Louis CK, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Okay, this guy.  He and Eric Bolling both really should have just stayed wherever they went.  I didn’t have time to Astrosplain Bolling before his teenage son unexpectedly died, so he got a free pass.  This is kind of how I feel about Meghan McCain.  Sorry for your human tragedy.  Move a muscle for that senate seat and I’m having you.

I have a book coming out about growing up as a trafficking survivor, what it has been like for me to live in a society that supports my abusers more than me.  I wrote it last December, and discussed Louie CK and how lots of men want him back.  Every time someone says something along the lines of  “he’s suffered enough,” that’s a vote to go right back to the way things always have been, before people like me ever get a say.  As the guy who put him back on stage said, “The man is entitled to his livelihood.”

Stupid me, forgot Rule #1: The man is entitled.

I felt this same way about Louie, waiting all this time for society to catch up.  The first time I watched Louie he pulled a rape face – a look I recognized from actual rapists while they harmed me –  on a disinterested woman as a visual punchline.  That freaked me out immediately and forever.  Worse yet, he was hailed as a comedy god, which made me feel like the world was closing in on me whenever I thought about it.

I’m a ghost in my own life because other people’s secrets can be used against me.  I’m a woman with a checkered past because of things other people did, while you’re loud and proud despite behaving badly for years.

Well, you know what?  It’s my world now, Noam and Louie and stupid Michael Ian Black.  It looks like Michael kind of did a Hail Mary, a swan song, to call attention to his new book.  My book Dear Jimmy:  What A Child Trafficking Survivor Wishes You Knew is coming out November 3, 2018.  You can get a free advance copy here.

Louis CK chart

In Louie’s chart we see a very dynamic layout, lots of complex interactions.  Let me begin with the Sun, the reason for the whole incarnation.

Louie’s Sun is in Sagittarius, and this is a rampaging Jupiter chart.  I’m not working from a birth time, so I don’t have house or angle information.  Mercury is just free of the corona, still in Sagittarius.

The chart shape is a locomotive, which also has a Jupiter engine.  So Jupiter is where Louie is at, getting out there and dancing to all the songs, seeing all the people and taking every cruise.  This is a psychic bungee jumper, wants to do it all.  My beloved Wesley Willis was a big Jupiter guy.  He dealt with his paranoid schizophrenia by going to rock concerts.  He managed to meet all his favorite stars, getting invited backstage to all the shows.  That’s very Sagittarian, 9th house, breaking those barriers and getting invited into whole new worlds.  That’s what Louie lives for.

On the less cuddly side, Donald Trump is also a big Jupiter guy.   With Jupiter the all are the One, the One is the all.  The sense of entitlement can go bananas.  The ability to notice other people can completely disappear.  I’m going to recycle my classic Trump as Jupiter picture, with the West Virginia face and the Oakland booty:

fat trump golfing

That’s Jupiter, with the Secret Service protecting him on the taxpayer’s dime, on a golf course he owns, while all this stuff is happening.  Oblivious to all but his own desire to live the good life.  So Jupiter can go roughly from Wesley Willis, the humblest of all people-persons, to the Koch brothers or Trump, self-service with self-congratulation in the extreme.  Always way, way over the top.  Wesley didn’t want to meet local bands.  He wanted to meet the Chili Peppers.  And he did, many times.  Jupiter can be magical, that’s why it’s considered the Greater Benefic.  The good times do roll.  Jupiter makes it rain — on himself and those right with him.

Louie has the Moon in early Taurus, ruled by Venus.  The Moon is the feminine luminary, and this is a very feminine placement with a selfish Venus rulership.  This sets up complicated projection issues.  Taurus is where Venus will attack others if she feels threatened.  She’s too lazy to get out there.  But Jupiter and Venus get along splendidly.  Venus is the ultimate person, person who needs people.  But Venus is fine with ignoring other people, as long as she has the support of her core.  As long as big daddy Jupiter has her along for the ride, she’s fine.

So that makes this chart a little straightforward on the selfishness.  Saturn is also very selfish.  But with Jupiter, unless you see marked humility, notice real dues being paid, suspect kind of a bloated type, a lazy one who expects to be entertained.  Venus is also lazy and wants people to come to her, and that’s the flavor of his Moon, how he reflects other people.

