Nancy Pelosi, Astrosplained

Lasers and Juggernauts,

I finally fleshed out my chart of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  I looked back at my initial notes and saw that I really whizzed through it. 

No surprise that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would show up on literally day one to stand with protesters at Nancy Pelosi’s office.  I saw some centrist Democrats sneering about that, like being on a committee is the only way to have any real power in congress, way to shoot yourself in the foot on Day 1 by antagonizing Queen Nancy who does the committee assignments.  It’s the old, if you shoot at the Queen, you need to kill her.   But Alexandria already said she wasn’t trying to get on any committees.  Like Nancy, Alexandria is a Mars-Venus girl, come to rouse people to action.  She’s here to storm the gates.  

So that’s what I’m looking at in these two charts.  I don’t hate Nancy.  But her sense of entitlement to continue the same old shit just slaps me in the soul.  She needs to retire IMHO, along with Dianne, Chuck, Steny, and really a bunch of them.   Note before we begin that Alexandria has Mars combust, and her whole chart is a pile of T-squares.  It’s all very well balanced, but these are both extremely aggressive, high-energy women.  Venus and Mars are prominent in both charts.  I can only imagine how much they dislike each other.

So here’s Nancy’s chart.

Nancy Pelosi chart

  • With the Sun at 5 Aries, Nancy’s chart is ruled by Mars.  Eris the Female Rebel and Pinocchio are combust, within the Sun’s massive corona.  Jupiter and Juno the Spouse are also in Aries.  So Alexandria and Nancy have comparable “extreme walking hard-on” Mars.  Right up there with Orrin Hatch.
  • Then Mars and Pluto co-rule the Scorpio Moon, putting Mars in charge of both luminaries.  Scorpio is not always the best place for the Moon, bringing a very dark flavor to the dark side of the chart.  If you view this chart as a bucket the Scorpio Moon is also the reference point for all of the other planets in the chart, like an energetic fulcrum, as important to her consciousness as a handle is to a bucket.  This is unfortunate.  The Moon is intuitive, able to feel other people and read the vibes.  However Scorpio is where things can get very ugly very fast, which I anticipate with this much Mars.  Grudges fossilize in Scorpio, and vengeance is bottled and aged there in Mars/Pluto’s vineyard.  OMG I’m all poetical right now, but yeah, when the Moon is in Scorpio look out bitches, this person will hunt you down and cut you.  Scorpio doesn’t get mad, he gets even, especially in this Mars-driven chart.  The Scorpio Moon keeps her friends close and her enemies closer.  Orrin Hatch has more Mars, but not a whole lot.  She has the Orrin Hatch Mars combined with the deadly intuition of the Scorpio Moon
  • Mars himself is in Taurus, ruled by Venus — as is Alexandria’s Mars in Libra.  Venus and Mars conjunction or dominance is about leadership.  Mars has clear eyes because he’s been through a lot, like Richard Ojeda.   Evolved Mars is about leadership through experiential learning, the opposite of Cadet Bone Spurs.  Venus needs you to love or at least support her.  A Venus-Mars chart will somehow combine the ideas of a burning desire to do something and enlisting the support of other people.  Whether it’s their burning mission or them supporting  someone else’s depends on the individual placement.
  • Nancy has Uranus the Weirdo, Venus, and Vesta the True Believer less than a degree apart.  Uranus is the one with the 1000-mile view of humanity, and therefore can have the flashes of brilliance that Tesla was famous for.  Uranus is where we get solutions, unique perspectives, and a dash of the unexpected.  But it also adds to Uranus’ stubborn and aloof tendencies, which are both extra bad in this chart.   This is also reflected in how unpopular Nancy Pelosi is in her home district; her Uranian belief in her own brilliance can make it difficult for her to connect on a human level.  Anybody with that much Taurus was already stubborn enough for five people even without Uranus’ arrogance and isolationism.
  • I think this is actually a locomotive chart with a Mercury engine and Moon caboose.  Nancy has an unfortunate Neptune-Mercury situation.  Those two are in mutual reception, guests in each other’s signs.  That’s problematic, especially in light of what those planets do. Nancy is not an intellectual or a policy wonk.  “Whip” is a great title for her.  Her Venus and Mars are about spurring people to action on her unique vision (Uranus) of her sacred ideals (Vesta).  Her leadership is focused in Taurus, interesting for the leader of the “house,” since Taurus is for lazy wives like Melania.  But that’s all about Venus, social support, in this raging Mars chart.
