The Jaycee Dugard Kidnapping, Astrosplained

I remember hearing about the Jaycee Dugard abduction on the news.  It came at a time when my own mental health didn’t permit me to know about it.  Things like that were so upsetting.  I have always had such a hard time creating stability in my life.

Lately though I have had a lot of inspiration from other survivors, like Michelle Knight, Elizabeth Smart, and now Jaycee Dugard.  Now I’m able to look into the differences and similarities among both the survivors and the perpetrators.

It may be more healthy for me to just focus on the survivors.  But I really do want to know why people are so awful.  That nagging question persists.  Why?  How?  What makes a woman like Wanda Barzee or Nancy Garrido participate in hideous sex crimes against children?  If I had a husband and he talked to me about wanting young girls, I would feel like I didn’t belong in that relationship in any sense of the phrase.  I’m not who he wants.  He’s not who I want.  Period.  But that’s me.

Jaycee Dugard was waiting for a school bus at age 11 when the Garridos pulled up in a car and tazed her.  Nancy Garrido then pulled Jaycee into the vehicle.  They kept her locked up in sheds for 18 years, where she bore two children.  She is an amazing survivor.  But right now I want to understand how this match made in hell came to pass.  What makes a married couple hold a girl captive all her life?


I ordinarily start out with the Sun and work my way out, just as our solar system revolves around its core.  However I’m really not so interested in exactly who this individual is.  I want to know why he did what he did, what’s so broken inside of him — and even more so his wife.  How did this arise?  I don’t care about anything but that.

The first obvious place to look for sexual abuse is in the asteroid pair Nessus the Wife Beater and his counterpart Dejanira the Beaten Woman.   The asteroids are very telling here, so let me go on a wee tangent.

The inner asteroid belt consists of myriad bits of space debris from smashed planets like Maldek, lord knows what-all.  There’s a belt of that detritus floating around sort of between the “inner” and “outer” planets.

The inner planets consist of the faster-moving ones that stay near the Sun:  The Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  Then you have the asteroid belt, which contains ever so many different rocks of various sizes.  On the other side of that are the outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto (that we recognize at this time), with Pluto being at the outer border of our solar system, in another asteroid belt.  So that’s what gives Pluto that intense, way-out feeling, like there’s no going back.  Beyond Pluto, there be dragons.  So that’s where we arbitrarily draw the border of our solar system for now, Pluto.

If you think about what the “inner” versus “outer” planets represent in the psyche, the role of the inner asteroid belt becomes more clear.  The Sun is about our sense of self, the literal human body that walks the Earth.  If you have a Jane or John Doe, those are Venus and Mars.  If you can’t tell the gender, it’s the Sun, just literally a human.

The Moon represents the part of your life that you’re not in control of:  fears, dreams, gut feelings.  It also controls moods, however moods by definition include thought processes.  In other words, moods are a combination of feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes they’re defined by the feelings, sometimes by the thoughts, if that makes sense.  Then Mercury is the thoughts and words, the part of the mind that one is aware of.

So the Moon is the part of our moods that we’re not so in control of, Mercury is the part that is easier to get a grip on (though most people don’t, and the Garridos certainly didn’t).  So I often oversimplify by saying the Moon controls moods.  If the Moon is in too much pain (it is usually the place of the deepest pain in a chart) it can be very difficult for Mercury to get a grip on the thoughts.  (Ask me, I know!)  Moods are complex.

So then we have Venus and Mars.  Venus is our ability to love and be loved, the ability to connect with and be supported by other people.  Mars is the ability to express the Sun’s mission directly, without reference to others.  This border of the inner asteroid belt is  the line between our personal space and others.

The bridge from the active principle of Mars to expansive Jupiter, which is well exemplified by “Don at Mar-A-Lago,” is the inner asteroid belt.  Mars is restless and has a chip on his shoulder.  Jupiter wants to run all around the world plastering his name on the biggest things he can find.  In between there are all those chunks of space junk, some of which we’ve named, some of which we think we know something about.  How could we know if this little bit of rock over there has some effect on some specific aspect of our lives?  How could that be?

