Maria Butina, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

You know me and my nosey nose.  I just had to know what’s up with your girl Maria Butina.  I admit to kind of liking her because her hair reminds me of my own hair, especially when I was so young and purty like that.  Look.

band jacket
Artnunymiss Lite

But this isn’t a hair blog, no.  It’s more of an Estrogen-Based Rogue’s Gallery these days, with Melania, Czarinka, Omarosa, Hope Hicks, Farah Suckabee Flanders, Wendi Deng, Natalia Veselnitskaya, and now Maria Butina.  (You say Butina, I say Putana.  I say, “Hey, Putin!”  Then I say, “Your mama!”  Butina, Putana, Hey Putin, Your mama! Let’s call the whole thing off.)  So yeah, that’s why I don’t do Michelle Obama’s chart.  Don’t want to slime her by association.

[Quick note for international readers:  Michelle Obama has a very special place in the hearts of African-America.  She is the first descendant of slaves to occupy the White House, which was of course built with slave labor.  Barack is literally African-American, because his dad was from Africa.  But he’s not a descendant of slaves.  So her standing as first lady (she’s still my FLOTUS until further notice!) was an extraordinary milestone in that way.]

Anyway so yeah, Melania’s there now.  And the company we keep includes Maria Butina.  So let’s look at her chart, which is decidedly less pretty than her face.  And yes, okay, I will give props.  Maria Butina is sort of the real-life Jennifer Garner of Russia.  Like when they see her on TV in Russia they must love her, the goofy people anyway.   I feel the same way about one of Bob Mueller’s acolytes.  He has two guys that are very often at his elbows.  One of them is a white guy who looks like a cue ball.  The other one is a very nondescript black guy.  I have a huge crush on him, aided by the fact that all I the information I have is in the picture below.

Muellers Sphinx
One of Bob Mueller’s sphinxes, the real-life Idris Elba

I’m going to cover most of this in the YouTube video, so I can also sing for you.  Also I’m just getting super lazy, plus I need to go to downtown LA and hit the most amazing trim store today.


Maria Butina chart

A few things leap right out at me:

  • Mars, holy crap.  She has Mars the God of War at 0 Aries.  Words fail me.  I don’t have a birth time, so it could be a bit off.  But basically, yeah, wow.  Okay.  Sharpshooter, spy, works for Putin’s gun fuckery thing.   Check.
  • Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury in Scorpio.  If you’re still alive despite her Mars at 0 Aries, any one of these other influences could kill you.  Individually not so bad, but wow.  All of this co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, each of which is exalted in his own sign.  Hug your children while she’s on the loose.
  •  Ceres is close to the Node in a way that suggests her mother may have played a major role in forging Maria’s destiny.  IIRC my impression with Natalia Veselnitskaya was that her mother had somehow paved the way for her to be who she is, like maybe with Putin connections.  Maria’s mom made her exactly who she is, possibly in a similar way, like grooming her into this role, though I don’t see her having the direct networking potential of Natalia’s mom for a few reasons.
  • Venus on Algorab the Crow.  This puts her in a soul family of dark personalities, conflict-driven, materially greedy, of lower evolution, and working in a concerted group effort over multiple lifetimes for negative ends.  This is the human equivalent of a murder of crows.  She does not have the Seginus contact that would put her in Trump’s personal karmic orbit.  He is incidental to her.  But expect her to run in bad circles in a very big way.
  • Moon, Ixion, Narcissus, Pluto, Mercury all combust (!!)
  • I’m calling this a locomotive chart with a Venus engine.  This further suggests that as they taught me in paramedic school, “It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow.”  I would need to take a harder look to see whether her mother provided the actual social connections or just the mindset.
  • I forgot to display it on the chart shown, but Maria has Pholus on Sphinx.  I take this to mean that for herself personally, she aint giving up shit.  This is an extremely disciplined servant, a born soldier.
  • The Pholus “family secrets” asteroid suggess all of the skeletons tumbling out of the Sphinx, which is what I expect.  This will be astro-teachable for me to watch.  She could turn out to be the information motherlode.Like with Michael Cohen, I saw that his personal disposition is to indeed take the bullet.  That was not bluster on his part IMHO.

    But I saw that he would flip because it would already be too late to save Trump, but he could still save himself.  Overall, because of a few different things, this highly disciplined individual is also a bit of a loose cannon, because she has that Saturn conjunct Uranus.

  • The Saturn/Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto yod is on the nose for what I know of her.  This one I will probably talk about in the video, and I may do a book on her because Priebus H. Reince this chart is a nightmare.
  • The only thing she has in the big patch of empty real estate is Chiron, which is closer to the curb there by Jupiter, and Juno, which is conjunct Regulus.The Juno on Regulus is close to the psychic bull’s eye created by the big empty space, the vacuum that nature abhors.  Maria has no other high-voltage fixed stars that I can see off the top of my head.  In other words, even with all this headstrong Mars and controlling Pluto, her only access to greatness is through her partner.This is another example of Juno the Spouse not necessarily representing one’s spouse, but rather the person most often on their mind, with whom they work most closely.  It’s possible that Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have such a relationship, maybe even closer than to their spouses.  Juno is the first person you think to text when something happens.  In Maria’s case I’m willing to bet it’s not her husband, it’s her spymaster.  I forget which one she works for, and I didn’t know anything about him.  But one thing at a time.
  • This lady is basically an overturner of apple carts.  Her Mars and Pluto make her as aggressive and sneaky as a person can be.  But she’s a beta, not an alpha.  Mars is really headstrong and difficult to lead.  But of course all the best soldiers can be led, and they are at first.  Speaking from my own off-the-rails Mars, I follow the leadership of people who are stronger than me in a way that I like.  I expect Maria to always seek out the strongest person she can align herself with.  The one she chose has a Regulus problem, which portends his extreme fall from grace a la Harvey Weinstein and many others.Then because of the unstable nature of the yod, and the fact that Uranus is inconjunct Jupiter, that’s a rabbit hole to explore in the video.  The idea is to create leverage, like a wedge that can flip a government.  But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Don’t be afraid, guys.  Things do suck.  I know people’s lives are being destroyed by this nonsense.  But the good news is something’s got to give.  And it is happening, watch and see.

The midterms are coming.

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