Pat’s Career, Astrosplained

Gentle reader Pat wrote me about her career options.

Pat chart

The basic idea is that this is a runaway Moon chart!  Good lord!   The Moon and Venus are where it’s at for Pat.  She is all about connecting emotionally with other people, forming lasting bonds.

  • The Sun is in Pisces, so the chart is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.
  • This is a locomotive chart with the Sun as the engine.  The Sun is in the 12th house, with Pisces in its own house.  She also has Pisces rising, right on the 29th degree, the very last one of the zodiac.  This is a very dreamy and magical spot, where anything can happen.  It’s when the life experience is as full as it can be.  Can impart a true joie de vivre or lust for life.
  • However that 12th house Sun creates a number of issues discussed more fully in the video.  This will make it difficult for Pat to really let her light shine.  A 12th house Sun is about being on some level un-self-aware, one’s own worst enemy.  With all the water in this chart I’m sure bad moods, particularly loneliness for someone with all this Venus, are the worst thing for Pat.
  • The Moon is at 0 Cancer, right on the IC.  So she’s in her sign and house, ruling the whole roost.  Pat is a sentimental, motherly, homebody type.
  • Venus on the Ascendant is a people-pleaser.  As discussed at length in the video, because of the prominent Moon and the Ascendant-Descendant issues, the theme of this chart is about loss of self, projection, and learning to balance in relationships.
  • The Moon, Mars, and Saturn are all at T-square apices.  So despite Venus on the Ascendant, and the prominent Libra (housing both chart co-rulers!)  With all that Venus Pat is someone who wants to get along, have everything pleasant, harmonious, and well-appointed.   However with the Mars and Saturn T-square apices especially, she will have some anger management to do, and some issues with money.  In general I think she’s good with money, I imagine.   With all that Moon she’s a waste not, want not girl for sure.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • All of her activity is from the 12th through the 7th houses.  Similar to Bob Mercer, this is a person who sort of plays it close to the chest.  She’s not out there trying to change the world.  She might like to meet all of the people, though.  She wants to form lasting bonds with people, many of them.
  • Pat does a number of things, including writing, teaching, sewing, and wood work.  So she was asking which direction to turn.  For expanding one’s horizons or focusing on a career that can be expanded, I look to the 9th and 10th house.  Jupiter is quite prominent in this chart, and I know Pat is a traveler who has immigrated as well as traveling the world.  However her 9th house is pretty empty.  Both the 9th and 10th houses are ruled by Sagittarius, so Pat is fairly outgoing despite the prominent Moon and 12th house Sun, which are both highly introverted.  However all this Venus and Jupiter, those two planets need other people.  I know Pat does well on her own, but she really needs other people to bounce off of.
  • Ultimately I looked to the 7th house of partnership, where Pat has her prominent Jupiter conjunct Juno the Spouse and Chiron.  This tells me a few things.  The overall theme of projecting, reflecting, and loss of self is the key question for this native.  The challenge is to become strong enough within herself to attract the mate that she wants.  Jupiter is always a little over the top.  But Chiron is where things either learn their lessons or die with a smile on their face.  So this is kind of an all-or-nothing situation, where Pat has very high expectations but has other limitations that have made them hard to meet.
  • One of those limitations is the asteroid Borasisi.  It’s not displayed on this chart, sorry.  But it is conjunct Antares.  Borasisi is where we may have drunk the proverbial Kool-Aid.  Pat having this asteroid on Antares — which is a slower-moving, more generational sort of aspect if I’m not mistaken — suggests that she is a product of a certain time and place.  Antares is about toxic masculinity, and Borasisi suggests that she may have internalized the toxic attitudes she was raised with, both in the home and in society in general.  That then of course sets her up to get into toxic relationships as an adult, especially with the Moon and Venus prominence.  Mars is at the head of a T-square in this Venus-intensive chart.  So gender conflict, and integrating the ideas of partnership, are key.
  • I didn’t mention it in the video, but Pat’s Vertex is right on the Descendant, again emphasizing the importance of the idea of partnering with others.
  • My ultimate advice for Pat with respect to her direction is to seek out other women she can partner with, like a cooperative.  It should be something that satisfies her Cancerian, motherly sort of needs — which are extremely strong in this chart.  Pat absolutely needs someone to care for.  I feel like multiple partners may make it easier for her to work through her theme of partnering.  Having them be women will tend to meet the needs of Venus and the Moon.  There should be some focus on things that comfort and nurture, especially children or sick or elderly.  Cancer is that caring nurturer, and Pat will be most satisfied doing something that creates heart connections with others.  It could be anything that creates good will and a supportive atmosphere.
  • Now, Pat may very well have trouble finding and keeping those partnerships.  I’m sure this is quite tricky for her.  With all that Pisces and Moon she’s very intuitive, and probably feels other people so strongly that she loses her boundaries.  This is especially so with the 12th house Sun, and again, all that Moon.  All of those things make us tend to lose perspective on where we end and other people begin.
  • Importantly with the Jupiter and Juno placement I get that Pat would most like to be in a power couple, like the Obamas or the Roosevelts, where each partner is a force to be reckoned with, and together they have synergy.   She wants the relationship to have a life of its own, sort of, like Brangelina.  Jupiter is always larger than life, and Pat has Jupiter and Venus on a rampage.  But hey those two are the benefics, the planets that warm everything and everybody up and get the party started. Pat really needs to have pleasantry, no bickering, someone who can stay in a large mood and help keep her in one, too.  The Moon has her ups and downs, always.  Jupiter is always up.
  • I do feel like Pat can find this sort of relationship, with a larger-than-life husband and a marriage that creates a lasting legacy.   I think that with the complications of past history, childhood conditioning, and chart factors, that the idea of starting with partnering with women to do something meaningful and rewarding, and practicing boundary and intimacy skills that way, Pat can become the person who is ready to have that relationship.  I feel like once she is quite comfortable with her female business partners, and has the long-term rewarding relationships that she wants, she will be a very different person and the right man will flow right to her.  The trick will be not getting upset when things are challenging.  Pat can use her business partners as practice or training for maintaining her boundaries while being unconditionally loving, and of course learning how to be more selective in terms of who she opens herself up to.  This is an extremely sensitive, easily wounded person who is careful not to be crass or unkind.  So it’s very easy to hurt her with careless or thoughtless words or behavior.  Then with the T-squares she will most likely internalize it.

So that’s the challenge, learning the fine balance of boundaries by doing it in a low-stakes way with women friends, working together on things that are worthy and rewarding.  Then she can branch out to having a man in her life with whom she can really have an adventure.  But with that 7th house situation, one way or another Pat must have a partner, at least one.





2 thoughts on “Pat’s Career, Astrosplained

  1. what a spot on interpretation but can say I have learned to set good boundaries, stop giving to others before myself, Very happy with your insight ❤

  2. How do I contact you? I’d like to order an astrosplained report for myself. Your work is extraordinary and much more in depth than I’ve experienced anywhere.

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