The 10 of Swords, Tarotsplained: Sandy’s Love Life, Part 2

10 of swords

Greetings, gentle reader.

I finally have a little chance to circle back to Sandy’s love life.  She wrote me some follow-up questions that I address in the video.  Basic points to make about this card:

  • The swords in this card represents thoughts and words that limit the querent’s ability to move.  While this can involve other people stabbing you in the back, as with Sandy’s ex, it always involves the thoughts, words, and ideas of the querent.  In this case I referenced a number of negative beliefs and ideas that were apparent in Sandy’s question:
    • She doesn’t feel attractive
    • She believes her reputation has suffered as a result of her relationship
    • A rich man is the best or only way to get happy in life
    • She doesn’t “deserve” [her word!] a rich man unless she looks or is a certain way
  • I was given an analogy of a woman riding a horse.  Say a princess has a horse that she loves.  She wants to breed it with a horse of her cousin’s, who lives not far away.  One day she saddles up the horse and they head off in a different direction than usual.  The horse gets all panicky, thinking it doesn’t know where it’s headed, or how it will get there, believing that it must come up with its own plan for survival, as if there were no rider.  The princess is not going far, and has made more than ample provisions for the horse — better than he can imagine.  But the horse insists on trying to head down each road looking for an apple orchard just in case the trip is too hard and there’s no food when they arrive.  Then the princess must keep kicking and redirecting the horse to keep it on track, which of course wastes a lot of time and energy.  Then the horse complains about being kicked in the guts, just like Sandy.  We are all the vehicles our higher selves have chosen to ride to our perfect destinations, picking u the experiences we need along the way.  Trust in that.
  • There is a Zen practice of releasing your insistence.  Basically when you give the universe an ultimatum as Sandy has done, “I won’t be happy unless _______” life calls your bluff every time.  Sometimes when you want things so much, the best thing to do is give up.  Become okay with never getting the thing you want.  And then if it fits in with the grander scheme of your life, it often falls into place.  And if it isn’t part of your higher self’s agenda, there’s nothing you can do to make it happen anyway.
  • What if someone offered Sandy some sort of fellowship or position where she would travel around exciting places, doing what she loves to do?  Should she say no, I need to focus on finding a rich man?  I believe the sort of man I’d like to see her with would be more attracted to someone who was quite enjoying her own company.  The sort of man who wants a desperate woman at a severe disadvantage probably has some ugly tricks up his sleeve.  This is especially so with Sandy’s Mars on Antares and Machiavelli/Ceres on the Descendant.
  • When the 10 of Swords comes up, keep in mind that it’s always darkest before the dawn. This is a time for reinvention, something you can celebrate if you look at it from the High Priestess‘ point of view.  The High Priestess life path card is for those of us on the road less traveled.  People who marry their high school sweethearts have a different sort of life challenge than we do, us High Priestess types.  Know that you will succeed through magic, not plotting or plodding.
  • Example:  I knew a woman in Brazil who very much wanted to be in a relationship.  Her motivation was emotional and personal:  she wanted a mate.  She was not especially attractive, but also not desperate.  My friend was okay with marrying an ordinary Brazilian.  She wanted someone who got her, and vice versa.  Meanwhile Brazil is full of half-naked women who could be supermodels, with amazing faces and bodies.  Not prostitutes, just very attractive women who are interested in marrying “up and out,” to a wealthier country.  Lots of competition, extremely beautiful women.  My friend would not have stood a chance in that game.  Trump wouldn’t hire her to bus tables at Mar A Lago.  But she kept on doing her thing, and met the perfect guy for her.  They are equally weird in different ways, and they get along great.  He’s an American from Hawaii.  So she ended up moving to one of the fanciest parts of America.  And I bet she has never once put on make-up or straightened her hair, ever once.  Your mileage may vary.  But the bottom line is, your higher self already has things planned for you.  You must step aside and let the divine lead.

6 thoughts on “The 10 of Swords, Tarotsplained: Sandy’s Love Life, Part 2

  1. Dear gentle Artnunymiss!

    My apologies for having misled you – following is an excerpt from an email to you which I must have sent into the ethers instead of your inbox!

    Please note I take full responsibility for being a failure/loser/piece of sh/ whatever, not blaming the parents (I have a normal sibling so my failures are my own fault.) Perhaps I may have made better choices if I’d had different experiences/better examples etc but no use looking back – we’re not going that way!

    Also needed to allay your fears that I am a gold digger!
    I imagine a prospective suitor around my age to be paying alimony to at least one ex-wife requiring her pedicures, tennis lessons and boozy lunches to be paid for ad infinitum and a sulky teenager or two.
    Both/all of whom would judge me harshly (refer Venus conj Saturn – hey maybe this astrology stuff really does work!)
    So not after some cashed up wheeler dealer with yachts, planes and a chauffeur!!

