Your Life Path Card, Tarotsplained

In this video I’m using Gentle Reader Sandy as the guinea pig to explain a fundamental concept in tarot, using numerology.  (This is almost all the numerology I know, so enjoy.)

The Life Path card reflects a similar sort of perspective as the Nodes of the Moon.  With the Life Path we can see what the higher self wants from us, how the hand we are dealt in this incarnation fits into the entire family of “past and future” lives.

The method for finding your Life Path card is simple:

Take the day, month, and year you were born.  For example mine is 06/30/1964.  So 0 and 6 is 6.  3 and 0 is 0.  1, 9, 6 and 4 are 20.  So that reduces to a 2.  My data set:

6+3+2=11  (Day plus month plus year, reduced individually and combined/reduced again as applicable.)

So here we come to a key concept:  11 and 22 are “master numbers,” perfect unto themselves.  Some people do not reduce them ever.  Your mileage may vary on this, but for the  Life Path card I find it better to use 1 through 9 of the Major Arcana as described in the video above.

My numbers add up to an 11, so I can use the Justice card, No. 11 in the tarot’s Major Arcana archetyal procession, if I wish.  That card can be seen as “as above, so below,” “the last will be first and the first will be last,” “thy will be done,” all of those sort of balancing and reflective ideas.  Nothing can happen on Earth without God’s permission.  And nothing can happen in our own lives without the permission of our own higher selves, despite how craptastic things may seem.

[Sandy doesn’t have a master number reduced to 2, hers was 20 reduced to 2.  So the High Priestess it is for her in this life.  I’m working the 11 because I’ve mastered equanimity to a greater degree.  This is no criticism of Sandy or anyone, rather an acknowledgment of an enormous body of work on my part that frankly isn’t finished.]

Long and short of it, reduce your numbers as described, then find the Major Arcana card corresponding to your single-digit number.  That is your life theme, where you can look for meaning when you need higher wisdom.

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