Public Service Announcement: There Is No Objective Reality

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers,

The following ideas may seem tricky or complex.  But I promise you this one nugget of understanding — that there is no objective reality — is a cornerstone of my mental health.  Allow me to explain.

2019 promises to be a bit of a bumpy ride.  Bashar has discussed at length the idea of consensus realities breaking apart, and humanity sorting ourselves to the parallel versions of Earth that best suit each of us.  [NOTE: I talk about Bashar a lot.  But there is no compensation for the mentions.  They don’t know this blog exists I don’t think.  I just share what excites me.]

This is much like water seeking its level, or oil and water separating.  When you hear someone giving an opinion of current events and think to yourself, “They must be living on a different planet,” they literally are.  They are on different parallel versions of Earth, which are, for the time being, still overlapping.  The splitting apart is accelerating on both sides.  Each of us will end up where we belong, and that process is, again, accelerating.  So buckle up.

2019 will be a time of lots of deep, dirty secrets being exposed.  This may and probably will involve more very unpleasant things like the tear-gassing of refugee children, more social upheaval and conflict as the climate changes and we learn more shocking facts about our shared history.  The way people are saying the Mexican border situation was fine, you can put that pepper spray on nachos, that is a classic example of the whole feeling like they must be on a different planet.  They literally are.

The wonderful news, though, is that now is the time to decide which version of Earth you’d like to live on, and then act like a resident of that place 100% of your time.   Time to be the change you’d like to see in the world.  Do that as if your life depended upon it.  Find things to laugh about as often as possible, especially when you’re miserable.

The above video describes an idea that can help you to be resilient in turbulent times.  Bend like the reed, don’t snap like the mighty oak.  The wind can sometimes hurl large, well-rooted trees right through the air, remember that.  So here are your two points of power:

  • There is no such thing as objective reality.  If you’ve never considered subjective versus objective before, this may seem like a trivial point.  But I assure you it’s your first building block to finding your magic.  I give examples in the video of the difference between subjective and objective.  In short, you can say that nothing is a cold, hard fact.  Everything is subject to personal opinion.  There’s no way to strip the ideas and perceptions of the perceiver 100% out before rendering an opinion.  So no matter how intently someone tells you something, be clear that it’s only their opinion.  It may be the only truth they have access to.  It need not be the only one YOU have access to.
  • Row, row, row your boat.  This song really helps me un-fuck myself, quick and easy style.
    • Row, row, row.  We live in a triune universe.  It isn’t just a war of good and evil, two things.  There’s a third thing, the opportunity to choose.  The yin-yang symbol shows that there’s a bit of each inherent in the other, and the line between them is a wave.  You always get to collapse that wave as you wish, choose where to navigate.  Taking action three times is a very clear statement to the universe.  So row, row, row your boat.  Choose the direction that you prefer, and row towards it —
    • GENTLY down the stream.  Not frantically up the stream.  Feel the direction you would like to go, then put in fair effort.  If the stream redirects you, go with that.
    • Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.  Again, not frantically.  Three efforts, four rejoices, okay?  Do your work, then add one extra merrily to keep you going in a merry direction no matter what.  Because —
    • Life is but a dream.

There is no objective reality, only consensus, agreed-upon reality.  Do not agree with the realities you do not prefer to inhabit, and you will not inhabit them.  Trust the river of life to lead you to a place of joy if that is what you want, if that is what you consistently choose.  Do not support versions of reality that offend your soul.  Do not consent to realities where borders exist to protect money at the expense of human lives, if that’s not the world you prefer to live on.  Mutual coinvestment, the consistent giving of a shit with regard to other people, is what will save us all.  Wake up from the nightmare and know that the garden is ours.


4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: There Is No Objective Reality

  1. Do not be with people that vex thy spirit. I have found that the older I get, the less I care about the petty melodramas of others. Selfish I know, but it keeps me sane.

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