Judge TS Ellis, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

I need to get back to Sandy’s love life questions.  But before I do, let’s take a detour past the Paul Manafort trial and see what’s happening with that judge.  At a glance I’d have to say he’s the opposite of Cardi B, the antimatter to her matter.

But he can’t really wipe happiness off the Earth by looking at it, that was just a dream I had.  Ah, he’s not so bad.  But he also kinda sucks, as evidenced by the fact that Ronald Reagan appointed him.

Quick detour, most people know COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, as the provision that allowed Americans to keep their health insurance after losing their jobs, for the low cost of only one arm and half a leg.  At the time everybody talked about it like it was such a great thing, because before that you didn’t even have the option of extremely expensive insurance when you became jobless.   But one of the things it did was defund a lot of social programs, such as mental hospitals for the indigent.  I knew someone who worked at Illinois State Psychiatric Institute when this all happened.  The workers there were devastated.  They released all their mentally ill poor people to go sleep on the streets, no more healthcare for you.  Ronald Reagan was the first big step on the road to our current austerity lifestyle, and hell isn’t hot enough and won’t last long enough for him.

Anyhoo, Judge Ellis is another matter.  No birth time, so no angle or  house information.

Judge Ellis transits

So here’s the thing about Judge Ellis.  His Sun and Uranus are conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  Right there we have the opportunity for things to go in any imaginable direction.   A prominent Uranus, especially on an old white guy, is someone with extreme difficulty relating to other people.  This will be exacerbated by several things in this chart.

Judge Ellis has a wedge chart, like Czarinka and Eric Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Meghan McCain, probably for the same reason.  The Judge’s chart is all happening within 103 degrees, unless my math is even worse than I think it is.  But you can see that all of the action is quite compacted here.  There’s no way for this ball of energy to move all the way around that circle except like an egg, like one of those rollercoaster rides that would probably make the judge puke when they threw him upside-down.  A wedge chart is about being met where you’re at, existing in a bit of a bubble reality where your own personal experience is the only real thing.

Wedge chart natives live life to the 1/3rd-est.  It’s kind of like living in a doll house, where they feel like they have a miniature, yet fully equipped version of life that doesn’t include all the excess filler, like other people and their versions of reality.  The wedge chart is a kind of spiritual myopia, where the native’s life experiences are highly focused, they simply do not experience much of life.  I have a close friend with a wedge chart.  She wasn’t born wealthy.  But her dad spoiled and protected the crap out of her.  She’s extraordinarily selfish in her way, has difficulty empathizing outside of her own context.  Things that happen past the end of her nose kind of aren’t real for her, including me past a point.

Anyway I know not to take that aloofness personally.  It’s just who she is.  And the Judge comes by that very naturally, even without Uranus combust.  The combustion of Uranus the Inventor (or Weirdo depending how you look at it) makes this someone who likely believes himself the only sane man on the planet.  Other people don’t get it.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m bagging on the Judge here.  I don’t viscerally dislike him the way I do Farah Suckabee Flanders, probably because I don’t see him talking.  The thing about the Judge, though, is that he has Vesta on Aldebaran.  I think he really does believe himself a soldier for the good, a warrior of the righteous.  In terms of busted integrity, Judge Ellis is an interesting case study.

Look how quick I am to jump all the way out to Neptune, talking about integrity before I even finish with the Sun.

So the highly obstinate, unable to validate your viewpoint thing is cooked right into the sauce with this judge with the wedge chart.  I note that the judge was born in Bogota, Colombia, and then went to Princeton and Harvard, IIRC.  That just reeks of colonialism, blue blood, and old money.  So think of the white side of colonialism as the wallpaper of this chart.  Uranus combust is going to be a problem with the heart-level connections.  Probably adds to the sense of this being a highly focused and truly brilliant individual.

Judge Ellis has Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, and the Sun all in Taurus.  So Venus is far and away the chart’s ruler.  Venus herself is in watery Cancer, quite prominently placed at the head of what I call a mini-kite, and directly opposite the bull’s eye, the center of the giant vacant lot in the chart.  The myopia of this chart is very clear, a theme not whispered but hammered.  This is a guy who, consciously or unconsciously, almost certainly believes that white guys are intellectually and emotionally neutral, fair and balanced.  With that Uranus combust in this chart, he may believe himself the Alice in our Wonderland, the sanest among other white guys.  His is the biggest perspective, always, therefore he’s the most reasonable.  That’s a common problem with the Uranus-heavy.  They all think that.  They have trouble seeing their own faces in others.

