Sandy’s Romance and Resilience, Astrosplained: Hot Take

Gentle reader,

I’ll be doing a series on Sandy’s chart.  She had lots of questions.  But she also had lots of astrological stuff to explain, listed in no special order below.

Keep in mind, things that look the worst make for the best transformation.  There is no pain without gain, if you insist on having it that way.

  • Chiron and North Node combust, in the Sun’s corona
  • Mars on Antares
  • Nessus on Aldebaran
  • Many things on 0 degrees
  • Yod with Saturn conjunct Venus
  • T-square with the Moon  conjunct asteroids Persephone and Mania (I think it’s actually Maniac, but I think of it as representing mood disorders, not spree killers.  Though in fairness it could be both.)
  • Asteroid Alice on the Ascendant
  • Asteroid Ceres the Earth Mother on the Descendant

Sandy chart

I’ll be making a playlist of different things to discuss about this very interesting chart, and I look forward to hearing how things go for Sandy.  Stay tuned.

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