Ted Cruz, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

A long time ago I dated a Cuban guy named Ramon.  If he were a reader of this blog he might say, “Artnunymiss, you got some ‘splaining to do!”  And hey Ted Cruz is also Cuban, and Canadian.   Texas.

Honestly I’m aware that I have an unhealthy fascination with the bad men (and sometimes women), like what makes them so bad.  I’m truly rethinking my degenerate ways, working on writing fiction and producing fancy-work patterns and kits, happy things for creative people.  I’ve also been looking at the charts of some of the nice people, just to switch up my mood.  Be on the lookout for some woo-woo type Astrosplained books in the coming months, inspirational, mystical, magical people.  And I’ll be writing some fantasy in 2019, too.  Just watch me, I’m really branching out.

So  I’m going to continue to splain the freaks and geeks of the world on the blog, because I’m fascinated with the abnormal, the antisocial, that which needs reconciliation.  But I don’t want to dwell.  I intend to give you enough information to not despair, because I see how weak the GOP is, how close we are to winning this thing.  Many of you are reading from overseas (g’day, how do you do, bon jour, ko nichi wa, ciao, and many other similar greetings) and may have a certain inaccurate perspective from our media (which despite the stupidity of Trump, is really trash).  Our media, for example, keeps referring to the Hondurans as a “migrant caravan” rather than “refugees” because there isn’t a declared war.  They’re fleeing violence caused and exacerbated by America’s capitalism.  So we find a way to not talk about that.  The media here does suck for the most part, though not so much the ones Trump attacks.  I love April Ryan and Jim Acosta both.  Trump likes Hannity.  That’s why I love Michael Moore, he doesn’t play in the gaslight.

The truth is there WAS a blue wave in 2018.  We fricking CRUSHED them.  This house shift was bigger than the Tea Party, which was all Koch-funded, fake grassroots, and they acted like it was the second coming of populism.  The same media is all disappointed with 2018.

This is what’s wrong with the Democrats, including the ones I love like Van Jones.  They don’t really play to win. They pinned their hopes on three marquis players — who are awesome, don’t get me wrong — and then cried bitter tears when they WON BIG.  The Repugs immediately claim victory, and the Dems immediately cave and concede.  This is why the old order must be torched.  Lucy McBath WON.  A slew of Trump-backed house seats LOST.  Follow me on Twitter @Artnunymisss, I retweeted a bunch of factual information on it.

Also the harder the Repugs lose, the louder they scream victory.  THIS IS ALWAYS THE WAY. God help us people, focus.  Our government is designed to move very, very slowly in order to avoid the sort of crap that happens in Egypt for example.  This was a huge step forward, and 2020 is around the corner.  That’s how this game is played.  Now is not the time to lick our non-existent wounds.

Anywho now that we’re blob monster-adjacent for a while longer, let’s hold our noses and swill down the soup.  We need do nothing more but work toward the brighter day I assure you is dawning.  Please feel free to purchase gift cards with the featured artwork, which can be sent to Ted Cruz to wish him well on his retirement.  Lovely gift for Ben Sasse, Rachel Miller, Brett Kavanaugh, or any of them really.

