The Basics, Astrosplained: Mars, Antares, Aldebaran

So I was at the beach yesterday shooting a video about toxic masculinity, when I saw a man beating his wife about 20 feet away.  That video is below.  It’s only about 20 seconds long, because as I discuss in the video, I couldn’t get the other bystander to take action, so I needed to use my phone to call the cops.

***WARNING*** I have Mars on Aldebaran, and while I didn’t smite him or even pop him in the mouth there is a lot of swearing in this video.

So in the video below you can see where her purse is relative to her body.  Of course that was on her shoulder before he shoved her to the ground.  You see her sitting there pleading with him.

Just after I stopped the video, while I was on the phone with the dispatcher, he grabbed the sunglasses off her face and threw them on the sand.  He was standing over her with his finger in his face, shouting at her, scolding her like a child.  I wanted to fucking kill him.

Anyway that’s what toxic masculinity looks like, right there.  I’m going to blog about this over at when I get a chance, because the whole experience was a perfect example of the invisible chains that hold people in abusive relationships.  I saw her take no action in her own defense other than occasionally trying to walk away.  I saw him grab her arms and shove her repeatedly.  That’s Nessus the Wife Beater, treating his wife like a dog he can scold, order, and beat.  That’s what Antares looks like.

As I mention in the video, the other bystander who stopped to watch when he knocked her down was an able bodied adult male on a bike.  (I was there on my walker.)  He was standing there saying things like, “Damn, man, what the hell” while I kept saying “Call the cops.”  But no, there’s no action to be taken with the broken masculinity.  He’s an example of weak Mars, the bystander male who couldn’t be roused to action of any sort despite realizing that there was a problem.

When the cops finally came the whole conversation only took a minute.  Dejanira the Beaten Woman didn’t want to press charges.  That’s a conversation for the other blog, like I said.  I hope that they both got the message that society does not approve of what’s happening there, that people can see him and that it’s not safe for him to be this big of a dick, at least in public.  God bless her and their daughter.

So it kind of sucks that it takes an estrogen-American to be the Archangel Michael in this analogy, representing Aldebaran, but it is what it is.  I have a rock-hard Aldebaran Mars, and if you ask me my integrity is gleaming and getting better every day, so hallelujah for me.  Here’s my chart for quick reference.

artnunymiss chart


One thought on “The Basics, Astrosplained: Mars, Antares, Aldebaran

  1. Oh snap! Yes, I lived (not sure if that is the correct term?) with Herr Antares for over a decade!
    And you are spot on about the paper tiger thing (I think you mentioned in your rapist casing the gym video) whenever I called him on his shit he STFU. Not that I did it often because he usually screamed really stupid things at me and my brain would get stuck because I find it hard to argue with an idiot ranting a bunch of lies. WTF.
    My stupid debilitated Pisces Mercury does not work quickly enough to just shut someone down when they start mouthing off. Years later I I still berate myself “why didn’t I say xxx.” Bit late now of course.

    Like the wanker in the video, if anyone had stepped in he would have stopped the street performance but unfortunately the world needs more folks to Man the F Up:)

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