Duncan Hunter, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

We are apparently draining the actual swamp at a vigorous clip.  Behold Duncan Hunter, speaking of toxic masculinity and rich, well-connected guys you don’t want to be married to.

Duncan Hunter chart

Warning, I don’t have a ton of time or energy to put into this guy.  I’m glad to see sunlight doing the antiseptic thing on him.  Hopefully California will clean house (pun intended) this fall.  A lot of them should go work at Burger King IMHO.  But it looks like Duncan Hunter won’t be able to pass a criminal background check soon, so I don’t know.

  • Dunc has the Sun, Mars, and Neptune all right together in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  That gives Jupiter control of both the ego and the higher self.  Actually the native’s access to his higher self, his intuitive nature, his ability to know the divine, is ruled by Jupiter.  But its not in Pisces, where Neptune co-rules.  It’s in Sagittarius, where Jupiter runs amok.  I’m calling this a rampaging Jupiter chart.
  • Cementing Jupiter’s control of this chart is the shape:  locomotive with a Jupiter engine.  This is a person with some drive and motivation, who can get things done.  And Jupiter is the engine of that locomotive, the trajectory of the motivation.
  • PS Jupiter is on Algol, what could possibly go wrong?
  • The wonderful crime astrologer Cate Callahan uses asteroid Honeycutt to show where someone wants a sweeter cut.  Duncan has Honeycutt on Vesta the True Believer, the temple virgin, the keeper of the eternal flame.  Remember that this guy’s whole temple is Jupiter, the god complex.
  • Another thing that will tend to send Duncan’s Jupiter off the rails is his Chiron late in Aries, ruled by Mars.  Mars is combust here, remember, and thus baked into the sauce.  The God of War is part of who this guy is.  He is his own alpha and omega, with Neptune under the Sun’s armpits.  Neptune combust could also be a true guru, one born with his higher wisdom informing every second of his life.  But that guy would look really different on the news I think.  So you have to assume Neptune is off line, and thus Mars is free to act out.  It’s like the Sun and Mars are the football players with Neptune’s head in the toilet.  So Chiron is where we don’t know when to quit.  This placement shows me he has no desire to quit, hates the idea of quitting, would rather smash his forehead into things.
  • Pinocchio on the North Node in Scorpio, where we never show our hand, and we don’t get mad, we get even.  The “liar, liar, pants on fire, will never be a real boy” thing is a theme.  Jupiter already has a tinge of unreality, larger than life, too much is never enough.  So if that’s not straightforward enough, this is all happening on Spica, right under heaven’s gate at Arcturus, like where God’s spotlight shines down.  This will be his claim to fame, Pinocchio.
  • The Wounded Warrior already has credibility problems, and even they don’t want to be associated with this guy.  “Pro veteran organizations,” especially run by a veteran, are often the classic “Brotherf*cker” as represented by centaur Ixion.  This is something I learned from veterans.  Ixion is the one who robs and kills his family, people who trust and support him, just because he’s a greedy, selfish, conflict-driven jerk.  Hey, check that out:  Duncan Hunter has Ixion on the same degree as Juno the Spouse, right there next to Uranus, the “I gotta be me” person who does not connect emotionally to others, cannot relate at a heart level.  While Nikola Tesla is a beautiful example of highly evolved Uranus (which he has conjunct Algol no less) we see robust Uranus in people like John Bolton, Wayne LaPierre, and Ben Carson.  Uranus is the crazy uncle archetype, basically.  Boris Johnson looks Uranus to me with that “baby chick had a seizure” hairdo.
  • Because of the under-bus-throwing of the wife, I decided to check asteroid Daedalus to see if poor wee Duncan had in fact been drawn into someone else’s labyrinth (Daedalus made the labyrinth) or if he was a master craftsman of puzzles himself.  Neither one of those applies.
  • Nessus the Wife Beater and Dejanira the Beaten Woman, also not applicable to this chart.  Just wanted to check that out for thoroughness you know.
  • Duncan has Pallas the Field Marshal on Regulus, which as I discuss so often, makes and breaks kings.  Duncan’s father is also a rich Republican, so he’s a legacy.  But he is a military veteran, did get training, and has a talent for strategy himself.  However with the slightest integrity failure (in this case even if your wife is shady, poor wee Duncan) Regulus will slam you right back down.
  • This chart is kind of oddly shaped in terms of the energy flow, with exactly one opposition and two squares.  The opposition is from Mercury to the Moon.  This puts his thoughts and feelings at odds.  It’s kind of hard to say which one wins out.  You see the Moon is over there in Mercury’s sign of Gemini where she does not belong, like with Louise Linton-Mnooch.  So it would seem like Mercury has the upper hand, especially with the Moon then having an inconjunct to Venus.  The Moon is in rough shape here.  But so is Mercury, in Capricorn and thus ruled by Saturn.  Then Saturn and Mercury have that dotted line, that rough sesquare that will probably never get fully integrated into the personality.  Duncan may have difficulty with his thoughts and words, disciplining himself in that way, or thinking or saying dumb shit professionally (or marrying a woman so shady it makes you look that way).  That sort of thing.
  • Four planets are a bit of a dumpster fire here:  Saturn, the Moon, Mercury, and Venus.  The Moon has that difficulty interacting with Venus, in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.  But as I mentioned above, Duncan is a legacy, born with a silver spoon and a sweet Rolodex from his dad.  Venus has to be a key influence in this chart.  Also speaking of Venus his wife has apparently lured him away from honorable public service and into a life of crime.  So I should probably inspect his Venus a little closely.  (With Ixion on Juno it’s not likely to end well.)  Venus in Capricorn is the material girl, living in the material world.  Like Melania.  (Not the tiny, adorable, terrifying Milania, no relation.)  Saturn is about money and authority, the desire to have your word mean more than that of others.  Especially with the prominent asteroid Gold conjunct Seginus the Guard, portending ruin through association, it’s the greed that will getcha.  That creates issues for Duncan both in his thoughts and words (Mercury) and his connections with other people (Venus, esp. women).  The Moon is where the Sun’s (ego’s) light is projected, bounced off of others.  Blaming your wife for your own greed is just too classic.
  • Just to bring the whole thing home, of how you don’t necessarily want to marry a good-looking combat veteran from a well-connected family, check out that little blue triangle from Pluto to the Sun/Mercury/Mars and Saturn.  That configuration is what I call a mini-kite, would be considered a kite if there were a grand trine present, more of a boon to the personality overall.  I still find it helpful and relevant, a little cooperative circuit wherein the person has some internal cooperation, something is working for them or at least working together.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Saturn, the greedy prick, is right in that hub.  And the look, there’s Pluto the Devil pulling the strings.  So Pluto, the one who lies, manipulates, coerces, and oversteps boundaries, secretly has a lot of influence in this chart.  His sign contains the North Node, Uranus, Juno, and Ixion.  So all of that ugly stuff that’s liable to come down on his wife is served by the mini-kite.Again, look at the super complicated tangle between Venus, the Moon, Mercury, and Saturn.  That’s Saturn (the materialist) making it impossible to connect with this native in service of that mini-kite.  He will never be a real boy.


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