Brett Kavanaugh, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

I have inadvertently overlooked Brett Kavanaugh, and for that I do apologize.  I realize I haven’t done General Mattis either, and a few others.  I also hope to get you through the midterms with a basic who’s who.

But for now let’s look at this particular  nail in the coffin of democracy.  This confirmation hearing is a new low for the party that gleefully adopted the label “deplorable.”  I believe Kavanaugh is dead in the water, this particular turd in America’s punch bowl.  But the GOP is probably able to steamroll us on this, so let’s see what we’re working with.  Maybe if he fails confirmation Trump will nominate Bret Michaels.  He’ll still do whatever Trump says, but at least he wears makeup and hair extensions.  More relatable.

Bret Michaels
The other Bret

brett kavanaugh chart

  • Brett has the Sun in Aquarius, so Saturn and Uranus are the chart rulers.  Based on the dynamics of the chart, I’m calling Saturn the actual ruler.  Brett likes money and telling people what to do.  Probably also has a significant “you’re not the boss of me” situation.  Not relatable or a warm fuzzy guy.
  • Brett’s Sun (ego) is in a T-square, that red triangle showing internal friction, with Neptune (integrity) and Jupiter (the government).  I think that’s fairly disastrous for someone being vetted for the Supreme Court.  Not to skip too far ahead, but Brett’s Neptune is disastrous, and I expect him to have very low integrity.
  • Brett’s Moon is fairly strong, in Cancer.  That’s generally a very strong place for the Moon, and we see those nice blue lines coming off of her to chart-ruling Saturn and Chiron.  However the sesquares, the dotted lines, IMHO are major problems in this chart.  The dotted lines are like conflicts that are unlikely to ever be resolved.  The dashed and dotted lines are the main theme of this native as I see the chart, the redirection, misdirection, and disallowance of certain concepts with the dotted lines.  I will get into that more below.  In general I imagine Brett has great difficulty with projection and owning his own stuff.
  • After de-crapifying this chart and looking at just the main planets, it is still a little tricky to determine the chart’s shape.  Here Neptune, Jupiter, and the Moon all appear to be possible bucket handles.  On closer inspection the largest gap is between Neptune and Venus, much larger gap.  So I’m calling this a locomotive chart with a Venus engine.  Venus, the people in Brett’s life, are what makes him move forward.  This is possibly why Chuck “Evil Wilford Brimley” Grassley kept trying to circle back to the daughters and the coaching or whatever.  Pay no attention to those other people in his life behind the curtain.  When you see a Venus locomotive engine in a Saturn-Uranus chart, it suggests more connections than affections.  Can be both I guess.  That Cancer Moon will make him a bit sentimental and old-fashioned.  He probably is that oddball dad who makes brownies and collects mementos of his family.  Very homey and backward-facing.
  • Ceres and Pholus are both combust.  I have to say this crap with the enormous trove of documents they don’t want to give up, that’s very Pholus.  He may end up letting all the cats out of all the bags inadvertently, like with all of this damaging information coming out.  Brett probably won’t be the only one damaged in this.  Ceres the Earth Mother is about the native’s mother, the way they mother their children, their connection to the planet and its natural resources.  It’s also where we look for motivation in a murder chart, because Ceres was the one who charged into hell to retrieve her kidnapped daughter, Persephone.  So the Pholus thing combined with Ceres, on some level Brett truly does believe himself the keeper of the sacred flask of motherhood, just as Pholus was charged with guarding a flask of sacred wine.  So goddamned pesky that all the uteruses are inside women, totally unfair because it’s Brett’s job to manage all that.  [Update now that the accusation is public:  look how motivated he has been to keep his secrets.  Happy FFFFourth of July, Brett and Mark.]
