Beto O’Rourke, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

I’m branching out into Astrosplaining people of general interest, not just people whose awfulness freaks me out.  It’s a new kick I’m on.  I’m actually neutral on Beto.  I’m too old and snake bit to fall in love with him, is what it is.  He’s definitely better than Ted Cruz, the second-worst Ted of all time after Nugent.  But pretty much anyone running as a Democrat also gets a well-deserved side-eye from me.  All these years later Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley are still calling the shots. Anybody that inept is complicit IMHO.  There’s no excuse.

Just for fair warning,though I am a progressive and support the full swing to the left I am not one to blow sunshine up your butt.  I call them like I see them.  I’m too old to play games.  And I’ve never had enough extra energy to lie.  But that puts me at odds with society, when I’m a cynical GenX buzzkill.

Anyway with the midterms rapidly approaching I figured I should review the players in the game to help those of you in America make your electoral decisions.  So let’s start with Beto.

beto o'rourke chart

First order of business, I really do wish I had a birth time for both Beto and Ted “Soup’s On” Cruz.   It would be lovely to know where his houses and angles are.

The first thing, the Sun is early in Libra.  That makes this a Venus-ruled chart, and that makes perfect sense to me.  The whole thing with Beto is his likability versus his opponent.  Venus is a people pleaser.  Back in Chicago we called guys like this “honey dipped,” because women would just stick to him like flies.  Russell Brand has this, too.  The charming factor.  This is a super unfortunate opponent for the man they call “blob fish.”  When Cruz tried to use that picture of Beto in a dress from his punk band days, look how that blew up on him.  Women love this guy.

Then the Moon is in Taurus, conjunct the famous blinking demon Algol.   So both of Beto’s luminaries are ruled by Venus.  This will very much add to the honey dipped nature of this chart, the ability to see himself reflected in others with this explosive Moon.  Algol is where we take the lid off of Pandora’s box.  Algol can take the native anywhere they want to go, open them up to untold exploration.  But as with any such high-voltage influence, any loss of integrity will have dire results.  It’s like driving:  any mistake you make while speeding has much worse consequences the faster you’re going.  As a paramedic any helladocious wreck I ever went on — the kind where we searched for bodies in the treeline — excessive speed was a factor.  Astrology is the same.

Without being able to see the angles and houses, Venus and the Moon are the only strong planets in this chart.  This person is more of a mirror than anything else.  Of course there’s more to it.  I don’t have the houses and angles.  But this is what I can see for now.

Venus herself, the chart ruler, is in Leo.  This is a little unfortunate because it puts her at a minor hard angle to the Sun, and they are in mutual reception, placed in each other’s signs, guests in each other’s homes.   This automatically sets the chart off on a superficial footing.  This is not a huge sin.  But again I’m not one to blow smoke.  I’m giving you what I actually see and comparing with what I know.  It just feels weird doing it to someone I don’t hate.  Full disclosure!

Also Venus is less than a degree off of an interesting fixed star called Ras Elased Borealis.  Quote from Jamie Partridge at the linked site:

“Credited with properties such as conveying higher spiritual gifts of the Logos to those men who are able to conceive them. In primitive natives, this star may become a danger, if bound up with a poorly placed Saturn or Neptune, severe psychological depressions are indicated and possibly even suicide. In conjunction with a ‘strongly’ placed Mars, the Lion’s Head will make for feverish diseases and if conjunct with Uranus, dangers of accidents are present. Bismarck had this fixed star positioned exactly conjunct his Ascendant; this fact as well as the part played by other configurations gave this chancellor his mental superiority.” [3]

This star is not used as much in astrology as Ras Elased Australis. I used though, it gives the quality of looking carefully at a situation before forging ahead into it.  [Emphasis mine/Artnunymiss] [4]

I feel like having this on the very prominent Venus is auspicious, giving this walking candycane possibly the depth and grit to pursue what he’s up for.  A little Saturn and Mars will not hurt this boy, though his Mars is combust in passive-aggressive Virgo.  Although  Beto has other factors that could make him quite the greedy hot mess, which I’ll get to.  But overall my concern with him is superficiality and lack of core conviction. That isn’t necessarily affected directly by  the Ras Elasad placement, per se, but it suggests he may be okay in that department.  Better conditions for integrity than I would otherwise expect.

So before I get to the other bits of the chart let me note a couple of things that pop out.

