Sean Hannity, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

It feels like only yesterday that we all heard the courtroom full of reporters gasp and run out to call their editors as the third mystery client was revealed:  Not Sean Hannity!?!  Oh, the humanity!  He just needed a little real estate advice, okay?  Mind your business.

The end stage of society has accelerated now to the point where I can very comfortably watch Fox News or read Red State, especially when they’re flaying Sean Hannity.  And then OMG, this:

Hey, I used to have a house in a red state (not on that spittle-flecked web site, a real place) that got foreclosed.  Figures Sean Hannity was in on the deal.   Hannity recently got to beefing with Jimmy Kimmel.  Unfortunately that gave creepy Jimmy Kimmel some cover, because Hannity doesn’t care about misogyny anyway, it was all just more manufactured outrage to distract from the trainwreck of Trump.  Oh well, at least the whole thing is popcorn-worthy.

So let’s hack this Hannity mess, shall we?

Sean Hannity chart

Once again, the A students at have provided us a proper birth time.  So I have the angles and houses!  Sweet!

In light of the recent revelations about Hannity, the Saturn/Capricorn rulership of this chart is no surprise.  Sean has not only the Sun in Capricorn, but a pack of other important things, all the personal ones and the chart ruler.  This is an extreme version of a stellium, a cluster of four or more planets in one sign, in this case Capricorn.   A stellium already represents a hyperfocus in one area of the personality.  When it includes both the Sun and the chart ruler, it’s almost a one-planet chart — Saturn.

Aside from the big crazy Capricorn stellium, the next really obvious thing about this chart is that it’s a bowl chart, that famous chart shape that I constantly harp on.  Bob Mueller and Bernie Sanders both have bowls, for examples of how a bowl chart doesn’t make you an automatic waste of human tissue.  Any chart factor can be used either positively or negatively, as the native chooses.  That’s the trick to all of life, as I see it, finding the positive ways to use everything that happens.

In general bowl charts are people who have trouble relating to others, specifically in seeing things from someone else’s point of view.  With all of the major planets in only six signs, the native’s energy is sluggish, only moving halfway around the circle of life.  I think the bowl chart plus 5 degrees is what makes Don, Jr. think that he keeps his job at the Trump organization because of his competence.  Bowl people kind of expect the world to come to them.

When we have a birth time, we can see specifically which parts of the life the native is unconcerned with.  Sean’s planets are all in the 6th through 11th house.  Whereas Bob Mercer’s whole life happens in the bottom part of the horoscope, indicating someone who is very internally focused, Hannity’s world really doesn’t get into full swing until the 6th house, when he’s getting ready to connect with a partner in the 7th house of marriage.  His planetary activity extends through the 11th house of large groups and associations, ending right before he would get into any sort of vulnerability or self-reflection in the 12th house.

My analogy for a bowl chart is that it’s like someone who halves a recipe to save on ingredients, and is disappointed with the low yield.  They just don’t put as much into connecting with others or the world at large, and in my personal experience they really lament all that they’re missing.  There is a certain sense of entitlement, specifically to being met where they’re at by other people.  They expect people things to come to them.  The more extreme version of this is the bundle or wedge chart, which both Czarinka Trump and Meghan McCain have, go figure.  A wedge person is someone who actually lives in a little bubble reality.

Anyway the bowl configuration is what I would expect from Hannity.  He is a true believer in that level playing field.  I am also not surprised to see that money is actually the primary motivating factor.  IIRC Bob Mercer has Saturn either right on the Ascendant or in the 1st house, which is the astrological equivalent of wearing something on your face.  Saturn is about money and the material world.  Saturn is notoriously blind to nuance and incapable of introspection.  Saturn has a cold, hard nature.  Saturn represents tax collectors, police officers, authority figures of all kinds.  Saturn is generally where we find hardship in the chart.

Any chart with a Capricorn stellium reflects a very materially focused native.  I did an astrology reading for a woman with Capricorn on the Ascendant.  She declined to pay me, because she went online and saw that astrology readings can be had for $25, ergo me charging her $250 for a 20-page report was a scam on my part.   Other people tried to talk some sense into her, but she was out of her mind with rage.  Long story short, this awful woman is so tacky and classless, so base and material, that she sees no value in anything other than monetary.  She doesn’t have the personal insight to look at the $25 computer-generated reading, then look at mine, and see the difference.  To her, they’re the same thing.  She wasn’t impressed by the quality of my reading, she thinks everybody can do that.

