Matt Whitaker, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Far be it from me to dance on the grave of Jeff Sessions.  My knees would never forgive my big fat ass.

But as far as I can tell, folks, Matt Whitaker is the new Dr. Ronny Jackson, another crackpot joker Trump pulled out of the bleachers and put in charge of some huge federal agency, like Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, really a lot of them.  I don’t think this is going to stick, but then again I didn’t think Brett Kavanaugh would, either.  This seems like an even sillier play that has less likelihood of working out.

One important thing to note, this guy is tight with the famous Sam Clovis.  In the video I’m about to post I will consider the chart synchronicities of these two guys, how they have worked together and gotten where they are.  As I see it Clovis is the brains and Whitaker’s the enforcer, sort of.  They’re both more clever than they look.  But Whitaker has more edge with the Mars and Pluto, and he’s a physically imposing guy with impressive-sounding credentials.  So let’s chart up, shall we?

Matt Whitaker chart

  • Sun in Scorpio.  This is a Mars-Pluto ruled chart.  Pluto and Mars are both high-energy, conflict-driven planets.  Mars is a front-stabber, like Anthony Scaramucci.  Then Pluto is a backstabber, like Trump, who can’t seem to fire anybody to their face.  In a highly evolved person Pluto is transformative.  Pluto is about getting to the bottom of things, the final word, seeing all the way through.  The question is whether one does that to sort out problems or create them.  Pluto and Mars are both more prone to creating than solving problems, especially when there is a high-conflict chart like this.  High conflict isn’t always bad; I have a lot of conflict in my chart, as does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  It’s what you do with that, whether you use it to fix things or screw with people.
  • Matt has Ixion the Brotherfucker combust, right in the corona.  Issues of trust and loyalty are central to this native’s life.
  • Venus, Saturn, and Mercury are also important in this chart, as is the Moon.  Let me talk first about Venus, because like with General Kelly, Whitaker has a highlighted and debased Venus.  Not unlike Ted Cruz, this guy’s life is defined by the people in it, specifically the women.  Venus is about affections and connections.  A strong Venus chart is usually a people person who does not like to be alone.  Saturn is good with being alone, though, so that may be offset to somewhat.  When you see a strong Venus chart where the person is clearly not concerned with charm, like the other two I mentioned, I assume it’s more about the connections.  This is a team player.
  • Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of the Sun, and I see that those two planets are in what I call a “mini kite.”  I’ve explained that elsewhere, including the above video, so I won’t linger.  Mars is conjunct Machiavelli and Ceres in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.  So I will call Matt’s Mars and Saturn more dominant than the Pluto.  But that Pluto in a mini-kite with Neptune and Mars, this is a very sneaky, underhanded guy.  With Pluto in Virgo I expect the exact sort of needle-threading that with see with him magically becoming the attorney general.  That was a very special maneuver that had to be done in the dark, for an example of the passive-aggressive (or at least covert) Pluto thing.  I feel like Saturn is actually stronger in this chart than Pluto, though.
  • I haven’t discussed the Moon yet.  Matt’s Moon is emphasized at the joint of a yod from Mars to Neptune.  I would have to call Matt’s Moon horribly afflicted.  Gemini is not a good place for the Moon.  The heart mind and the head mind are two very different things, you know?  Like with dear Louise Linton, Matt’s feelings are broken.  Gemini and Mercury don’t know how to do feelings, plain and simple.  So the dark side of this chart, the uncontrollable, moody, paranoid, lonely part, is sort of unsupervised or unattended in this chart.  I don’t give the Moon in Mercury’s Gemini the same sort of lighthearted feeling that she has in Venus’ sign of Libra, which I’m sure makes politics much easier for Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz has a surprising amount of Libra for a famously unlikable guy.  Anyway Gemini is more neurotic, restless, flighty, craving, all those things that the Moon will tend to exacerbate.  At the end of the day Venus is about giving over to love, while Mercury is about giving over to thoughts and words.  With the strong Pluto and Mars in this chart, I expect the Gemini Moon to make Matt very paranoid and restless, wide open to his worst impulses, possibly prone to insomnia and nightmares.
  • Let me quickly note that with the emphasized, yet busted Venus, having this sort of impacted Moon I think is truly unfortunate.  Even without Ixion in the corona, this is a person who makes a lot of false connections.  His raging, conflict-driven Mars is on Machiavelli, which sort of pumps up the treachery. Sometimes I have to remind myself that any chart factors can be used in a positive or negative way.  This is one of those times.  I’m trying to imagine what this chart would look like if highly evolved.  Not Matt Whitaker.
  • The Moon being inconjunct Neptune here is catastrophic IMHO. Bashar has explained The Triad Mind, and I’ve come to understand Neptune as the higher mind, the Moon as the heart mind, and Mercury as the head mind.   (The lady in the clip had asked him about her writing.)

I have found that little understanding incredibly useful, and very useful in understanding the challenges of this chart:  Neptune (the higher mind) has an inconjunct (non-communication) with the Moon (the heart mind).  Mercury, (the head mind) is slightly amok in this chart, certainly overtaking the Moon’s ability to do her job in Gemini.  Matt has Mercury on Spica, let me get to that.

