James Comey, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Please accept my apologies for my lateness.  I know James Comey has captured your imagination just as he has mine.  I’m grateful for the role he has played in our national drama.  But I recall LBT (Life Before Trump), wherein Comey was part of the FBI, which was never my friend.   I know too much about Leonard Peltier to think of the FBI as the good guys, despite the fact that they sometimes bust the mafia and sex cult weirdos like Allison Mack.   (She and Keith Raniere both have eye-opening charts, which I will get to.)

The problem with the FBI is the whole J. Edgar Hoover thing.  Hoover ran the FBI from 1924 to 1972, so his fascist ethos is a stubborn stain.  So it’s complicated.  It’s cracking me up to hear the GOP screaming about the FBI being biased against them, as though it’s a stack of Bernie bros over there.  Good laughs in this apocalypse.

Anyway I’m not doing a ton of research on these people, because frankly my mental health doesn’t permit it.  Felix Sater, meh.  Another guy whose agenda I don’t agree with, doing things I won’t like.  I can’t drill down too far on that horde, you know?  I have sparkly things that can be hot glued, and toddlers to sing and dance with.  But there’s a part of me that does want to know, and I suspect you do, too.  I have it in me today, so let’s do.

James Comey chart

Alrighty.  With the Sun late in Sagittarius, Jim’s chart is ruled by Jupiter.  This makes good sense for one who had a high-level government career.   Jupiter rules the government and other large organizations, one person speaking or deciding for many.   Jupiter is not usually so responsible, though.  Sagittarius especially is about setting course for adventure.  So unless there is a strong backbone, an inborn moral compass, the native is prone to selfishness and self-indulgence.  There’s a strong need for recognition and for a good time.  Trump is the ultimate Jupiter, running around the world plastering his name everywhere because bigger is better.

With strong integrity, Jupiter can be a major philanthropist, one who uses his privilege to benefit humanity as a whole.  But even in this mode, Jupiter still wants to be seen making the contribution, wants his name to live forever.  I’ve discussed at length the fact that Trump has gonzo Jupiter, and in Trump’s chart that’s conjunct fixed star Seginus the Guard.  Seginus portends ruin through association, and thus I expect anyone who gets too close to Trump to be sprayed by that skunk — much like the FBI and its association with Hoover.  And look, not one whiff of Seginus or Algorab the Crow, the base, thieving association shared by Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.  (As far as I can tell without a birth time) Comey has no karmic or psychic connection to Trump or his administration via Seginus, and he’s not a giant crow.

Jupiter himself is in Capricorn in Comey’s chart, as is Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.  Therefore I will say Saturn has a strong role in this chart and thus Comey’s life.   That makes sense to me.  He comes across as a very sober and detail-oriented man, the sort who would keep the exact kind of notes that he has kept.  Saturn is about a long-term way of looking at things, one that permits for delayed gratification.  Especially with Jupiter right at the beginning of Capricorn, there’s a strong sobering effect to the Sagittarian party energy.  He still wants to get out there and explore.  But he is much more grounded than Jupiter.  Comey is quite the anti-Trump, in other words.  Comey has his wild hair shaved, not teased into a cone.

The Moon and Neptune are both in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  This gives Comey an intuitive, secretive, intense nature.  I would expect him to be very cagey with his words, exactly the sort of person who keeps these meticulous notes, this time for purposes of manipulation, rather than pure love of documentation as with Saturn.   Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even, in terms of the snarkiness of the book.

Mars is a key player in this chart for another reason:  it is a locomotive-shaped chart, with Mars at the engine.  In any chart with a large empty patch, there is some area of life that the native yearns for.  Especially with a locomotive chart, where the native is working in anywhere from just over 1/2 to 3/4 of the chart, that empty spot becomes obvious, gnawing — not a fear of missing out, but knowing for sure that you are.

So that is generally what gives the locomotive drive.  I’m reminded of Hope Hicks, with Pallas Athena right in her psychic sore spot, driving her locomotive chart.  Jim has his bull’s eye somewhere in late Aries or the beginning of Taurus.  He has no major planetary activity, and I don’t know his birth time to verify his angles.   So I have no evidence of anything going on in that target region.  He does have the asteroid Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct fixed star Algol the Blinking Demon.  So this is one of those things where something that could look really awful, could be absolutely nothing.   Everyone has both of those bodies somewhere in their charts.  I don’t see anything necessarily triggering it here.  It’s not close enough to the bull’s eye, I don’t think, to be a driving factor for him.

