Scott Morrison, Astrosplained

G’day, gentle reader.

It has come to my attention that Australia has recently switched to a prime minister whose name even Sean Spicer could probably pronounce — alas, too late for Spicy to redeem himself.  I mean seriously, “turn” and “bull,” two monosyllabic, common English words.  Professional English speaker, WTF

So I checked out Malcolm Trumble for just a second (g’day) and also Barbara Underwood, who I will hopefully have time to splain soon.  She’s the lady who seems to be ready, willing, and able to send Ivana’s spawn to prison for ever and ever amen, love her.

This was apparently a bit of a hostile takeover, and I can’t resist “drain the swamp”-versus-Crocodile Dundee jokes.  (That’s not a Prime Minister, this is a Prime Minister!)  But we have other kangaroos to box right now, so let’s do this.

Scott Morrison chart

So this is a rather interesting chart, at least for me, since I know almost nothing about him except probably how to say his name.  Unfortunately I think he’s probably a dick.  Now, I may have learned just how cynical I am by potentially underestimating the integrity of one Don McGahn.  But maybe not.  McGahn has cooperated extensively, yes.  But he’s very, very smart.  Much smarter than King Kong.  Even smarter than Carter Page and the other giant, malignant brain, Ben Carson.  Maybe I did McGahn wrong by holding that “golden elevator of shame” against him.  Psychologically that golden elevator is my version of an orange jumpsuit and shackles, makes you look bad.

Anyway I’m grading on the curve more nowadays.  Even so I can only see this as a downgrade — sorry, Oz.  I didn’t plumb the depths of Malcolm Twistcow’s chart, but it was notably better than this one, at least in terms of what I’d like to see.

Morrison has the Sun and Venus both in Taurus.  So Venus is the chart ruler, and quite strong, though not the chart leader.  Mercury, Mars, and Saturn must be reckoned with here in a big way.   Jupiter is also glaring.

