Heather, Tarotsplained

Before I do some astrology for Heather, I like to give people a few personal exploration resources.  These are a few basic steps I like to recommend for everyone:

  1. Therapy.  It’s like massage for your soul, professional parenting, and an extremely skilled bartender all rolled into one.
  2. Take the free online test to see where you’re at on the autism spectrum.
  3. Take the free online Narcissism Personality Index test to see where you are on the Cluster B personality issues.

Those three give you an excellent foothold in self-awareness.

Then I find the life path number by reducing the birth date to a single digit, and locating the corresponding major arcana card.  (The linked resource uses a different method than I do, but I quite liked their ideas.)  This represents the theme of this incarnation, the main point the individual came here to work on.  Remember that all of this is based on choices you have made subconsciously or unconsciously, through the choices of your birth.  Nothing is foisted upon you from outside.  There is no “out there,” out there.

Heather’s life path number is 4, which makes the Emperor her life path card.  This is about crossing the Ts and dotting the Is.  The Emperor is the master of all he surveys, and much that he cannot survey.  The Emperor is about having your stuff together.  I discuss this in more detail in the video.

Then the significator is the minor arcana card representing the individual as we might commonly describe them.  In this case with her Sagittarius Sun, her significator is the fiery Queen of Wands.  Heather’s life is about taking action, making things happen.  The Queen of Wands is a supportive archetype, a patroness of the arts, one who goes with her passion.

So in addition to the basic Top 3 recommendations for everyone, I would suggest Heather do internet searches on the Emperor and the Queen of Wands, and reflect on how those relate to her life.  This may help her formulate the questions she wants to work on astrologically.

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