Ted Cruz chart

  • First things first, the Sun is in Capricorn, at 0 degrees no less.  Thus Saturn is the ruler of this chart.  The 0 degree placement in any sign suggests a certain gung-ho attitude towards the sign it applies to.  Saturn is very big in this chart, ruling both the Sun and acting as the bucket handle, described below.
  • Saturn himself has a distinctly feminine flair in this chart, in Venus’ sign of Taurus and conjunct Juno the Spouse.  Venus represents both affections and connections, the people in one’s life.  It’s about how we love and are loved, or in Ted Cruz’s case how we get people to deal with us even though we’re Ted Cruz.  I was surprised to see Juno the Spouse so prominently placed.  I actually kind of felt sorry for Heidi Cruz somehow, which I totally retract now.  She’s a horrible greedy cow based on this chart, allegedly.
  • Ted’s Moon is actually quite prominent on Spica.  Spica is where manna can fall from heaven, under Arcturus’ gate.  Arcturus is where we can be aware of the non-material things, and I must say I’m a bit surprised to see it here in Ted’s chart for that reason.  It suggests that he is a true ideologue, like Mike Huckabee.  That may seem obvious.  But I’m looking at whether he’s more motivated by simple greed and love of authority, as this Saturnian chart suggests, or if it’s a true desire to change the world to his liking.  I believe it’s really both in this case, especially with Neptune conjunct Vesta the True Believer.  It’s really both with this guy.  He has a vision of a “better,” more materialistic world, and he will die trying to make it that way.
  • Let’s talk about the Moon in Libra, Venus’ other sign.  Both the chart ruler and the Moon are in Venus’ signs.  I’m not surprised he has daughters and not sons.  His Saturn is right on the same degree as Juno.  In other words, this may surprise you, but Ted Cruz absolutely lives for the women in his life.  I think this unexpected bit of lighthearted reflection makes Ted more easygoing than he would otherwise be.  He’s able to not take all the many insults about him personally.  Libra is good for staying on an even keel emotionally, continually making nice with other people.  I think on some level his supporters like him quite a lot, because they are believers in the same sort of world that he very truly does believe in, with his Neptune on Vesta the Temple Virgin.
  • This Saturn and Venus combo is quite prominent, and I think it creates a lot of blocks for people in finding the happiness they seek.  Melania has the Venus-Saturn, and Gentle Reader Sandy has similar placement that causes her trouble with both love and money.  She also sees the solutions as entwined — which they may be.  But I am also single and broke, and I never worry about the single part, only the broke part.  I personally don’t think this bodes well, fusing love to money in this particular way.  Ted’s chart-ruling (money-grubbing) Saturn is in Taurus, Venus’ selfish, materialistic side.  Venus is never deep or principled.  She wants to look and feel good, that is all.  In Taurus she loves to spend her husband’s money.  And look, there’s Juno, right there on the same degree with Saturn in Taurus.  Again, allegedly she’s the worst.
  • Gentle reader Sarah wrote in that there is now a 1:00 am birth time for Ted Cruz in the astro.com database.  I see that she was correcting me for the 11:00 birth time I used for the midterm transits, which were also incorrect.  Thank you guys for letting me know when I’m wrong!!!  However that new 1:00 time is rated C, so not confirmed by a birth record.  Also it puts Libra on the Ascendant.  That would make Ted Cruz really likeable, which I think we can all agree he’s not.  A Libra Ascendant makes someone charming and gracious.   It does not make them Ted Cruz.  So I’m using a noon birth chart, no houses or angles because I don’t think we have them.
  • Ted’s prominent Venus is actually in a bit of trouble in this chart.  She fell in with a bad crowd in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Jupiter and Mars are also in Scorpio, making it quite a boys’ club.  I’m sure Venus is comforted by the presence of Jupiter, the Greater Benefic to her Lesser Benefic.  I feel like rather than bringing in any of Jupiter’s largesse, rather the placement makes Ted more likely to be sneaky and aggressive in government, his Jupiter operating on Mars’ and Pluto’s playbook.  With Mars in Scorpio, Ted is a conflict-driven guy and a true believer in guns.  Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even.  Anyway Venus doesn’t do well in this environment, and that’s unfortunate because again, that’s really the abiding theme, other than Saturn.  but Mars is on a rager in this chart, make no mistake.
  • Ted’s Neptune is actually in surprisingly good shape in Sagittarius.  The “Lyin’ Ted” name is true because he’s a politician, and such people believe that bullshit is the only way people communicate.  I’ve come to understand that when a lot of people say “politics,” they mean “organized sociopathy, where we pretend this is all just a game we play and there are no consequences for real people.”  However Ted’s Neptune is surprisingly strong.  I think bottom line he really is that guy.  That’s part of why people dislike him so much.  I think he very genuinely believes that a more gun-filled, greedier, more military-industrial world is the best thing for him and his family, and he fights to the death for that.  Give the boy props, he’s legit.  His Neptune is square Pholus, which I take to mean he will lie to maintain the Sacred Ball of Lies that has sustained the GOP for all these years.  The lies he’s told for others may bite him in the butt.  That is  happening conjunct his North Node, in Aquarius — co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus the Weirdo.  The Saturn rulership and North Node presence suggest that this is truly the central theme of Ted’s life.  It’s that sacred flame he tends to with his Neptune on Vesta.  He guards that with his life.  He may be a liar, but not about the things he cares about.  I don’t expect him to be caught grifting, like the Netanyahus with their ridonculous Saturn/Venus/Neptune issues.
  • This chart is in a bucket shape, where one planet is off on its own acting as an energetic fulcrum for the rest of the planets, like a handle on a bucket.  This can also be called a funnel chart, where everything is funneled through that one planet.  Two different ideas for the same concept, that the one planet is really the hub of the whole chart.  In this case that is Saturn, adding to the Sun and overall chart rulership.  Recall that Saturn is about material things.  Ted is an ideologue, yes.  But he is much more passionate about seeing those things played out in real life.   He doesn’t want to just talk about things.  He wants to see results and count them.  Saturn loves details almost as much as Virgo.  He drills right down, especially when it comes to money, collecting to the penny.  Of course he’s a big Tea Party guy.  Of course he is.  The other thing Saturn likes, remember, is authority.  Saturn is for doctors, judges, police officers, the IRS, anybody whose word gets special value in our society.  Anybody who can tell other people “no” and they have to deal with it, that’s Saturn.
  • Ted has the Moon opposite Ceres, suggesting that his wife and mother don’t necessarily get along.  This is really sort of not surprising when you look at the Moon, Juno, and Venus placements in this chart.  Again, this guy lives for the women in his life.  Especially with Juno in Taurus, his wife is territorial.  Taurus stays in her own sandbox, where she does not feel the need to play nice.
  • Ted has Chiron in Aries, ruled by Mars.  That fits with what I can see of him as a major ideologue.  Scorpio adds passion and intensity to everything it does, and his Scorpio, Mars, and Pluto are prominent.  Pluto may explain a lot about why people dislike Ted so much.  Pluto can be very off-putting, overbearing, controlling, and polarizing.  With strong Pluto there can be sudden ends to relationships, high volatility especially with this kind of Mars.  Chiron is where our self-preservation gets called into question, whether we will let our worst impulses run wild or whether we will humble ourselves and share what we’ve learned.  I see Ted never having any idea about quitting, and he never will.
  • For this reason I  suggest finding a different oppo research type tactic in terms of making his life miserable while he’s still in office (and for the rest of their lives, as far as I’m concerned.)  I know they all thought the Brett Kavanaugh thing was fun and games, because they got what they wanted.  They have no idea how I will never, ever forget what they did.  I have purchased a megaphone in preparation for the day when I see any of these people, anywhere.  They will hear true details about my life as a child trafficking survivor.  I don’t care who they’re with or what they’re doing, if they’re Christening a child I will scream gory details about child gang rape in the church.  At any rate that will not work with Ted.  I will do it anyway, because it will freak Heidi out in a way she may never recover from.  And she’s a sickening bourgeois cow, allegedly.  Hat tip to the people who chased them into the kitchen to eat their gold plated octopus.

