Studio Visit: Attifet Edition

I haven’t been Astrosplaining much lately, and I have missed it.  I’m teaching myself, with help from my friend Pat and some internet videos, how to make hats.  I got a pattern for this one.

I went to the fashion district in LA to shop materials.  That is a once in a lifetime experience I would recommend for everyone, likegoing up to the top of the Sears Tower.


Target Trim is an extreme sensory overload within a truly surreal neighborhood, a trip through its own looking glass.  I’m not sure how big it actually is, at least half a Walmart overall.  But it’s entirely crammed, floor to ceiling everywhere you look, with rolls of trim and chain in every imaginable color.

The fashion district is home to both wholesale fabric vendors and a tent city for street people.  It’s semi-scary even in the daytime.  But in fairness the street people were nice to me there.  Still super dodgy. I will post about that trip separately.  But if you want trim, check Target  Trim -gadzooks.

So the attifet was a major win for me, a whole new skill set.  I kept wanting to give up, and then I’d relax and get the help I needed.  Feels amazing.


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