Cesar Sayoc, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

It has come to my attention that I am addicted to looking at the charts of very unhealthy people.  Here I go again.

cesar Sayoc chart

    With the Sun in Pisces there are two co-rulers:  Neptune and Jupiter.  Neptune, which is in terrible shape here, is the dominant of the two.  But the plot thickens considerably from there.

  • Each of the co-rulers has two co-rulers which are also strong.  Neptune in Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Pluto is at the head of a yod, and Mars is conjunct Mercury and ruling Venus and Neptune, again the co-ruler.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  Saturn is there in his own sign of Aquarius, opposing the Moon, square Neptune and WhiteRabbit.  Uranus is in Leo, conjunct Regulus.  His Uranus is prominent and complicated, not necessarily strong.  Same with his Saturn, actually.  Prominent and complicated.
  • The Moon is conjunct the North Node at 17 Leo.  Leo is kind of an odd place for the Moon, ruled by the Sun and all.  It will tend to make the person moodier and less self-aware, I would think.  I don’t know a lot of Leo moons.  But it seems to me that having the ego set the tone for the shadow self may not be the best arrangement.  The Moon is that dark part of ourselves that we can’t quite control.  With this guy’s Pluto the control issues are definitely in play.  The Moon is in a T-square with Saturn and Neptune at the apex.  Both of those planets are much stronger than the Moon.  The Moon is trine to Venus, the other disempowered personal planet.  There’s  a lot of gender conflict in this chart, very toxic masculinity.  This Moon is going to need a lot of attention and adoration, to command or demand respect, especially with this Pluto.  So on the one hand with his Neptune and Uranus he needs to very much stay all in his own little world.  But he needs a certain amount of attention, too.  With his raging Mars he has a lot of energy, probably masturbates 10 times a day, probably needs to work out a lot so he doesn’t get into physical fights.  All of this plays poorly with this attention-seeking, ego-driven Moon.  This is a very conflict driven-guy, no rest in his ego-focused Moon.
  • This is a bucket chart with a Neptune handle.  The inner life is where it’s at for this guy.   At first I felt like this was a bit of an extravert because of the prominent Leo and the Jupiter co-ruler.  But his Jupiter is actually a bit lost in the mix, I think.  I think his inner life is overwhelming, consuming.  His Neptune is in really bad shape, and so is his Moon.  Neptune is where we find our higher wisdom, where we can be led by our highest selves.  I don’t see any real opportunity for this native to do that.  While his whole life hinges around that idea, with the Sun in a sesquare to Neptune there’s very little chance of the life he manifests accurately reflecting his highest and best self.  I’ll talk more about this below.  But Neptune is the key planet in this chart, and it’s in terrible condition.
  • Saturn is strong, co-ruling Jupiter and also placed in his own sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is the less grounded of Saturn’s signs, and Uranus’ influence can’t be overlooked here as it’s on fixed star Regulus as well as co-ruling one of the chart’s co-rulers.  However Saturn is also inconjunct Pluto, putting this guy’s mean streak and control issues at odds with his financial well-being.   Like it’s just not smart to tell your boss she’s going to hell because she’s a lesbian.  I can see this guy stating that to her as a fact, with the Saturn in Aquarius.  He has wide-angle ideas about how humanity works.  With his busted Venus, Moon, and Neptune there’s very little chance he could empathize with how that sounded to her.  Obviously that sort of thing might narrow your field of employment options and end up with you living in a van.
  • If Saturn has you living in a van, Uranus has you living in a #Vanifesto.
    Trump‘s hair, John Bolton‘s mustache, and the Vanifesto are all classic Uranus situations.  For one thing Uranus was castrated, and there’s a distinct non-connection with women in particular.  But Venus represents not only women, but really all people.  So Uranus has great difficulty connecting with others.  Uranus experiences humanity as an abstract concept, and expects other people to reach out and meet him where he’s at, deal with him on his own terms.  There is a marked lack of empathy with Uranus, and especially when Saturn is strong as it is here, Aquarius can be very arbitrary and intractable.   Anyway I feel like the Uranian presence is clear and marked in this case.  With the Regulus contact this is one who on some level feels entitled to the royal treatment, to being met where he’s at.  But any fixed star contact is a disaster with compromised integrity.  It’s an extremely powerful tool, and if you’re not strong enough to use it well, you will suffer.  This guy’s Neptune is in deep poop.  So it all goes awry from there.  I’m sure Trump resonates for the Regulus crowd, they can relate to his entitlement and Versailles in the sky lifestyle.
