remember who they are.  Craven, vicious cowards, the entire GOP.  Racist through and through.

That said, thanks to the extreme secrecy of Dick Cheney, I know little or nothing about Mike Pompeo.  So with that gentle reader, let’s look into the alleged soul of Mike Pompeo.

mike pompeo chart

The Sun here is in the first decan of Capricorn, making Saturn the chart ruler.  Mike likes money.  Mike likes having his word take precedence over the words of others.  That’s what Capricorn is about.  Saturn is the planet of grounding, checking every little fact, the letter of the law, and things that can be proven empirically.  Thus Saturn automatically rules things like science, law, mathematics, and medicine.  Saturn rules health and the physical body, again, on the idea of grounding.  Saturn runs things to ground, looks at the details, counts the pennies.

Because of that material focus, Saturn is notoriously money-conscious.  The Saturn-heavy Melania Trump, with her bags of money in her golden skyscraper, threatens lawsuits against mom and pop bakeries in Slovenia that were selling Melania cakes.  It’s the principle of the thing:  nobody has a right to make money off of her but her.  As elegant and ladylike as she may appear in public, underneath that polished exterior she belongs with her husband.  Her love of money is completely declasse, with pettiness in my estimation the opposite of charm.

Saturn is the opposite of charming or pleasant, representing all of the people nobody wants to deal with, like the police, the IRS, and judges.  Saturn focus tends to make people utterly boorish, believers in their own authority and avid lovers of money.  Jared Kushner has a Saturn chart.  Anytime you see Saturn, think of one who places zero value on non-material experiences, like Bob Mercer.  I saw an interview where Bob was described as valuing people only on their money.  People who have no money have no value in Bob’s mind.  It’s okay, Bob has very little value in mine, either, except as a catalyst for revolution.

Anyway back to Mike.  So Saturn is the main driver of this chart, because the Sun is there in Capricorn.   Saturn himself is in his other sign, Aquarius.  Aquarius shares the same cold, sourness that is Saturn’s trademark.   Saturn is always the planet of grounding.  However Aquarius is an air sign, thus dealing in thoughts and words.  Saturn is not available for connection except on his own terms.  Saturn is a punisher, who does not question his own authority, as, again, he represents all authority figures.  When Saturn goes amok in a chart, I’ve noticed this in a lot of regular people, too.  They get very bossy with the barking commands at strangers.

I knew a very wealthy Saturnian woman, who ordered an astrology reading from me.  I delivered it, she was thrilled with the quality.  But because I was new to *charging* for astrology, in her little Saturnian pinhead she took that to mean I was a beginning astrologer.  That concept was such a jaw-dropper for me when our mutual friend explained it, that she had to explain it twice.  You see, my friend and I had been sitting around talking astrology, and this lady overheard me talking and began asking me questions about people in her life.  I had a series of insights for her, all of which were accurate.  That’s why she ordered the reading.  So how that translated to “beginner” in her mind, I found it baffling, as did my friend.

But that’s ultimate Saturn.  When the woman declined to pay me, she said that she had done some research on what an astrology reading costs, and she wanted to pay me “a reasonable price.”  I did a 20-page Astrosplain that covered three specific subject areas, and I charged her the same rate I charge now, which I’m still entirely comfortable with.   However the Saturn lady doesn’t value anything she can’t count or prove.  So she doesn’t get the difference between punching in your data and getting a computer printout, and what I do.  That’s the best way to understand Saturn.  If you value my insights into the unseen, your Saturn can’t be all that strong.  Saturn is utterly blind to nuance, the linear archetype.  And that’s rampaging around Mike Pompeo’s chart, all of the stuff discussed above.

Aquarius being an air sign, again, focuses more on thoughts and words, the part of the mind that one is conscious of.  I wouldn’t expect Mike to have much in the way of intuition, or emotions other than anger, with this Saturn.  But he’s actually a very intuitive guy, bit of a spook even.  ha ha!  Get it?  Spook?  CIA?

I say that because Mike has the Moon not only in her glory in Cancer, but on Sirius.

