Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

First Lindsey Graham, now this joker.  Can you tell I’m depressed?  I honestly don’t have it in me to know about all of this latest Pennsylvania Catholic Church scandal.  I tried to read one survivor’s account and I just can’t.  I saw that these molester priests had marked children with a cross if they were vulnerable for abuse.  And without actually knowing the fact pattern (do I need to?  Really?) I wanted to just see whose watch all this happened on.  I saw a list of strategic rules that included everything you need to do to perpetuate the system.

So yeah, thanks, Don.  Great job.  Jesus is so proud.  I’m not calling him Cardinal, because fuck that.  Whatever little shady nonsense he and his co-conspirators have decided we should bow to, they should shove up their asses.  Sorry if that sounds bitter but I’m just one step beyond this thing where the whole world joins together to  safeguard the God-given right to be sexually abusive.   I want to know what was in that for him, why the best thing to do was keep the abusers in play.

Cardinal Wuerl chartDon has the Sun in Scorpio, with Mercury and Ceres the Earth Mother combust.  Combust planets are weird, because they can manifest a few different ways.  It can be sort of a weak spot in the life, where the combust entities can’t really function because the Sun, the ego, is using up their oxygen.  The Sun, the essential mission of the life, doesn’t really support them in a way.

But that’s not to say combust planets do nothing.  Sometimes they can be whatever is hidden in plain sight.  My classic example of this is kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil, who abducted young Natascha Kampusch and held her in a dungeon until she escaped 10 years later.  He had both Algol the Blinking Demon and Nessus the Wife Beater combust.  These were the demons that ran his whole life.  But because they were combust, he kept them very well hidden.  Natascha’s dungeon was so concealed it took Priklopil one hour each way to get in and out of it.  He was all about looking absolutely perfect, not one speck of dust anywhere, everything perfect always.  Overcompensating for the raging evil in his head.

Wolfgang Priklopil chart

So the impact of Algol and Nessus were very evident in the native’s life.  Thus you can’t exactly say that the combust planets are disempowered.  They’re melted into the sauce.  They add their flavor to the overall mission of the life, the Sun.  They may not be self-determining, but they’re still in play, even more so in a way.  Just hidden, not so obvious to others (as with Priklopil) or to themselves, maybe.

But I learned my lesson with my recent review of my Don McGahn Astrosplain.  Don McGahn, Astrosplained McGahn has some high-voltage stars, including Mintaka combust and Jupiter on Regulus at 0 Virgo.  I had some questions about his overall integrity, and thus assumed the worst.  Now it turns out that maybe he’s been doing the right thing all along.  I will be delighted if Don McGahn is the one who very quietly ended this whole crap festival.

So I learned my lesson to not assume people are bad actors because you’ve seen them riding the golden elevator of shame.  I can tell you in Don Wuerl’s chart, I see a lot of scary things.  Here’s a picture of that again to cleanse the palate from Priklopil and McGahn.

Cardinal Wuerl chart

Here is a quick list of notable points:

  • Pluto-ruled chart, unusual in a religious leader IMHO.  Not unlike Mike Huckabee.  Pluto makes more sense to me for a detective or a murderer.  Pluto and Mars technically co-rule the chart.  But Pluto is emphasized and Mars disempowered.
  • Mercury and Ceres Combust, suggesting a great deal of motivation to words and thoughts, and in Scorpio, that’s also plans and schemes (including revenge).
  • Very complicated Sun, difficult individual to get along with.  He has all the hard aspects with only one trine, sort of like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  But her chart has a beautiful symmetry, a way to create harmony and balance that this chart lacks, in her grand cross.
  • Uranus on Algol, an aspect he shares with Nikola Tesla.  This should make him extraordinarly inventive and able to get a big-picture perspective on humanity.  However Tesla also lived a very high-integrity life of humility, celibacy, and frugality, whereas Don Wuerl does the golden chalice thing, and is really well networked.  So this is an example of how anything can go either way.
  • This is a locomotive chart with a Moon engine.  Combined with the highly oppositional Sun, I expect this to be a very egotistical, moody, controlling person.  He’s capable of getting a lot done.  But he’s probably just difficult, and inconsistent to some degree, fluctuating like the Moon.  Anytime the Moon is prominent look for emotional variability and volatility, especially with Pluto.
  • It looks like Pluto is in a T-square, but no.  Those are all non-connecting dissonant angles, all those red lines.  That Pluto/Chiron is like matches and gasoline IMHO, no like.  This is sort of like Nikolas Cruz, with the energetic misfiring, like friction with no logical outlet.  Especially in a Pluto/Moon chart this does not bode well IMHO.
  • For integrity (and for religious leaders especially) we look at Neptune.  Rut roh.  Don’s Neptune is closely conjunct asteroid Lie, which is self-explanatory.  I looked at asteroid Borasisi out of curiosity, to see if he’s laboring under some delusion, being misled.  No.  He’s clear on his choices.   Neptune/Lie trine that Uranus on Algol is very not good IMHO.  Allows Don to detach to a scary extreme.
  • Don’s Venus is strong, maybe as influential as the Moon due to her impact on the chart co-ruler, as well as Saturn and Jupiter.
  • Dashed and dotted aspects:  these are minor aspects denoting communication challenges.  The bodies are in range for contact, but not at a good angle for resolution.  When I see them criss-crossing, the green dashed inconjuncts specifically, my working theory is that this is an antisocial tendency maybe, an impenetrable communication barrier.  I see that this would function as a sort of internal chutes and ladders, where the native is manipulative.  Nikolas Cruz has this, among many others.  Also Michael Avenatti, which I wasn’t glad to see, no, but it didn’t bother me enough to break off our imaginary relationship.  But I’m waiting to see that “skull and bones” as I call it, the criss-crossing green inconjuncts, on someone who is not so conflict-driven.
  • Similar to the dashed lines are the dotted ones, the fractions of squares.  Those are like the lactose-intolerant portions of the chart, elements of the personality that are unlikely to be resolved or integrated.  Note that Don has this from Neptune (and Lie, OMG) to both Saturn and Jupiter over there in Taurus.
  • Rather prominent Venus, suggesting that his connections to other people are a focal point of his life.  That again makes sense for someone in theCatholic church, which is in a way like the military, with a hierarchy and global expansion and everything.  The original money-and-power-hungry sausage party.  And whoopsie diddle!  There’s Don’s Venus conjunct Algorab the Crow, suggesting a low-quality person, grasping at shiny objects because of low character like a crow.  There are a lot of these in the Trump-adjacent world, including Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.  I believe this to be a large soul family incarnating with a shared self-serving agenda.  Anyway like General Kelly, when you have Venus both emphasized (personal connections) and degraded (Algorab) expect dirty business with dirty people.
  • Ixion the Betrayer is only 3 degrees off the North Node.  Ixion betrayed the loving family that trusted him, basically just because he was a prick.  You know, a conflict-driven type with a raging Pluto.
  • Don’s asteroid Child is not contacting anything, suggesting he’s not personally a diddler.  He’s more into it for the social control, like Fike Muckabee and his daughter Farah Suckabee Flanders.

So as noted above Don Wuerl is going to be a difficult man to deal with for a number of reasons.  His Sun is in Scorpio, making Pluto and Mars both key players in his chart.  That would be a great thing in a highly principled man who was dedicated to the exact opposite sort of leadership than what he apparently provided, like a guy who would move heaven and Earth (Pluto) to protect and support the vulnerable (evolved Mars).  That’s one possibility.  Anyway Scorpio is where we look for things to be sneaky, vindictive, cruel, and polarized, all-or-nothing.

I looked at the placements of Mars and Pluto in this chart.   Mars is in Libra, which is the opposite of where he likes to be, in Aries.  So I’m saying Pluto the Devil is the actual ruler of this chart.  Pluto is conjunct Chiron, adding intensity, the unlikelihood of knowing when to quit.  Pluto is in Leo, making Pluto and the Sun (the ego) in mutual reception, or guests in each other’s homes, likely to cooperate well.

Then Venus is no small player here, because she’s ruling (and disadvantaging) one of the chart’s co-rulers, Mars.  She’s also housing both Jupiter and Saturn, two of the planets I would look at for a church leader.  This is probably a good chart to look at how/why Jupiter and Neptune share Pisces.  That never made any sense to me.  I never got what Jupiter has to do with anything spiritual.  Jupiter is about self-promotion.  Anyway it was explained to me that Neptune does the spiritual part while Jupiter does the collective part, the organized religion part that I have less use for every day.

I’ve come to understand Jupiter as the fractal part of our life experience, where the all are the one and the one is the all.  That can go either way:  someone can see themselves in everyone and feel an automatic sense of connection and thus obligation to every living being, or do it the opposite way and decide that they adequately represent us all.  It’s the old, “L’etat, c’est moi.”  I am the state, like Trump does it, where as long as the big man is happy all is right with the world.   He does the fractal thing in the most self-serving way, as so many Jupiter types do.

Anyway I could probably say more, with my non-stop Mercury and the blah blah blah.  But I’m not feeling all that great.  And this is what you need to know about this creep anyway.



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