Marine LePen, Astrosplained

I don’t have a lot of time for this — I keep saying that, but I really don’t.  But I’m on a little astrology rampage.  So everything I read makes me want to look at somebody’s chart.  You might want to grab some grapes or slice up an apple.  Marine LePen is like one of France’s stinkiest cheeses.

Apparently when you do certain antisocial things in France they court order a psychiatric evaluation, which they have now done for Marine LePen.   I think that is amazing.  As a person living with mental health stigma my entire life I really wish everyone got evaluated, everyone had to do a fitness for duty test.  That would be a really easy way to straighten out the police situation, for one thing.  It’s not hard to figure out when somebody’s a sociopath.  Also my mental health issues wouldn’t put me so far out on society’s margins anymore.  My high functioning in other areas would be factored in, and I would have a much different position in society.  A girl can dream.

Anyway I don’t know a lot about Marine LePen except that she’s Trump-adjacent, another racist right-wing warmonger from a prominent hater family.  Any time I see either her or Nigel Farage I know I’m being trolled.  Let’s look at her chart.

Marine LePen chart

  • The Sun is in Leo, Mercury combust.  The Sun is the chart ruler.  She’s actually a great example of Leo, how it can be both the high road and the low road at the same time.   Leo is like the lion, the king of the jungle.  Can’t blend in with the hyenas or the monkeys.   At the top of the food chain, in the fast lane somehow.  People may look to them for leadership automatically, because they have a sense of their own greatness.   Her father was some bigshot, sorry I didn’t look him up.  But she’s a legacy at all of this, just like a princess would be.  She feels it’s only right for her to step up and be who she is.  And I’m sure she’s correct.  I disagree about how well it’s going to work out for her.  But I see in the chart that it’s the exact right thing for her to do.
  • The Moon is at 2 degrees Capricorn, conjunct my South Node.  Capricorn is of course ruled by Saturn, and because this degree features prominently in my own chart I know it to be one of extreme hardship.   I want to say Jeff Sessions has the Sun right on this degree, too.   The Moon is in her detriment.  Marine will have a hard time seeing herself reflected in other people.  Like Bob Mercer with his Saturn issues, she likely only values people financially, for their net worth.  Obviously she has a racist bone in there too.  But at the end of the day it’s all about money with her.  This is a Saturn chart, not a Pluto one.  Pluto is the one who really wants to do a final solution, because he loves final solutions.  This is all about money, ownership, authority, no matter what she says.  This is in Mercury’s 3rd house of communication.  She communicates from the ice water in her veins, in other words.
  • This is a Saturn bucket chart, another reason for my emphasis on the above point.  This is an extremely materialistic woman, no depth of emotion.  You might as well try to hug a wad of money.  She will fight to the death for the very last penny, believe it.
  • Mars is prominent on the Descendant and ruling Saturn, the hijacker of this chart.  Eris the Bomb Thrower, the female agitator, is conjunct the North Node, on the Descendant.   When I see a problematic Moon like this, and there’s a Descendant issue, that speaks to a native who may have trouble playing nice in the sandbox.   Donald Trump has this, too.  Maybe it’s part of why they get along.  Mars himself is conjunct asteroid Maniac in the 10th house.  So she’s a maniac about her warmongering career.  It’s at 29 Cancer, a critical degree right before it would change to Leo and be with the Sun.  Mars isn’t answering to the Sun here.  Marine isn’t personally going to go kill any terrorists.  It’s answering to Saturn, that Moon in Capricorn where it never, ever belongs.  This is about money, all of it.  That’s what she feels in her gut.  She has money in place of feelings.
  • Marine’s Venus is late in Leo, and in the grand trine, the big blue triangle.   Venus reflects our connections to other people in all the different ways that can look.  Bebe Netanyahu has Venus in the 1st house, and is an icon of Zionists.   General John Kelly has a prominent Venus, which I believe reflects one whose life is all about his networking and connections, beginning with family legacy like Marine’s and extending out into his military career.  Strong Venus is about being able to call in favors, have a good Rolodex.  Anyway Venus is both the people who love you and the things they can do for you.  This reflects her family legacy as an icon of racist French people, hitting all of those notes.  The grand trine makes it automatic, a given, like her last name.
  • The fire-Earth grand trine has a kite, the smaller blue rectangle from Uranus to Mars to Neptune.   The trine is then Venus to the Moon to Saturn, the person currently flying this chart’s plane into the building.  This is what they mean by a grand trine making things easy for people.  She stepped right into this, who she is and what her life is all about.  She was literally born and bred to be this person.  Now, I also have a grand trine with a kite, and I had the opposite sort of family experience.  My family was comfortable enough, but scapegoated me.  Yet I also stepped very naturally into my survivor role, with my grand trine and kites.  So for the folks with strong Saturn charts, don’t go too granular on this.  It just means a certain readiness to step up to the plate of your destiny or fate.  Wow that rhymes.  Anyway the kites then make it easier to give your ideas wing, to use that internal readiness to good advantage.  It’s not so much complacency as they say, though it could be in certain situations.
  • Asteroid Gallia represents France.  Marine has that conjunct Nessus the Wife Beater, on the fixed star Antares.   That is a major fixed star connection, opposite the Archangel Michael’s position on the leadership-antagonism spectrum.  Anything on either of these points is a major challenge on both ends of the continuum, as discussed at length elsewhere.  With that Leo Sun and Venus, she really does believe the things she says.  Her thinking is crystal clear in its Mars-Saturn purity.  The Sun is ruling overall, and is quite influential.  But all of that is automatic, especially with her Mercury combust.  Everything that happens in this chart is in service of the Sun ultimately, her ego, the life she was born ever so ready to step into.  But once you move the Sun aside, Saturn, Mars, and Venus are how it works.  Anyway I got off on a little tangent there.  But  Nessus on the country’s name (In this case Gallia) in any sort of political leader, the abusive husband/domestic violence image is there.  Especially in a strong Saturn chart there’s a belief in discipline, Saturn in his role as the punisher, the judge, jury, and executioner.  Sometimes wife beaters think they’re doing the right thing for the family by disciplining her and the children that way.  People can be deeply delusional.
