Richard Ojeda, Astrosplained

Ladies and Jumbojets,

I am a big fan of Richard Ojeda.



I’m discussing this more in the video, and I’m working on being more concise and less repetitive.  But this is how I work, and I’m interested in doing a bunch of charts in short order, so bear with me.

Richard Ojeda chart

As I mentioned in the video, Richard Ojeda is the only person I’ve ever heard suggest that we put body cams on lobbyists, so their interactions with our representatives can be broadcast on C-SPAN.  I love this idea so much that I’d like to see the citizens agitate for it.  That would be an excellent game-changer.

The complaint about Richard is that people don’t trust him.  On the one hand these are the same people who trust Trump to keep the coal industry running.  But I have to be thorough and not gloss over major integrity issues in a candidate that I quite like.  Richard has a lot of planets in conflict-driven Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  So this is a great opportunity to talk more about how those two malefic planets look on an evolved or highly integrated person.

  • Richard has the Sun, Mercury, Vesta the True Believer, and Ixion the Brotherfucker all within a few degrees.  So all of those elements are combust, cooked into the sauce of who this guy is.  Like with Rick Scott and his combust Antares, on some level other people get the combust influences maybe more than the native himself does.  Combustion has the quality of making both the native and other people both semi-oblivious and semi-aware of the combust influences, in my experience.  Like Rick Scott with his combust Antares, a lot of people get that this guy is really evil.  But then again there’s the other side where people think he’s awesome and should run the show.  I’m sure Scott both believes he’s in the right and knows he’s wrong on some level when he does the things he does.  Anyway that’s the paradox of combustion, it’s so strong that you stop noticing it, hidden by whatever the life is about or the ego is up to.  Anyway with both Vesta and Ixion right there together, loyalty and betrayal are major themes.  I believe Richard is a guy who would die before dishonor.  The Ixion contact doesn’t convict him of anything, remember.  Even an Antares or Algol contact doesn’t.  It’s all about what you do with it, how good your integrity is.  He may be on the receiving end of the betrayal, suggested elsewhere and discussed in the video.
  • The Moon is in Virgo, making it a little hard for Richard to connect at the heart level.  Virgo is all about solipsism, i.e. the Virgin who does not accept intimacy with others.  This will tend to make Richard a little persnickety and hard to get close to.
  • Venus and Mars are in mutual reception, with Venus in Scorpio (where she normally is very intimidated and wants to run to safety) and Mars in Libra (where he can’t move around without breaking anything).  So that provides a certain balance and compromise that is otherwise sorely lacking in this highly conflict-driven, highly polarized chart.  Remember that conflict isn’t always bad.  Fighting demons is conflict.  Venus and Mars a blessed sense of harmony and cooperation in this very bumpy chart, suggesting that he may truly be an equalizer.
  • I mentioned in the video that I didn’t have any insight on Neptune square the North Node when I looked at it.  This blog is really my astrology notebook where I learn as I go, and I thank you, Gentle Readers, for coming along for the ride.  While I wait for my YouTube video to upload I found an explanation of this Neptune/North Node conflict from an astrologer who has this in his own chart.  I think that’s a great way to learn about aspects, personally, is to get the reflections of those who have them.