  • This is an impacted Neptune chart, where the native I believe is kind of drinking her own Kool-Aid.  I think she believes very strongly in her work as a politician.  These are values she truly holds dear, between the Eris combustion and the Vesta on Venus in Taurus.  She is a 100 percent believer in her vision of feminism and her leadership for her team.  Unfortunately IMHO she has a cloudy lens in Neptune, and it also makes her Mercury less intellectual than she would otherwise be with the unfortunate placement of the two.  Neptune is about holism and integration, where every single thing counts, always.  Virgo is about solipsism, nitpicking, list-making, and other petty material concerns.  Virgo does not like to work below his neck, ever.  That’s a real problem.  You cannot truly master Neptune except through your heart mind.  You may intellectually understand the Oneness of all things.  But until you allow the penny to drop inside yourself, all of that is meaningless.  Nancy is a capitalist, which will only allow her policies to go so far toward the people.  She pays lip service to the people.  I don’t think she knows the difference.  That is also a generational problem, the selfishness and self-reference, to be fair.
  • I forgot to mention it in the video, but Nancy also has asteroid Pinocchio combust, suggesting that the cerebral Neptune in Virgo is a critical failure.  Like Duncan Hunter and Matt Whitaker, Nancy will never be a real boy.  The solipsism of Virgo results in her refusal to ground the realities of others, as Virgo prefers.  That’s a complete failure of what Neptune does in the chart.  Low integrity, like with Joe Crowley, who Alexandria unseated.
  • Nessus on Saturn is a very cold, punitive aspect.  Nessus the Wife Beater is about domestic violence, physically harming those in your care.  Saturn is the punisher, the authority figure.  Those two combine for a dad who punishes you because he was angry, not to mold you as a human being.  With the strong Scorpio in this chart, that will make her mean as a fucking snake when crossed.  She is extremely stubborn and punitive in her authority.  Especially in territorial Taurus, this is ugly.  Alexandria has a similar amount of firepower, and I believe she is fine with dying on this particular hill if it comes to that.
  • Nancy’s cluster of stuff in Taurus is really the centerpiece of this chart.  While Mars controls both of the luminaries, Venus rules Mars.  Venus is about connections and affections, i.e., other people.  Mars is about getting stuff done.  Venus always needs people to love her.  That’s what she does archetypally:  she is loved, the receiver of social support.  Mars is the giver of social support.  Uranus may be brilliant about some things, but he always dances to his own tune.   This is happening conjunct Venus and the chart ruler, in Venus’ sign.  In other words Nancy insists other people meet her where she’s at.  Uranus is intractable, unreasonable, and lacking in empathy.  That’s I think the key failure in this entire chart, the solipsism of Neptune in Virgo and the Pinocchio combust.  Very high bullshit factor, refusal to connect at the heart level.  Will not internalize the suffering of others, period.  With this little package deal, especially with devoted Vesta the True Believer added in, Nancy absolutely believes that her vision is best for us all.  Taurus is where mother knows best.  If mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.  Venus gets her way or you feel her wrath in Taurus.  Stubborn as stubborn can be.  Territorial.  This is my patch, enter at your own risk.  I’m sure she can’t imagine how hellish it is for those of us with strong Neptunes, who want things to be fully integratable, to have to live within her vision.  Nancy, for better or for worse, is ultimately still a capitalist who believes in a system where people must be pitted against each other in order to exploit them financially.  She won’t reconcile that with her very sincere feminism with Eris combust, thanks to the Virgo influence.  Her Virgo may make lists of hypocrisies, but her Neptune will drink a glass of wine before reading them.