Note the horror on Heidi’s face.  Blob monster, however, later explained that they were simply shown into a back part of the kitchen, where they finished their meal and exited out the back door.  It was no problem for Ted, and he went on TV to show that it wasn’t.  That’s his Libra Moon, letting that bounce right off his mood.  Heidi, on the other hand, would probably rather have root canal followed by a pap smear than do that again.  I can only imagine how much she hated getting all dressed up in a red dress and heels to eat in a loud, icky kitchen.  That’s not why Taurus marries a senator and goes out to a restaurant, to sit behind the help and eat while they work, because the people of the world hate you too much.

So in terms of the oppo research on Ted, no specific notes other than to say elevator yelling won’t work on him.  It will only work on Heidi.  I’m okay with that, too.  Same with Brett Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters, Orrin Hatch’s, Elaine Chao, really all of the women who keep these empowered sociopaths happy can feel how unwelcome they are in our world.  That works for me.  But it won’t change anything for Ted, only make Heidi miserable.

I realize Kavanaugh’s daughters are young.  But you know what?  When I was young, “eenie, meenie, minie, moe” contained the N word.  I was born one year after MLK was killed.  They told me about the middle passage in school. They told me true facts about what happened to other people, and I remember sitting there with goosebumps, not breathing, trying to understand that what they were saying was true.  It was like a horror movie, and it was all true.  That were just little clues I could carry with me through the gaslight. This is how I learned to identify liars.

The next thing the white nuns told me after explaining that they would take young children and sell them away from their mothers, and they’d never see them again,  was that things are fair now, because we have civil rights.  The adults didn’t harm me by telling me the truth about what had happened.  They should have been more thoughtful about it, and followed it up with real understanding of the ongoing racism issue in this country.  But  what they did was better than nothing, a lifeline where I could begin to wake up.

In sum let me say that with respect to the Ted Cruz oppo research, the best weapon is building a new, better world where Ted Cruz is irrelevant.  We have a couple of years to work on our ground games, signing up high school and college students to vote, engaging them in conversations about voting, getting them to understand the importance of paying attention and participating.  Bashar has discussed the “splitting prism” for many years, and I’ve seen everything he’s said unfolding just as he said it would.  The different ideologies aren’t just ideologies, they’re parallel realities.  If you find yourself asking, “What planet do they live on?” this is a clue to the actual situation.  The people who value money most are splitting off onto their own version of Earth.  Those of us who love people more than money will end up alone on our version of Earth.  We will begin radically reclaiming our ecosystem, and that has already begun even if we don’t see the results yet.  This is a great opportunity to become the people we want to be, because that’s how we will end up on the planet, the version of Earth, we like best.


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