David and Louise Turpin, Astrosplained


Not to get too depressing on you, but I’m on a roll with the WTF factor of the people who keep people trapped in squalid hellholes for years and years.  Inquiring minds want to know, need to know.

David and Louise Turpin, just when you thought nobody could be more gruesome or disgusting than the Garridos or Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee.  Looking at both of their charts also made a world of sense, and maybe I will do theirs, too.  It depends on if anything exciting happens with Bob Mueller, and how much art I do.  (A lot.)

Anyway, so these two.   Let’s do him first.

David Turpin chart

I recently explained about the asteroid belt, how I pick which ones to look at.  Here the same little cluster of asteroids and fixed stars plays a very similar role as it does in the charts of Phil and Nancy Garrido.  This is actually fairly stunning, watching the same cluster of asteroids play out prominently in all of these charts.

Here’s the quick and dirty on how David became the head of this particular household:

  • Ceres and Nessus on Algol.  This is actually rather terrifying conceptually.
  • Venus/Pluto/Toro conjunct.  This is not a lot better than the above.
  • Chiron on Fomalhaut.  Badly aspected Chiron gives the inability to check oneself before wrecking oneself.  Fomalhaut is an excellent star, giving extreme intelligence and clarity of thought, great for an attorney or scientist.  Fomalhaut is kind of like being on the Autobahn.  You need good integrity to handle that amount of power, and this guy doesn’t have it.  So that will definitely wreck him.
  • Uranus conjunct the North Node and Regulus.  Regulus gives a lot of things.  It can make people rise to the top, make you a king among men.  It makes people feel entitled to be treated like royalty.  Whether they deserve that or not, whether they do anything to actually make it happen, that’s an open question.  And they still want the royal treatment even if they’re slugs like David and Louise Turpin, who also has a Regulus issue, with Jupiter.  Regulus can almost be thought of as the “What goes up, must come down” star, as we see for example with Harvey Weinstein.

David has a Libra Sun, making this a Venus-ruled chart.  It’s hard to imagine a Libra even walking into such a horrible house, much less having anyone peeing on the floor, or the horrible misery in general.  Venus is about our ability to love and be loved, and how we connect with other people.  A Venus-ruled chart is a people chart, an extraverted (usually) one where it’s all about the other people in their life.  General Kelly has a Venus chart, for example.  He got Rob Porter a job.  The military is all one big back scratching festival.  That may not seem like Venus, but it’s the old “Who loves ya, baby?

telly savalas

No pun intended.  Neither one of these individuals has any idea how to love a baby.  That is clear from the charts.

David’s chart goes badly off the rails in a few ways.  One of them is the Venus factor, where bouncing off of other people is crucial to this native.  So Venus, the planet ruling the chart, must be in bad condition for a Libra native to live in squalor with children chained up in filth.  David has Venus conjunct Pluto and Toro the Raging Bull.   Pluto the Devil and Toro, the personal snapping point, are right on Venus.  This is all happening in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, where it does not get grounded emotionally.  Libra and Virgo are both cerebral signs, and not heart-centered.

Then his Moon is in Cancer, a water sign.  So he is very emotional, probably moody.   This strong Moon is likely part of the urge to hoard.   The Moon is about feelings, and in Cancer it’s all about the home life, the family, specifically food and nurturing, smothering.  Cancer has a hard time letting go, ergo the hoarding.  It’s also a backward-facing sign, causing one to dwell in the past, clinging to old hurts and bearing grudges.  (I have a Cancer Sun chart.)

The problem here, as with Nancy Garrido, is the busted Moon.  The Moon is a reflective body, having no light of its own.  It can only reflect the Sun.  In the same way, the Moon is what allows us to see ourselves in other people.  And that’s where this chart goes bad wrong, IMO.

Based on my own study of narcissism and sociopathy, and my review of my own life and the abuse I dealt with, I have seen certain patterns play out over and over.  The squalor, for one.  Nobody ever shackles somebody up and rapes them in a very comfortable spa-like atmosphere.  Also the food deprivation.  Ariel Castro was very open about depriving Michelle Knight of food.  When this Turpin thing happened, I realized that my mom left me home alone with no food day after day after day not by accident, as I had always thought.  I always assumed that she just didn’t notice, because she wasn’t good at noticing me.  In hindsight, now that I’m an adult, it’s very obvious.  It was intentional.

What the Turpins helped me finally understand was that my mom deprived me because it made her feel virtuous to do so.  She projected everything she hated about herself onto me, and so rejecting that sinful part of herself made her feel like she had it together.  And I believe that’s exactly what went wrong with David and Louise Turpin.  The thing is with that very dark Venus ruling the chart, there are going to be issues interacting with other people.  Then that empowered Moon does not bode well, because again the Moon is where we see ourselves in other people.  So if we don’t like what we see, that Pluto and Toro conjunct Venus are going to beat the hell out of someone, basically.  Beat other people until you like yourself.  That little clusterbomb is at the head of a mini-kite, a little cooperative circuit, and is the predominant aspect pattern in the chart.

With my extreme Moon, I see things I don’t like in other people, know that it’s actually me, and correct myself.  Unhealthy, miserable people do the opposite:  See something they don’t like in other people, believe the problem is really them, punish them until things change.  It’s very straightforward.  If you absolutely refuse to own your own caca, then of course all of your misery is someone else’s fault, and there should be hell to pay.

Further complicating David’s extreme projection issues, this is a locomotive chart, where the native has an enormous amount of inner drive to meet the needs that are addressed in the big empty patch of real estate.  Just as a locomotive has an engine and a caboose, so does a locomotive chart.  David’s engine is the Moon, which was already kicking like a donkey in Cancer.  The Moon in Cancer rules her own roost by fiat.  So David has a ton of personal drive to put into his projects, unfortunately for his kids.