Moon conjunct Sirius: Success in business, influential friends of opposite sex, favorable for the father, good health, beneficial changes in home or business. If a malefic be with Scheat, death by fiery cutting weapons or from beasts. If Saturn be with the Moon, death by wild beasts or soldiers. [1]

That sounds rather bland.  After looking up Pompeo’s Scheat I can say he doesn’t need to sweat the fiery cutting weapons.  But Sirius is a formidable star, bringing high-voltage spiritual energy into the life.  And the Moon is a crucial luminary, the next most important one after the Sun.  So this is a major influence in the life, most likely the thing that propelled him to his position.  Keep in mind that this has been a well-placed and highly influential man for many years.

Let me quickly point out, on that note, that Pompeo lacks either the Seginus or Algorab contact that so many Trumpets have.  Pompeo has been a journeyman Republican spook, a reliable stand-by, for much of my adult life.  He’s simply in the pool of resources, and should not be expected to be specifically loyal to Trump.   From the Wikipedia page:

In 1998 Pompeo moved to Wichita when he and three other West Point graduate friends, Brian Bulatao, Ulrich Brechbuhl, and Michael Stradinger, acquired three aircraft part makers companies in Wichita (Aero Machine, Precision Profiling, B&B Machine) and one in St. Louis (Advance Tool & Die) and renamed it Thayer Aerospace (named for West Point founder Sylvanus Thayer).[15][16][17] Venture funding for the private organization came a 2% investment from Koch Industries[18][19] as well Dallas-based Cardinal Investment and Bain Capital (Pompeo’s friend Brechbuhl worked for Bain at the time).[20][15] Brechbuhl and Stradinger left the company shortly after it was founded but Pompeo and Bulatao continued until 2006. In 2017, when Pompeo became head of the CIA, he named Bulatao as Chief Operating Officer (a position which Pompeo renamed from its earlier name of executive director).[16]

In 2006 he sold his interest in Thayer to Highland Capital Management. The announcement said clients of the firm included “Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Boeing, Spirit AeroSystems, Raytheon Aircraft and others”.[21] It was renamed Nex-Tech Aerospace.

Pompeo became president of Sentry International, an oilfield equipment company, which was also a partner with Koch Industries.[18]

So Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) and the Koch brothers, check and check.  That’s who this guy is, speaking of Saturn and his love of money and authority.   His net worth is listed at under half a million dollars on the Wiki.  But he doesn’t roll around with this crew just for fun, not with all that Saturn.  He got his, somehow, I guarantee it.

Anyway there’s a lot more to talk about with this chart.  The Moon is opposite the Sun, making it probably difficult for Mike to feel comfortable inside his skin.  There are quite a lot of hard angles in this chart, with a T-square headed by Jupiter, with the Moon and North Node opposed by the Sun, Mercury, and Mars.   That is a pretty fearsome tangle.  Chart ruling Saturn and Venus are both in hard aspect to Neptune, and that’s where things start getting shady.  For a planet as pronounced as Saturn is in this chart to be in hard angle to Neptune screams of an integrity challenge.    Neptune is about integrity and our ability to commune with our higher selves.

One thing we see with a compromised Neptune can be drug addiction.  Another thing can be manipulation, illusions, smoke and mirrors, lies of all stripes.  Pluto and Uranus are both well empowered here.  Uranus co-rules Aquarius with Saturn, who is situated in  Aquarius.  So Uranus can almost be considered a co-ruler of the chart.  Not quite, but certainly strong because of co-ruling the sign ruling Saturn is in, but because of all the blue lines.

All of the blue lines are flowing, cooperative aspects, like people who get along well that are seated just right at a dinner table.   Mike has the pattern I call a “mini kite,” the blue triangle from Pluto to Neptune and the Moon.  That sort of flowing circuitry creates a gifted personality, even without the grand trine that defines a proper kite.

Then there’s another kite, from Neptune to Venus/Mars and Pluto/Uranus.  All of that internal circuitry creates a certain balance and flow within the personality, which is certainly helpful when you have the Sun opposition Moon.  So this is a complex guy, working on multiple levels.