  • With busted Neptune and strong Saturn, I’ve learned to look for a grifter.  I see this in Melania Trump, the Netanyahus, Jared Kushner, bunches more if I look back.  Pretty sure Ryan Zinke fits that bill, Jeff Sessions.  But don’t quote me.  (She says, in writing.)  Cesar is said to have large quantities of men’s clothing for sale in the Vanifesto.  That’s a very Uranian thing to do, choose “Trump branded men’s athletic wear” as your financial strategy.  So out in left field.  It won’t surprise me if these things are stolen.  He has a long arrest record, which I expect to involve weird scams.
  • With his problematic Neptune and Moon Cesar is at high risk for drunk driving or other self-destructive substance-related behavior, mood-related binge drinking, extreme mood swings, paranoia (especially with this big Pluto), insomnia, may be haunted by recurring nightmares or flashbacks.  Troubled Neptune reaches for a fantasy world, one way or another.  Reminds me a bit of Dr. Ronny Jackson, remember him?  With WhiteRabbit on Neptune especially look for substance abuse.  It would not surprise me if Cesar hears demons belittling him like my dear Wesley Willis did.  In this case with the Mercury/Mars/Chiron conjunction I would expect this to be attacks on his masculinity in particular.  Chiron suggests Cesar is a guy who would almost guaranteed rather be dead than openly gay.  With Mercury it’s especially people thinking or saying he’s gay that would probably blow his gaskets.  I noted that he’s half Filipino and half Italian.  I don’t know many Filipinos.  But from my personal experience speaking Italically,  I’m sure my dad was a closeted gay man.  Our culture made that something he could not accept about himself.  He also wasted his life driving around in a freaky, filthy van that people would take pictures of, alienating people with the weird shit he would say and do.  My dad hated gays, people of color, and feminists, would have LOVED Trump.
  • The gender conflict is seen in both his Mars and Venus.  Ladies first.  Cesar has Venus conjunct Eris the Bomb Thrower (!) and Pallas the Field Marshal.  Eris is known as the goddess of discord, because hey classical mythology was not defined by women.  If you read the Wiki about Eris linked above you will see that she’s the mischief maker, the one who creates competition, the one who can’t play nice so has to be excluded from the party.  (I was slightly wrong in the video thinking it was a beauty contest, but only slightly.)  My read and understanding of the whole thing, even after correcting my factual understanding of the Greco-Roman situation, I still see her as a feminist clarity principle.  The only reason she was able to sow discord was because of the competition that already existed among the goddesses.  If they all weren’t vying for the approval of the alpha male, the apple throwing would have been a non-issue.  So the mean girls snubbed her, and she let them blow each other up.  I can relate.  Anyway Venus obviously represents not only the ability to love and be loved, the ability to have people in your life generally, but you know, women.  Then Pallas is a hypermasculine goddess, the Field Marshal.  She was not born of a woman but emerged from her father’s head a fully formed adult.  So she is a female archetype who is not bogged down with emotionality or vulnerability, a Field Marshal.  She does what needs to be done, because it needs doing.  All of this is happening in Mars’ sign of Aries, which makes this conjoined trio a bit of a nightmare, because of the imbalance in the chart generally and the perfect storm of non-relability.  Venus does not do well in Aries, opposite her happy home of Libra.  Venus is out of her element here, and worse yet she’s with extremely tough girls, like Peshmerga women.  The only thing Venus would like about the picture below (which I LOVE) would be that one girl has make-up.  Venus likes going to parties and making cocktail chat, not coming after bad men with machine guns.
  • Mars is conjunct Mercury and Chiron, also in Pisces with the Sun but over on the other end.  So Mars and Mercury together are generally one who acts before he thinks, leaps before he looks.  Mars of course is the God of War, the walking hard-on.  (Gavin McInnes has Mars combust, in the Sun’s corona and integral to his identity.)  With Mars and Mercury together I expect masculinity to be on his mind and in his communication a lot, many ideas and discussions about what it means to be a man.  My dad and uncle used to bust each other’s balls constantly, and I expect that this guy did plenty of random ball-busting just as a way of communicating.  Within a certain macho subset this takes the place of things like “hey, how are you?” and “What have you been up to?”  That’s not a manly thing, caring about other people’s lives.  Sadly I’m not really joking here, but describing my actual family, and Cesar is one of ours. So Chiron is where things can get really self-destructive.  Obviously this guy has blown his life up.  He has experienced the classic Regulus downfall where your poor integrity brings everything crashing down on you.  Chiron is about not knowing when to quit.  I think the toxic masculinity is the clear culprit here.  Remember also that Mars is co-ruling the unfortunate Neptune situation in Scorpio.  It has everything to do with his manhood.
