Mohamed Bin Salman, Astrosplained

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I’m not going to pretend this is funny at all, sorry.  Here’s some factual information about Mohamed Bin Salman.  I’ve also looked at the chart of Jair Bolsonaro, another one there’s really nothing funny about.  Hopefully I’ll get to him soon.  Anyway for viewers who are able to see this (sorry, I wish everything were available everywhere) Last Week Tonight did a great job with some more background.

Mohamed BinSalman chart

  • The Sun is in Virgo, making Mercury the chart ruler.  Mercury is in Leo, giving mutual reception with the Sun.  This is a person who is very self-aware, identifying with the conscious portion of his life, his thoughts and words.
  • Venus, Ceres, Orcus, Mercury, and Mars are all in Leo, ruled by the Sun.  It’s fortunate for him to have been born in the Saudi royal family, because with this much Leo he wants tons of attention.  In my experience very few people with this much Leo are fun to be around with.  It’s all about them, always.
  • Mercury is the chart ruler, because the Sun is in his sign of Virgo.  With a ruling Mercury we look for intellectual bandwidth.  So Mohamed is certainly one for the top of the class, even if his parents wouldn’t have had the teacher beheaded for giving him a bad grade.  He’s clever enough, but not a brainiac on steroids like Ben Carson.  Because of the mutual reception with the Sun, and the loaded sign of Leo, I feel like the Sun is a co-ruler, actually stronger than Mercury.  It’s more about his ego and sense of entitlement to rule than about his clever strategies or whatever.  It’s extremely personal for him, which I guess makes sense because he was born to that position.  I really can’t imagine what it’s like to be born in any royal family, much less that one.
  • I’m calling this a locomotive chart with a Venus engine and Moon caboose. This is highly unfortunate.  Those are the two softening planets, where one might be loving and vulnerable.  Those are the two passive planets, the ones who reflect others.  Having such a horribly impacted Moon does not bode well in a chart with all that Leo.  He’s all talk, no listen.
  • I would call Mohamed’s Moon a train wreck of misery.  If you only look at two planets in a chart, make it the Sun and the Moon.  Then you can factor in the fate or destiny, the hand the native was dealt, and see how they will work with it both consciously and unconsciously.  The Moon is about the things we can’t control in life, like our dreams, fear of spiders, and shame about that disgusting baby toenail.  The big problem with this whole chart, where it goes horribly wrong, is the Moon.  His Moon has a number of very unfortunate aspects.  The square to Uranus will make him likely unable to accept his own weirdness, unable to really feel like he fits in.  Moon square to Chiron will give self-destructive intensity, moods that can go to hell and back.  The allegation of him sending a team of 15 people with a bone saw to commit a murder of a guy who was trying to get married makes perfect sense.  If you make him mad, he will go as far over the top as he possibly can, because Chiron.  His Moon must be extremely tender, always.  I expect him to be very tender, extremely easily wounded.  I will talk more about the Moon below.
  • Mohammed has that thing I call the “skull and crossbones,” where I see criss-crossing inconjuncts, shown in the dashed green lines.  Anytime you have an inconjunct, it’s sort of like people riding on a crowded bus together.  They’re coexisting and cooperating because they have to, but there’s no real communication.  I’ve noticed this criss-cross pattern in a lot of antisocial people, and haven’t yet seen it in anyone I thought was wonderful, so it’s a working theory.  My sense of the skull and bones is that it’s like an internal way to avoid communicating with other people.  Maybe there’s a way of compartmentalizing that allows them to negate others, or an unwillingness or inability to communicate past a point.  It may be the sort of thing where they’re simply not wired to fully integrate.  Melania has this, as well as Nikolas Cruz and Chuck Grassley (IIRC), among many others.
  • Mohammed’s Moon has a number of problems, not the least of which are the hard minor angles to Venus and Pluto, the sesquares shown in the dotted lines.  See how if those were inconjuncts the Moon would have a yod?  But the difference between the dashed and dotted lines is that the inconjuncts are — like the passengers in the bus analogy — cooperating.  With the fragments of squares you have irreconcilable differences, places where integration is very unlikely to occur.  So having the Moon in that relationship to both Venus and Pluto is disastrous IMO.  Venus is about other people, and the Moon is how we reflect others naturally.  This horribly impacted Moon means Mohammed probably takes up all the oxygen in every room he’s in.  He’s not able to reflect others even a little bit, they must always reflect him.
  • The Moon-Pluto sesquare exacerbates the above issue.  Pluto is where we find control issues, and with the Moon’s tendency to project and take everything personally, this adds a vicious intensity to the chart, a rough edge that is unlikely to ever be filed down.  With Pluto we look for covert, sneaky, vindictive, ruthless behavior like what we saw with Jamal Khashoggi.  Utterly perverse in its treachery.  With this Pluto Moon Mohammed is someone who cannot be just slightly offended.  He does not forgive or forget.  Pluto loves vengeance and his Pluto is strong.
  • With Venus and Ceres the Earth Mother both in Leo, there’s that baseline sense of entitlement to fealty.  His sense of royalty was literally bottle-fed.  Again, this is his fate, the condition of his birth.  I look at the free will portion, like balancing the choices I know he has made off of what I can see in his birth chart.  So this Venus and Ceres in Leo is an extremely exaggerated sense of entitlement, is the only way I can describe it.  Ceres reflects not only the native’s mother and the way he was cared for, but the relationship to the Earth herself.  Venus is about where we love and are loved, and specifically the emotional, social, and financial support we receive from other people.  This guy was born with all of that on a silver spoon, due to his family’s oil wealth — ruled by Ceres, because it was extracted from the Earth.  Ceres is also where we see extreme motivation, willingness to tear the Earth apart to get what you want.  In this case I take it to represent his family’s oil wealth, that’s pretty on the nose.
