Oleg Deripaska, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

It has come to my attention that Paul Manafort did in fact have a Planafort (h/t Daily Show) to work with Mueller after all.  Mueller was all like, I’m good.

All this time I’ve been thinking Manafort hasn’t flipped because he has an Oleg Deripaska situation.  Apparently no.  Oleg also doesn’t seem to care what his creepy little sex gremlin says, either. So I feel like I can probably Astrosplain him without my face getting bulletized.  But if I’m wrong, hopefully he will please email me first and I’ll just delete the post, thanks.

oleg deripaska chart

Alrighty, so first things first.  I like to look at the condition of the Sun.  Oleg has the Sun in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, great for an oligarch.  Saturn is about money and authority, having the final say in how things go.  Capricorn is for tax collectors, judges, police, doctors, everyone who can make your life miserable.  Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Ajit Pai, Bob Mercer, all lovable Saturn types.  Saturn basically makes everything cold, sour, and miserable.  Saturn has great difficulty with nuance.

Then Saturn and Mars, the original malefics, are in each other’s signs.  Saturn is in Aries, and Mars is in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  So Saturn is the ruler of this chart — the money, authority, and pain in the butt planet.  Saturn makes everything take longer and feel worse.  It’s not a fun chart, in other words.  Saturn has a kinda Soviet vibe:  wait nine hours in line standing on concrete, to have them sell you a roll of toilet paper for $100.  (Allegedly.)

hammer and sickle

Uranus theoretically has some say in this, the “I gotta be me” factor.  However note that Uranus is in opposition to Saturn.  That’s going to end in Saturn’s favor, because Saturn is the ruler of the chart.  Remember the only influence Uranus really has here is co-rulership of Mars in Aquarius.  Uranus is also flanked by Pallas Athena the Field Marshal.  This suggests an even more complicated relationship between Saturn and Uranus.

My sense is that the Uranus/Pallas thing gives Oleg flashes of brilliant strategy, odd angles that nobody else could find.  Oleg is sort of the oligarch (or Olegarch) version of Ray Bourque, who basically played billiards on ice.  Bourque’s greatness was that he could see angles like a pool game, and then he would take his shot.  Bourque would always give it a try, nothing to lose.  And he was quick, too, and often landed.  Very high-scoring player who was not physically aggressive, but clever and quick.  I expect some of that with Deripaska, too maybe.

Then again the Uranus angle could also lead to things like Nastya Rybka, linked above, becoming a world news item.  It’s the unexpected, unrelatable, out of the blue things.  And I see that being very much in conflict with the straightforward Saturn-Mars engine of this chart.  Saturn is about discipline and delayed gratification.  Mars is the God of War.  Uranus is more like the professor in Back to the Future.

Doc Brown

So I am calling Uranus a door that swings both ways for Oleg Deripaska. There are a few surprising things in this chart.  The Saturn-Mars thing isn’t surprising. A darkly Saturn-Mars chart is someone who will kill you for money.