With Neptune, Pallas, Juno, and Dejanira all in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, it’s safe to say Mike is sneaky AF.  The Pallas/Juno/Neptune in Scorpio (which is a generational influence, I have it too) is about intuition, higher-level thought process with respect to identifying patterns and creating strategies, and with Juno, forming partnerships.  This of course all depends on the individual’s dynamics.  In this chart I see it making him a perfect Koch/Tea Party operative, the exact sort of guy who heads the perma-shady CIA.  This due to the overall complexity, the Plutonian sneakiness of Scorpio.  That little cluster in Scorpio is also square Saturn the hyperpowered chart ruler.  Again, having your higher self at odds with your driving mission doesn’t end well for a lot of people.

[Update 4/24/18:  Current reporting indicates that Pompeo’s wife also reports to CIA on a regular basis.  There is an inquiry into the nature of her role there.  I should have caught that, with the Juno right there in the hot spot.  Like Ben Carson’s wife.  Speaking of the shady Neptune, I also believe Scott Pruitt is perhaps sexually inappropriate with someone on his staff, not sure if I put that in his ‘splain.]

There is so much going on in this chart, but it’s not ping-ponging around like Rick Gates’ chart.  The oppositions are all among the most personal planets — the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars — and are mostly internal conflict.  This is an extremely disciplined, controlled individual, which I would expect in a Saturn-intensive chart.  Saturn has the tightest lips of all, Mercury the loosest.  (Trump has sun in Gemini, ruled by Mercury.)  Pluto is very secretive too, but will also tell lies, which Saturn is less prone to.  Saturn can be a liar too, but he’s generally the one writing prescriptions or death sentences or whatever, whereas Pluto is just a rapist.

Mike has a T-square headed by Jupiter, which again represents the government.  Again there’s no Seginus (Trump train) or Algorab (Manafort/Stone zone).  Pompeo is a journeyman Republican.  The guys who keep screaming “smaller government” are of course the ones gorging at the trough, the Koch brothers.  That’s the Jupiter T-square apex in Aries, ruled by Mars.  So expect this individual to be all about the Defense Department as a solution, like Bolton.   His advisors have read the GW Bush playbook, basically, so expect him to start a war so nobody will notice that he stole the election and also he’s a crooked idiot.  Not saying, just saying.

The T-square, again, is the lifelong pebble in the psychic shoe, the internal friction that the native must work through on a constant, ongoing basis.  Like the anger management version of chronic pain, especially when Mars (Jupiter in Aries here), Pluto, or Saturn are involved.  (Ask me, I know!)  So this is an emotionally complex, moody guy, who is not so comfortable within himself (the oppositions) and has Jupiter at the apex, trying to break up the fight.  Jupiter is of course an external focus.  That makes perfect sense for one who has spent his life trying to limit the rights and freedoms of others via the Tea Party.  Fixing the government and society, or at least acting out on it, will stem the emotional bleeding within.  Works every time.

The Aries location of the Apex, the focal point, emphasizes the aggression inherent in the above-described dynamics.   Recall the definition of aggression:  acting with concern for your own rights and needs and not those of others.  (With assertion of course being respecting the rights and needs of oneself and others.)   For someone like Mike Pompeo — who I can guarantee has never been pregnant — to work as hard against abortion as Pompeo has, that IMHO is the definition of overstepping one’s bounds.

That Jupiter T-square apex takes on additional importance because it plays into yet another aspect pattern, the yod.   This is an exceptionally complex individual, with a sort of push-me, pull-you of different energetic circuits at play in a very tightly wrapped, highly “projective,” or emotionally evasive, chart.  Mike’s Moon, despite being exalted in her own sign, is afflicted by bad aspects with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the chart ruler’s sign, with Jupiter stepping in from Mars’ house of Aries.  So the raging bullies in this chart, the Greater and Lesser Malefics, Mars and Saturn, are tag-teaming his Moon.

As with Louise Linton, an afflicted Moon can make someone oblivious to themselves.  Just as you can always tell what Republicans are thinking by whatever they accuse you of.  For example, Dana Loesch’s goofy “Time is running out” commercial.  This is such a beautiful example of manipulative wingnut projection that I will actually transcribe it for your convenience.  You’re welcome, dear.