  • Orcus is also right there with Ceres and Venus.  Orcus is another newer body that I am only learning now.  But I understand it to be about order versus chaos, finding clarity through process.  I take this placement to reflect both the extreme destiny he was born into and the after-effects of his life.  I expect Saudi life to be completely reordered and reorganized as a result of his tenure.
  • Vesta, Ixion, and Quaoar are all right together in Scorpio.  Vesta is the True Believer, the temple virgin who will not allow certain lines to be crossed.  Ixion is about trust issues within the family, using and abusing the ones who love and trust you.  I’m not as familiar with Quaoar, but it has to do with death and transformation, much like Pluto except possibly focusing on the transformation part rather than the death.  Anyway the three of those together seem pretty explosive to me, especially right in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mohammed’s Pluto is really problematic IMO.
  • Mohammed has asteroid Gold conjunct Chiron and Pallas the Field Marshal in Mercury’s other sign of Gemini.  I don’t feel like Gold is a major enough asteroid, or close enough to Aldebaran, to have a contact.  So I’m just looking at those three together, the combination of money, strategy, and not knowing when to quit.  With the strong Sun and very dark Pluto in this chart, I feel like this does not bode well.  This is a very egotistical, very self-centered, utterly vicious person.  The Gemini placement gives this more bandwidth than he would otherwise have, makes him a bit more clever in his strategies in particular.  He’s a detail guy with the Sun in Virgo, very picky, wants to cover every angle — like sending not 1 or even 3 assassins, but 15 guys with a bone saw.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius could be a good thing in a political leader.  Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, would give Jupiter a way to put his position to good use, a wide-angle lens on society and the needs of his people.  An Aquarian leader is more concerned with fairness, possibly more of an impartial judge because he wouldn’t be all tangled up in the dark feelings of the Moon and Pluto like Mohammed is.   A little more Uranus wouldn’t hurt this guy at all, make him just a bit more detached, less likely to take every little thing as a huge personal affront, quicker to let the opinions of other people go.  However Mohammed has Jupiter inconjunct the Sun.  As I described the inconjuncts above, there’s no real communication.  In this case the Sun is always the central planet in any chart, just like the solar system.  So I read that Jupiter, representing the government and how one person represents many, as being semi-invisible to Mohammed due to the intensity of his Sun, his ego.  In short the intense destiny shown in the Venus/Ceres conjunction, the whole Leo shebang, none of that translates into a sense of duty or obligation to the subjects.  Zero.  It’s all about him.  The people of his kingdom are there for his ego needs, not the other way around.
  • The North Node is at 11 Taurus, right there close to the psychic itchy spot, the center of the empty bit in the locomotive chart.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  When the planets cannot easily access a large area of the chart, it becomes like an itchy spot on your back that you can’t quite reach, a focal point in its absence.  The North Node is always a perfected spot in any chart, the karmic end point of the life.  That’s not to say the death, but what the native will have learned at the end of it all, how this life will affect their larger soul within the context of all of their lives.  There’s a certain perfection in this, that he is exactly who he needs to be to create the rebirth seen in Orcus and Quaoar.  I see that his desire to remodel any society will be in his own image because of the Sun.  With the Quaoar/Ixion/Vesta placement in Scorpio his design will be a dark, arbitrary, authoritarian one.  However the placement of Orcus with Venus and Ceres is a ray of hope, or could be.  Some order could truly arise from the chaos he intends.
  • Lastly Neptune, our good buddy who shows us how much integrity a person might have, how important it is for them to integrate their life’s experiences.  I define integrity not so much as truthfulness, but integration.  I think of structural integrity, like a bridge, where there is wholeness, the foundation is sound and the road can be traveled.  0 Capricorn is an odd placement for Neptune IMO, because they sort of do opposite things in a way.  Neptune is where everything merges together, like a fish that dies and breaks down in the ocean.  Neptune reminds me that the glass of water I’m drinking has always been on this planet in some form.  This is a closed system, where nothing ever appears or disappears, things only change shape.  That’s a lot of blah blah blah I know.  But what I’m saying is that everything you do comes back to you.  With a busted Neptune, people don’t get that.  They get caught astray in the greedy authoritarianism of Saturn or the backstabbing sadism of Pluto.   Here Neptune is inconjunct Venus, the third-strongest planet in the chart.  On some level Mohammed probably doesn’t feel like he will ever have to answer to anyone.  He rules the country housing the two most sacred shrines in his religion.  With his Leo I’m sure he has a bit of a God complex — though I’m sure he rationalizes it as destiny/politics/whatever.  But there’s no chance that he feels answerable in any way to mere mortals.



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  1. Interesting to watch this one. Pity the video not available in Oz but the pic shows Trump not too happy so would be curious to the outcome of that meeting

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