  • With about 155 degrees of empty space, I am calling this a locomotive chart with a Moon engine and  Jupiter caboose.  That initially looked backwards to me, like someone who is trying to overturn the political apple cart should have strong Jupiter and be less feely.  They usually have strong Saturn, too.  Jupiter is about the fractal nature of humanity, where the all are the One and the One is the all.  All humans are basically the same thing, with myriad variations.  That’s why one can represent many, as discussed here.  That said the “bull’s eye,” that psychic itch that propels the native, is about 80 degrees into the middle, so right about where we see asteroids Honeycutt and Texas.  Honeycutt is about a sense of  entitlement to more than one’s share.   I think that’s a Texas thing, kind of.So I kind of actually like this locomotive the more I look at it.  Being led by the Moon — the ability to see oneself in others and reflect them back — is sort of the opposite of the way it’s usually done.  Normally it’s the raging Jupiter, the tendency to think of oneself as an icon for all humanity, that drives politicians.  Beto’s placement is about a gut-level connection, especially within the extreme Venus chart.  Venus is, again, all about other people, connecting emotionally, socially, and in all ways.  With Venus and the Moon, Beto’s heart is in this, in other words.  He leads with his heart and gut always.  The Jupiter caboose suggests less selfishness overall, more desire to speak the actual voices he hears from Texans.  Honeycutt on Texas suggests he will be an excellent advocate for his state, fighting for everything he can get for them.
  • Beto has Pholus opposition Regulus, with both Machiavelli and Pinocchio on it.  The obvious symbolism of all this gives me cause for pause.  Pinocchio will never be a real boy, like Duncan Hunter.  Machiavelli refers to social climbing, again.  And Regulus is where what goes up must come down.  I think that even with strong integrity a Regulus contact will bring some sort of a crushing blow.  Basically if Beto lies or plays games, he’s done, son.  If he has really strong integrity he could be  a tremendous fighter for the good of all, really living vicariously through the people he can uplift.  I would personally love to see that model for politicians, where they are personally emotionally invested in the love and happiness of their constituents.  No shit.
  • This cluster of influences (Pholus opposition Regulus, Machiavelli, Pinocchio) could mean that he’s a big transparency advocate, yearning to scream about the naked emperor.  However Pholus is square Neptune, suggesting that Beto may have some secrets.  If he does, with the Algol contact that will wreck him even if the Regulus doesn’t.  Or it could mean that he can be blocked by the powers that be – they know something he doesn’t know, they’re guarding their precious treasure.  So if he has good integrity, then this would be a tremendous benefit to people like me.  Used with good integrity this would look like beating the devil at his own game, by tricking or outmaneuvering him.
  • Varuna is opposite Neptune.  Varuna is about being an influencer.  Neptune is about illusions, show business, and propaganda, as well as true divine inspiration.  So Beto could be gifted with story structure, in terms of knowing how to get big ideas across in a way that people immediately grasp on a gut level.  I expect that to be his superpower, especially in person, one on one.  Or he could be one that can spin up amazingly delicious bullshit.  I’m a Schroedinger’s cat person, IMO it’s always this AND that, not OR that.  The problem with gurus, you really have to feel through your own integrity to know whether or not they are for real.  With Beto’s superpower Venus Moon, he should be only the world’s greatest bullshitter.  He can make you love him.  So is that Varuna something you can believe in?  Is it safe to swim in his eyes?  You know you want to.  But I can’t answer for you.  Use your Neptune and find him in the ethers (where it’s okay to kiss him if you want to!)
  • Beto also has Eris on Chiron, which  is something else I like to see, and it’s in Aries.  Now, that is opposition his Ceres on Algorab the Crow.  That’s one of the questionable things in this chart.  Those two things don’t really bode well for me in terms of possible financial greed or self-enrichment.  The Moon locomotive engine is very strong, but she’s dancing to Venus’ tune in Taurus — Venus’ more money-oriented sign.  Venus has two major pitfalls:  1. she’s generally lazy and selfish, and 2. she’s superficial, not a stickler on any principle but surface pleasantry — the bourgeois archetype, especially in Taurus.  So the Algorab contact gives me an automatic red flag.  (I will discuss the financially questionable stuff together below.)
    The suggestion here, the important bit for me, is Eris.  Eris the Female Agitator is a welcome presence in American politics right now IMHO.  That picture of Beto in a dress totally blew up in Ted’s face like one of those trick cigars from the 1950s, back when everything was hilarious.
  • The Chiron placement suggests that this is very, very strongly motivating for Beto — especially since it’s opposite Ceres.  Ceres opposite Chiron is an explosive element, especially in Mars’ aggressive sign of Aries.  Ceres would go to hell and back to make something happen.  Chiron would blow up the whole planet to make it happen.
    Beto’s Mars and Pluto are both combust, making him more cactus-like than you might think.  However this could also be a real problem, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing situation.  Mr. Nice Guy has Pluto and Mars cooked into the sauce.  But again this is Texas, where their motto is “Don’t Mess With Texas.”  Growing up in Illinois we had a nothing rivalry with Wisconsin, where we were just kind of randomly dickish on principle.  But it was never like, “Now entering Illinois at your own risk.  Beware of Dog.” Or “Don’t even think about it, Indiana!”  Or “Hey Iowa, stay on your own side OR ELSE!”   Texas is just highly aggro in general.  Like they just voted not to teach about Hellen Keller anymore, because Texas.