  • Nancy has a rather gobstopping Mars on Algol the Blinking Demon.  I’ve talked quite a bit about Algol on this blog, in terms of the ability to take some topic in any given direction.  With Nancy it’s the fighting spirit, the need to get things done, confront, challenge, and lead.  Mars is about all of that.  Algol has an intermittent nature, where there can be times when all bets are off, there are no limits on what Nancy feels she can or must do.  Algol doesn’t have to necessarily be a negative thing (nor does even Antares, with a strong enough Neptune).  But it empowers people in a way t hat will often go astray in weaker, more selfish people.    The self-referential Virgo Neptune (and later the Libra Neptune, not a whole lot better for the superficiality) have defined Nancy’s “baby boomer” generation as selfish and lacking in empathy or responsibility toward later generations.  Again that solipsistic Virgo is entirely unwilling to connect with others except at the head mind level, cerebrally.  Virgo the Virgin doesn’t want your icky germs.  So I think the overall propensity to cross the line from leadership to aggression is extraordinarily high with this particular Algol contact.  Mars is itching to fight, and he’s raging in this chart.  Nancy Pelosi is even more of a walking hard-on than I am, arguably as much as Orrin Hatch.  I’m really glad she’s the good cop in this good cop/bad cop game of theirs.  The female of the species is more deadly than the male.  Anyway in a Scorpio Moon chart with all this raging Mars, having Mars also on Algol just adds an extremity, a certain ruthlessness.  Don’t put anything past her.  If she feels like it serves her Vesta in that Taurus kerfuffle, she will do literally anything.   Mars is about seeing results, not talking about things.  He’s into confrontation and fighting for what he believes is right.  It’s good to have a solid grasp on rightness when you’re swinging a sword, IMHO.  I don’t think she does.  Based on this chart I believe Nancy avoids the hard work of integrating her beliefs with her actions.  With this Algol contact I will not be surprised if we find out some truly dastardly shit she has done over the years, believing the ends justified the means.
  • Nancy has significant fixed star firepower with the Mars on Algol as I mentioned.  She also has the North Node on Spica, and Chiron on Sirius.    Any one of those three can make someone famous.  Each of those provides a higher-dimensional energy that can be used to phenomenal effect in the life.   One thing that I believe hinders Richard Ojeda‘s chances of actually becoming president is lack of same.  Make no mistake, I love Richard Ojeda and would vote for him tomorrow.  But his best shot is to be someone’s Vice President.  And he would be excellent at that.  He’s a true team player, with the clear-eyed leadership of an evolved Mars.  Mars evolves into a true leadership role when he has paid his dues, been humbled by life, and served others.  Until then he’s just gathering scar tissue, being a dick.  Anyway Nancy has the star power to put her in her position and keep her there.  Her Jupiter is nothing to write home about.  She really doesn’t see herself in the people.  She’s comfortable with being truly hated in her home district.  Her Neptune lets her reject that information from her brain, too much work to process it.  There’s too much of a gap between what the progressive community wants and the corporate deals Nancy has made, so she blows us off.  Same with Joe Crowley, her best boy.
  • Back to Nancy’s star power, the Mars on Algol thing would have been enough.  The North Node on Spica is also very significant.  As I discussed in the video, Spica is where manna can fall into the life.  The Algol contact and its flashes of extreme inspiration is more than enough to activate that.  Then just for laughs Nancy has Chiron on Sirius.  I believe that this probably informs her feminism.  Sirius-based civiliations provide mentorship to the mentors.  So a Sirius contact can make a person something of a wizard, very capable, especially with other good aspects like Nancy does have.  Algol is a phenomenal star to have in your chart, as long as you’re willing to do the hard work to maintain the integrity.  Again, I don’t see Nancy doing that with her Neptune/Mercury boondoggle.  When you have these higher-level energies so abundant in your chart, and you neglect your integrity, the outcome will surely be very, very negative.  It’s the old, what goes up, must come down.  As ye sow, so shall ye reap.  The thing of Nancy being so greatly disliked in her district, and so comfortable with that fact all these years, that’s a perfect analogy for this chart.  That’s the Neptune failure:  a strong Neptune would get that she’s only in that position by the invitation of her constituents.  She knows they’re not on board with her agenda and famously haven’t been for a very long time.   She’s okay with being empowered on false pretenses, i.e. representing a district that doesn’t want her, because (a) she 100% believes in her vision of things, and (b) doesn’t feel beholden to her constituents.    In other words, she’s a huge asshole. From the Time article linked above:
    None of this fazes Pelosi. “If I weren’t effective, I wouldn’t be a target,” she says, working on her ice cream as leftover Christmas songs play in the background. 

