Lindsey Graham, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

I haven’t had time to really sniff up on all these gooves (hoof, hooves).  But Lindsey Graham has been a successful bad actor for a long time, like Jeff Sessions.

One fact that came out in the crapstorm that is Trump’s America is the fact that the Russians hacked both of our political parties, not just the democrats.  We have no information about who they hacked among the GOP, or what they got.  The whole thing is a complete farce, in terms of the zero-integrity dynamics.  I have zero confidence in either party, and see the two-party system itself as problematic.  We live in a trinity, not a duality.  I’m tired of the good cop/bad cop fallacy.  They’re both cops and they should step off my fucking neck, please thanks.  At least the bad cops (GOP) are more straightforward about it.

To me the passive-aggressive people, the ones who always appear perfectly reasonable while they stab you to death, are the scariest ones.  Make no mistake, this guy’s whole career has been a black eye to humanity.

Lindsey Graham chart

I’m not taking the deepest dive on this, but when stuff feels need-to-know for me I look it up.  So Lindsey and I have a lot in common, may be why I dislike him so much.  He has the Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Pisces (just like me) and a bucket chart.  However his bucket handle is also the Moon, making this an extreme Moon chart.  I wouldn’t call anything else a co-ruler except possibly the Pluto/Mars because of the prominent Saturn in their sign, and Pluto in prominent aspect.

Lindsey also has a grand trine with a kite.  I’m not sure if the sticklers would consider that a kite, that little blue triangle from Pluto to Mercury to Neptune.  I think for it to be a true kite it has to involve the same planets from the grand trine, which are the Sun, Moon, and Saturn.  But I find those little “mini kites” (as I call them) noteworthy even without a trine.  I’m kooky like that.

But for the initial take, the Sun is in Cancer, Moon is the chart ruler.  The Moon is in Pisces, giving Neptune and Jupiter added weight in the chart.   With his Sun and Moon placements we see excellent spider senses, an intuitive person who can meet other people where they are like water on an emotional level, a sensitive, gentle person that will seem easy to talk to if not understand.  All about the feels.  (I’m imagining what it would be like to have my stuff without all the intense Mars and Pluto, and this is what I’m left with, a much less rowdy and suicidal version of myself. I’m half Irish and half Italian, sort of like half gasoline and half matches.)

Anyway now that we have the basics out of the way, a few interesting notes on Lindsey.

  • Gifted Mercury on Mintaka.  I’m not going to write this up, just to say that his Mercury is sitting pretty in Gemini, trine Neptune and in the mini-kite.  So the ancient Orion wars are prominent in Lindsey’s thoughts and ideas, which explains why I dislike him so (with my strong Venus Mintaka). He’s a great soldier for the fascists, with this thoughts and words.
  • Beleaguered Neptune in Libra, square the Sun and in hard minor (sesquare) aspect to the chart-dominating bucket handle Moon.  Neptune is also in hard aspect to both Chiron and Pallas.
  • Disastrous Chiron: inconjunct Venus, opposite Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and square Neptune
  • Problem Jupiter square Saturn (not good in a professional politician IMHO) opposite Chiron and Pholus, square Juno
  • Pallas Athena on Antares
  • Vesta conjunct Jupiter in Leo, square Saturn in Scorpio
  • Jupiter in Leo inconjunct chart-ruling Moon in Pisces
  • Neptune in Libra square Sun, Mars, Uranus
  • Pholus on Chiron in Aquarius
  • Ixion on Seginus the Guard
  • X-shaped minor hard aspects (sesquares)

I’ll take these one at a time and then I need to get back to my paying work.

Lindsey’s Neptune suggests low integrity overall.  Integrity as I define it means integration or wholeness, how much of the native’s humanity is realized.  Neptune is where we either connect to our own divinity or not.  With this many hard aspects to Neptune, there’s a lot of internal conflict with respect to integrity, especially since the friction is with the Sun and Chart Overlord, the Moon.

The Chiron oppositions are places where the person is likely to have real excesses.  These are things that will either make them stronger or kill them.  Chiron is where things blow up.  And again, lots of intense personal dynamics on Chiron.

Jupiter is where we look for government, the other side of the “all are the one, and one is the all” equation from Neptune, which in this chart is fouled up.  Those two co-rule Pisces, where the Chart Overlord the Moon is.  So those two ostensibly have some say in the matter.  But look at the green dashed line, the inconjunct from the Moon to Jupiter.  It’s like Jupiter and Vesta tried to run away together, to elope to Leo just to get away from the smothering Moon which is all in everybody’s business here.