    But yeah that Pluto and Mars combust layout gives me cause for pause with the Regulus/Machiavelli/Pinocchio kerfuffle.  Beto is that charming Libra who is secretly a truly vicious Scorpio, sort of.  That also makes him even sexier, seemingly less threatening, because his horns and pitchfork are hidden in the corona.  It makes him 50 Shades-adjacent, mysterious and sexy.  Not so much trustworthy.
  • I note that Beto has Vesta the True Believer on the same degree as my Mercury, 15 Gemini.  For me this manifests in depression, flashbacks, and other side-effects of my PTSD, needing to work very hard and train myself not to freak out.  I imagine in this chart it might create some paranoia and vengeance, especially with the Mars and Pluto combustion and the loss of boundaries of the Venus-Moon chart.  The Kozminsky symbol:
    15º Gemini: A wounded soldier drawing an arrow from his arm. A dog is howling near-by.
    Denotes one of martial and impulsive nature who is liable to suffer from his restless temperament. His imagination is prolific, but apt to run into wrong grooves and useless pathways. To such, self-restraint and mental training is necessary, and a determination to employ his martial powers for high achievements. It is a symbol of Restlessness.
  • So a few things concern me about Beto possibly being a bit of a grifter.  First of all note asteroid Gold right on Antares.  This is an opportunity to be less reactionary and more dimensional in my astrology, which I love.  The linked post shows how to look at the toxicity/leadership in a chart.  Any contact on either point automatically lights up the full spectrum of the issue at hand (in this case Gold, which is a minor asteroid but hold that thought).  Especially with an Algol/Pandora’s box contact, which is much stronger than asteroid Pandora would be because of the magnitude of Algol.
  • Everything really hinges on who Beto decides to be, whether he holds anything sacred or not, how well his Neptune functions.  That’s the same with everyone, though in certain charts you can see that someone has prevented their Neptune or Venus or Moon from working, shutting off everything but the ego and head mind.  Beto’s Neptune is okay, except it’s on the Moon’s (and thus Venus’) agenda.  That Algol Moon is nothing to toy with.  Water is about emotions, and Moon people meet others at their gut level.  It’s a natural proclivity to empathize — and with all this Venus synch with others — that can be hard to stop.  So there’s a real temptation for Beto to have emotional experiences that nobody else would want to have, to meet people that others would definitely avoid — like Ted Cruz.  Algol leaves no stone unturned, and for Beto that’s emotional his rampaging Venus Moon. He wants everybody to love him, 100 percent.  The Taurus Moon is the matriarch, the queen mum.  I mean there are umpteen wacky asteroids I could check to see if anything is near Neptune but I really don’t have time.  I think the Gold, Machiavelli, and Pinocchio hits are make or break.  If Beto was loved enough, be decent enough people, is strong enough in his sense of self to not need to be a controlling, manipulative, entitled douche (Mars-Pluto combust) then he could be a total demon slayer of this game he’s playing, like the Duncan MacLeod of Texas.  Either way, whether he champions Texans or betrays them, Beto will pay his dues because of the Regulus contact.  He will not go unscathed.
  • Beto’s Neptune is generally looking good.  This is an instance where I think some minor negative aspects from Neptune are actually helpful.  If you look at the little graph below the chart, you’ll see that Neptune has an opposition to the Moon.  This can blur the lines of reality and projection somewhat.  But those two planets are both heart-mind, and they are both fully engaged because of this contact.  So that keeps Beto more human overall, I think.  Although if he’s a closet drunk or something, it will make him completely nuts.  It should make him non-stop intuitive, enhancing his Libra Sun especially with that sextile.  No contact to Venus herself, so there can be a bit of losing himself in the reflecting off of others as we see with both Gentle Reader Pat (how do you do?) and Gentle Reader Sandy (g’day).
  • The other two minors coming from Neptune are those little of things that are unlikely to ever be resolved, internal irreconcilable differences.  Beto has nowhere near as much of this as Brett “Pants On Fire In Both Senses Of The Phrase” Kavanaugh.  One is to Uranus, the I Gotta Be Me weirdo.  So when push comes down to shove, Beto will drink the Kool-Aid.  He wants to be loved more than push any principle.  This is predictable within this Venus-intensive chart.
    The other hard angle from Beto’s Neptune is a sesquare to Chiron.  This will tend to keep Beto inside lines, I think.  Beto has a more superficial-level chart with the Venus emphasis.  Jupiter is at 1 degree Capricorn, and opposite his Saturn.  So Saturn is somewhat disempowered in Gemini, making this a less-greedy native in general, money is more of an abstract principle maybe.  But it will also I would think tend to rein in the spending urge, keeping Jupiter from blowing all the way up in hard-knocks Capricorn.  Overall I see these minor hard angles to Neptune not being an integrity issue in terms of his government service.  They suggest that he will err in the other direction, of wanting to be loved by all more than insisting on anything.







5 thoughts on “Beto O’Rourke, Astrosplained

  1. Excellent article. I feel Beto is not strong enough, coherent enough, to become president. The square between Mars and Saturn concerns me. My impression is that he will flounder before reaching his goal or become overwhelmed by it. But those are just impressions.

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