How to Attack Jeff Flake, Astrosplained

Jeff Flake oppo research

  • I note that Mormons have an inordinate amount of voice in this conversation; Flake and Hatch are Mormons, Crapo went to Brigham Young (suggesting he’s Mormon or at least Mormon-educated) Lee represents Utah, therefore is the voice of Mormons.  People outside the United States may have difficulty understanding what a tiny minority of the country they are — actually all of the Republicans together only comprise like 25 percent of the population.  Morms are a fraction of that.  So if you’re Mormon, nothing personal but your religion is a bit of a fascist cult.  Brett Kavanaugh should be wholly unacceptable to any Mormon if there was a shred of honesty.  There isn’t.  It’s about controlling women.
  • Try to haunt Jeff Flake’s dreams, impact his vulnerable Moon.  Tell him things he can’t get out of his mind.  Give him horrifying true facts, as many as possible.
  • Nemesis is near Saturn in Aquarius.   This is about random chances, like catching Jeff Flake in an Elevator.  Go for the wild card.  Take the longshot chance to fuck with him.
  • Karma and Dolores in Leo suggest that shame, embarrassment, mockery, will all be horribly painful to his ego.
  • Flake probably knows some dirty secrets of his dirty asshole father, Jake Flake.  Potential avenue of attack:  father’s potential financial misconduct that he knows about.
  • Niobe at 0 Aries suggests leaping before you look, causing the loss of everything.
  • With Grieve on Venus I suspect that this has driven a wedge between Jeff and the women in his life.  Anything you can do to drive friction between Jeff and the women he cares about (not recommending any sort of illegal behavior) will be effective.


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