  • After reviewing the above information about Neptune square the Node, this adds to my sense that Richard Ojeda will unfortunately not make it to elected office, though I would rather have him than anybody else I can think of at the moment — and I like a number of people.  I just love Richard Ojeda.  I have extreme Mars and very hard Pluto.  But I’m a high-integrity person who has paid my dues.   When I like a strong Pluto person that’s a high recommendation.  Pluto is all or nothing, angel or devil.
  • In terms of Richard’s integrity, which is the only challenge I’ve been able to find to him, let me remind you that the Ixion combustion could make him seem untrustworthy even while he gets knifed in the back by a loved one.   The Neptune/Node issue above would also work against him in terms of making him appear unmoored or ungrounded — a sad paradox for this extremely disciplined, rock-hard Saturn guy.  But my saints told me to look at asteroid Lucifer, just to see which side of the angel/devil divide Richard falls on with his 5 planets in Scorpio.  He passes the Lucifer and Pinocchio tests with flying colors.  If you look at the aspect table on the chart you’ll see what I mean; all those little hard angles from the low-integrity asteroids to Richard’s Sun and Moon.  The falsehoods seem to be an affront to him personally, put him in a terrible mood.  This is the chart of a demon-fighter if you ask me.  Now, those same aspects could be read the other way, that these are major challenges in this guy’s life, that he’s liar liar pants on fire.  But again, nobody has offered up any actual lies or untoward things he’s done.  The military would have come after him full steam if they had anything.  His integrity seems to bear up from what I can see.
  • Like both Donald Trump and Robert Mueller, Richard Ojeda has two chart shapes at once, a bucket within a bowl.  In the famous bowl chart that I bitch about all the time, we see an extremely stubborn person, one who will not meet others halfway.  In the video I give examples of times when that’s a good thing, someone who rolls through life like a bulldozer.  Bernie Sanders and Bob Mueller both have it, and I don’t think either of them would be half as effective in a more dynamic chart.  There is a concentration of energy that can be very useful in a highly evolved person.  I’m sure it has helped Richard Ojeda focus his life as he clearly has.  Saturn is good for that, too, and he has a strong Saturn.  Anyway Saturn is the handle of his bucket, giving a certain harshness to everything in his life.  Saturn is about discipline, reality checking, money, authority, limitations, and growth pains.  With Saturn as a bucket, on a man who has no money, we’re looking at an extremely grounded and disciplined individual who can delay gratification forever.  He has some authority as a Major in the army.  But for all that Saturn, it’s not much.  He apparently drives all that Saturn into health and discipline.  I’m sure his house is clean enough to perform surgery, especially with his Virgo Moon.  He’s a Spartan.
  • I said in the video (which may never upload, apparently) that he has no high-voltage fixed star contacts that I can see.  Of course I don’t have his house or angle information, and that could be a real game-changer.  But on second look I see that he does have Juno on Algol the Blinking Demon.  This is a good opportunity to point out that Algol has an intermittent nature, on-again, off-again.  So timing is important.  There can be flashes of extreme brilliance in a high-integrity person, and times of absolute loss of inhibitions on a less-evolved person.  Algol makes anything possible, things that wouldn’t be possible for anyone else.  This aspect can look like a willingness to partner with anyone, very unexpected choices.  Again, no evidence of Richard being anything but disciplined as far as I know.  With Juno the Spouse on his only bigtime contact, if Richard does make it anywhere, it will be because of who he has partnered up with.  For example he could be the Vice President to someone like Stacey Abrams, just to throw names out there.  I don’t get that his wife has any actual connections, I think it’s the political or possibly military partners that he has.  I would love to see him go all the way.
  • With Ceres at 0 Taurus, this is an extremely stubborn, highly motivated man.  Anyone with that much Scorpio is sneaky enough.  But the heavy Saturn, plus this Ceres in Taurus, suggest an unwavering motivation, a fire in the belly to fight for one’s home.
  • Chiron in Aries is under the control of Mars, who is ruling this chart with Pluto.  Mars and Pluto are far and away the strongest planets here, again, other than Saturn the bucket handle.  Venus also hosts co-ruling Mars (and Uranus) in Libra, and Saturn the bucket handle in Taurus.  So the people in his life are not unimportant, his ability to connect with others and be supported by them.  Libra is more about getting along and playing nice, which I don’t think is really his strong suit.  But this thing where Venus rules three of the gnarlier, more macho planets (Mars, Saturn, Uranus) makes him easier to work with than he would otherwise be.  It mellows him, takes the edge off.  He actually does need the approval of others.  Chiron has a couple of those little indigestible hard aspects, specifically to Venus and Saturn.  I suspect that this Venusian influence is not a done deal, that to some extent he rubs people the wrong way, comes on too strong, or doesn’t handle it well when he has to schmooze rather than getting right to the heart of it as Pluto loves to do.  Richard may have to choose between love and money, or suffer from excesses in these areas.

Ultimately I think this is a great guy.  I hope I can get YouTube to upload my Richard Ojeda video.  And I hope he makes it to high office real soon.



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