George Papadopoulos, Astrosplained


Gentle reader,

I chose this photograph of George because I could swear I’ve seen that same photobomb guy before.  If I’m not mistaken, the mystery man has photobombed Mike Flynn with “Lock Him Up,” and Paul Manafort with “Traitor” as they headed in and out of court.  I’m a fan of his work.

Anyway I don’t have a birth time for George, but his chart has some relatively straightforward clues.  Recently he has gone all the way off the deep end, still not clear on how badly Bob Mueller is going to hurt him.  Still thinks Ronald Chump will pardon him out of it.  Doesn’t seem to think the Russians will kill him or blondie.

George Papadopoulos chart

As I said, George’s chart is rather self-evident.  Granted I don’t know a birth time, so there could be some variations.  But even so, the theme is pronounced:  Regulus.  Regulus is the fixed star said to bring one to the top, only to smash them down twice as hard.  The thing is, though — as with all of these high-voltage stars — it depends on your integrity.  The more you integrate your life, deal with your life as a whole person operating in a holistic system, the better use you can make of these higher-level energies.

A fixed star contact is sort of like being on the spiritual autobahn, living with the accelerator pushed to the floor.  It’s all fun and games, but definitely keep your eyes on the road at all times.  The faster you are going, the harder it is to maintain control, the higher the risk to your safety.  Better integrity equals better control over the life experience.  Integrity is why Paul Manafort is having bologna for dinner again tonight and I’m not.  My integrity is strong.  His, not as strong.  He was born rich and I was born in hell, but I’m the one with the options because of integrity.  #winning

George has the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all within 3 degrees of each other, on Regulus.  Granted those are swift planets, and again, if I had a time I would know much more.  However I don’t think it will make all that much difference.  If I had more time I would experiment with running a 2:00 am chart and a 6:00 pm one, an 11:30 pm one, and get a feel for the probabilities.  But I get my own coffee, and I have other stuff to do, so meh.  Seeing all of his inner or personal planets clustered around Regulus makes all the sense in the world, explains all the lingering questions I had about George.

With his Sun and personal planets in Leo, this chart is ruled by a raging, scorching Sun.  Like Mohamed bin Salman, the intense Leo people are not always fun to be around with.  They do us an enormous favor by allowing the Sun to rise and set in the cracks of their butts, and we should be grateful.  Especially with all his personal stuff combust, within the Sun’s corona, a certain lack of self-awareness is suggested.  This is a little hard to articulate.  They will be extremely self-aware in terms of their own ego desires, their sense of self.  But there’s a very strong identification with the Sun here, believing it’s all about you.  That would be very pronounced even if it weren’t on Regulus the Heart of the Lion.  If I recall correctly Farah Suckabee Flanders is also a big Leo girl, with an enormous belief in herself.

With this cluster of personal planets around the Sun on Regulus, I’m sure George believes himself to be a bit of a lion king, a born leader, the guy who can make things happen.  Like with Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a person with Venus and Mars conjunct as they are here, or emphasized as they are within the Sun’s corona, look for a person whose interest is in getting other people to take action.  Venus is about affections and connections, your social support.  Then Mars is about taking action.  The Regulus whammy surely makes George feel entitled to a loyal following.  With Mercury thrown into the mix George probably believes himself to be quite brilliant, and maybe he is.  His Mercury is no big deal, in terms of sign rulerships, but he may have great ideas from the Regulus contact.  I don’t think so.

Like Carter Page, George has a grand trine with a kite.  I also have a grand trine with kites.  It can make a person lacking in focus to some extent, sort of the opposite problem of a wedge or bundle chart.  A grand trine can make things come together easily for the person.  Then the kite gives them ability to catch a breeze, you could say, and take flight.  Especially with the Regulus contact this is someone who won’t have to work as hard as others to get good results.  That’s great, because George is not so much of a worker, I don’t think.  He’s more of a supervisor.  Lions aren’t famous hard workers.  Their women bring them food.

George also has a mystic rectangle, that lovely blue rectangle in the center.  This is the sign of a snob, like Ben Sasse or Rick Gates.  They are at least connoisseurs, if not outright snobs.  There is an extreme dynamism that can create a lack of focus.  Mystic rectangles are thought to be highly capable, like the grand trine with kite that George also has.  Capable and productive are of course not necessarily the same thing.   Anyway with the mystic rectangle there can be a scattering of focus, a squandering of the talent.  I’ve never known a mystic rectangle who wasn’t rather clever.  They have a versatile and multidimensional aspect to their personalities.

Combust planets, those located within the Sun’s corona, are a bit tricky.  On the one hand, they’re said to be somewhat impaired, like sunburned.  The Sun is taking up some of their oxygen.  The functions of these planets can become subsumed within the ego.  However, you are what you eat.  So as the Sun takes on these added flavors, its own quality changes to reflect them more.  It’s a two-way thing, is what I’m saying.  There can be an exaggeration of the function or quality of the combust planets, along with a lack of awareness or control of them.  There can be a tendency for the combust planets (and anything happening in Leo or the signs of the combustees) to serve the ego and its drives.  If the combust planets are otherwise weak in the chart, it’s a significant problem.

