Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Astrosplained

There are some things that give me a bit of pause.  In the interest of thoroughness and full disclosure, I looked up a few of the telltale asteroids like Lie and Pinocchio.  Because I do happen to like her very much.  So I’m making sure to be appropriately skeptical.  But I see nothing to worry about with either of those.

Her Pholus makes me suspect that she is one who wants to get the truth out.  29 is a critical degree, the fullness of the sign — in this case Gemini, thoughts, words, information.  Pholus is the one who lets the cat out of the bag, the guy who gives away the family secrets.  Not necessarily activated within the chart, but there to be noted.

Pallas on the Moon in Aries at the head of a T-square.  Making Republicans (and a lot of people) crap their pants, and rightfully so.  This is an extremely aggressive, intuitive strategist.

Now, she does have Juno conjunct the famous Seginus the Guard, who portends ruin through association.  I really don’t know how that will play out.  She may end up having issues based on partnerships.  Her personal integrity is probably okay based on what I can see.  As I said in the video, the Neptune T-square has to be balanced with the fact that the grand cross makes everything work, gives this high-energy chart a way to move its energy around in a balanced way, organized and constructive.






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