  • Louie has a Mars and Saturn clusterbomb, where the two malefics are in mutual reception, guests in each other’s homes, Mars in Saturn/Uranus’ Aquarius and Saturn in Mars’ Aries. These two form what I call a mini-kite, the little blue triangle.  To be a proper kite there should be a grand trine, which there is not.  I’m calling this an ugly thing because of the players involved.  It’s like Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph from the Simpsons.  That’s no science project they’re doing!
  • Let me begin with Mars.  Mars is conjunct asteroid Toro the Raging Bull, suggesting impulsivity and anger management problems, and thus a native prone to the lesser-evolved part of the Aldebaran-Mars-Antares axis.  The highly aggressive Mars placement is further aggravated by the T-square, the red triangle between Mars, the Moon, and Venus.  Mars is co-ruling Venus’ sign here.  She could possibly be at the tail end of her own sign Libra, because I don’t have a birth time.  But the overall chart conditions crush Venus in favor of Mars anyway.  The Mars T-square apex is an anger flashpoint.  (Ask me, I know!)  Especially with Toro this is someone who needs to take physical action when he gets angry.  I expect Louie to be stronger and more vigorous than he looks.
  • Louie has Nessus the Wife Beater on the high end of the spectrum, Aldebaran.  Then Mercury, the planet of his thoughts and words, is on Antares.  This gives very strong weight to the low end of the continuum, especially with the low-grade Mars.  Louie has the asteroid of the wife beater where his hero should be, where the Archangel Michael lives.  This chart shows marked toxic masculinity, go figure.
  • Where there’s an abuser, there’s a victim.  That’s Dejanira the Beaten Woman.  (I believe Dejanira was actually raped by Nessus, who was not her husband but a boatman paid by her husband to take her somewhere IIRC.  The original creepy Uber driver.)  So Louie has Dejanira conjunct Ceres the Earth Mother, close enough to Spica that I’m giving him the contact.  Oleg Deripaska‘s Ceres is similar.  Spica can sometimes be thought of as God’s spotlight, which I think also fits this placement.  It can be someone who has or craves the spotlight.  It’s also the place where manna falls from heaven’s gate, the distant Arcturus.
  • Venus herself is in Scorpio, opposite the Moon.  Scorpio is kind of a rough neighborhood for the hothouse flower Venus.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars the God of War and Pluto, the guy who dragged Ceres’ young daughter into hell so he could rape her.  She’s opposite the Moon, which is like watching someone else sleep in your bed while you are outside in the rain.  Venus represents the women in our lives, the wife, and the people that we rely on.  Venus is about connections to other people, whether heart-centered like Michelle Knight or military/political like General Kelly.  In this strong Jupiter chart I expect the latter, especially with the sorry shape of his Venus, his heart-level connectability.
  • Saturn is in his fall in Aries, like the younger lion killing the older one and walking off with his lionesses.  I expect a lack of discipline, lack of financial stability, lack of stick-to-it that stems from Saturn’s caving to his angry Mars. Mars the God of War is a common engine for Jupiter’s champagne wishes and caviar dreams.  Think Alexander the Great or Paul Manafort.  Think “military-industrial complex.”
  • Chiron the Wounded Healer is at the tail end of Pisces here, right at the very end of the zodiac, before we come back to Aries.   Chiron is where we look for scar tissue, hard-won wisdom.  Chiron is also where too much is never enough.  This is not unlike the Aldebaran-Mars-Antares axis, where you have to look at the native and estimate where they are on the evolutionary continuum of this idea.  Judging by this thing where he wants to come right back now, I’d say too  much could never be enough.  Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.  I’ve already mentioned how completely amok Louie’s Jupiter is, so let’s look at Neptune.
  • Okay, Neptune, the door to the higher truth, is conjunct asteroid Machiavelli in Scorpio.    Neptune is a slow-moving outer planet.  So the dynamics of it are often more important to the individual than the actual sign, how things are rolling in their specific chart.  Here it is opposition the fixed star Algol the Blinking Demon, which is like opening Pandora’s box.  Neptune rules show business, illusions, delusions, addictions, manipulation in terms of deception, as well as spiritual insights and diving inspirations.  Aside from the asteroid Machiavelli, which speaks of show-business arm twisting, Louie’s Neptune is actually not in bad shape.  It’s outside of the whole kerfuffle, all the criss-crossing bits with the dashed greens, the dotteds, and the red lines.
  • Louie’s Neptune is actually his least-aspected planet.  This is a thing that can become a latent superpower that he can learn to use.  That may account for his successful show-biz career, which is all Neptune.  It may be that he has access to higher-level insight.  I don’t see him incorporating those into his life necessarily.  Briant Mitchell, the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, also had a gifted Neptune for all the good it did him.
  • Let me come back to the criss-crossing kerfuffle.  Look at all the criss-crossing, all the internal conflict and redirection.  The green dashed lines are inconjuncts, planets that are close enough to bump into each other so to speak, but not situated in such a way that they can necessarily sort themselves.  Inconjuncts are points of redirection or alternate outcomes.  In this chart it’s a sort of chutes and ladders, with the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn yod pivoting off of the Venus-Saturn-Jupiter yod.  The fact that Mars and Jupiter are definitely in play makes this look very toxic to me.  I’ve come to think of criss-crossing inconjuncts as the “skull and bones,” an internal communication barrier to the outside world.  At least that’s the theory I’m working on for now, observing.
  • Then you’ve got the dotted lines, the fractions of squares.  Those are kind of like debris in the chart, small points of friction where the native is unlikely to have clarity or resolution.  Louie has one such aspect from his Sun to his Moon, creating an off-kilter relationship within himself and his ability to reflect other people (the Moon).    Hard aspects from the Sun to the Moon can create the sort of angst-y personality that Louie is famous for.  His self-deprecation may belie the true extent of his anger, which with the Mars in this chart I will say is extreme.  The other fractions of squares, from Venus to the Sun, Pluto to Mars, all of that make this a harder person to get close to.
  • Lastly Vesta the True Believer is in Capricorn.  It is roughly opposite the center of the big empty patch over in Cancer.  That vacant lot in the chart always represents a sort of psychic itch, a spot that the native can’t reach.  Vesta is where we keep the eternal flame.  In Louie’s chart it’s not interacting with anything but that hole in the chart, almost like a plug.  Louie’s Saturn is in bad shape, his sense of grounding and pragmatism.  I don’t see Louie ever feeling satisfied, although he really could have a “come to Jesus” moment and turn his Neptune superpower into a gift for all mankind.  I’ll be on the lookout.








4 thoughts on “Louis CK, Astrosplained

  1. And what are his victims entitled to exactly???
    I read a newspaper article that some drip by the name of Noam Dworman (no, I am not making this up) said “I don’t think people want this to be a life sentence.”
    Do you think he asked any of the victims?
    Abuse victims didn’t ask for a life sentence but they have had it imposed upon them.

    I hope I live long enough to see the #Consequences movement up and running…. consequences not only for perpetrators but for the spineless pissants that aid, abet and make up stupid excuses for them. And hire them.

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