  • Sun conjunct Algol the Blinking Demon.  The Sun is again about the go, the conscious portion of the life.  Algol is like opening Pandora’s Box on a given subject, in this case the ego.  I’m working on a Kindle book about Wolfgang Priklopil, who also had Algol combust.  I can say it would take extraordinary integrity to manage this in a good way, even without the complicated Neptune.  With Priklopil I saw one who overcompensates on presentability/respectability because of the voracious demon behind his every urge.  Now, Prik had intense lady-hating stars and a hyperactive Mercury, and no way to connect with others on an emotional level.  Scott’s Venus is quite strong, strong enough to make him the PM of Australia.  Scott has a highly questionable Nessus the Abuser on Mercury, suggestive of at least a “bro-dude-lad” mentality.  But Mercury/Nessus are on Aldebaran, which gives him access to the high road of the Archangel Michael with his thoughts.   He’s clearly a more stable, capable, and accomplished person than Prik.  I still don’t like him though.  He’s way into money and authority.
  • On the bright side, the Sun is on 22 Taurus: A White Dove Flying Straight and Fearlessly Over Troubled Waters.
  • I can’t really say whether his Moon is in Sagittarius or Scorpio without a birth time.  I really haven’t done any research on him other than get a picture and compare to Malcolm Curvebeef’s chart.  I can give the over/under on how each would look.  The Moon does not belong in Scorpio in terms of her mood.  Though it is a watery sign, something about the darkness of Mars and Pluto together just sends her in a bad direction.  Now, Mars and Pluto are both working for Mercury here, which would automatically undercut the Moon’s effectiveness here, keeping this individual on a more even emotional keel.  Especially in a strong Taurus/Saturn chart I expect a very stable, practical, capable individual.
    In the alternative, he may have the Moon in Sagittarius, which is more what I expect.  That would put her under Jupiter’s control, in the T-square with Jupiter, and thus using his ability to mesh with others emotionally to support the whole Venus mission of making friends and influencing people, with the Jupiter on Regulus.  The Moon in Sagittarius would make him a much better glad-hander, more of a guy people want to have a beer with.
  • Locomotive chart with Saturn engine.  This is a motivated, driven individual with a material, pragmatic orientation.  Saturn is almost as strong as the chart ruler here IMHO, in Aries, conjunct the North Node and asteroid Gold.  Saturn conjunct Gold is self-explanatory.  Saturn can be about money and/or authority.  Saturn is a believer in the golden rule:  him with the gold makes the rules.  Especially so with his prominent Jupiter.  He probably feels that the richer he gets, the better off the world is.
  • Jupiter is on fixed star Regulus, also at the head of a t-square involving the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Neptune.  Regulus makes and breaks kings.  Then of course Jupiter represents the government.  Scott’s Saturn, Node, and Gold are all directly opposite Seginus the Guard, which portends ruin through association.  Trump has this on Jupiter, and I think we’re currently watching how everyone who has ever been anywhere near him is going down.  Really no one would ever have caught Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort for any of this had the Donald known when to quit.  Had he not been appointed president, they’d still be rolling their scams full speed.  David Pecker needed immunity, in other words they’d have him on a ton of shit too.  Ruin through association.  Long story short Morrison could be a similar “bull in a china shop” type of reverse Midas.
  • Especially in a Taurus Sun chart with Venus herself in Taurus, again this is a very materialistic guy, money-driven, superficial, and self-serving.  In this chart I’m reading “Venus” as “other people,” i.e., networking, family resources, etc.  Politicians need good Venus.  It makes them more likable, able to maintain the charm and poise especially with Libra.  There are a few other things that make me suspect Morrison will blow a lot of people’s lives up (and vice versa).
  • Venus conjunct asteroid Alice, the only sane or decent person in the world.  Then Juno the Spouse is conjunct Ixion the Brotherf*cker.  Ixion is the one who betrays the trust of his family, robbing and murdering people who come to him with open arms.  Having this right on Juno the Spouse I think is no bueno.  Juno can also refer to close, lifelong partners, like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.  All of this suggests real treachery among partners, with partnerships and trust being absolutely essential to a Venus-ruled chart.  Also Venus in Taurus is as greedy as Saturn, material and superficial.  This whole chart is about money, period.
  • Mars and Pallas the Field Marshal are both ruled by Mercury, as is Mercury himself in Gemini.  Like Venus, Mercury is in full force and effect.  I should probably put him at least as strong as the others, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.  This is a very dynamic and blessed guy in a lot of ways.  He has strong connections with the right people.  He’s very bright.  He’s probably meticulous and exacting.  But he’s very cerebral, almost no intuitive or emotional intelligence.  Scott’s about his brain and wallet, not his heart or higher self.
  • Neptune is where we look for integrity, the ability to access the divinity within and manifest it through the life experience and process.  In this chart Neptune is conjunct the Moon (but possibly in a different sign), which adds intuition and ability to access the heart mind, especially in watery, intuitive Scorpio.  However when Neptune is opposite the Sun, as it is here, look for a conflict between the higher self and the ego.  It’s easy enough for the human ego to run amok even when it isn’t poised directly against one’s own highest good.  This suggests a very egotistical man, even without the Jupiter issue.
