Larry Pratt’s Regulus Chiron, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

This must needs be brief for the time being.  But I see that my Secret Lover Michael Avenatti has a new rival:  Sacha Baron Cohen.

Sacha had me at that green slingshot, long ago, yes.  [Niiiiize!]

slingshot sacha cohen

But I saw a preview for Who Is America.  And gentle reader, I lost it.  my face hurts.  I also couldn’t stop staring at the bizarre face Cohen wore in the interview with Larry Pratt.

But Larry’s quoted below, which was obviously scripted nonsense that sounded good to him.  So Larry’s Neptune, in case you’re wondering, is severely compromised — without even looking at his chart!  Because I can see the liar liar’s pants on fire in the quote below.  Larry Pratt clearly has no tether to legit reality whatsoever.

So yeah, Who Is America? is masterful.  Joe Walsh has bought and paid for one, definitely.  Dana Rohrbacher, too.   They’re both on my list now.  But OMFG, they’re behind Larry Pratt.  And all of these gooves are behind Gentle Reader Sandy.

From the preview for Who Is America?

“Toddlers are pure, uncorrupted by fake news or homosexuality.  They don’t worry if it’s politically correct to shoot a mentally deranged gunman.  They’ll just do it.

The science behind this program is proven.  At age 4 a child processes images 80 percent faster than an adult, meaning that essentially, like owls,(1) they can see in slow motion.  Children under 5 also have elevated levels of the pheromone Blink 182, (2) produced by the part of the liver known as the Rita Ora.  (3)

This allows nerve reflexes to travel along the Cardi B (4) neural pathway to the Wiz Khalifa (5) 40 percent faster, saving time and saving lives.”

Deluxe bacon WTFburger with fries, man.

(1) Insert sounds of scientists shrieking in agony

(2) Blink 182

(3) Rita Ora

(4) Cardi B

(5) Wiz Khalifa

So yeah, I just had to unpack Larry Pratt, head of some gun fuckery organization.

larry pratt chart

So I went to do the splaining, a few things jumped out.  We see the North Node and Chiron right on Regulus there.  I recently did a Paul Manafort/Chiron blog, and I discussed the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” concept with the less-evolved Chiron.  I messed up and said “Chiron” in the video when I meant to say “Maldek” a few times, but hopefully it’s clear enough.

Quick recap, Maldek was a planet located just after Mars, sort of.  Its inhabitants were extremely aggressive, the psychic ancestors of Earth’s conflicts you could say.  Some of the inhabitants were so hell-bent for destruction that they literally destroyed the planet, giving us that nifty inner asteroid belt from which we get most of the asteroids I discuss on this blog.   It’s the chunks and crumbs of the planet that blew itself up by acting out.

For whatever reason, Chiron has emerged from our collective subconscious into our collective consciousness as the focal point for the ones who learned their lesson, sort of.  A strong Chiron connection suggests an individual who had an incarnation during the heyday of Maldek’s madness.  The question becomes whether they learned anything or not.  If you learn from it, your Chiron evolves, and you become “the Wounded Healer,” the ideal AA sponsor who has been through it all and has zero desire to self-harm ever again.

So yeah, that doesn’t seem to be Larry Pratt!  LOL holy mackerel.

With both Chiron and the North Node on Regulus, Larry shares the classic “what goes up, must come down” problem of Harvey Weinstein, many Trump-adjacent and #MeToo types who are going down because of their poor integrity, the expectation that their bad behaviors will be tolerated indefinitely.  Regulus is too big a star, too great an influence to let your integrity flag.

Then obviously the Maldek/Chiron question comes into play, suggesting that yes, you can live the sort of mega-privileged life that this guy clearly has lived, and think you’ve gotten away clean, and then at the very end of your life you appear in this movie.  It’s like living in the penthouse suite of Trump Tower, finding a way out onto the roof, and jumping off, swan dive style.  You may as well try to glide a little bit IMHO.  There’s only one step, but it’s a doozy.

Then he’s got the Alice asteroid (the only sane/decent one in the world) and Madhatter (the scapegoat driven crazy by gaslighting) right smack on top of his Neptune.  I just happen to have those set for my default asteroids right now because that’s what I’m working on for Sandy and myself, etc.  But look how perfectly a propos!

And I now see yet another way to interpret those two asteroids.  I will expand on that in the video.  Now that I’m on the YouTubes, I’m getting lazy about writing — especially since I have a million things to do.  Frankly getting Gentle Reader Sandy stable and excited is more important than the goobers mentioned in this post, so stand by for the video for more on this.


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