  • I believe Mercury, Mars, and Chiron are also conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut.  Fomalhaut is said to give an immortal name.  It’s about perspective and insight, and with the Uranus in this chart I’m sure this guy had some very far-out insights.  I believe the immortal name idea comes from the sort of penetrating mind that one would have with this star.  Natalia Veselnitskaya has it.
  • Pluto has a yod there from Saturn to Venus.  Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus are all thought of as malefic planets, the first two the traditional baddies and the latter two the moderns.  I don’t necessarily think of Uranus as malefic because when highly evolved, Uranus is the ultimate humanitarian.  Nikola Tesla was quite a Uranian figure, with Uranus on Algol.  Cesar also has an Algol contact, which I will get to.  But Tesla obviously had much better integrity than the MAGAbomber.  Much higher IQ, also, and not so much mayhem about gender.  But look at the comparisons:  the spartan lifestyle, loner, weirdo, nobody understands that guy.  Thinks he knows things other people can’t imagine.  In Tesla’s case, he’s right.  But Pluto, no he’s definitely malefic, and he’s involved in two inconjuncts, Saturn and Venus.  Judging and relating.  Collecting and connecting.  Pluto always needs to be in control.  He’s sadistic, vengeful, polarizing, and willing to rip the Earth in half to get whatever he wants.  Any Pluto to Venus contact is kind of questionable IMHO.  It can just go off the rails really fast.  Trump likes Plutonian people, like Ivana, Czarinka, Omarosa, Stephen Miller, and Jared.  Saturn is again in his own sign and in the yod.  There’s just a lot of activity in the hard spots of this chart, and the soft spots are full of rocks and broken glass.
  • A couple of other complicating factors include Ceres the Earth Mother and Nessus the Abuser on Algol.  Ceres is where we see mothering and also intense motivation.  Remember that Ceres is the one who charged into hell to retrieve her kidnapped daughter.  Algol is like Pandora’s box, where some idea will be explored without any limitations.  Again Tesla had Algol on Uranus, and was known to shoot lightning out of his fingertips.  Saddam Hussein had Mercury on Algol, and was very clever and tricky.  He also probably involved his siblings in his shenanigans.  And not for nothing, but Algol is said to go with decapitation or hanging, and that does fit for Saddam.  (I looked at a number of charts for people who were famously hung or decapitated and found no real correlation among the sample I could think of.)  At any rate Nessus is where we see the abuse of women and children, domestic violence and rape in particular.  It’s toxic masculinity directed at the vulnerable or the dependent.  I expect that Cesar’s father may have been very sick and abusive toward his mother, done very strange and twisted things to her.  Ceres also represents the relationship to the Earth herself, and those who give sustenance.  For example I think Oleg Deripaska made a lot of money on mining, and has a prominent Ceres.  Cesar probably doesn’t believe in climate change, and probably thinks we should do a bunch more harm to the environment.  With Algol everything goes, no impulse is restrained.
  • Lastly Cesar has Vesta the True Believer conjunct asteroid Alice.  Alice is the only sane or decent person in her world.  I have a prominent Alice, and was born into an insane, abusive family that I had to flee.  I also have a Neptune bucket chart and prominent Moon.  However I have really strong integrity.  It’s my most valued possession.  And it’s not in anywhere near the same amount of trouble that Cesar’s is.   Trump also has a prominent Alice.  I have seen that in low-integrity people they can believe themselves to be the only sane or decent one, the model of humanity that others should aspire to.  A low-integrity person with prominent Alice may believe themselves superior, smarter than everyone else, especially with a prominent Regulus.  I see this being a major serious problem in this poor guy’s life.  I actually do feel sorry for him.  I’m really grateful that nobody was harmed.  And I’m glad he will be in a very conflict-driven, all-male environment for the rest of his life.  I think it will actually suit him quite well.  He should do pretty well in jail.


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