Well, everything counts for something, always.  Life happens through you, not to you.  So each individual Sun chooses the time and place where it can best begin its entirely personalized mission.  We call that the natal chart.  So it’s not that any celestial body controls any person.  It’s that the relationships one chooses to everything describe everything about the native.  It’s just like walking into a café or a train car and deciding where to sit.  Things are the way they are when you choose to arrive, and you position yourself exactly where and when you choose.  Most of the time it doesn’t feel that way, though, which is why the Moon can be such a pisser in so many charts.  The Moon is that gnawing part of ourselves that feels things, like the ball of cognitive dissonance many people call life.

So any or all of those little bits of space junk in the asteroid belt could be important to us.  Phillip doesn’t have anything “major” on Antares.  Juno is a minor chart factor, as is Antares if there is no contact.  But look how evil his spouse is.  People always have the free will to choose which internal voices they respond to.  So asteroids can be like follow-up questions, things you might ask if you have a specific concern.

For example, think of your life experience as a highway and your body as the car.  As you’re rolling along, say through the American West, you can pick up a high rate of speed and not even feel it, just flying down the road.  You might not see another vehicle for an hour, as I didn’t on Highway 50, “The Loneliest Road in America.”  (There aren’t even trees, not a single tree visible on that road for hundreds of miles.)  But if another vehicle passes you from the other direction, you will see it for a very long way off.  And if it kicks up just one rock just the right way, and it hits your windshield just so, all of a sudden that one bit of debris on Highway 50 is the most important thing in your chart, because it causes you to flip over at a high rate of speed in the desert when you believe everything is just fine.

That’s of course an extreme example.  But it shows how something otherwise completely irrelevant, the proverbial needle in the haystack, can sometimes stick you in the butt.  The inner asteroid belt is where we take the basic personhood unit we develop with the Sun through Mars, and begin interacting with other humanoids, individually and in the larger group.  That’s what all those asteroids do, bounce off of our psyches the way the people of the world do.  They force us to grow and adapt in all those different ways.  That’s what relationships do for us.

Modern astrologers are still working out the meanings of these things.  Chiron is shown quite often in contemporary charts.  I also work with “the sisters,” Juno, Ceres, Pallas, and Vesta.

  • Juno the Spouse represents the spouse, and life partners in general.  Someone like Roger Stone has both a spouse and a lifelong partner who is possibly close enough to qualify as Juno in his chart, Paul Manafort.
  • Ceres the Earth Mother represents the mother, the way one mothers, and literally the planet Earth.
  • Pallas Athena the Field Marshal is the hypermasculine sister.  Her glyph is like the hand mirror of Venus, but with a diamond head.  Pallas identifies patterns and creates strategies.  She is the goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship, and associates with the courageous.  Pallas shows long-term and higher-level thinking, or not, specifically with respect to Mars.  Strong Pallas can take Mars from an angry mess like Ariel Castro to a highly evolved leader like John Kerry.  Pallas may be considered the Field Marshal to the Archangel Michael, represented by fixed star Aldebaran.
  • Vesta the True Believer is the temple virgin.  Vesta shows the point in the chart where one would rather die than yield.  Vesta’s glyph is like her hands in a V holding the bowl with the eternal flame.  Everybody has a line within themselves that they will never cross.

Of course there are many different asteroids, and which ones you look at depend on which questions you wish to ask.  I’m still unpacking the crimes committed against me in 1972, so I look at a few more asteroids on a routine basis:

  • Chiron the Wounded Healer is, if I’m not mistaken, large enough that it might be considered a dwarf planet (like Ceres).  It’s a fragment of Maldek, the planet whose inhabitants continued to escalate their aggressions until the planet literally exploded as a result.  So Chiron represents burying the hatchet, picking up the pieces and moving on with your life — or not.  The other choice is obviously still available, not to check yourself, to go ahead and wreck yourself.  Strong Chiron is also seen in the charts of those who don’t know when to quit, like Wayne LaPierre and Nikolas Cruz.
  • Toro the Raging Bull is where we see red and charge.  I am often looking at criminals and other misanthropes, so this is good to know.  This is the snapping point.
  • Nessus the Wife Beater is obviously crucial to this chart.  Nessus is the urge to commit violence, gender-based and/or within the domestic context.  Ariel Castro had Nessus conjunct fixed star Algol the Blinking Demon, which is basically like an opportunity to open Pandora’s Box on whatever topic, in this case domestic abuse.  And he thought of all that he did as a family, that’s his idea of husband/fatherhood.  He was born to explore every possible nook and cranny of abusive manhood.  He had two major problems to begin with, Mars and the Moon.  He was moody, impulsive, and angry, even worse when he drank.  (A bad Moon is very bad when drunk.)
  • Dejanira the Beaten Woman is Nessus’ wife.  Her role is self-explanatory.  She’s the woman who is assaulted by proxy, for whatever she represents to him.  Dejanira is every woman who was raped by the Golden State Killer while he screamed, “I hate you, Bonnie.”  She’s the punching bag, as Michelle Knight described herself and as I was.  Jaycee has Dejanira one degree off of her North Node.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the North Node is a perfected spot in any chart.  It’s the end of the karmic line for us, what our souls came here to learn.  The fact that Jaycee has survived her ordeal and is such a beautiful inspiration is a really wonderful thing, a beautiful healing of Dejanira within the collective human experience.  Really both of them, all of us.  But Jaycee has this right smack on her North Node.  She’s a goddess of not being abused anymore.

I’ve seen some very interesting work on Sedna, Ixion, and Orcus.  But I still have my hands full digesting the amount of information I get on each chart as I do it, I’m not so much able to explore every angle unless my saints present it to me.  So let’s get to these two deviants.    I’ll post them together, so you can easily see where these two click and where the sore spots are.

Phillip Garrido chartNancy Garrido chart

Phillip has Toro the Raging Bull and Juno the Spouse on fixed star Antares, the demon pit.  Antares is the low end of the leadership/toxic masculinity axis, in permanent opposition to the Archangel Michael on Aldebaran, linked above.  Basically Philip was born looking for a spouse or partner who would be his partner in crime, who would not battle their demons together but train them into a hunting pack.

And I’m sure it was love at first fright for these two.  Nancy has Pallas the Field Marshal conjunct Antares.  She was made to be his right-hand man.  Pallas, again, has a hypermasculine quality.  Pallas on Antares makes perfect sense in a woman who assists rape.  Where Venus has a round head, Pallas has a cut diamond.  She was pulled from her mother’s womb into her jealous father’s belly, and emerged from his head fully-formed.  So she’s missing that feminine softness.  She lopped off the head of Medusa after Neptune raped her, which is complicated.  Pallas is rock hard.

So Nancy not only has Pallas on the demon pit, like born to be the devil’s handmaid, she has Toro the Raging Bull conjunct both fixed star Regulus and Pluto the Devil.   Pluto is all about manipulation, sadism, cruelty, taking things to extremes.  Having compared the two charts I’m willing to bet abducting Jaycee was her idea.  She came up with a triple clever way to please her alpha, and Jaycee was their child sacrifice.

I’ve noticed with these sicko couples that they need to sacrifice someone else to somehow validate their relationship.  I recently saw a Chicago cop who was outed as a white supremacist.  His identity was partly verified by a picture of him with his wife.  On his wife’s arm was a large tattoo, the silhouette of a lynched man and woman.  Narcissism and sociopathy involve objectifying other people to satisfy your own sickness, so it makes sense that marriages can be formed around this.  I noticed that the Turpins, for example, used their children as sacrifices to their love for each other, much as the Garridos do.  There’s a video of Nancy Garrido being booked, Phillip about 15 feet away looks at her and mouths, “I love you.”  That’s why Nancy cooperated.  She lives in his bubble, she dances to his tune.  And she was born vicious.

Pluto is all about being sneaky and manipulative, which is a key part of Nancy’s deal.  I’m sure she thinks she’s very clever.  However she lives in a little bubble reality created by Phillip, much as Ivanka Trump lives in the little bubble created by her dad (and Meghan McCain, also with her compacted chart, with her dad).   Nancy is a person who likes to limit the focus of her life on one or two people.  Nothing else in the world matters to her, it’s not quite real to her, because her planets only go about 140 degrees around the wheel, not even close to 180.  This is a wedge/bundle chart, a person who has a very limited personality and does not fully engage the world.  A bundle chart is one who lives life to the 1/3rd-est.  They try to have the full range of experience with a limited cast of characters; others outside the bubble are not real or relevant to them.