  • So Brett also has asteroid Chiron the Wounded Healer on asteroid Roe.  Go figure!  Chiron reflects a specific aspect of the planet Maldek, which used to be between Mars and Jupiter.  When the aggression of the inhabitants destroyed the planet entirely it ended up in tiny chunks as what we call the asteroid belt.  Some bits of is are also in the Oort cloud and the Kuiper belt.  Anyway Chiron is where enough is never too much, where people are so hell bent for leather that they’d rather die than chill out.  Or, if they’re in Wounded Healer mode, they’re maximizing the lessons they’ve learned the hard way.  I think when Chuck Grassley is shouting pleasantries about your wife and children over the screams of protestors being arrested, you’re probably on the fuckety side of your Chiron.  This combined with the Ceres/Pholus thing, I suspect the motherhood issue is off the deep end for him.
  • Further underscoring this theme, Brett has asteroid Nessus the Wife Beater conjunct asteroid Justitia, or justice.  Nessus is where we look for sexual violence against women and children, or domestic abuse generally.  This is fairly self-explanatory, especially in context.   With his Cancer Moon, he probably feels a strong urge to protect children.  He probably believes that abortion is a horrible injustice.  Remember that Brett’s Moon is both empowered and troubled.  A struggling Moon has difficulty reflecting others.  With the other chart factors this  guy has real issues about projection specifically with women.  The Venus chart engine and prominent Ceres don’t necessarily make sense in a chart with an Aquarius Sun.  The prominent, feminine Moon softens the chart somewhat.  However the dashed and dotted lines show aspects that foul the chart up in an irreconcilable way, in my opinion.  I’ll get to that.  Basically I think with his flaky Neptune and general pile of gravel in the dashed and dotted lines, this guy lives in a bit of a fantasy world.  He could well be the sort of guy who gets morning sickness when his wife is pregnant.  Would not surprise me.
  • In the chart of a lifelong ideologue like Kavanaugh, it’s good to look at Vesta the True Believer.  Vesta is where the native keeps the eternal flame, what they would kill or die for.  Brett has Vesta in Aries, ruled by Mars.  Mars is not a huge player in this chart.  The strangeness around Ceres and Pholus has the same flavor for me as a Vesta that would suggest a passion to destroy Roe v. Wade.  Pholus is about holding something sacred and guarding it and screwing up on that.  I guess if your Pholus is in good shape it could be where what’s in your vault is actually sacred.  Ceres’ motivation was to protect her child.  Anyway based on what we know of this person, Mars is a logical placement for Vesta.  This is a fairly paternal guy.
  •  I don’t have it displayed on the chart, but Brett has the North Node conjunct fixed star Mintaka.  That puts him on the fascist/antifascist axis, probably more on Ayn Rand‘s side than mine.  Mintaka lends an intensity to the ideology, especially ideas of how society should be run.
  • Just for chuckles I pulled up asteroid Lie.  I see major issues with Brett’s Neptune, specifically an issue with projection (because of his Moon).  I didn’t look up Pinocchio, because I think this is nailed.  Asteroid Lie is right there directly across from Brett’s Mercury, on the same degree.  This underscores the theme of redirection and misdirection.  In this chart I see one who is likely to lie very fluidly to himself and others.  Interesting that Lie is opposite Mercury.  If this were a strong or healthy-looking Neptune I would say it’s more likely the opposite, having principled issues with lies and liars.  This adds into the projection theme as well.  I imagine it’s quite muddled in there.  Kavanaugh is likely to blur the lines between fantasy and reality as a go-to move.
  • Brett has a lot of conflicts where I would hope to see cooperation.  This is a very internally conflicted man, and as mentioned above, unlikely to be honest with himself.
    • The chart co-rulers again are Saturn and Uranus.  Unfortunately they are in opposition.  Saturn is the stronger of the two IMO.
    • So I see that Saturn is in Pisces, co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter — and hey, those two are also in opposition.
    • With a busted Neptune and strong Saturn, look for a grifter.  There will be money.
    • Venus is sesquare Mars, suggesting the sort of irreconcilable gender conflict that has made him famous.
    • Then the Sun is at the apex of a T-square, which is always a challenging position and especially for the Sun.