  • Matt has Mercury on Spica, God’s spotlight.  Spica is a lovely star, said to be the spot where manna falls.  It sits under a much greater star, Arcturus.  I understand Arcturus to be heaven’s gate.  Bashar has described the Arcturian civilization as non-physical, more like archetypal energies, like the gods and goddesses for whom many of our planetary bodies are named.  With a prominent Arcturus like this, Mercury is gifted.  Matt really is double clever.  People have called him a fool.  But I believe that is more a result of his shadiness.  Matt is probably less focused on his brilliant insights than on schemes to make money with.  He has a lot of Saturn, and his Neptune has rolled right over.  Saturn here steals focus from anything but the basest, most material concerns.  That’s the worst part of Saturn, for my money (no pun intended).  Worse than the depression and misery, it’s the dark clouds without the silver lining.  The silver lining comes from the Moon, to screw an analogy all to hell.  Saturn makes money and bullshit so appealing that people can really lose sight of the glory of spirit, especially if they cut off access from Neptune to the Moon as Matt has done.  He probably came across as a fool because he misprioritized based on his wonky chart, not because he was lacking in smarts.  He and Sam Clovis are both more clever than they need to be.
  • Matt has Saturn in Taurus.  I talked about that in terms of the materialism in the video.  But the stubbornness is definitely a factor.  Taurus is stubborn and Saturn delays gratification.  There is a lot of synchronicity among this little crop that I’m looking at right now including Brian Kemp.  He has a screaming Taurus, too, and fully believes that’s his pasture to run her out of.  Fuck that guy.  I’m so glad he already resigned as Secretary of State.  I hope she becomes governor and he gets investigated by the congress for his malfeasance in Georgia.  The fact that it’s legal to oversee an election you are running in should explain all there is to know.  You don’t have to go all the way to Denmark to smell the fish.  Mueller is running the opposite of a witch hunt like Benghazi.  There are already a bunch of witches in jail because of blatant criminal activity like what we see in Georgia and Florida with voter suppression.  Anyway the Taurus connection is strong among these guys, including DeSantis and Kemp.  Soon come, gentle reader.  I’m on a roll of splaining.
  • Okay, I talked at length in the video about a number of similarities with Gentle Reader Jane (hello, dear!), Gentle Reader Sandy who maybe has Saturn and Venus a little too chummy for her liking.  Jane has several yods, and thus would have the same criss-cross pattern that I’m calling the skull and bones, which Matt also has.  However as I explained in the video, this is a good reminder for me that everything can be used either positively or negatively.  Everything depends on how things work together in the chart, and how the native uses them.  Maxine Waters also has this aspect pattern.  In her I also see an unwillingness to communicate except in certain ways.  I used to really dislike bowl charts, until I saw that some of my favorite people have them, like Bernie Sanders, Bob Mueller, and Natascha Kampusch.  Sometimes you need people to be absolutely rock-headed and impossible to sway.  Sometimes that’s the best possible thing that person could do.  Same with this skull and bones thing.  Sometimes people need to maintain their personal space in their own way.
  • I note that Chiron is in Aries, and thus on Mars’ aggressive agenda.  However it’s also square to Pallas Athena the Field Marshal, the one who sees patterns and creates strategies.  With Spica we can become famous without as much work.  It’s like God’s spotlight, again.  A certain luck, or being given just what you need when you need it, like manna falling.  That subtle distinction may make all the difference.   Matt may have brilliant ideas that actually do get him seated as attorney general, and clearly he is intimately intertwined with Sam Clovis.  So look at what happened with Clovis.  Another one of Trump’s knuckleheads that went down in flames when Trump tried to appoint him.  Now he’s been questioned some number of times by Mueller, and it wouldn’t surprise me if all of them land in jail, like half of the Iowa GOP.  Remember Chiron is about knowing when to quit.  We can look at this native and see that he doesn’t.  That’s the thing, I try to remain neutral, but I do get the benefit of what I know about the person.  Long story short, I see the whole thing blowing up in his face like a prank cigar.
  • Again, I blabbered on and on and on in the video.  But Matt has the Sun with one of those hard minor angles to the North Node.  Saturn has one, too.  In other words the person Matt chose to be, his Sun, and the material focus he preferred, shown in Saturn, are irreconcilable with his karma, his destiny, who he will be.  In other words I don’t see him dying happy.  He has made a complete mess of his life IMHO.
  • Lastly Saturn, you know, is all about authority as I discuss in the video.  Any kind of low-integrity behavior when you have a fixed star contact, will definitely screw you over in this world or the next.  Likely in this world, especially with Regulus or Spica, but also Fomalhaut, a number of them.   Malfeasance on the ground is a terrible way to use your manna, in other words.  When you have busted Neptune and raging Saturn, as I mentioned with the Netanyahus, look for a grifter.  That same description fits a lot of people in this crowd, including Whitaker, Clovis, Sessions, Kushner, Melania, even.  Anyway I’ll get on with Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, and Brian Kemp.





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