Rick Scott, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Rick Scott has been around a long time.  I’m sure he doesn’t sleep in a vat of dead babies, I can confidently say he has never done that no matter how his face looks.  I’ve been mulling over how to draw Rick Scott, and I come up with something like the Human Centipede, or maybe a terrifyingly slimy version of a solitary tunicate.

A glance at his Wikipedia page shows a guy who never stops thinking about ways to make money.  So I expect to see busted Neptune (because of the whole Medicare fraud thing, as well as lots of ridiculous things I’ve heard him say over the years) and a strong Saturn.  It’s a Saturn double-whammy of (a) money and (b) authority.  The first time he caught my attention was about his idea of drug testing welfare recipients.  From the Wikipedia page:

In June 2011, Scott signed a bill requiring those seeking welfare under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program to submit to drug screenings. Applicants who fail a drug test may name another person to receive benefits for their children.[86]

In an interview with CNN host Don Lemon, Scott said, “Studies show that people that are on welfare are higher users of drugs than people not on welfare” and “the bottom line is, if they’re not using drugs, it’s not an issue”. PolitiFact said this comment was “half true”. Government researchers in 1999–2000 reported “that 9.6 percent of people in families receiving some type of government assistance reported recent drug use, compared to 6.8 percent among people in families receiving no government assistance at all.”[87]

Preliminary figures from Florida’s program showed that 2.5% of applicants tested positive for drugs, with 2% declining to take the test, while the Justice Department estimated that around 6% of Americans use drugs overall.[88] The law was declared unconstitutional, with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit upholding that ruling in December 2014.[89] The Scott administration declined to appeal the decision to the US Supreme Court.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that a company owned by Scott’s wife would have coincidentally been doing a lot of that mandatory drug testing.  SWEET!

Trevor Noah recently ran a supercut of Rick Scott declining to reinstate the civil rights of felons who had served their time.  This is something only done in Florida, as far as I know.   This should tell you a lot about who Rick Scott is.  Again, I expect to see a strong Saturn in someone so perfectly comfortable arbitrating how others may live.  It’s both with him, the love of money and the love of authority.


Rick Scott chart

  • Starting with the Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter is the chart ruler.  This makes sense for a person who has spent much of his life in government.  See how comfortable he is speaking for the entire State of Florida?  Jupiter sees the fractality of life and gets that he personally can stand in for everybody else.  What’s good for me is good for us all.  Jupiter can be extraordinarily selfish and self-serving, quick to ignore the minor details — like the impact the loss of civil rights will have on the individuals he disenfranchises all day long.  Sagittarius is notorious for not getting into details, especially if they’re a bummer.  Trump is a bigtime Jupiter guy with his Sagittarius Moon.  Trump personifies Jupiter well:  big lazy fat guy, playing golf and banging porn stars while his responsibilities go to hell in a hand basket.
  • Importantly Rick Scott’s Sun is right on Antares the Demon Pit.   Mercury and Vesta the True Believer are combust, obscured within the Sun’s corona.  This suggests that there is an ideology driving Rick Scott’s agenda, and it is both all-consuming and yet semi-invisible to the native, or that he keeps semi-hidden from others.  (Kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil had Algol combust, with his suburban veneer and kidnapped girl in the dungeon under the garage.)
  • Like Rick, I have Mercury combust, and it is very easy for me to identify with my conscious mind, my (million billion) words and thoughts.  I’ve had to train myself to know that’s not who I am.  On Antares, the native is exploring the worst impulses they might possibly have.  Antares is the one who rages against leadership and maturity.  Very messed up for any governor, especially such a large and inequitable state as Florida.  His dark thoughts, and his undying devotion to them, run that show.
  • As I’ve said before, if you’re going to only look at two planets in a chart, make it the luminaries, the Sun and Moon.  Here, they are in opposition on a major axis.  So please forgive me if I repeat myself, this is a lot to unpack.  In the Sun and Moon you will see what the native knows of himself and what monsters frighten him under the bed, respectively.  Antares and Aldebaran have a specific relationship described more thoroughly in the link above.  Even on Antares, that is a higher-level wisdom contact, if you remember to look at it that way.  Sometimes the Buddha has a wrathful face, where he forces you to confront these exact topics within yourself.  The Antares contact simply puts the native more on that wrathful side of the fight, identifying more with the darkness, or needing to learn things the hard way, through scar tissue.  With both of them in play, this is an extraordinary amount of conflict, both internal and external, good versus evil, heart versus ego (and in this case with Mercury combust, the head mind).

(Although Aldebaran can be so much more, I know.  The Archangel Michael/Aldebaran theme is clear in my own life, and whenever there’s an Antares theme.  Aldebaran is really a much larger idea than perhaps I’ve made it out to be, about being able to access higher-level guidance.  Bashar has described it as “the department of archetypes.”)

