Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu, Astrosplained

Ladies and Landlubbers, ahoy.

Gentle reader Pat from England/Australia got me looking at Benjamin Netanyahu’s chart.  What I saw was wonderful, in that it suggests he will be coming down hard, Harvey Weinstein style.  I see him bringing a lot of awful people with him, including his wife Sara.

You know I’m kind of into creepy couples.  I have to say Bebe and Sara are as awful and horrifying astrologically as David and Louise Turpin, Phil and Nancy Garrido, and Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee.  I’m not actually joking.  See below.  After looking at these two charts my next book may be about the Netanyahus.


SPOILER ALERT:  I am currently researching the transits to figure when exactly Benjamin Netanyahu and his government will be coming down.  This is going to make Harvey Weinstein’s crash look like a feather landing on pudding.  The Netanyahus will land more like the Hindenberg.  I can tell you for sure this will happen, just not when yet.  It will almost certainly involve every skeleton in Israel tumbling out of his wife’s closets, based on both of their financial dealings.  I anticipate an enormous chain reaction that will pull Americans and many others in, to their ruin.  Wheeee!!!



The video is 25 minutes long, but here are a few main points.

Benjamin Netanyahu chart

  • Bebe has the Sun and a stellium in Libra.  This is a Venus-ruled chart.  He’s all about the people in his life.   The 11th house Sun suggests these are wider connections rather than more personal as you would find in the 4th-8th houses.  The 11th house is about society overall, in the abstract.  Libra is also a superficial air sign, not so heart-centered as she would be in Taurus.  Libra is more about surface pleasantries.
  • Venus herself is in the 1st house in Sagittarius, conjunct the Ascendant and Chiron, as well as asteroid Borasisi.  Borasisi is where we drink the proverbial Kool-Aid.  This is right on his Ascendant, making him an icon for people who like that flavor of Kool-Aid.  This is really a bit astonishing, all the implications.
  • The Ascendant is directly on Antares.  I liken this to having 666 tattooed on your forehead.
  • For integrity I look to Neptune.  Bebe has Neptune in Libra where it does not belong, conjunct Seginus the Guard, where really nothing belongs.  Trump has the ruinous Seginus on Jupiter, suggesting that any association with his government will be a stink that can’t be washed off.  Seginus on Neptune suggests poor integrity in a way that will negatively affect anyone connected to him.  Only low-integrity people may get close to him.  Strong Saturn in a low-integrity chart, look for a grift.
  • The North Node is in the empty spot of this locomotive chart, the energetic bull’s eye.  Bebe has asteroid Machiavelli conjunct the Node.  This is an extremely conniving, manipulative person, and that part of himself is integral to his karma.  That’s straightforward with Antares on the Ascendant generally, but this is a double whammy.  Machiavelli wrote his book about the games people play after his fall from grace.  The conjunction to the Node confirms the Regulus fall.
  • Jupiter is always important for a world leader.  Netanyahu’s Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 2nd house.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is about money and authority.  The 2nd house is about valuables and values, basically money.  This is especially so when ruled by Saturn.  The presence of Jupiter in this house and sign suggests a grift, self-enrichment through government position.
  • Bebe has Jupiter conjunct Pholus the Beans Spiller.  Based on his Ixion conjunct Neptune, I expect low integrity and affiliation with low-integrity people that will stab him in the back.  His wife also has serious Saturn and Ixion.  I expect them to stab each other in the back for money.  Especially with her Mars-Pluto chart.
  • Netanyahu has Vesta the True Believer in the 2nd house in Capricorn, with Jupiter and Pholus.  The fact that it’s not in the 1st house in Sagittarius with Venus confirms that this is not about serving the people, not about the community or even because it feels good to be an icon.  Netanyahu is a grifter.  That’s what he believes in.  His Neptune and Mars are busted enough for him to stand for just about anything.
  • The Jupiter-Pholus conjunction is inconjunct the Regulus Mars.  I expect that when Bebe gets knifed good and hard by someone he trusts, while he knifes them too for sure, a lot of other grifters will come down with him.  It will not surprise me at all of a lot of Trump-adjacent types are involved.  The amount of dirty dirty tea that comes spilling out will bring them all down.  Maybe even much of the military industrial complex.  I can only pray.