Phillip has Pluto conjunct Dejanira the Victim.  So the two of them really were custom made not only for each other, but to do their very worst to Jaycee Dugard, with her pronounced Dejanira (again conjunct her North Node).  The way they treated her makes me want to say her name a million times.  Anyway he also has Nessus conjunct Venus, so a general predisposition to abuse women, even without the rampaging Mars.  This is a highly aggressive male with a lot of physical energy.

So here’s another really obvious thing.  Phillip has a locomotive chart, his major planets are all within 186 degrees of the 360 wheel.  When you have a large empty patch, a sort of psychic itch is created.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  The locomotive shape creates a high degree of motivation or drive, much as we see with the T-square, the red triangle that we also see in Phillip’s chart.   But the centerpoint of that blank spot, and anything happening in there, become very strong motivators for the individual, fueling that locomotive.

T-squares can be very angry in general, the congenital pebble in the psychic shoe.  Phillip’s T-square involves Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.  Jupiter is the part of us that feels comfortable representing the many.  Jupiter loves spending other people’s money, loves to be the VIP, loves to be the life of the party.  He’s not so good and fine details or sometimes even basic integrity.  He likes to be the center of attention, and always puts himself and his name first.  Jupiter, like Saturn, can be very selfish, oblivious to the rights and needs of others.   In Phillip’s chart, Jupiter is the locomotive the main thing driving him.  He feels like a king when he has a naked girl in chains, basically.  He gets to do whatever he wants, and there are no consequences.

Jupiter is the larger-than-life part of us, the part that feels the most entitled to eat, drink, and be merry.  As long as he doesn’t have to use his own personal money, he loves to make it rain because he’s the original good-time Charlie, and he loves the attention.  Trump lives it up at Mar-A-Lago because everybody else pays him to be there.  That’s Jupiter, the Greater Benefic who gets this party started quickly, right.

Then that’s in opposition to Saturn, the Greater Malefic, the worst one in the zodiac before we discovered Pluto.  Saturn is the Punisher, the one who both writes and enforces the law.  Saturn represents things like law enforcement, tax collectors, bosses, everybody you don’t want to deal with because they can override your wishes.

Jaycee was liberated because Phillip showed up at a university police station wanting to have some festival of craziness, where he would protect law enforcement by giving a talk about his book, which is a different way of looking at schizophrenia or something.   There was some speculation that Ariel Castro left the door unlocked the day Amanda Berry escaped because on some level he wanted to be caught.  I don’t think so.  I think he got comfortable, got in a good mood, forgot himself.

Phillip showing up at the police station has, IMHO, everything to do with his T-square.  Saturn is about what passes muster on a material level, what can be empirically proven.  If Saturn says something is real, it is definitely real.  In other words, that Jupiter/Saturn opposition in the T-square makes him want to have his Jupiter stuff validated by the outside world.  Then Uranus the Weirdo is the apex of that T-square, where Phillip decides that the rest of the world should conform to him, because he’s the most insightful form of hairpin.  So when Phillip doesn’t feel his weirdness validated enough by the outside world, Jaycee will get punished, because Saturn punishes.

Uranus at the T-square apex makes him come up with weird, unorthodox ideas and solutions.  He’s a wild card.  So showing up at the university to talk to the police about schizophrenia made perfect sense to him.  Fortunately he was with Jaycee’s two daughters, and that interaction creeped the police officers out so bad they contacted his parole officer, and boom, they found Jaycee.  Jupiter makes him want to expand yourself and your ideas.  Phillip is reportedly a crystal meth user, and that makes perfect sense.  He gets grandiose when he’s high, enough to come off schizophrenic.

I watched the interrogation video of Brian Mitchell, the freak who abducted Elizabeth Smart.  He would ramble on and on with quasi-Biblical nonsense, and the police would put a screeching halt to it.  That was so refreshing.  Brian tried to come off crazy too, as Phillip does.  Brian isn’t even close to crazy, he’s a manipulative deviant.  But I believe Phillip’s craziness is either drug-induced or brain damage from drugs.  He’s way too good at not getting caught, especially with his little she-devil sidekick, to be truly as disordered as he wants you to believe.  And his Mercury is a non-factor.  He’s not schizophrenic.