  • This is a locomotive chart with a Jupiter engine.  That’s not so surprising in anyone who is in his sort of position.   Oligarchs well exemplify Jupiter in his robber baron mode.
  • Note that Jupiter is inconjunct, or being redirected by Saturn.  Jupiter’s in Mercury’s sign of Virgo, lending some intellectual bandwidth, ability to get a larger overview picture.  But it also keeps him from getting too far ahead of himself, because Mercury is then combust, tucked right in with the Sun, squarely under the control of Saturn.  Oleg has the self-discipline to control his own weirdness and flukes.
  • The Moon is in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, discussed above.  This makes Oleg even less of a feely guy, which he already wasn’t.  Saturn and Mars are the opposite of lovable, especially together.  It’s probably very hard to “get” Oleg on an interpersonal level.  This chart has nothing to do with feelings.
  • I’m intrigued by Oleg’s Mars, which is conjunct asteroid Pholus, the centaur who spilled the beans.  Mars/Pholus are inconjunct Pluto, adding treachery and control issues to the whole thing.  This could be someone squeezing a ton of information out of Deripaska through violence, like physical torture, or vice versa.  Inconjuncts, the green dashed lines, show areas of redirection or misdirection, some inability to communicate.
  • Juno the Spouse is conjunct Ixion the Brotherf*cker in Scorpio.  Scorpio is of course again ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Juno the Spouse is an especially unfortunate placement for Ixion, just ask Duncan Hunter‘s wife!
  • Adding to the complications of getting cuddly with Oleg is the old Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct Aldebaran.  That’s almost an oxymoron, kind of.   If you think of the continuum of masculinity, with Archangel Michael (Aldebaran) being the best and  a murderous demon (Antares) being the worst, most people are Mars, somewhere in the middle.  Oleg’s Mars is not so trustworthy IMO as discussed above.  Nessus is the one who commits domestic, sexual, or violence against women/children.  So having him there with the Archangel Michael could look a few different ways.  I will leave you to speculate on whether Oleg’s Nessus has classed up his act, or he has simply abandoned any concept of male leadership or virtue.
  • Where there’s a Mars, there’s a Venus.  Oleg’s Venus is maybe at the tail end of Scorpio, thus ruled by Mars and Pluto (that’s my guess), or maybe at the beginning of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  If it’s Sagittarius/Jupiter Venus, I expect his wife to be a good time Charlene, kicking up her heels like Karen in Goodfellas.
  • If his Venus is late in Scorpio, expect his wife to be much sneakier, willing to shank him for money.  Either way that situation is not going to end well.  Ixion would send it into a very bad direction, one way or the other, maybe both.   You just can’t trust Ixion.
  • Then right there on Venus’ other arm from Ixion is asteroid Machiavelli.  See where this is headed?  The Machiavelli placement suggests Venus in Scorpio, obviously, with the manipulation, ego, control trips, and backstabbing.  But you know, she could still be in Sagittarius, and this just harkens back to the Mars theme already in progress.
  • Can’t believe I still haven’t mentioned this, but asteroid Borasisi, where one has drank the proverbial Kool-Aid, is combust, less than a degree off the Sun.  So that suggests a major integrity breach, something where the native’s Job 1 was to buy into some lie.  I should’ve thought to look at asteroid Lie, sorry I didn’t.  Gold either, sorry.  Oleg likes money a lot, trust me.
  • Ceres the Earth Mother is on Spica.  This suggests a few things to me.  One, Deripaska’s money may come from natural resources, like gas or minerals.  Two, his mother may have truly blessed him, either financially or personally, spiritually.  Three, he is entirely motivated to seek the spotlight.  Spica is the bountiful spot right below heaven’s gate on Arcturus.  It’s been in Libra for a long time, ruled by Venus, and thus again suggests benefit from women, specifically his mother.
  • The center of the empty spot in a chart is always a psychic bull’s eye of sorts.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and if people aren’t able to move their energy all the way around the wheel it can begin to feel sort of subconsciously itchy over there where the psychic weeds are sprouting up.  Moss can grow on all of the stones over there while the native is busy driving so hard to whatever they’re after — in this case whatever Borasisi has told Oleg about money and violence, how those two should work together in one’s life.  There’s a natural balance point there.  In this case it’s roughly at Aldebaran, the Archangel Michael’s star.  Go figure.
  • Oleg’s Neptune is opposite Algol the Blinking Demon, for a direct hit.  In combination with the Sun’s integrity issues detailed above, this is disastrous.
  • Further complicating the Sun’s already super complicated challenges detailed herein, look at all the little dotted lines, so many of them like a pointillist painting of Oleg Deripaska.  All of that stuff is psychic indigestion, sand in the gears of his psyche.  Those are fractions of squares, portions of his life that will probably never be integrated.  The one from the Moon to Pluto looks especially dark to me in this generally unemotional chart.  Especially with an Aquarius Moon, this is a guy you will never really get close to.  Many of those dotted lines are points of friction from the Sun to other bodies, suggesting a highly conflict-driven individual, further compounding the inaccessibility theme.
  • Here, in case you’d like to immortalize Oleg Deripaska in cross-stitch, thanks to the nice people at pixel-stitch.net

Oleg Deripaska cross stitch






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