Ronan Farrow, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Just for a switch I’d like to think about Astrosplaining some of the nice people.  There are people who make me smile pretty much every time I see them, including Michelle Obama (Still my FLOTUS until further notice!) and Ronan Farrow.  Another one I’m just thrilled by the sight of, Terry Crews.

Remember that Terry Crews was Trump before Trump was Trump.  [International viewers, I hope you can see President Camacho’s State of the Union address from Idiocracy below.  Terry Crews is one of the funniest fuckers in the world.]

But I’m not here to ‘splain him right now.  Just noticing that I really enjoy a lot of people, and I don’t normally take the time out to appreciate the nice people.

But young Ronan Farrow, now that one popped in my head, woke me out of a dead sleep to look up his chart.  Lo and behold, because he was born famous, I had access to a birth time, at the touch of a finger.  Like all I had to do was roll over, grab my tablet, and click click, there’s his chart, any different asteroid, whatever.  The world we live in!  And yes, this is something I could study for quite a while.  Someone who really gives me hope.  Like Terry Crews, but not with the hilarious giant, also freaks me out a bit how much he looks like Frank Sinatra.  Like me, this is an undercover Italian-American who looks Irish or something.

Ronan farrow sinatra

This is an off-the-rails Jupiter chart.  But judging by what we can see of the individual, he does not appear to be a self-serving megalomaniac.  While he has won extreme acclaim in journalism for his Harvey Weinstein story, he has also been quick to point out that it has been a group effort, that he credits Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.  So if Trump is the epitome of a poorly-evolved, self-serving Jupiter, Ronan Farrow’s Jupiter is the opposite, the Gallant to Trump’s Goofus.

Key phrase for Jupiter:  the all are one, the one is the all.

Ronan Farrow chart

I’m looking now at the most interesting things in the chart.  Overall this is a fascinating chart with a proper birth time thanks to

  • Sun in an extreme Sagittarius stellium:  Sun with Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, all on the Midheaven.  Jupiter is off the rails.
  • This is a bucket chart, where most of the planetary activity is focused in the 8th through 12th houses — the very public ones.  However the bucket’s handle is — surprise!  Jupiter!  So where Jupiter tends to be over the top, this is an extreme example even for Jupiter.  Wowie, man.  Then he’s in the 2nd house in Aries.  So Mars has an exceptional role to play here too.  He’s the only thing besides Jupiter really getting any oxygen, and he’s Jupiter’s landlord.  I guess Saturn is good here too.
  • Chart-ruling Jupiter in the 2nd house, of money and valuables, the things we value.  It’s the only major planet on that side of the horizon.  In other words all of the stuff in the stellium especially, that’s all what he truly cares about.  It’s a very superficial chart — except for being ruled from the 2nd  highly personal house.  Compare to Bob Mercer, whose chart happens on the internal side of the horizon.  Bob’s life is all about himself and his immediate circle, the people he loves.  Ronan’s life is all about society and the world.
  • Ronan’s Moon is not only on the Midheaven, the MC is on Antares.  That means that he has Aldebaran, the Archangel Michael’s fixed star, squarely in his heart of hearts.  And he was born to wage that war against toxic masculinity on Antares very publicly, right there on the Midheaven.
  • I honestly don’t quite know how to interpret this Moon placement.  I would not have thought it would be the Moon there, but Mercury or Mars.  Maybe Saturn.  Ronan is known for doing meticulous research, and has Saturn co-ruling the Ascendant and ruling Venus and the Part of Fortune.  However I do not see him as being moody, changeable, or inconsistent as one would expect with a prominent Moon.  He also doesn’t seem anywhere near as angry as this chart would suggest.  I believe he has such a beautifully evolved Jupiter that he’s simply able to rise above it and channel his anger into productive thoughts and words that benefit all of society.  This chart could look a lot of ways.  But on this individual, it appears that he uses the Moon for intuition and to connect and reflect with others in a healthy way.  A true altruist and philanthropist.
  • In terms of the peg-knocking mission discussed below, Ronan has Pholus the Bean-Spiller on Algol the Blinking Demon.  This guy was born to take the skeletons out of the closets, all of them, every closet.
  • One truly lovely thing in this chart:  asteroid Compassion on the same degree as Venus.  Then Ceres the Earth mother is only 2 degrees away.  This is late in Capricorn, so ruled by Saturn – which is in the stellium in Sagittarius.  While it’s technically in the 11th house, because of the motion of the planets it’s considered in the 12th.  So this is something he may be somewhat oblivious to.  It makes me quite like Mia Farrow.  Venus is in Saturn’s Capricorn, which implies coldness, sourness, and delay.  This is maybe a delayed gratification chart, where the person really hits their stride, especially romantically, later in life.
  • Ronan has Regulus right on the Descendant.  This is where he can actually wreck anyone of low integrity who gets involved with him, along with Eris.
  • Eris the Bomb Thrower is conjunct Jupiter in the 2nd house.  Because of the extremity of this Jupiter, though Eris is about 4 degrees away, I will still say this is a major influence for him. Also look at his life’s work so far — and he’s quite young, 1987.  Born to knock people down to size.
  • Ronan’s Vertex in Virgo is directly opposite asteroid Macchiavelli in the 1st house.  Things in the 1st house are on the top of the native’s agenda, like front and center in the life.  The vertex is where we are fated, a point of destiny.
  • Lilith opposite the Part of Fortune.  The Part of Fortune (IMHO) is the “you are here” on a big park or mall map.  I think of it as the X that marks where the buried treasure is.  It’s interesting that he has Lilith in this tender spot in the 6th house of service.  The 6th house is of course the natural home of Virgo and is thus ruled by Mercury.  He has used his thoughts, words, and communications in his Lilith-related pursuits.  He has said that it has much to do with being of service to his sister because of what she had to endure.  Again that 2nd house of personal values, the things we care the most about, is where Jupiter lives.
  • Mars and Pluto, the co-rulers of Scorpio, are conjunct in Scorpio.  Pluto is trine Neptune, which IMHO is in pretty good shape in this chart.  The thing is, with all this high-powered fixed star activity, if Ronan’s integrity falters even slightly, it will really not end well at all.  I have confidence in him.
  • Ronan does have asteroids Juno the Spouse and Lie conjunct.  So I unfortunately have to suspect that he will have an untrustworthy partner.  Because these are in the 1st house, this may be a rather big issue in his life.  Interesting that the debate about his paternity rages on.  He may eventually find himself in a similar situation, having a well-known love child, something like that.

So God bless.  Breath of fresh air, he is.




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