  • The T-square involving both luminaries, Mars, and Jupiter.  The Jupiter T-square apex suggests one who addresses personal conflicts (the oppositions involving the luminaries and Mars, the “personal planets” and higher self/Neptune) by going fractal on it with Jupiter.  That is to say Jupiter is “the all are the One, and the One is the all.”  So what’s good for me is good for us all.  Or everything I do must be for the good of all.  A lot of people try to make it look like they’re doing both at the same time, which is not possible.  I expect Morrison to be the latter, with his raging money boner.
  • Jupiter T-square apex on Regulus.  I’m making it a separate point, because this Jupiter is really complicated in a way that IMHO spells trouble for Scott and probably the country he is now leading, and thus the world.   Again, this is a Saturn/Mars guy with a raging money boner, so I am expecting kleptocracy especially since that’s the new black, or balsamic vinegar if you will.  Scott is maybe pushing the official orb for Regulus.  But he’s now a world leader, so there we go.  Anyway with any sort of a complication to Neptune, Regulus reminds us that what goes up must come down.  Even a small failure of integrity will ruin a king with Regulus.
  • Vesta conjunct Chiron right at the beginning of Mars suggests a high degree of aggression and a firm belief in same.  This sort of intense self-focus does not bode well for the Jupiter issue IMHO, giving an atmosphere of having no idea when to quit.  At least the very strong Mercury, stronger than the Pluto, suggests this will be more passive/white-collar type aggression, with a strong money motivation.
  • Speaking of motivation Ceres the Earth Mother is on Spica.  You may recall Ceres as the one who ripped a hole in the Earth (tore herself apart) to retrieve her kidnapped daughter Persephone from Pluto in hell.  Spica is directly between us and Arcturus, or heaven’s gate.  Not the cult, but the place where God can look right at us, where manna can fall from heaven.  With the Aldebaran connection Scott may well be a high-minded guy, at least from time to time.  But I do not see all that Saturn, or the conflicts with the Sun, going anywhere good IMHO.
  • The big old Mars boner, with Mars working for Mercury in Gemini here, I think is a disaster.  Fortunately it makes him more likely to be cerebral or passive-aggressive rather than physical.  But Mars is also in opposition to the Moon and Neptune, making it even less likely that a heart-level connection to others will arise.  With the Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter in this bigtime Venus chart, I interpret Venus here as almost like Ma Barker, a woman whose sons are all mob leaders in their own right (Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter being the four sons here).  It’s entirely possible that Scott’s mother made him who he is, the same sense I get from Natalia Veselnitskaya.  Maternal legacy/social connections are suggested, or at least consistent with, the Venus in this chart.
  • On the bright side, Scott’s Mars is trine asteroid Australia.  So he probably is a patriotic guy who truly believes what he’s doing will be best for Australia.  And he’s no slouch, so maybe it will be.  Fingers crossed that they can keep his worst instincts in check.  He like$ being bo$$ i$ all I’m $aying.
  • Scott has high-voltage stars, is no dummy, and has a few contacts that class up his act (Aldebaran, Regulus, Spica).  Venus will very often class people up, especially in Libra where she’s loathe to seem even a tiny bit rough.  But in Taurus she has some horns, less concerned with what the neighbors think than with how loved she feels at home.  His Venus should be empowered, chart ruler and in her own sign too, not combust.  But that Alice asteroid, and the Ixion Juno, Nessus Mercury, and overall high-speed, high-drag factors in this chart I don’t see it ending well.  I would especially not want to marry him, though he’s another smoking hottie like they all are except Obama, Justin Trudeau and maybe Macron.  But in general at least he’s no Trump.  He’s competent for the job.
  • Asteroid Borasisi is where we look to see if one has drunk the proverbial Kool-Aid.   Borasisi is over there in Capricorn, squarely in Capricorn’s well-tended wheelhouse, across from absolutely nothing.  In other words, no.  Not delusional.
  • Centaur Pholus is in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  Uranus is rather subdued over there, under Mercury’s control along with Pluto.  Those two things will tend to make him again less of a dick, like the Mars in Gemini, and more wordy, cerebral, likely to use strategy rather than brute force.  He probably does not have the insane social control issues of a Mike Huckabee.  Better yet, Pholus is opposite that problematic Jupiter, directly opposite, on the same degree.  Those two are slower-moving, so that’s confident even without the birth time (unlike the Moon, which I cannot say).  The thing about Pholus, he’s the one who opens the closet and lets all the skeletons fall out.  Not a moment too soon, I say.  If Morrison does have the Regulus fall that his Seginus portends, expect a lot of dirt to come out in the wash.  This is where the shaky Venus thing will bite them all in the ass.  You cannot have Algol, Regulus, Spica, and Aldebaran all in the same chart and miss a single turn.  It’s the fastest lane on the spiritual Autobahn.  When I was a kid it was all over the news that there was no speed limit in Germany.  They’ve apparently walked it back to however fast you can maintain control.  But there are no sign posts or anything on the spiritual Autobahn.  No paramedics or firefighters either, you just flame out.









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