  • In general the Sun in opposition to the Moon suggests one who is uncomfortable in his own skin, like the creepy crawly feeling I get from Rick’s face.  He may feel that way about himself, too.  The Moon in Gemini, like Matt Whitaker, is one who is not comfortable in their heart mind generally.  (Same with Virgo Moon IMO, very hard for these kids to stop analyzing and rationalizing.)  They prefer to feel logically, which of course can’t be done.  The Aldebaran contact of the Moon only serves to emphasize that Rick Scott’s life is definitely happening on the “good versus evil” axis, and that he has truly chosen a side.  This is just glaring, with the Vesta combust.  Remember that the Sun represents the ego, which also means the negative ego.  So it is the identity in terms of habeas corpus, like the fact that a person exists and has a name.  But it’s also the answer when someone asks, “Who in the hell do you think you are?”  Especially with Rick Scott, it’s all about who he THINKS he is.
  • Rick’s chart-ruling Jupiter is over there in Taurus, making Venus a key player once again, just like in Matt Whitaker’s chart.  There’s a lot of synchronicity in this whole series — Sam Clovis, Whitaker, Ron DeSantis, and Brian Kemp.  I hope to plow through all of those in the next few days as well as Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, and some of the people I now have chart data for, like Papadopoulos and Mattis.  Anyway Jupiter in Taurus makes perfect sense for Rick Scott, the venture capitalist who made a ton of money in the “healthcare” industry, then became governor and glibly screwed black people over and smiled all the way to the bank.  Jupiter loves spending other people’s money, as does Venus especially in Taurus.  There is a raging sense of entitlement and territorialism to this Jupiter placement.  Both the sign and the planet are selfish, quick to ignore the needs of others, despite feeling fully entitled to their support.  Of course Rick Scott is claiming the Democrats are “stealing” the election.  That’s Taurus charging at someone who he perceives as invading his space — because again, the entitlement of Jupiter in Taurus.  Rick Scott’s actual position on voting rights is that if your ballot becomes slightly wrinkled, causing the poll workers to have to set it aside, it should simply be disqualified.  Scott believes it should be just that simple to disenfranchise citizens, wholesale.  That’s Antares, folks.  He knows he’s wrong, he loves it.  He knows full well — as does the entire GOP — that he would never, ever win in a fair fight.
  • Rick has Saturn conjunct Neptune, on Spica.  More synchronicity with Matt Whitaker with the Spica contact.  Again, if I see shady behavior in the person’s life, I know their Neptune is busted.  Neptune on Spica theoretically could be splendid, in terms of the high-voltage blessings of Spica and Arcturus.  I feel like those benefits would be enough to outweigh Neptune’s generally not belonging in shallow, phony Libra.  But the gross materialism of Saturn can spoil really anything he touches, and I expect that’s what happened here.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  In other words his attachment to the ego level (Sun/Mercury), and his big spoiled selfish Jupiter, plus his greed (Saturn) and general malice (Antares), make Rick Scott exactly who he is.
  • Remember up top where I said I expected to see strong Saturn?  Hold onto your hats!  Saturn is at the head of a T-square, a source of permanent internal conflict.   The opposition includes Venus in Saturn’s sign Capricorn — again on the theme of love and money being mixed together in this life.  Remember that Venus is about the people in his life, specifically the women.  But also it’s everyone he can rely on, people who provide him material and social support.  That’s in Capricorn, suggesting relationships built on mutual back-scratching, where we help each other get rich.  So Saturn rules Venus here, to be clear.  Saturn overtakes the chart ruler’s ruler.  Chart-ruling Jupiter is in Venus’ sign of Taurus, and in this chart Venus answers to Capricorn, the money man. The third part of the T-square is Uranus the Weirdo in Cancer, and of course the Moon is in Gemini, ruled by the combust Mercury, and around and around we go.  Basically Rick’s heart answers to his mind, his mind answers to his ego, and his ego answers to his demons, the main ones being greed (Saturn) and spite (Antares).
  • Interestingly Rick does not have any contact with Seginus or Algorab the Crow, two common markers in Trump-friendly types.  Nor does he have any Mintaka contact on the fascist/antifascist axis.  There isn’t a larger agenda here other than Antares.  Yes, I realize he also has significant Spica and Aldebaran contacts, and both of those are powerfully benevolent.  The problem is I can see from public information that his Neptune, his integrity, has failed.  Therefore his big powerful friends will surely crush him rather than uplifting him, either in this life or the next.  Anyway he’s an awful person, and I may need to circle back and do some oppo research on him.  He’s a menace to the community and should be redirected out of office.

So ciao for now, kids.  Off to hit this backlog.



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