So that hole in the psyche, defining it becomes a bit tricky here.  I estimate it to be about 159 degrees, call it 160, so the bull’s eye is about 80 degrees from both Mars and Venus, the engine and the caboose respectively.  But because I don’t have a proper birth time, and both of those are fast-moving planets, it’s really hard to say whether the bull’s eye is late in Aries (Mars) or early in Taurus (Venus).   I get that Mars, and the taming of his own aggression and impulses into leadership, are key themes of this chart.  So for me, the bull’s eye in late Aries makes all the sense in the world based on what I know of Comey’s life.

But of course both Mars and Venus are Schroedinger’s planets, especially when it comes to something as vaguely defined as the psychic hole in the locomotive chart.  This longing is most likely felt on both sides, Aries and Taurus, and that makes sense to me.  Venus is specifically about women.  I note that Comey has Juno the Spouse directly between chart-ruling Jupiter and his host, Saturn, in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.  I expect Mrs. Comey to be a ball-buster, a woman he can’t get anything past.  He loves her for it, to his credit.

That seems like a lot of conclusion-jumping for a woman who uses a walker, as I do.  But that little troika, with the empowered spouse, is in opposition to Mars, the locomotive engine.  Like having the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Capricorn, there is a self-restraint that would tend to serve a Sagittarian native very well IMHO.  The higher octaves of Mars are about clarity and service, the sort of leadership we see in one who has learned to place the needs of others before his own, the value in that for himself.  All in all I get that he really could come across as sanctimonious or preachy, and with this much Saturn he probably is self-righteous.  But I don’t know that he can credibly be called a liar, and that is saying a lot in this situation.

So the other thing to look at is Venus, how the native connects with others.  Comey has Venus at the caboose, conjunct Vesta the True Believer.   That’s in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn.  So again Saturn, the stabilizing, nitpicking police officer of the zodiac, exerts his influence.  Aquarius is about a sort of distant connection to the human family, a long view of humanity and how society should be.  This suggests to me that Comey sees himself as one who should take action and initiate (Mars) rather than be passive and supported (Venus).  That would be a fulcrum of his personality, that sense of duty.

The idea that keeps coming to me is “meek,” which is defined as controlled power, non-confrontation.   While it may seem to others (including me) that Comey has blasted his pie hole much, much more than he should, to him it feels like marked restraint, just because of the way he’s jiggered up.  I’m sure that it was challenging for him to not say a lot of things in the course of all this.  But that’s part of leadership, shutting up when you’d love to punch somebody in the mouth.  (Violence is Mars’ go-to solution, being the God of War and all, the ruler of guns.  In my experience Mars only learns humility through his own pain.)

Jim’s Mars, which I would otherwise call afflicted, is on fixed star Sirius the Sparkling.  Sirius, the famous Dog Star, is an important part of our galactic family, and people with prominent Sirius are often thought leaders.  Sirius is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, and thus portends extra well in this particular chart.   As with any of these mega stars, the question is always how well someone handles that high voltage.  Hitler was gifted too, if you know what I mean.  Gifted isn’t the same as on-track.  For that we look to Neptune, for a hint of whether or not the person maintains their higher truth.

Comey’s Neptune is conjunct the Moon in Scorpio (co-ruled by Mars and Pluto), which makes him even more intuitive and sneaky.  It also explains why FBI agents were seen wearing “Comey is my Homey” T-shirts after he was fired.   Strong Neptune can give someone a guru-like quality in that the intuitive, connective nature can be very alluring, especially with sexy Scorpio involved.  This is a man of mystery, very much so, especially with the empowered, disciplined Saturn in this chart.  His Moon and Neptune both make it feel good to him to play his cards close to the vest, never show his hand.  He’s also likely to have good insight.

So far he sounds pretty great.  I admit that I like him more after seeing his chart than I did before.  But like an internet date that shows up with his buddy driving, it’s probably not going to work out.  There’s always a catch.

Comey has both Mercury and asteroid Toro the Raging Bull conjunct fixed star Antares.  I can overlook the Algol connection, even with rotten Nessus, because there is no major planetary activity.  But Mercury is our conscious mind, our thoughts and words.  And it’s not only conjunct the always-awful Antares, Toro is in the mix for the rage.  With Toro, think of bull seeing red and charging.  This is the spot where the native will snap and charge.  And it’s right there at the tip of his tongue from birth, wow.  He has really held his tongue to an enormous degree, even for a Scorpio Moon with heavy Capricorn.  I imagine he would be absolutely brutal as an insult comic.