Remember for a minute what the Moon does:  she reflects the light of others, period.  She has no light of her own.  So this is where things go dark inside of ourselves, where we can get really sentimental and weepy, nostalgic and clingy.  All of that stuff is about insecurity.  So this is an extremely insecure person.  The Moon is in a way nothing without the Sun.  And yet thank God for her cool, calming presence, and the effect she has on the waters of the planet.  So the Moon can be where we dwell and where we project, especially emotionally.  The Moon is where we can either see the faces of all humanity in our own eyes, or cast our insecurities onto them by projection.  This is what Lindsey’s life is all about.

The fact that the Chart Overlord Moon is inconjunct Jupiter/Vesta, this is not a good sign in a lifelong politician, one of the key power brokers in our broken power structure for decades.  It suggests an inability for him to actually get real within his role, which for me is no good because I’m a big integrity fan.

Worse yet his Jupiter is square Saturn, which is where we look for grounding, reality checking.  Saturn is the bean counter.  Saturn is all about money, the bottom line, things he can count.  So Saturn is the other end of integrity from Neptune in a certain way, like ensuring that things on the ground are in order.  Saturn also rules professions, like doctors, police, lawyers, and of course lawmakers, anything where one person’s word is weighted more heavily than that of others based on career.  I would really like to see both Neptune and Saturn playing nice with Jupiter just on the basic ideas of having words line up with deeds in the shaping of policy.  That’s the opposite of what I see here, though his Mercury (thoughts and words) are strong.  The Saturn/Jupiter issues in this yuck Neptune chart are just no good for me.

The Chiron/Pholus issue I will get back to.  But the Juno square to this beleaguered Jupiter (representing of course the government, where one person stands in for many) is on the nose for the leader of “the party of no,” the same people who started chanting “one-term president” literally before Obama was inaugurated.  The party of the world’s most malicious turtle, Mitch McConnell.  Screw that guy, I can’t stand him.  I am at some point going to Astrosplain Mitch’s wife, Elaine Chow, too, because she’s up to her complicit little butt in all of this and has been for years.  With that Juno square Jupiter, Lindsey is on some level a semi-impossible person to partner with.

Pallas Athena the Field Marshal on Antares is pretty self-explanatory.  Pallas is where we identify patterns and create strategies, the field marshal of the life.  Then Antares is the demon star across from Aldebaran, where issues of maturity and leadership versus selfishness and destruction play out.  Mars is the energetic fulcrum of that, representing the ordinary human who is somewhere on that continuum, from Bart Simpson on Antares to Sully Sullenberger on Aldebaran.  To be anywhere on that continuum is to deal with both Aldebaran and Antares.  Granted Pallas is a minor asteroid, and there’s nothing else on it.  But it’s in hard minor aspects to the Sun, chart ruling supreme overlord the Moon, and a few other things.  So there’s something about this that is a bit indigestible, like being strategically somewhat lactose-intolerant.  His strategies are from hell, may be part of the problem.

The Vesta conjunct Jupiter, I’ve already discussed what I don’t like about the Jupiter/Saturn professionalism dynamics herein.  But Vesta on Jupiter gives an extraordinary sense of principle, that his ideas about the government are absolutely sacred to him.  The things he has done with his career, the same things I hate him for, are the things he values most.  So at least our incompatibility is honest on that level.  But the strange thing is, with this fouled-up Neptune there’s very little actual honesty in this chart.  I guess that makes sense when you review his input to the GOP, the Greedy Old Pricks.

The Jupiter in Leo inconjunct the Moon issue, I’m going to say is just another thing that degrades his overall integrity, his ability to process things holistically and work from there.  The green dashed lines of the inconjunct represent a not-quite-opposition, like an internal passive-aggression where things are not as easy to resolve.  Things must be approached sideways, sort of, or through an intermediary planet as with the yod aspect pattern (which isn’t present here, just to be clear).  But it’s a place where communication and cooperation break down or are redirected.  Having that relationship with the chart ruler is what makes this chart so North Korea-ish with the slavish devotion to the Moon.

Neptune in Libra square the Sun, Mars, and Uranus.  If you think about what Neptune does, being not unlike the point where things break down into their component molecules, Libra is a little awkward.  Libra is all about the surface-level connections, the way things look, the veneer.  It’s not so compatible with Neptune’s mission, I don’t think, of finding the fundamental commonalities.  Although I guess it could be, you’d just be finding them on the most surface level, in the air sign of Libra.  Venus is more about interacting for interaction’s sake, not so much caring about the content.