With the stellium in Taurus, this is a very material and territorial person, inclined more to personal indulgence than to the deepest of thoughts. This is the tarot card for a strong Taurus:

The EmpressVenus’ job is sitting on her ass in a vineyard looking pretty all day while other people provide everything she needs.  Without them, she’s nothing.

Taurus the bull is lazy, preferring to lie in his meadow eating flowers as long as possible.  But if you come over the fence you will get the horns.  That’s just the deal.  All of that goes waaaaaaaaaay over the top with the Uranus and wedge situations.

The really sickening thing about Venus in this chart is that it’s about connections to other people.  Prominent Uranus, Aquarius, Mercury, and/or Virgo can make it really difficult to connect with others emotionally.  Saturn has trouble with it, too, sometimes.  But it’s a real issue with Uranus and Virgo especially.  With all that Taurus and that screaming Venus, TS’ (I’m not referring to him by title at all times because he doesn’t tell his regular name, fuck that) entire life is defined by the people in it.  With Venus in Cancer, like between mom’s breasts, it’s the silver spoon and the people who put it there.    Born with the connections that set his career.

Okay, it’s so hot in Los Angeles lately that I was too lazy to even run an asteroids chart on this guy, also because I kind of don’t care about him, I just want to know.   Just another Friend of Reagan, doing what they do, with the rightness and the whiteness.   But I’ve rigged up a decent swamp cooler, and look.

Judge Ellis in Wonderland

See?  That’s my crazy work ethic in play.  Wow, look at Alice, like smack dab in the middle of the psychic bull’s eye, the vacuum that nature abhors.  Alice, being the only sane one in the world, is what would balance this guy out, if he would practice being that.  And maybe he has, I don’t know.  I’m not sure that his legendary antics haven’t all been in service of that Aldebaran Vesta.  He does believe himself a vestal virgin of a sort, and he takes that very seriously.   TS also has asteroid Sphinx right there on his busted combusted Sun, suggesting that in no uncertain terms he gets himself as sphinx-like, an unapproachable, invaluable source of ancient wisdom.

Then the MadHatter in Scorpio, opposite the Sun and Uranus.  Scorpio inflects Pluto and Mars into that, suggesting a chronic irritant along the lines of crankiness and control behaviors centered around perceived gaslighting.  What I mean is, in this totally myopic “I’m fair and balanced” chart, anyone arguing their 20/20 position with Ellis may run the risk of getting the horns.  Case in point.  In a chart with this crazily stubborn Taurus, even without the wedge form, the tiniest whiff of Pluto or Mars is going to smell really, really bad.  Someone this lopsided can’t afford to be even a tiny bit mean. Okay, now that I’ve kind of covered the main gist of this, there’s more.

So TS has Neptune, the Moon, and Ceres all in Virgo.  This is especially unfortunate IMHO.  Neptune is sort of the master key to the higher self.  So when Neptune can function well, the person can become a magician of sorts, when their integrity is strong enough.  In a recent talk Bashar described integrity as positivity, which I thought was a cool idea.   For me integrity (Neptune) is really make or break.

Unfortunately in this chart Mercury’s cerebral earth sign Virgo gives rulership over the Moon to the conscious, rational mind.  This will sorely aggravate the inability to see one’s own face in others or vice versa, the primary theme of this chart.  TS thinks when he should feel, a real problem even in a more balanced chart.  The presence of Ceres adds intensity and emphasis especially conjunct the Moon.  Ceres the Earth Mother represents the mother, as does the Moon to some extent.  The Virgo placement suggests more of an intellectual than emotional connection to the mother.  In a crime chart Ceres is also where we look for the motive.  This because Ceres was the mother who charged into hell to rescue her daughter Persephone from Pluto.  So Ceres shows where we’re highly motivated.  Here it’s a tendency to intellectualize and project emotionally.

Virgo is also notoriously petty and picky, a truly unfortunate Moon placement IMHO.  In Virgo nurturing looks like nitpicking and list-making.  The preference for not experiencing others emotionally is a serious problem, though.

So you have to look at Neptune, again, to see how capable this person is of bringing their own highest truth into the world, manifesting it in a way that Saturn can count right here on terra firma.  Venus, especially in Taurus, is a material girl living in a material world.  Too strong a Saturn can make one forget all about higher-level values like the human spirit.  Like Bob Mercer, strong Saturns can make one value others strictly on their financial worth.  Who else has strong Saturn?  Jeff Sessions, Ajit Pai, Sam Clovis, John Bittrolff, Jared Kushner, Melania, people who like the cold, hard, cash.  Saturn is for the golden rule:   he who has the gold makes the rules.