Of course that’s true of the Republicans.  But if she were responsive to the left wing of this country, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be fighting FOR her, not against her.  Nancy would be the revered queen of feminism that Venus in Taurus so desperately needs to be.  The thing with Venus — especially in spoiled, lazy Taurus — without you, she’s nothing.  Melania Trump with a fat ass and an ugly face, aka no rich husband, aka nothing at all.  As I said in the video, I don’t hate Nancy, or for that matter Hillary.  But I’m really sick of them and the whole gang.  

Lastly,  to get done with both of these two women and move on to other things, I do believe that Alexandria will feel the pain of having crossed Nancy, in terms of her congressional career.  However Alexandria probably has a very different vision of what she wants for herself.  I don’t think Nancy really knows how to hurt her, in terms of what Alexandria really cares about.   I’m sure Nancy doesn’t get how painful it is for the rest of us to live in her world while being told she’s doing what’s best for us.  I think Alexandria will ultimately win the war.  She delivered the memo that the barbarians are at the gate.  The two women are comparable in leadership and they both have clanking balls.  It will be interesting to see if Alexandria has strong enough Neptune/integrity to make something good of her Seginus contact, or withstand being caught up in someone else’s scandals as I suspect she will be.  I’m curious what Seginus does in its positive role.  I do think she has strong integrity, surely much better than Nancy’s.  Make some popcorn, kids.  This is going to be a wild ride to 2020.



2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi, Astrosplained

  1. you know, it might be because i too have a scorpio moon .. a grand water trine as a matter of fact that nancy lights up.. but gee i wonder what wench you would think me .. because the moon is conjunct mars and square pluto and i have uranus conjunct ascendant in an exact t square with mercury and saturn. i got no hard on.. i am not a feminist, either its complicated and impertinent here.. except to say a true humanist need not make that distinction, period. i think, maybe , like me , nancy , might enjoy , getting laid. i am too old and crippled , also l without a lover . what nancy is doing is compensating [ a very vigorous sex drive into what she regards as public service and is.. ]i dont know a lot about her careeer , but when she tore up trumps speech, i called her and thanked her. it was wonderful and being pooor elderly and disabled i’ve been watching her work with covid 19 relief. she;s blowing me away. she is 12 years older than i am.. she is not a boomer .. she is too old. she may not possess the integrity you require , but i think she has done very well for a large amount of people . and she is not.. stupid.also you can rarely get elected to anything in america if you are not a capitalist. period. so we try for the best and she;s among them. and if her district hates her so much , how does she get elected .. and become speaker of the house .? i think the woman has compensated , not sublimated a strong sexual creative urge. you call it balls … i call lit clit …. and its all about the love of life .. thank you good night …. if you can anonymize this that would be nice . otherwise i’m all in. thank you .. i hope the old broad lives through this . i really hope . i’m afraid she’s going to have a stroke on the house floor..

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