I’m going to break this out so you can see how clearly this is the Koch brothers and their buddies at the NRA, along with their many swampkins, projecting.  This is what an afflicted Moon looks like:  raging on everybody else because you’re unhappy all the time.  It’s always their fault, you need them to change.  The NRA obviously does focus groups with progressives and people of color.  They ask us what we’re ticked off about, and we say all of the stuff below from “we’ve had enough of the lies, the sanctimony… in America.”  Like thoughts and prayers, gerrymandering, etc.  We saw what you did there with Citizens United, and we’ve never been okay with it.

We’ve had enough of the lies, the sanctimony, the arrogance, the hatred, the pettiness, the fake news.  We are done with your agenda to undermine the voters’ will and individual liberty in America.

To be perfectly clear, there is also an organization calling itself Citizens United.  You may be shocked and amazed to discover a rock-hard MAGA connection therein.

From their Wikipedia page:

Citizens United and the Trump Administration[edit]

In 2016 the Donald Trump presidential campaign enlisted Citizens United president David Bossie as deputy campaign manager.[14] During the campaign, Bossie made regular television appearances on behalf of the Trump campaign.[15] Bossie is a close friend and longtime acquaintance of Trump administration officials Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway,[16] having introduced Bannon to Trump in 2011.[17]

Citizens United Productions[edit]

Citizens United Productions, headed by president David Bossie, has released 25 feature-length documentaries. The following is a list of films produced by Citizens United Productions.

I left the first few titles in the quote to give you an idea of what they’re up to.  According to them the American Civil Liberties Union, the organization that protects individuals against giant organizations, is the enemy of the people.  See how this works?  And not for nothing, this is Mike Pompeo’s funky Moon we’re talking about here.  See how endemic this issue is in his crowd, how quick they are to work this manipulation.

Back to the Dana Loesch ad:

So, to every lying member of the media, to every Hollywood phony, to the role-model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents, to the politicians who would rather watch America burn than lose one ounce of their own personal power, to the late-night hosts who think their opinions are the only opinions that matter, to the Joy Ann Reids, the Morning Joes, the Mikas, to those who stain honest reporting with partisanship, to those who bring bias and propaganda to CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, your time is running out.  The clock starts now.”

Do you see how they started out with exactly what we think, then sort of eased their way into a 180-degree turn?  “To every lying member of the media…”  Progressives don’t trust the media, either.  Not a coincidence that’s where she goes next.  Hollywood phonies?  I don’t love them, but they’re nowhere near as big a problem as the NRA.  And the rest of the ad is them whistling past the graveyard.  This commercial aired before the #MarchForOurLives, but it looked just as silly to me at the time.

So that’s the crowd Pompeo runs in.  That’s how they work.  Then there’s the yod, which I mentioned above.  The yod is that dashed green V aspect pattern.  The inconjuncts, the green lines, represent redirected energy, a sort of side-swipe rather than a head-on confrontation.  When you have one planet making an inconjunct to two others, that’s called a yod, referred to as “the hand of God.”   It’s not to say that things are necessarily fated for the individual so much as that this sort of energetic switching surely will occur within the life.  Don McGahn also has a yod.

Here, the hand of God is situated at the highly empowered Pluto/Uranus conjunction, at the head of that mini-kite in Mercury’s sign of Virgo, and in strong aspect to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars over there in Saturn’s Capricorn.   So all of the elements that are assailing Pompeo’s Moon get along great with his Pluto/Uranus.  That of course emphasizes the importance of the Scorpio action described above.  Pompeo is quite the well-oiled machine of what he does.

So it’s interesting to me the way Jupiter interacts overall.  I’d have to say Jupiter is the second most influential in the chart.  The other end of that yod is at Venus in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  So that’s that, Venus, his connections with other people, are purely on the agenda of that yod.  That’s the other side of the mechanism from his Pluto/Uranus inconjunct Jupiter.  The whole thing is almost like a little Rube Goldberg machine, where energy gets passed around from one circuit to the next almost like juggling.  Pompeo’s circuitry is not quite as complex as the below, which goes on for almost ten minutes.

And I’ll leave you to enjoy the above, and remember that November is only six months away.  A lot can happen in six months.  Six months in the Trump administration is like 11 Obama years.


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