Get a Copy of Donald Trump, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

My book is finally out on Amazon!  Thanks to everybody who signed up for the free copies.  It’s still free to read on Kindle Unlimited and in the Kindle Online Lending Library, and only $1.99 to buy.  Go nuts!  If you have astrologer friends, please share.

There is a large preview available on Amazon, but here’s a taste of the various charts I ran to look in-depth at many different aspects of Trump’s life.

* * *

Here are some of Trump’s Foxy friends, and other camera-ready types.  Again, I am limited to people I can think of that have asteroids named after them.

  • Murdoch, as in Rupert, global news gremlin.
  • Fox News, Trump’s favorite channel.
  • Sean as in Hannity, Fox host and close associate of both Trump and Cohen.
  • Tucker as in Carlson, Fox host and Trump fan. In Eli Saslow’s book Rising Out of Hatred, the white nationalists love Tucker’s show so much they watch it again every night, twice per day.
  • Toro, because Trump with his Mars Ascendant and Mercury-ruled chart uses words and communications to attack. Toro is where we see red and charge.  Look how Toro is on Spica, God’s spotlight, right under heaven’s gate, Arcturus.  This is where manna falls for him, from Toro.
  • Pinocchio, because of the fake news.
  • Coulter refers to Ann Coulter, author of In Trump We Trust and person who goes on TV a lot.
  • Mika Brzezinski is a former Trump friend, along with Joe Scarborough who doesn’t have an asteroid named for him. She and Trump had famous TV beef.
  • Pecker is the publisher of the Enquirer with the safe full of dirt.
  • Then Kelly this time refers to Megyn, Fox hostess and Trump’s debate nemesis.

Anyway, check it out on Kindle, yo!

Donald Trump with TV team asteroids

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