George has the Moon in her own sign of Cancer, just to switch this chart up a little.  I didn’t see that coming, did you?  Surprise sentimentality like with Brett Kavanaugh.  George is the kind of guy who probably has a million pictures of him and his loved ones all over the walls.  With his combust Venus on Regulus, he’s always in the pictures, or prefers to be.  Pictures of him with everybody he likes, everywhere the eye can see.  George is probably a bit of a family-oriented homebody.  I knew some Greek people in Chicago, and it’s a huge community, very close-knit, very strong ties within large individual families and the whole Greek Chicago scene.

Also alcohol use can be a problem in a Moon-intensive chart with a Neptune problem.  Here Neptune and the Moon, rather than working together to create balance and integration, are at odds.  George’s loving and nurturing side (Moon in Cancer) is at odds with his willingness to turn a blind eye for money (Neptune in Capricorn).  The moods can go very dark with a prominent Moon, likely to be an angry drunk or in their cups.   I can’t see the houses, but this could go very badly for his family, again with the extended family ties.  He could end up burning everyone close to him.  I note that he does not have either an Algorab or Seginus contact in his chart, with Seginus being the Trump-specific “ruin by association” star.

However the strong Moon in this chart would also make it easier for George to get a lot of love from other people.  He is probably ridiculously devoted to his family, would die for them and they know it.  That’s the good part of the raging Leo, a lot of the time it’s a person who really does see and take the high road.  George is at least aware of the high road, let’s say.  His combust Mercury may have failed him in terms of his strategy, however.   It doesn’t seem that he was particularly qualified to be in the position he had, which is never a good thing when you have a Regulus chart.  With Regulus you must come correct.  There’s a gobsmacking arrogance in this young guy with the minimal credentials believing himself to be an appropriate White House advisor.  At least Stephen Miller worked his way into the cartel much more appropriately, by interning with the well-established Jeff Sessions.  It’s not clear how Papadopoulos appeared on the scene, at least to me.

That sort of inflated ego will often be reflected in a pronounced or hyperactive Jupiter.  The Leo/Regulus thing is plenty to account for everything I know of George.  But he was attempting to engage the government with his sense of his own greatness, which is Jupiter’s wheelhouse.   George has Jupiter at 29:44 Aries, so under the control of Mars.  Jupiter moves rather slowly, much slower than a degree a day, so we can say with some certainty that this position is correct.

I think the Aries rulership of Jupiter was a critical flaw in George’s personality.  Aries, like Mars, wants to take action, not think things through.  Mars is notoriously clueless about the needs of other people.  Without a very strong Mercury (which George does not have) Mars will leap before he looks.  It’s the reckless impulsiveness that will do him in.  This is why boys and young men are at very high risk for trauma.  They have a need to do things, as does Jupiter, who loves to experience excitement.  This led to him getting in way over his head, in other words.

If George had Jupiter early in Taurus I believe he may have been much more successful.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, and would take quite a different approach to pursuing government work.  It would make sure it had the social support to accomplish its goals, like Rob Porter, Hope Hicks, and General Kelly.  Jupiter and Venus work really well together, making it rain in the life sort of.  Especially with a grand trine and kite, and the Regulus focus, if this guy had the backbone to get himself together he could be quite the leader.  Extreme leadership potential.  But you know, back to the autobahn analogy, there’s a difference between potential and kinetic energy.  You have to put it in motion to get anywhere, basically.  This chart fits one who wants to land at the top without necessarily putting in the work.  That’s a Neptune issue IMHO, a lack of integrity.

George has Neptune at 5 Capricorn, early in Saturn’s home sign.  That’s in opposition to the very strong Moon.  Saturn is the fact checker, the bean counter, the authority figure who lays down the law.  It’s not the best place for Neptune, I don’t think.  Will tend to dull the awareness of the higher self, predispose the native to materialism rather than spirituality.  Especially in opposition to the Moon, the quickest way to the heart mind, there is difficulty accessing the higher mind.  This native is very likely to run afoul.  That materialistic inclination in this Regulus chart is not what I would prefer to see.  Despite all the dynamism, this chart is sort of balanced on a notoriously hazardous pin, Regulus.

Despite George’s Neptune being trine all the good stuff — the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter — I’m going to say his lack of integrity will be what wrecks his life.  And that’s not so much of a stretch based on the whole convicted liar thing.   Importantly George’s Neptune is in opposition to his Moon, which is very strong in her own sign and at the head of a proper kite.  George is really quite intuitive, and in his own way thoughtful.

In terms of the integrity check, I note that George’s asteroid Pinocchio is almost entirely unaspected.

However his asteroid Lie is opposition his Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  Lying could be a problem for him, especially with his unhappy Neptune.

I don’t see his asteroid Gold doing much of anything except in a sextile to Neptune, enhancing that materialist underpinning.  But it isn’t so much the money for George as the ego, with all that Regulus action.

Importantly, George’s Pallas the Field Marshal has two fractions of squares:  to Neptune and the Moon.  I think that may be semi-disastrous for him.  If his change in attitude has come from drinking, drug use, or descent into a fantasy world (which I believe it has) then George has a bumpy road ahead.  With his Pallas busted in this particular way it could lead him to believe he can outsmart Bob Mueller, or that in some way it’s a game of peers, of equals.  It most certainly is not.

Alrighty gentle readers, I hope this has given you some insight into America’s favorite non-coffee-boy.









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