That’s the sort of person Hannity is, too.  Does it make him money?  How much?  If not, he can’t waste a second on it.  He (and the jerk client) both value their own work very, very highly, not so much the work of others.  I don’t have to meet Hannity to know this, there’s lots of video of him talking.

So far there really are no surprises in this chart.  In any bowl chart, as with the locomotive, there is a large, clearly defined empty patch.  (In a wedge, the chart is more empty than occupied.)  Hannity doesn’t have the classic “rim opposition,” where the two outermost planets are directly opposed to each other.  That is the psychic line in the sand.  Hannity doesn’t have that, which did surprise me a bit since he’s so notoriously oppositional.  Maybe all the Capricorn and the bowl help him to block people out so thoroughly that he doesn’t need to bar the psychic door with a rim opposition.

The two planets at the outsides of the bowl are Jupiter, which rules the Midheaven, and Uranus.  Like Wayne LaPierre, Ben Carson, and so many other weirdos, Uranus is prominent here, especially with Uranus conjunct fixed star Regulus.  Uranus is a slow-moving planet, and stays in one spot for years.  So this is a conjunction that many people have.  The question is how much the unique chart factors draw upon that influence.  In this chart, Uranus is one lip of the bowl, though it’s not in the mini-kite with the Capricorn stellium.

This is another example of a chart where integrity issues are not so easy to spot, I don’t think.  The blue triangle is what I call a mini-kite, a cooperative circuit within the personality.  The bowl shape makes this pattern more likely.  In this dense Capricorn chart, it strikes me as a sort of internal compaction, full acceptance of one’s own propaganda.  There is very little in the way of red lines here — one from Neptune to Jupiter, and one from the Moon to the Sun, Mars, and Mercury.  Neptune and Jupiter are both outer planets, further from the native’s immediate senses — which is the only place someone with this much Saturn ever goes.  He’s strictly a wash-and-wear, cash-and-carry sort of guy.  He doesn’t believe in anything he can’t spend.

But there’s Neptune at the head of the mini-kite, like the leader of a group of friends, the dominant personality.  Neptune is where we connect to our own higher wisdom.  It also represents when we don’t, and there are ever so many ways to not align with our highest truth, aren’t there?  That’s the rub.  Even in a chart with this much self-focus, that doesn’t mean the wisdom mind ever gets a word in edgewise, especially not with this much Saturn.  Saturn does not do introspection.  He looks at others and stands in judgment.

Another thing Neptune rules is show business.  If you think about it, any breach in integrity, straying from what one knows in his core to be true, invokes illusion or deception, beginning with self-deception.  From there it’s a hop-skip to lying your face off all day long for years and years, especially if someone is going to pay you handsomely to do so, and you’re a person who really, really loves money.

So sometimes people can have poor integrity despite an excellent, rock-solid sense of self and focus on one’s own personal needs.   Saturn doesn’t differentiate between what he wants and what he needs.  What he says, goes.  And he serves himself, first, last, and always.  Martin Luther King and Jesus were both Capricorns too, again anything can really go either way depending on the native’s personal choices.  Both of those two had the hardship, the executioner phase of Saturn, present in their lives.  Saturn is always tough, especially in Capricorn.

The red line from Neptune to Jupiter may not be such a huge deal in general.  Again, those two are outer planets, not the central focus.  But the Moon squares, to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, ouch.   Saturn is always cold, hard, and grumpy, as described above. Even a warm fuzzy planet like Venus or the Moon will suffer for the contact, rather than softening Saturn.  (Ask me, I know!)

The Sun-Moon opposition is about not being comfortable within one’s own skin, having two different internal rhythms that don’t mesh.  It’s that constant state of unhappiness that seems to come in the package with your bowl chart.  All of this, again, with the extreme Saturn.  This is who Sean is.  Importantly, with the bowl and wedges, there is a limited energy flow.  They don’t have enough personal range to generate any extreme internal friction.  If they had a little more power they’d be locomotives.  That unfulfilled feeling gets channeled into pursuit of the bull’s eye, the point in the center of the empty spot.  That large empty patch is always an energetic vacuum, which nature abhors and seeks to fill any way it can.