Antares is of course the opposition to Aldebaran, with (comparatively) mortal Mars right in the center of the continuum between them.  Aldebaran is the home of the Archangel Michael, and Antares is the home of the pack of demons who oppose him.  So I said something above about Antares is never good, and I need to catch myself.  Of course there are two sides to every coin, always.  Because of the permanent opposition between Aldebaran and Antares, any contact with one is an automatic contact with both.  So just as Wesley Willis with his Aldebaran was tormented by demons his whole life, it’s possible that a person of extreme internal fortitude plunges right into the dragon’s nest on a mission to clean it out.  And that’s what you’d hope a police officer would be.  It’s possible that he is that guy.  You know me, cynical GenX lady.

Another possible complicating factor is Pluto conjunct the North Node.  The North Node is a perfected spot in any chart, the destination point of the life.  Thus anything on the Node is central to the life’s theme.  Pluto the Devil can get a bad rap, which I need to mention because in this chart it’s not entirely clear that Pluto is behaving badly.  The overall theme of restraint and discipline actually bodes well in a chart with a strong Pluto, especially for a police officer.  They have to be willing to follow the leads down any corridor, no matter how dark, and get all the way to the bottom of it.  Pluto can give you the passion and intensity needed for that job, the ability to be sneaky and manipulative and keep pushing until you get to the other side.

Pluto on the Node can also describe Comey’s role in getting Special Counsel Mueller appointed — albeit indirectly, by getting improperly fired.  It was clearly part of Comey’s destiny to bring a lot of ugly things to light, everything from threatening porn stars to money laundering to everything Putin and his friends are up to.  All of that is now being exposed to the light of day.

All chart factors — like everything else in life — can be either positive or negative depending on how they are used.  Free will always enters into it, even when it comes to “destiny,” which is what we call free will exercised at unconscious levels.

Neptune is where we see the native’s integrity, their ability to connect to their own higher wisdom.   Sometimes I see astrologers look at a chart and say yes, definitely this one has integrity issues.  Sometimes it can be pretty straightforward. But not usually, at least for me.   Neptune issues can cause problems ranging from little white lies to life-threatening addictions.  Anything that makes it harder for the person to connect to their own divinity, as I see it, is bound to cause trouble.  That could look any different way, depending on the person.

In this chart Neptune is at the head of what I call a “mini kite,” the little blue triangle from Neptune to chart-ruling Jupiter and Pluto/Node.   That nice circuit of blue lines is an internal flow, like three coworkers who get along great together.  Thus any work flow that routes through them is enhanced.  Neptune at the head of this kite could go either way.  In a chart with less discipline or self-restraint, it could make for one who can believe his own lies to an enormous degree when it comes to his unrestrained passions.  It’s possible that Comey may have this to some degree, but I also see significantly restrained passions.

All things considered, I would have to say that Comey probably does have solid integrity.  Mars plays a pivotal role here, in ruling the Moon (his moods and the way he actually feels about things) as well as being the locomotive, the planet with the laboring oar of the chart.  But Mars here is meek, in the true sense of the word — restrained power.  Mars is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, where his fire gets largely extinguished.  Then he has the Sirius influence to bring a much higher level energy into his consciousness, the ability to see and do great things.

So I have to say maybe Comey does have enough integrity to use his Mercury/Antares in a positive way.  If you’re policing the worst and sneakiest people in the world, it helps to be able to put your head right next to theirs.  The question is whether Comey has enough personal integrity to pull that off.  As much as I hate to admit it, I suspect he does.  The overall tone of restraint and leadership is very strong in this chart.  I may not agree with him about a lot of things, and I don’t.  I don’t trust the FBI or any of our intelligence services or for that matter our government as far as I can throw them.   But in his own way, I believe Comey does have excellent integrity, and was probably very good at his job.

The way he’s done this self-promoting book tour thing makes perfect sense in light of the getting even (Scorpio Moon) very publicly (Jupiter) and with a cash payout (Saturn).  None of that actually contradicts his integrity, if he has defied the odds and used his Antares connection for the good of all.  His chart shows that he may truly have done that.  There’s nothing here to suggest that he gave over to the demons.  Maybe I’m just not the kind of gal who trusts people quite that much, don’t want to have my heart broken again.


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