    • Then the Moon is sesquare the Sun, creating conflicts between the conscious and unconscious selves that are unlikely to ever be resolved or integrated.  This is a person who is unlikely to ever truly know himself, for many reasons.
    • Both the inconjuncts and the sesquares, the dashed and dotted lines, form what I think of as the “skull and bones” pattern, where challenging aspects criss-cross each other.  I first noticed this in the chart of Nikolas Cruz, and have come to see it as a sort of antisociality.  Inconjuncts form a redirection or rerouting, in that two planets are close enough to be in each other’s space but not positioned to communicate.  Then the sesquares, again, are the indigestible bits of the consciousness, places where there will always be friction.  Lots of that going on in this chart, dizzying.  This guy lives in a fantasy world that even he gets lost in.Ultimately anytime I see irreconcilable differences among this many planets, I think it’s not going well.  The deeply ruptured Neptune in this chart has a sesquare forming something sort of like a yod to the Moon and Sun, the two luminaries.  Like if you’re only going to look at two planets in a chart, it should be those two.  They lay out the known and unknown parts of the consciousness.  Then Neptune is how we integrate the whole thing, how we wrap it into a nice bow.  I see zero ability for that to happen in this chart.  This is an extremely conflict-driven individual, one who has precluded himself from true integration.When you look only at the hard angles, the red lines, you see almost a bucket pattern with Pluto and Uranus at the handle.  I feel like this has been a very hard conjunction in my own life, making me difficult to relate to.  However the release point for the T-square, the body across from the apex that can help distribute the weight of the conflict, so to speak, is asteroid Lie.  Again, super shady Neptune chart, asteroid Lie conveniently placed to alleviate a stress point.  D’OH!
  • Good news for the worst people in our government, with Brett’s Ixion they can trust him implicitly.  I don’t see him betraying his partners.
  • One bright point:  Pallas the Field Marshal is sesquare Uranus.  Uranus is the wild card, the bolt from the blue.  Pallas is where we identify patterns and create strategies.  I think this reflects the nomination to the court, the ability to have this oddball put up for this position.  It’s entirely strategic.  But Trump was warned that it would be very hard to confirm Kavanaugh with his record.  There were much safer choices for the GOP.  But Brett is the one who’s likely to give Trump personally a get out of jail free card, so that’s who got picked.  Anyway  I don’t see Brett Kavanaugh getting on the Supreme Court any more than Bret Michaels, though he does have much better hair and always says good things about Trump.   I see the same thing that made him a semi-flukey choice, the strategic prominence of him, to also leave him out on a limb.  I don’t see Uranus carrying the day and making Brett a Supreme Court justice.  But hey, I’ve been wrong before.












5 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh, Astrosplained

  1. Interesting to see the caution for the sabian symbol for his neptune The Caution: Being seduced into dark and sinister things or being led astray. Not being shown the true picture or the truth. Frigidity and closing off sexual responses. Being, or feeling, shut out. Dark rooms with little sign of life.
    Im interested to watch what or who might be his nemesis at 27 Leo sabian 28 caution The Caution: Being confused or immobilized. Too much advice or information. Too many voices. Having trouble hearing the essential truth. A scattering of energies. Not too many put too more store on Sabians but I found they ave been uncannily directive in my life

  2. I knew there’d be a bit of snivelling and pretend tears during his denial but he is taking it to the next level.
    You’d think a professional judge would keep it simple.

    Wasn’t there. Didn’t do it.

    But no, here’s my (sniff) calendar and (big drink of water)(sniff) no list (wrinkle nose) of chicks I (sniff sniff) assaulted so obviously I didn’t (sniff) do it and (wrinkle nose) am(sniff) a great (sniff sniff) guy.

    Or maybe he’s coked out?

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