In Sean’s chart that bull’s eye itchy spot is — rut roh — right there on Vesta the True Believer.  Vesta represents that which the native would kill or die for, an internal value that the native will never betray, whatever that may be.   Okay, that could be an amazingly positive influence, especially right across from Neptune as it is.   That could be someone who is preoccupied with their highest values, who yearns for justice in a way that other people never love anything.   So that does help him sell his shtick, he really believes it.

But the other thing about Neptune, as I mentioned above, is that he is where the concept of smoke and mirrors comes in, and thus Neptune rules show business.  To some extent Uranus plays a role because of the mass media and the electronic nature of television communications.  But mostly show business is Neptune, because Neptune is where we put on our little masquerades to the extent that we do.

So a strong Neptune, in other words, makes sense for a show biz personality.  The Capricorn dominance in this chart fits with one who has made so much money at it.  But Neptune also rules propaganda, which IMHO is the only reason Fox News has ever existed.  But you know, look at Sean’s prominently placed Vesta and see that on some level, he is exactly as advertised.  That’s not to say he’s always honest with himself.  In the chart of Dr. Ronny Jackson (who I will be Astrosplaining next, probably) on the other hand, we see a very conflicted Neptune, pulling a heavy load.  His chart fits with the stories of drunken sexual harassment, and also that thing where Trump weighs exactly one pound less than obese.  But Hannity’s Neptune looks as good as mine, on paper.

As I started to say before, all that blue stuff and very little red, especially in a bowl chart, is a phone-it-inner.  This is not someone with the extreme internal friction that we see in someone like Cam Neely, with his extreme T-square.   Neely is someone who started from nowhere and rose to the top of his field, becoming the President of the Boston Bruins, hockey’s ultimate team.   Neely is a high-energy, fiercely physical player, despite having his stellium in airy Gemini.  All of that explosion you see in his playing style, plus the drive that got him where he is, all of that is the drive from his massive T-square.  Hannity is the opposite sort of guy, more like Eric Trump with his wedge chart.  Fairly complacent overall as a human being.

Suddenly it all becomes clear to me, why this guy has been such an aggressive culture warrior all these years.  Speaking of hockey, the best defense is a good offense.  Like Putin, my sister, and other abusers of humanity, Hannity is one to create a disturbance to distract from his misdeeds.  That’s another Neptunian trait, misdirection.  He’s so busy throwing rocks at everybody that nobody’s watching him line his pockets — the ultimate goal of an intense Capricorn chart.

The 3rd house is where we look for communications, the thoughts and words of Mercury, the natural ruler of that house.  Sean has the 3rd house cusp directly on Algol the Blinking Demon.  And that explains a lot to me about the perpetual verbal bomb-throwing.  I am a believer in — I think it’s called shared illumination.  That’s the idea that a cluster of planets that share some conjunctions, especially if they’re close or all in the same sign, are all conjunct.  Instead of a number of smaller lights, it’s a more visible grouping, because they’re close enough together.

So sometimes a far-off fixed star like Algol can influence things that aren’t within its very tight 2.4 degree orb, by being conjunct things like asteroids.   In this case Algol has the accidental dignity of being very near the bull’s eye, so located in a psychic sore spot of which Vesta is the dead center.   Algol is conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater, which is a really ugly combination I think.  It suggests one for whom nothing is too abusive.  Here Algol and Nessus aren’t actually close enough to be conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother and Vesta.

But those are in the same sign, Taurus, and again all in the sore area.  Ceres here suggests that Sean is exactly who Mother Hannity raised him to be.  This suggests a stubbornly and perhaps aggressively selfish woman, very protective of Sean, never letting him want for anything.  The presence of Vesta suggests that he was bottle fed mother’s specific beliefs.  The fact that she’s in the sore spot suggests that maybe he didn’t get the approval or attention that he wanted from her, or that he holds her up as a perfect person.

The good news, relatively speaking, is that the 3rd house is the focus of the Algol/Nessus.  So it’s most likely manifested in his thoughts and words due to the Mercury rulership.  But with all this Capricorn, Sean’s mind is always on his money and his money is always on his mind.  Saddam Hussein had Mercury on Algol, and was just triple clever, wasn’t he?  There is a Pandora’s box quality to Algol.  In this case if we look fairly on the nose, it’s a willingness to say anything, no matter how abusive, and still feel good about yourself.  It’s a goddamned superpower I tell you.

