Flower Crown

In tarot, people with hats or almost anything on their heads are empowered.  The exceptions are bandages and shawls or cowls, and those imply different things.  The cowls/shawls are seen on children and imperiled women.  Headbands are seen on wealthy merchants and the bourgeoisie, as well as those who are blessed, such as the 2 of Cups.  But Death knocks the king’s crown off, and marches on past both the bare-headed child and the bishop.  Bandages imply a fight in which one is active.  Red implies material wealth, gold is conferred automatically (just as the Sun always rises)  i.e., by birth.

So I’ve decided to just wear either a hat or a crown all the time, because I can.  The flower one was my first one.  Closer looks:





Next I made this one.  I’m doing a cobalt blue version of this.  My two color schemes are cobalt/gold/silver and pink/white/gold/silver.


Then of course laurel wreaths are the sign of a victor from ancient Roman times and before.  I plan to make a gold, open-front laurel wreath soon.  I am told that the Coleman-Waite-Rider tarot deck, the only one I use, comports to the priesthood of Atlantis, and that much Roman cultural tradition carried over from that society.

And of course I’ve only begun to nick the surface of headpieces.  I’ve ordered a pattern to make an attifet, and I can’t wait to make a French hood.

french hood






2 thoughts on “Flower Crown

  1. Might I suggest a functional twist on tarot inspired headgear? I often wear sunglasses that fit over my prescription glasses. When I am in an outside-inside-outside-inside mode I often have sunglasses on my head like a hairband with eyes looking up. Somehow, having eyes on the top of my head is more than just amusing. The Strength and Magician cards remind me of eyes/eyeglasses on the top of the head.

    Alas, sunglasses are not headbands and sometimes go tumbling to the ground. Hence my suggestion: hat or beaded wire headgear designed to hold sunglasses and/or reading glasses. Have fun!

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