The thing about a big Jupiter, it does make you sort of a “Big Daddy” type.  So his larger-than-life self-image was big enough for Nancy to set up shop in, basically.  The two charts work together quite well that way.  Nancy has Toro on Regulus, making her want to snap when she doesn’t get treated like royalty.  Good thing she was employed at a nursing home all those years, I’m sure nothing went wrong there.  Then she has Pluto in the mix, making her sneaky, manipulative, and sadistic.  She also has Nessus just slightly out of orb for Algol, which makes her at least compatible with Phillip’s worst instincts.  If anything I’m sure she feels like her Pallas Athena makes her his perfect field marshal.  The two charts are truly twisted together in a disgusting way.

Pluto is what makes Nancy think this kind of sneaky stuff is cool, this videotaping kids on the playground while he plays guitar looking like a terrifying freak.

Nancy’s Sun and Moon are both in the Moon’s sign of Cancer, with the Moon herself on Sirius the Sparkling.  This sort of fixed star contact makes for high-voltage, gives the person greatly expanded capacity.  Nancy has Sirius, Regulus, and Antares, all powerful fixed stars constituting their own sort of psychic third rails:  they could take you anywhere, but you must step very carefully around them.  This chart enables Nancy to plumb new depths of evil, like in the gifted class for sociopaths. But the intense Moon aspects are why she had the gall to argue that she was a mother figure to Jaycee and her daughters.  The Moon is about mothering.  For a woman with this extreme Moon-dominated chart to be involved in the above videotape just shows you how sick Antares really is.

So as I discussed the Moon above, it’s all about moods.  This does not mesh well with a strong Pluto, especially not in a wedge chart where the native is quite rigid.  Especially when they live in the bubble reality of a psychopath.  Jaycee has talked about how much she hates the phrase “Stockholm syndrome.”  She was not even slightly in love with or close to her captors.  They blocked the rest of the world from her view for a very long time, so they took on added importance to her in a way that would never naturally occur.  It’s not that she went along with it.  I see what she hates about this, the way people bandy that phrase about without understanding the finer points.  They systematically robbed her of her agency.  That has nothing to do with affection or any miscalibration on Jaycee’s part.

Also the Moon is about projecting, seeing ourselves in others.  When you have somebody as sick as Nancy, that means Jaycee becomes the embodiment of everything you hate about yourself.   Think about it:  you help your husband kidnap a young girl that he can rape every day of her life.  Then you resent her because she’s the other woman.  And that’s our Nancy, with her raging, busted Moon and her beloved pack of demons.  It’s all justifications for the evil mind games she wanted to play on her captive.  The whole thing was her idea in the first place, for sure.

The thing about Phillip, the main issue with him as I see it, is broken Mars.  Antares is the toxic masculinity poster child.  It’s literally anti-Aries (Mars), Antares.  So with the Archangel Michael as the highest and best example of what Mars can be, Antares is the opposite of that.  But Philip has the Sun, the Moon, and Mars himself all in Aries, ruled by Mars.  The Moon is a reflective, intuitive, emotional water sign, and does not belong in fiery Aries.  Water turns to steam with fire.

Then the Sun in Aries lets you know this is an impulsive, aggressive, conflict-driven individual.  Mars in his own sign, in charge of both of the luminaries in the chart, makes Mars the slam-dunk strongest player in the chart, with Jupiter the locomotive engine second, Saturn and Uranus tied for third.

In Phillip’s chart after listening to the police describe catching him, I expected to see ramped-up Mercury, with lots of disordered thoughts and words, possibly an actual schizophrenic.  Upon review of the chart, again, no, that’s all drug-induced IMHO.  Phillip’s Neptune, his basic sense of integrity, is all keyed to support his broken idea of himself as a man.  Ariel Castro had a serious broken masculinity problem, and so does Phillip.  Michelle Knight/Lily Rose has such strong Venus and Neptune that she literally brought out the devil in him in a way the others did not.  Her river-deep, mountain-wide Venus, her ability to love and be loved, blew his every little gasket.

I’m glad I am looking into these things.  Actually looking at these survivors, getting to know their ordeals and seeing who they are now, has really done my soul a world of good.  I thank God for them.  And thank you for reading this, giving me a voice.



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