Ivana Trump, Astrosplained

Ladies and jurors, guys and dolls:

I kind of don’t really feel like I have time to mess with this right now, because I have so many things to write about.  But my saints called my attention to the terrifying creature above.  If I were her hair I would also be trying to grab a chandelier and escape.  Ivana Trump is one of those people, like pretty much everyone she’s associated with, who I have always tried to avoid thinking about.

But they forced my hand a while ago and now here we are.  So it’s on.  Behold Trump’s first pet rattlesnake, the female Stephen Miller, the white Omarosa, producer of the Tweedles, Ivana Trump.

Ivana trump chart

First thing even before the Sun, let me say that among King Kong and the first three children, this is the only chart with any dynamic momentum at all.  The others have wide open spaces in their charts, like Mongolia.  And having looked at this chart, I recommend you do not turn your back on Ivana for a second.  Much, much scarier than Czarinka, much more capable and malignant.  Maybe this is where Czarinka got her Antares contact, from her mother’s Chiron on Antares.

  • The Sun is at 1 Pisces, with a proper birth time thanks to astro.com.  So Neptune and Jupiter are the chart co-rulers.  Let’s go see what they’re up to.
  • Neptune is in Libra, ruled by Venus.  Neptune here is conjunct Ixion the Brotherf*cker, the conflict-driven one who betrays his family just because he can.  Then Jupiter is in the 2nd house in Capricorn, so ruled by Saturn and most likely quite materially oriented, very into money.  Willing to shank a loved one for cash.
  • Scorpio on the Ascendant and Virgo on the Midheaven: an extremely secretive and sneaky person who uses information as control.  She wants to know everything about you, and have you know nothing about her.
  • Then there’s Algol the Blinking Demon right on the Descendant, showing her house of marriage as a bit of a Pandora’s box, things can go in any imaginable direction.  Nothing to worry about there.
  • Moon conjunct the Midheaven in Sagittarius, right at the beginning.  That makes her Jupiter somewhat explosive.  It’s also a better place for the Moon than Scorpio, makes her more agreeable to other people than the Pluto/Mars rulership would.  It makes sense to have Scorpio ruling the Ascendant, and then the Moon conjunct but in a different sign.  This is consistent with the above point about using information as power, not letting you see her hand.  The Moon is clearly her weak spot, which she hides in plain sight.  The Sagittarius placement would make her seem much more light-hearted and benevolent than she probably is.
  • This is a locomotive chart with a Uranus engine.  Uranus is a wild card, an inventor, an eccentric that is very hard to get close to.  Uranus rules the 3rd house and Venus, and other than that nothing at all.  This adds to my sense that any power struggles with or about her children, she loses.  There is a loneliness to Venus in Aquarius, a great difficulty connecting with other people even without being tag-teamed by Pluto and Ceres.  Her debilitated Neptune adds to the sense of superficiality and alienation.
  • Chiron and Vesta on Antares, conjunct Borasisi.  Ouch, man.  Vesta the True Believer is the altar upon which we worship, that for which we would kill or die.  Chiron is the not knowing when to quit.  Antares is the demon pit where our worst instincts run amok.  In a chart with any Pluto at all, an Antares contact is extra bad news.  Then Borasisi is where we can drink the Kool-Aid or believe our own propaganda, also very dangerous in a big Mars/Pluto chart.  Mars and Pluto co-rule the chart, with Pluto by far the stronger of the two.  Much more covert than overt, still highly aggressive.
  • Moon in a big, fat T-square apex with Saturn, the Sun, and Mars.  Saturn and Mars together make things very unpleasant.  Saturn is the punisher, the judge, jury, and executioner.  Then Mars is where we are conflict-driven, where we are dicks.  The Moon is already prominent at 0 degrees (very urgent, can’t wait until it’s all the way in the sign) and conjunct the Ascendant.  In a strong Pluto chart like this, that’s dangerous.  That’s someone whose moods can go to extremes, can have very dark thoughts, and who will be hard to read. Any hard angle between the luminaries creates real challenges, makes it difficult to be comfortable in one’s skin.
  • Ivana also has Neptune in superficial Libra, which is not where it should be at all.  So that will make it more difficult for her to access her own higher wisdom.  The hard angles from the Sun, Antares contact, and the Scorpio Ascendant all predispose her to negative or non-integrative (low-integrity) behaviors.  When Neptune is impacted, like unable to get away from being a  phony people-pleaser, it must be very difficult to try and become your best and highest self, rather than the phoniest, sneakiest people-pleaser.
  • Ivana’s North Node is late in Aries, suggesting that the leadership (or lack thereof) she shows is really the key question of her life.  If she has left her Mars to sort of rot in service of Pluto, as I would guess she has done due to the combustion of Mars and the empowerment of Pluto, then the end of her life may be very unsatisfying.  Strong Mars is about clarity and leadership.  Weak Mars is about Antares.
  • Pholus the beans-spiller is between Jupiter and Venus, and not close enough to be contacting either.  It’s also not opposite anything.  So don’t look to Ivana to be a treasure trove of dirt.
  • Aside from Ixion and the unhappy Libra placement, Ivana’s Neptune also has those dotted lines to both luminaries.  Those are fractions of squares, minor hard angles which represent a sort of intolerance or inability to become integrated.   That further suggests poor integrity, inability to integrate the ego or heart mind into the higher mind’s agenda with Neptune.
  • Ivana’s Ceres the Earth Mother is intense, terrifying even.  Fortunately she doesn’t have much Mercurial bandwidth, not an intellectual, or she’d be running the world right now with Vice President Manigault-Newman.  She’s the fire to Melanie’s ice.  Speaking of which I couldn’t resist looking up  asteroid Melanie.  I know he’s only called her that once, but there is no asteroid Melania and hey I couldn’t help myself, stop judging me.  She’s a bit of a non-issue in this chart.
  • Furthering the “hide your kids, hide your wife” theme, Ivana has asteroid Machiavelli right on the IC, like right there in her heart of hearts.  With that Pluto ruling the Ascendant, this is one who won’t get mad, she will get even.  If she’s coming for you she will sneak up as close as she can get, and she will die trying to get you.
  • Ceres conjunct Pluto in the 9th house in Leo.  OMG, yikes.  So in a crime chart Ceres shows the motivation, what the person would rip the world apart to get at.   It’s also the mother that she is, and the way she was mothered.  Ceres and Pluto are meant to be enemies, since the whole motivation of Ceres was to get her daughter Persephone back from Pluto, who had dragged her into hell.  So when Pluto and Ceres are working together, all bets are off.  Furthermore the 9th house is where Jupiter goes viral, where the embiggening is the point.  Leo’s Sun rulership means that her children are an enormous part of their self-image, that she lives through them to a great degree.  Thank god for Czarinka.
  • The Ceres-Pluto conjunction is also opposition Venus, suggesting that there are intense control issues with her children, which she may not always get the better of.  Where Mars has the more explosive sort of anger, Pluto’s anger is more like napalm, a slow burn that will be very hard to extinguish.
  • Ivana has Saturn inconjunct Mercury, with the dashed green line.  That’s about difficulties with judgment, limiting ideas, a blind spot in the problem solving.  This should be mitigated somewhat by Saturn’s location in Virgo.  But then again that may make her more petty and prone to OCD/nitpicking.




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