How to Attack Chuck Grassley, Astrosplained


chuck grassley oppo research

  • Lacrimosa at 0 Taurus suggests you can make Grassley’s home life unhappy.  He’s very territorial.  I’m sure he expects to enjoy his peace and privacy despite what he does for a living.  I’m sure he’s wrong.  Fuck with his peace and quiet any chance you can within the law.  Make his family unhappy to be connected to him.
  • Moon on Regulus, this guy is very fickle, very changeable and moody.  With his Virgo stellium he does not like to be contacted.  He wants to maintain his distance, which he does with the famous air of incredulity, refusal to engage others beyond his thoughts and judgments.  So if you can do something like gently lay your hand on his arm to speak to him, that gets under his defenses and anything you say will totally fuck with him.  Don’t do any violence.  But if you can somehow make him relate to what you’re saying, like tell your story as if it was happening to his grandchild, that’s a win.
  • With his Saturn and Uranus/Aquarius, it’s all a bit of an abstract concept for Chuck.  He’s blissfully unaware of how his policies play out in real life.  Destroy that illusion.  Let him ground himself in your reality.  Force him to do so.  Bombard him with gory details of sexual abuse like a fire hose.  They should be very personal and inescapable.
  • Grassley has Nemesis the Enemy conjunct Mercury and combust, in the Sun’s corona.  With the ruling extreme Mercury, Chuckles is his own worst enemy.  The Regulus contact ensures that he has sealed his own fate.  With Regulus his own breached integrity will crush him, like it did Harvey Weinstein.  He just has no idea, so oblivious to what a messy bitch he is.
  • Sphinx at 5 Cancer, his secrets involve early childhood and possibly his father.
  • Icarus on Spica, God’s Spotlight.  This is almost self-explanatory.  Icarus’ father, Daedalus, was a master craftsman who made bird wings.  he warned Icarus not to go too close to the Sun.  But of course the boy did, and the wax that was holding it together melted, and he crashed and died.  This plus the Regulus contact make it a done deal IMO.  Self-destruction in 5, 4, 3….
  • Lacrimosa on Uranus suggests it is on some level deeply painful for Grassley what an old fartbag he is, how “outside looking in” he will always be.  Make him feel alienated and irrelevant.  Shun him.
  • Achilles late in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  I wish I had houses and angles for this guy.  Anyway this speaks to his deeply aggressive, ruthless, sneakiness.   He has definitely done a ton of that, should be easy to catch him in all kinds of shady crap if we do a little digging.  Research his staff, find out who they are and what they’re up to.   Scorpio is everything covert and secretive.  Push Grassley into the light of day.

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