Another thing adding some sand to Hannity’s underwear is going to be that little criss-crossing pair of dashed green lines that I first noticed in the chart of Nikolas Cruz.  I’ve seen it a number of times since then, always in the chart of someone with an oppositional streak.  I see it almost as a reverse yod.

The yod is called the finger of God because one planet switches back and forth between two other planets, giving the feel of destiny to the life, major changes that the native has no choice but to roll with.   In this chart especially, we see someone very grounded and earthy with the Capricorn dominance.  Bowls don’t actually roll, they kind of wobble and lay flat, whichever side up.  So the criss-crossing is the opposite, like internal escape hatches that the native can shift through to avoid whatever they don’t want to deal with — most likely other people and their needs, with this Saturn chart.  They don’t call Saturn the Greater Malefic for nothing.  Not to harp on it, but Saturn sucks.  Yes, it can provide discipline and stability.  But it goes to show how much you need balance, even in stability.

So we have Saturn/Capricorn souring everything.  Then the Sun and Moon are in opposition, bringing the permanent crankiness.  Algol and Nessus are on the 3rd house, adding a sense of very negative thoughts and words.  Mercury can also be involved in craftiness, especially with a highly motivated Saturn and a flexible Neptune.   Can be phenomenally calculating.  Algol/Mercury where the trickiness comes in.  Saddam was all about the cons and manipulations too.  So that explains the irascibility of Hannity in a bowl chart with so many blue lines.   That’s what drives him.

Sean does have his Part of Fortune, that little X in the circle, right at the Midheaven in the Gauquelin sector.  Any planet in that area of 5 degrees on either side of the Midheaven is said to be a marker of fame, with the 10th house ruling the career and public persona.  The Part of Fortune relates to the Earth within the map; X marks the spot, like the “you are here” of the zodiac.  That is where you may ground for good effect.  That is where to take action, to materialize your best life.  I would say that Hannity has done an excellent job of parlaying his propaganda gig into gold.

Interestingly this unofficial Chief of Staff does not have a Seginus contact, indicating a karmic link to Trump himself.  Hannity was not on the Trump train originally, he came over, as I understand it.  Ronny Jackson, by further contrast, has a Seginus contact, and has already been ruined by association.  Had he continued along the path Obama set him on, we would all be oohing and aahing at him being an admiral, because the douche that he is would still be secret.  But Hannity does not have that Seginus contact that portends ruin by association with Trump, despite possibly being ruined by Michael Cohen.  That guy is like a venereal disease of corruption, the gift that keeps on giving.

Again Hannity does not have the Seginus contact that would tie him karmically to Trump.  But Hannity has the Moon of all things on Algorab the Crow, and that fits perfectly with everything I’ve said above.  Like Manafort and Stone, two other crows, Sean is all about grasping at shiny things.  Of course he is, with all that Saturn.

Another interesting thing here is Juno the Spouse.  Hannity has her in his gigantic 1st house.  The Ascendant is like the face, the first thing other people see of you.  Planets in the 1st house are like expressions on your face, thoughts on the tip of your tongue.  The 12th house, by contrast, is like the back of the head.  It’s the part of yourself that you cannot see.  Of course across from the Ascendant is the Descendant, on the 7th house.  That’s the mirror, the reflection that can only be seen off of other people.  It’s how we become self-aware, by noticing there are others.  The 7th house is where we connect, and the Descendant is where we reflect and project.

So, not surprisingly, Hannity’s 1st and 7th houses are gigundous, almost as big as his boulder head.  Seriously his 1st house almost swallows both Pisces and Aries, and of course his 7th house contains most of Virgo and Libra, almost two full signs each.  That suggests to me that the projection issue, especially with that turbo Neptune, is big with this one.  With both Pallas and Juno the Spouse in the 1st house, my first thought is that Sean married well, to a woman who is wealthy and/or well-connected.

The presence of both Pallas the Field Marshal and Juno in the 1st house suggests that she is his rudder.  Then Sean has Pluto the Devil smack on the Descendant, which suggests that maybe they have an especially tricky or psychologically complex relationship.  Again the Descendant is the mirror, what you see in others.  It’s the beginning of the 7th house of marriage specifically.  With the Spouse in the 1st house, especially in active Aries, ruled by Mars, I expect her to be a very outspoken part of his world.