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu

Sara Netanyahu chart

I’m looking through here mostly for synchronicity with her hubs.  These are the sort of people like the Trumps, who I wish I didn’t have to know anything about.  But they just persist.  So when Gentle Reader Pat brought this up, it felt different this time.  I’m so glad I looked at the charts.

  • Underscoring the scariness of these two is the stellium in Scorpio:  the Sun and Jupiter on the same degree!!!  Then Venus 2 degrees away, and there’s Neptune.  So she has an extreme Mars-Pluto chart, because all of that is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Very secretive, very vindictive.  Mean as a fucking snake.
  • Sara has Saturn and Borasisi together in Sagittarius.  I’m sure this works for her husband.  She’s almost guaranteed a co-grifter.
  • Sara has Ceres the Earth Mother on Seginus the Guard.  Like Trump, everyone associated with her will be ruined.  I don’t have a birth time so I don’t know what house that’s in.  But in Libra it’s about other people.  Whatever she gets up to that ruins everyone she loves, in her mind she’s doing it for them.
  • Sara has Vesta the True Believer at 8 Leo, giving her an unshakeable belief in herself.  The closest planet is Uranus, amplifying that energy.  She also has Pholus the Beans Spiller directly opposite Vesta.  This could mean a few different things.  Maybe she spills the beans because she thinks it’s better for society overall (Aquarius).  She probably has no moral compass with all that Scorpio and the dark stars.  So I’m going to say it’s an involuntary thing, that everything she holds sacred is thrown into the streets and trashed.  All her dirty laundry aired.  Things she would rather die than tell, especially with all that secretive Scorpio/Pluto.  Whee!
  • Sara has Mars the God of War on Algol the Blinking Demon.  This had to appeal greatly to Bebe with his Regulus Mars.  In her he saw a woman who could take him anywhere his Mars could want to go and kill everybody.  Love at first bite.
  • Her Juno suggests that they may live somewhat separate lives.  His Juno placement, conjunct Saturn and in Mercury’s Earth sign of Virgo, suggests the same.  With her prominent Mars and Saturn, he most likely sees her as more of a partner in crime.  You can’t forget that Saturn is also about authority.  But his 2nd house, and the synchronicity to her chart, speaks directly to the money side of Saturn.  From these two charts I say they’re not about the people of Israel.  They’re most likely simple self-enrichers and war profiteers.
  • Sara has Mars, Mercury, and the Moon in a T-square.  Pluto forms the head of a second T-square with Mars and Mercury.  All of this sends Sara’s thoughts and moods in a very dark, very angry direction.  She must be a true piece of work.  I expect her to be manipulative, demanding, controlling, vicious, greedy AF with her Saturn — plus that’s throwing some love to the Moon and Uranus.  So money makes her feel good about herself.  If she ever touches alcohol, just run.  Do whatever you can to get away from her while you can.

So stay tuned, gentle reader.  Mark my words, when these two get what’s coming to them a lot of dirty Americans will go down too.  Hopefully I can get the book written before then.






7 thoughts on “Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu, Astrosplained

    1. Netanyahu is about to be indicted and he’s apparently trying to start a war with Iran. I wonder what his main challenger’s chart (Benny Gantz) looks like.

  1. I find the Netanyahus to have fascinating charts, and I completely agree, time is up for them now. Bibi’s Libra Sun and Moon make him very charming but also afraid of conflict, which I why I suspect Sara Netanyahu has been given such a free reign. That Mars in Leo gives him a never ending desire for applause and praise, not to mention gifts, and that fits Sara’s Moon in Leo. I also notice Sara’s Saturn is on Bibi’s Venus.(who has a square with Saturn in his natal chart.) .I don’t think either of them are particularly happy. I think you caught the toxic dynamic of this partnership very well. I think they are so desperate to remain in power that Netanyahu is becoming paranoid and desperate. Upon viewing their synastric and composite charts, I’d venture to say that Bibi and Sarah are both desperate for approval and ego stroking. Even worse, based on lawsuits and stories in the Israeli press, Sara Netanyahu appears to be a bully. Their oldest son is turning out to be just as distasteful, constantly making offensive comments on social media. I think they’ll be out within 6 months. (I would also suggest Bibi Netanyahu’s Ascendant is very late Scorpio…a birth time of 9.30 local time has been quoted by some sources. And to my eye, he has the hypnotic Scorpio gaze.)

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