Why am I talking about Saturn?  Because TS has a funky aspect from Saturn to Neptune.  I didn’t mention that he has Neptune in Virgo, which is its fall, I think, or debility.  Either way it’s not where Neptune likes to be.  It’s notoriously hard to get to your Neptune through Mercury, basically, through the conscious mind.  The conscious mind has a tendency to want to choke out the input of Neptune and the Moon, the things that can be overwhelming or hard to understand or integrate.  Now, Neptune is a slow mover.  So a lot of people have this.  You can’t necessarily say they all have busted integrity per se.  But it can explain the thing of boomers and the generation before being appalled by the idea of “political correctness.”  As a group his generation sometimes balks at being challenged emotionally, partially because of this cerebral misfire.

So Ellis’ Neptune is actually sesquiquadrate Saturn, that little dotted line.  The dotted lines are similar to the dashed green ones, the inconjuncts.  Inconjuncts show energy that is being redirected or rerouted among planets.  The Qs as I’m going to call them, partly because it’s really long and also I’m too hot and lazy to look up what the other ones are called, are hard aspects.  They’re like fragments of squares, like little blockages.  These can be seen as points where the individual is unlikely to mature or integrate these issues, with Neptune again being the place where we find integrity and integration.

Especially with Saturn the Bean Counter, where the rubber meets the road, where the judge decides whether to hang you, I like to see clear sailing to Neptune.   And here it’s the opposite.  This is one who is unlikely to ever challenge himself.  I expect all that Taurus to make him quite testy when challenged.

Further, his Saturn is on a nasty fixed star called Hamal.  This is one thing to look at in homicide charts.  I don’t think Ellis is a murderer or anything.  But it’s not a good omen in one who is known for his profession, the typically Saturnian profession of judge.  Hamal is of the nature of Saturn and Mars, the two original malefics, and when badly aspected can denote premeditated, violent, sadistic crime.  From the above link:

Saturn conjunct Hamal: Cautious, thoughtful, critical, sarcastic, materialistic, interested in geology or agriculture, some domestic happiness, favorable for gain. [1]

Especially with the whole party in Taurus, again, this is a very money-oriented guy.  Now, his Saturn is in Taurus with all that other stuff.  But it’s not trine Neptune, like the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are.  This guy’s whole intensely stubborn sense of “I gotta be me, because I was born to be right” is again not whispered but blared from a loudspeaker.  I started out semi-neutral on him, now I don’t like him at all anymore.

Before I get off this subject and get back to Sandy’s love life, let’s look at the recent transits in play.  Here’s that chart again.

Judge Ellis transits

Now, a few things in these transits look not so good to me, though I’m new to transits.  I note that asteroid Compassion is in Gemini in the natal chart, not touching anything at all.  In other words, it’s an intellectual concept for him, one he doesn’t probably spend a lot of time on.  It’s certainly not a heartfelt thing, like in Cancer or Pisces.

However the Moon and Compassion are tightly conjunct, right on Sirius the Sparkling, bringing a spotlight to this area.  This conjunction is passing right over his natal Venus, and importantly also Chiron.  Chiron is where things blow up.  In crime charts Chiron is the actual murder time, if I’m not mistaken.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  But you know, logically then everything else kills you.  So spark one up while you still can, make Jeff Sessions cry.

Anyway the other thing that made me go, hm:  Pluto transiting right over his natal Pholus.  I will not be surprised if, as a result of pissing off the prosecution in this case, some very uncool dirt could come out on the judge.  Especially with the Moon, Compassion, Venus, Chiron situation I can imagine a scenario where someone who is thoroughly sick of his bullshit lobs a bomb or two.  I bet a lot of people are tired of kissing his ass.  His absolute failure to empathize could be his metaphorical demise.  The Sphinx placement suggests one with a secret identity, secrets they will never give up.  But Pholus gives them up, especially when a bully like transiting Pluto twists his arm.

The thing is, again, the Algol connection.  And man, it’s a doozy.  Like Wolfgang Priklopil with his insane, torturous mindset, that Algol combust situation sends the ego straight off the rails.  It honestly didn’t occur to me until just now how ugly that really is, in terms of the likelihood we find out something horrible about this judge.  The Pholus situation, as well as Algol and the Sphinx right there together, suggest that there are skeletons in the closet that may come out.  Think about the head full of demons Priklopil had to have to do what he did.  He also appeared quite high-functioning, zero criminal record of any sort.  Priklopil had other problems.  But the TS is in deep water too IMHO, with the myopia and the privilege and the whole thing.  Here’s hoping he’s just another swamp grifter, not an actual murderer.




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