Remember Mars here is combust, or hidden in the Sun’s beams.  Mars and Venus are both cooked right into the sauce of Sean’s ego.  So that blending furthers the sense of reflection, balancing, and projecting that I see with Juno opposite the 7th house, with hypermasculine Pallas.  The loss of — boundaries isn’t quite the right word, maybe.  But there’s a loss of distance between Sean’s sense of self, who he thinks he is, and his recognition of the difference between active and passive.  It’s all just sucked into “me” for him.   Sean’s Mercury is just about to peek out from the Sun’s beams, and thus is also still hidden and part of the sauce.

To recap, Sean identifies with his ego (the Sun) his thoughts (Mercury), his physical male body (Mars), his connections to other people (Venus) all at the same time.  That’s who he believes himself to be.  The fact that those deeply etched factors are all square to the Moon means on some level it doesn’t feel good to him.  A lot of hard angles to the Moon can make one very, very bitter.  (Ask me, I know!)  Here the friction is really stark.  And the Moon is of course about reflecting and projecting, seeing yourself in other people.  Kinda like marriage.

So that suggests to me that the theme of projection with the wife, loss of boundaries on a psychic level, is a very strong sub-theme to the love of money shown in Saturn.  Now I’m really curious to know what his wife’s deal is.  She may well be involved in all of his tricky stuff, and maybe she’ll go to jail too.  But that 1st/7th/Mars/Venus thing is just too odd.  And Pluto is perhaps darker than Saturn.  Pluto on the Descendant suggests that he sees the worst in other people, projects his shortcomings onto them, gets into control games.

Interestingly since we have a birth time we know that Sean’s Dejanira the Victim is in the 12th house, as is Jupiter.  It’s interesting to me that his Jupiter is afflicted, as anything in the 12th house is IMO.  Hannity certainly seems to live large.  Self-promotion is no problem for him.  As I’ve seen his ugly face, all of that was mostly to distract me from the shady business dealings.  Just goes to show, you think you know somebody.

Anyway the 12th house, again, is the part of ourselves that we cannot see.  12th house contacts can bring haters, secret enemies.  A 12th house person can be scapegoated (Ask me, I know!)  It’s a funny place to have Dejanira the Victim.  Makes me wonder if Hannity’s wife is twice as clever as him, and may leave him holding the bag.   That 12th house placement suggests treachery, things you don’t see coming.  Dejanira is specifically about victimization by a sexual partner.  Maybe it’s just how hard Michael Cohen screwed him, har har.

The other funky thing happening in the 12th house — though in a different sign, Pisces — is Chiron conjunct Fomalhaut.  Fomalhaut is really the only high-voltage fixed star that I would say has a strong inflection in this chart.  Algol is conjunct Nessus, which is a lesser chart factor.  I’m attributing this to his treacherous professional thoughts and words, which are becoming common knowledge know.  But of course because of the hot spot it could be a factor in his life in other ways, especially with the harsh Dejanira and the odd dynamic with his wife.  (I’m curious whether they are a sort of Bonnie and Clyde, or one of them is a huge betrayer.  If I had to guess I’d say they’re eating each other, both in different ways.  He certainly doesn’t see her for the human being that she is, with the above factors.  Too much projection.)

Anyway the Fomalhaut/Chiron connection, I have to say that’s another and perhaps the most important crank factor in this chart.  Chiron is where we learn through the hard knocks that Saturn dishes out — or don’t, if we absolutely refuse to grow up.  That’s a choice, and I would argue that Hannity seems to have made it.  Chiron is a fragment of a planet called Maldek, which was destroyed due to the aggression of its inhabitants.  They just refused to bury the hatchet, basically, and the planet eventually exploded.

So I’ve noticed a very strong theme of willingness to let things go, or not, being associated with Chiron.  Wayne LaPierre has raging Chiron, too.  Then the Fomalhaut connection, that’s one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  So it’s a live wire, and you need to have perfect integrity or it will zap you.  I think we can safely say that Hannity’s integrity is an enormous failure, the magnitude of which we are only beginning to reveal.   So with or without the help of Seginus, Hannity is going to get what’s coming to him.  Of this I have no doubt.

What I do not see in this chart is resilience.  With all that Saturn you could have an enormously disciplined, frugal, physically fit person.  Or you could have a miser, like Hannity with his foreclosure empire as he rages against Obama.  At least Obama had several programs available when I was a sinking homeowner.  I wasn’t eligible for any of them.  But every one of them was better than any episode of Hannity’s program, blech.







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