The thing where it really goes off the rails, though, is that David has Ceres the Earth Mother conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  That’s already off the rails, suggesting that his mother was a demon.   The mother of his children certainly is.

That gets even worse, as we see Ceres then conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater and Vesta the True Believer.  This is a recipe for one who sees any form of maternal abuse toward the offspring as an actual article of faith, an inviolable and sacred part of the bond.  Ariel Castro had Nessus conjunct Algol.  Algol is about taking the lid off of Pandora’s Box on some particular topic.  In an individual of very high integrity, an Algol connection can create true wizardry, as with Nikola Tesla.  We can see by just the squalor of the Turpins that that is not their deal, without knowing any facts about the children.  This is a truly demonic combination of factors, no other way to put it.

Then that Uranus Regulus thing, that definitely factors in.  Uranus is about insisting on being your own weirdo.  It very often shows up in the charts of men with weird hair or grooming, Carter Page with his stupid hat, John Bolton with his push broom, probably Boris Johnson with his “baby chick just had a seizure” look.  Here we see a guy with such an intense commitment to his own idiotic hairdo that he makes his children wear it, too.  The thing that took me a while to understand about Uranus, especially when it’s badly aspected or in a very negative person’s chart, is that it can be really hostile.  That refusal to toe society’s line, to make them accept you at the White House even though you’re not qualified or even properly dressed for a business meeting ::cough cough::Steve Bannon::, that’s Uranus.  It’s the urge to make society do things your goofball way, refuse to toe the lines everybody else toes.  Wayne LaPierre has a big Uranus, and is also a rather big anus IMHO.

Then speaking of David’s favorite little she-devil herself, Louise’s chart.

Louise Turpin chart

This woman has a Gemini Sun, and her chart-ruling Mercury is completely off the rails.  She is a very intelligent woman, very much in her head.  This one may actually be schizophrenic, as well as just truly evil.

The first thing that leapt off the page at me in Louise’s chart, however, even more than the Sun, was the Dejanira the Victim (Nessus’ beaten/raped wife) conjunct both Juno the Spouse and Ceres the Earth Mother, on Spica!  Spica is God’s spotlight, an enormously powerful star located between the Earth and the even greater Arcturus.  Arcturus is heaven’s gate, and Spica is where manna can fall.  So Louise Turpin got into the worldwide spotlight (and definitely caught God’s attention, no worries) with her wifing, mothering, and domestic victimhood.

She’s not the victim of David, obviously.  But it would not surprise me if both of the Turpins suffered extreme childhood abuse.  They both have the factors you’d be looking for.  Ceres on Algol is very frightening, unless the mother is a magical wizard of nurturing and/or ecology.

Louise has a really, really big problem, though, completely aside from her horrible Ceres/Juno/Dejanira/Spica.  Louise has:

  • Venus on Algol – she surely reminds David of his mother
  • Jupiter on Regulus, conjunct Toro — believes herself entitled to royal treatment, will rage like a bull when not treated accordingly
  • Mars and Nessus on Aldebaran
  • Locomotive chart with large amount of drive
  • Pair of crossed inconjuncts (the dashed green lines) in the formation I think of as the “skull and crossbones”; I first noticed this in the chart of Nikolas Cruz, and have seen it recurring in the charts of antisocial personalities (including Phil Garrido, though I forgot to mention it in the article).
  • Jupiter T-square on Regulus

The T-square makes her chronically angry.  The Regulus and Jupiter contact screams of one who believes themselves entitled to bathe in the blood of babies if that’s what it takes to keep her skin smooth.  Jupiter is not normally a dark planet at all.  But just Venus on Algol would make her a very scary critter, capable of literally anything for love, or able to do anything to another person, or with anyone.  No limits on her ability to interact as a woman.  That’s partly why she was able to have so many kids — not a mean feat, a lot of women couldn’t.

That Nessus and Mars on Aldebaran is very bad news IMO.  As with David’s Fomalhaut and Regulus problems, Aldebaran is the home base of the Archangel Michael, and is thus not to be toyed with.  Actually neither is Sirius (David’s Moon) or Spica.   If your integrity falters with any of these fixed star contacts — especially Aldebaran — you are in for big trouble.  Things will not go bad in a small way, again, like the Autobahn.

So these are both very bright, very capable, highly motivated people, self-starters.  They both have prominent Uranus, with hers in several key aspect patterns.  They are both super weird, in other words, in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures.  They both have prominent Nessus, indicating domestic abuse.  I’m sure if I did a synastry chart I’d see that they have some intense Pluto connection that gives them intense sexual attraction (Lord please soak my brain in bleach) and a sadistic streak.

Louise has amped-up Pluto, conjunct both Pallas and Uranus in Virgo.  In Virgo Pluto is about head games, criticizing in the meanest possible way, manipulating and controlling with words.  Ariel Castro had Pluto in Virgo as well, and all of that fits with how he treated Michelle Knight, how his words were so intense and sadistic.  Pallas the Field Marshal gives this a darker tone, in light of the fact that they did these intense crimes over the course of many years.  She was the strategist, and brought her own weird ideas to the mix with Uranus, her need to be just as imposing with her quirks as David.

So yeah, thank God these kids got rescued.  God bless the one who managed to escape.  She’s another one of my heroes.  Amanda Berry paved the way for her escape, even if they never heard of Amanda.  In looking at this latest group of lives I have really come to see how important each of our personal experiences is within the collective consciousness, even if nobody ever hears about our courage or our survival.  It still benefits all mankind.  The entire world is a better place because those kids got rescued.  Even the parents are better off in prison, where they can’t generate any more of that karma, at least not with their own kids.




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  1. David Turpin was born on October 17, not October 1. He definitely does not have a cancer moon.

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