    My scarf clad Jackie O sunglass wearing lady of leisure playing petanque on the poop deck of a cruise ship is also a bit of an inflated character. I’d rather be in jeans scrubbing troughs at my animal rescue farm but my first job is to rescue myself so I can pay for it all.

    My Mini Melania is all the positives from her Astrosplanation.
    She keeps her eyes on the prize, gets paid in full, marries the guy who represents sexy to her, as she defines it etc.
    Don’t worry – DT is not my pin up boy either😂
    She has Jup opp Sun as I do and obviously with only a year age gap, some outer planet similarities so there should be something positive I can salvage out of it all but I have a lot of catching up to do.

    So ideally I want my own independent wealth AND marriage to a great guy for companionship/sex/partner in crime. But I don’t know if my higher self wants that. My higher self might want to be alone (complete waste of time being issued with a libido, thanks Universe) and no way I am hanging around being broke and alone any longer so to compensate for being alone I would require substantial wealth:) My wealth.

    Back to Ten of Swords stuff…. during meltdowns I have discovered I am using the same vocabulary as Abuser Guy. Same tone of voice, same sceaming, “you are a fat lazy c, you don’t deserve to live, you..blah blah blah.”
    It’s never, “I am a fat lazy whatever.”
    And it often happens when my intuition/High Priestess? has been overridden my Ego.

    If you have any survival guide tips for a) eliminating the abuser’s voice and b) getting Ego to STFU and let High Priestesss do the talking I am sure it would assist many readers not just me.
    With all due respect to therapists, unless they have been there they really don’t know. Well that has been my experience thus far.

    how do I know if my Higher Self wants to marry? Do I need to give it another 5 years and if still single that is my sign?
    Can tarot tell us?
    Apologies for rambling.

    1. I just wanted to say I hope you weren’t the one person who watched the original video. I’m afraid I wasn’t clear, it sounded like I was judging you.

      Everything I said still does apply. You have many ugly, limiting beliefs and ideas, including about alimony, etc. I will answer your specific questions on the other blog. But when I get a chance I will come back and discuss the astrology of this, too. Hang in there.

      1. I do hope you still have a copy of the original:)
        I don’t think anyone at Survivors Inc judges anyone else, I just didn’t want the gold digger thing to cloud your view of what I was trying to achieve because you have been awesomely accurate about some stuff that eludes counsellors sitting in the same room…wait til I tell you about Alice!

        For some reason when I view a video at the number of views doesn’t increase…..I know I’ve said before I feel invisible and now we have proof!!
        Keep on rocking baby.

      2. Well, I have to disagree with you about survivors being judgey or mean. That’s for another day, but there’s a book with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus in a warm embrace as though Michelle Knight didn’t exist. I think about that several times a week still.

        I have my therapy today, but I’m breaking my response to you down into several hopefully shorter vids for Speaking of which, the views do count. But now that I’m uploading stuff I see how long it takes for things to percolate through Google and actually be tallied. They show up later. That explains why that channel has any views at all, which it does LOL So thanks for watching!

  2. Also I’m not getting a commission or anything, but if you have $25 US I would recommend this session most highly for you. It doesn’t seem necessarily applicable to you, because you don’t understand what he means by time traveler.

    What he’s talking about is creating a different future for yourself, shifting to a better version of yourself. When you change your future, you change your past, because every change is a total change. This may be hard for you with the strong Saturn. But we humans are multidimensional creatures. And this is how our mundane magic really works. We’re shifting through billions of parallel realities every second. What you’re looking to do is make a bigger shift, seeing bigger changes without so much process in between. That’s exactly what he’s on about in this download. Make sure you get the handout as well. The Q&A is longer than the actual lecture, and will cover a basic DIY mental health primer, how I got out of my meltdown phase and rebuilt my life a few years ago.

  3. Also, here’s another thing I don’t get a commission on or anything, but would recommend most highly:

    This is Natascha Kampusch’s memoir, how she escaped from a maniac’s dungeon after 8 years of captivity and torment. Her book is an excellent guidebook for people in meltdown and despair. She gives a very clear blow-by-blow of how she worked her way out of his mindgames, and how she survived psychologically — which I don’t believe I would have. If you think about surviving abuse in terms of minutes in the ring, like a boxer, I have a lot. But Natascha has something like 40x more than me. I promise you will find something useful in there.

    One thing about this book, at one very bleak point when she didn’t think she would ever escape or be rescued, Natascha encountered an older version of herself, who told her she would escape when she was 18. Then Natascha had the courage of that conviction, and connected to that vision of herself, and that’s exactly how it went. She escaped when she turned 18. She told him she would, and it totally destabilized his control over her. This is basically a written example of how to use the things in the Bashar lecture, changing your past by changing your future, shifting through different versions of yourself. Very clear example in Natascha’s book.

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