But basically having this hard Neptune, and especially with the Sun and Mars, two personal planets, makes it hard to be who you really are, show up that way in the world.  Uranus and Mars have both broken free of the Sun’s corona, thus acting independently and not hiding behind the Sun or ego.  Those two are both non-connecting planets, Mars the God of War and Uranus the Inventor/Weirdo.  There’s a non-integration to this, which is bad for the integrating planet, Neptune.

Pholus on Chiron in Aquarius, now we’re getting somewhere.  Pholus is the centaur who got tricked out of the sacred wine, the spiller of the family beans you could say.  Then Chiron is where things blow up.  Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, is about taking the long view of humanity, like ideas that impact society overall more than specific individuals.  I think Mercury technically rules emails because they’re communications, but Uranus is everything electrical, like the internet. This is what made me wonder if the Russians got any dirt on Lindsey when they hacked the GOP.  Lord knows this is a pack of dirtbags, the whole political establishment of my country.  So sorry to the rest of the world about the whole thing, so trashy.  Anyway that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Pholus on Chiron, especially in Aquarius in this person’s chart.  The secrets that get spilled through his blowup will benefit us all.  Godspeed, Bob Mueller.

Ixion on Seginus the Guard, now we’re getting to the really juicy part.  Seginus is of course a fixed star that portends ruin through association, especially in anyone who works with or around Trump.  Seginus is the old, “lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”  It’s the trashbag company you keep, the swamp you swim in, that really ruins you.  Trump has Jupiter, representing the government again, conjunct Seginus.  So IMO that portends ruin for his whole administration.  Like when the Trump train derails it will be fatal to all of their reputations and livelihoods, their worlds as they knew them.

Interesting that Lindsey has Ixion, the “brotherfucker,” right on Seginus.  He has been working against Trump the whole time, supporting the Mueller investigation. The Vesta suggests that he does actually take principled stands on such things.  But the Pluto mini-kite head (thought I forgot about that, didn’t you?  Nope.) and the Scorpio Saturn actually make Pluto a non-silent party in this.  Pluto is about manipulation, intensity, sneaky stuff, revenge, and secrets.  That is a minor superpower in this chart, evidenced again by the small blue triangle.  That’s Pluto the Devil, Neptune the Guru/Charlatan and Mercury the Messenger all in a little Vulcan mind meld, working together.  Very sneaky thoughts and plans, vengeful and sadistic, are fodder for the empowered Mercury in Gemini.  Then Neptune is like the corrupt cop who looks the other way for cash.

X-shaped minor aspects, in this case the dotted-line X.  I have started looking at the dashed and dotted lines more closely.  I’ve noticed that when people have criss-crossing inconjuncts, what looks like a dotted green X in the chart, there can be a strongly antisocial aspect to the native.  For example Nikolas Cruz has this.  Susan Collins, Melania, and many others have it too, though I don’t have a cross-reference at the moment, I apologize.

The dotted lines are minor square aspect, fractions of squares.  Where the inconjunct may be areas of rerouting or misdirection, the dotted ones are elements that are unlikely to be integrated at all, like lactose intolerance for the personality where certain things can’t be processed by this machine.

I’ve now seen these X patterns in so many highly negative people that I’m calling them the “skull and bones” for now.  My working theory is that these dashed/dotted Xs may be a marker of psychopathy, which is actually a different sort of wiring in the brain where two crucial parts don’t connect or communicate as they do in others.  I’m still mulling this over, not committing to this idea in stone.  Like with Mintaka I’m reviewing a lot of charts to see where I see it and where I don’t.  Nikolas Cruz was the first time I noticed it.  I’m not trying to go too far afield on this for now, but I’ve seen it so many other times now that I’m watching for it going forward.  These X-shaped minor aspects may represent insurmountable communication barriers of some kind, like two parts of the brain that are missing a junction.

Lindsey also has the wide-set Sun and Mercury that Farah Suckabee Flanders shares with her father Fike Muckabee.  That’s about not necessarily identifying so much with your thoughts, being able to detach from the thoughts and words to a degree that I personally envy (with my combust Mercury).  Also Lindsey having this, and other people with close-set eyes, blows my theory that the wide Sun-Mercury are reflected in the physical setting of the eyes, wide or stray.  I have given up that hypothesis now.  But I still own up to it because I’m good like that, sharing my hits and my misses.





2 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham, Astrosplained

  1. Excellent analysis of him. Of course, it would be interesting to know his birth-time as well and we would have his Asc. which would complete the picture. Your analysis really hit the mark, nevertheless.

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