  • For delusions we look to Neptune.  Marine has Neptune in the 2nd house, which may emphasizes the focus on money.  Venus naturally rules the 2nd house, and in Taurus she is greedy like this blown-out Saturn, especially in this chart.  The Scorpio placement, with the Mars-Pluto rulership, is a generational thing because of how slowly Neptune moves.  But the house placement and the way the co-ruling planets interact with everything else make a huge difference.  The Mars-Pluto rulership of Neptune is going to put her integrity in the wheelhouse of whichever of those two is the strongest, in this case Mars.  Venus will again have some say, in terms of setting the agenda of money, valuables, the things she values most.  So the 2nd house or Scorpio placement for Neptune aren’t necessarily a bad thing per se.  But it’s got that inconjuct to Saturn, which puts it into a sort of set of internal gears, where we see all of the green dotted lines.  So Marine’s Neptune, her ability to really find true north, to hear the Archangel Michael’s voice clearly on Aldebaran and follow his instructions, is at the mercy of Saturn, Mars, and Pluto.  Pluto is again not so much a player in this chart.  But can Saturn and/or Mars overwhelm Marine’s ability to cut the bullshit?  I think absolutely yes.  Her love of money and aggressive nature, and her sense of destiny to be exactly who she is, will certainly allow her integrity to be mowed down.
  • Anytime you see a busted Neptune and a strong Saturn, look for a grifter, sticky fingers, or payoffs.  They just love money, like some people are into cocaine.  Donald and Melania Trump, lots of their adjacent people have this Neptune-Saturn thing where it can go really bad, like an addiction.  Neptune rules addictions, fantasy, escapism, mysticism, altered consciousness, the bloodstream, poison, film and TV, propaganda, believing whatever you want.  Neptune is things that are in your blood, including your DNA.
  • Juno, Ceres, and Ixion all together in the 1st house.  Marine and her friends are well-organized and supported, and they are in your face in her chart, right on her face in the 1st house.  I realize there are better echoes of the Ixion archetype other than the betrayer, the loved one who stabs you in the back because he’s a jerk, the one you just can’t t rust.  But that’s the dark side of the mythical Ixion.  So when I see again the busted Neptune and the very strong malefics, Saturn and Mars, I’m assuming the worst influences of the other planets involved.  When your Neptune is corrupt, especially with a prominent Venus and the Ixion contact you may expect betrayals, letdowns, epic losses due to loved ones.  Ceres is the Earth Mother and represents her actual mother, as well as the way she mothers.  And I thought my mother was an evil hag, good lord.
  • Like her buddy Ronald Trump, Marine has Pluto in the 12th house.  I don’t think that’s necessarily going to end someone who swings as hard as those two do.  The 12th house of undoing is where people can attack from behind your back, you don’t see it coming.  With the Ixion in the  1st house and other factors, I see this as not going to end well for Marine.  Expect her to be taken down by skullduggery from within her ranks, a whistleblower about financial misdealings, something like that.  Her addiction is money and authority.
  • Speaking of her brother from another mother, Donald, Marine has the dark fixed stars Seginus the Guard and Algorab the Crow flanking her Ascendant.  Now it all begins to make sense.  Algorab is a huge family, like crows, who have incarnated together many times because they are of like mind, like energy.  In general they are inclined to grasp at shiny things without regard for need or consequence.  Sometimes you will have nice people with an Algorab contact, like John Oliver has it.  But Roger Stone and Paul Manafort both do, and so does Marine LePen.  A lot of them are really like human crows.  Crows will sometimes work together in a family unit — called a murder of crows, of course — to kill an eagle.  They can work together as a group, use that sort of higher functioning, in pursuit of goals without higher function, like grabbing shiny things because theyr’e shiny.  Like that one crow that was caught robbing vending machines.  He had figured out how to get his beak in there and pull out quarters.  Then he’d fly them to the roof next door, where they found a huge pile.  That’s an Algorab person, the general thing to watch for.
  • Then Seginus the Guard portends ruin through association.  Trump of course has this on Jupiter, which represents the government generally and especially in the chart of a political leader.  It’s safe to say that the names Trump and LePen are equally polarizing, even more than either individual probably knows with their 12th house Pluto placements.  Pluto is what we have generally considered the outer limit of our solar system, beyond which there be dragons.  One side of Pluto is always dark, and it therefore represents the dark side of human experience.  Pushing things to and past their limits.  Sudden, explosive endings.  That sort of thing.  Finality and death.  Polarization.  So that with the Seginus I think is fairly straightforward, her with it right on her Ascendant.  Association with either of them will go down in history like a mark of shame, like affiliation with Hitler or ISIS.  Only the very worst people will admit to it.  I think that’s already well underway.

In sum I say this woman is most likely a grifter like the Trumps and the Netanyahus.  She’s not a Mike Huckabee style social warrior.  She’s more in line with a paternalistic, belt-wielding father who you wouldn’t dare cry to.  Huckabee I’m sure was good to his own kids.  It’s other people’s kids he couldn’t care less about.  Marine is like if my mom and Sarah Palin had a racist French baby.  I expect the people closest to her to bring her down, and them along with her thanks to Seginus.











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