Kamala Harris, Astrosplained

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yahoos and Yippies:

In the interest of the public good it’s time to take a look at Kamala Harris.  For one thing I am serious about getting my focus off of horrible people.  It’s almost as hard as kicking coffee, and I thought I might die from that.

As I keep threatening, I plan to do a number of Astrosplained books on Kindle.  They will all be cheap to buy and free to read in Kindle Unlimited.  They will all focus on people who make my life better in some way, like Nikola Tesla, Edgar Allen Poe, etc.  But that’s for when I have more energy.  I’m also really excited to start writing fiction — look for my first novel this year too.  I live with multiple disabilities, so thanks for hanging in there with me when I can’t blog.

Despite discussing a number of chart factors at length, like 3,500 words below, I didn’t say everything there was to say about this truly fascinating chart, even with the 30-minute video.  Really this chart is worth a whole book.  Extra fancy.

In a nutshell:

  • The main theme is a quest for balance. Libra Sun, important contacts at each angle, prominent Ascendant and Descendant aspects, see-saw shaped chart, many things suggesting a love of truth, fairness, and the good things.  Libra is about charm and polish, and may be superficial.  However with the high-voltage fixed stars, I don’t see that being a problem for her.  It will all hinge on her integrity level, how much we can trust her words to match her deeds.  With Vesta the True Believer and Saturn placed on the MC as described in the video, I see her being as-advertised.
  • A Venus-Mars chart is about rallying people to action.
  • My main concern about this chart is Juno the Spouse on Antares.  In the 6th house, this suggests either that she is a boss from hell, or that she partners with or works for people who create extreme challenges for her.  With the high-voltage fixed stars, I imagine she has very real haters.
  • Jupiter and [dwarf planet, I looked it up lol] Varuna are conjunct on Algol the Blinking Demon.  Varuna is one of the bodies I am newer to working with.  But I understand it to be about influence, leadership, and creation.  To the extent Varuna is emphasized, look for one who can truly conjure new worlds into being.  Conjunct Jupiter and on Algol, this is more than simply outside-the-box thinking.  If her integrity is up to the task, she could be the most amazing president that nobody could have imagined.  If she’s not trustworthy?  God help us all.  At the end of the day I believe that she is to be trusted.  I’m very excited to have checked out her chart.  I think she will make an amazing president.
  • Regulus is on the IC.  This gives a very strong sense of moral high ground, instilled in this case specifically by the mother if I have to guess before reading her books.  She has a very strong mother with both Ceres and Lilith in Capricorn in the 7th house, I take her mother as a no-nonsense, self-disciplined woman.
  • I looked at the minor asteroids I normally would check just to do due diligence on the overall likely integrity of a candidate.  Senator Harris would seem to have a very strong sense of pride in her integrity, and could well be a person who is truly annoyed by deceit, laziness, unreliability, etc.  Libra really hates the conflict, and with the Regulus and Gold together she may be extremely demanding in terms of integrity and moral high ground.
  • There are two very balanced T-squares overlapping each other.  Jupiter is the apex of one, Mars the other.  This gives her an enormous amount of drive.  A three-sided box of hard aspects, with the red lines, can tend to create an eddy for negativity.  However there are lovely trines from Saturn to the Sun and Mercury affording a very natural and positive energy flow back to the Sun, the central mission of the life.  That’s why her life is working pretty well, maybe.
  • With Chiron in Pisces, co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, I’m a little concerned about the strains on her integrity blowing her up.  Jupiter and Neptune are in opposition here, and she is an established Democrat.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can tell the money people to shove it, because she is funded entirely by constituents rather than PACs or corporations.  Kamala Harris came along at a time when that would have been virtually impossible to accomplish.  I’m afraid this may end up being her Achilles’ heel, if she becomes president, which I believe she likely will.  Even with whatever allegiance she may have to corporate America, after seeing this chart I am convinced she will be a 10X better president than any that came before her, especially the monkey boy she’ll be replacing.

The de-crapified chart for clarity:

kamala harris decrapified chart

Chart with basic asteroids etc.

Kamala Harris chart.png


Asteroids chart:

kamala harris chart2

  • With the Sun in Libra, this is a Venus-ruled chart.  Look for a traditionally feminine woman like Hope Hicks, charming and polished.  Libras are known for getting along well, playing nice in the sandbox.  They abhor crass or tacky people.  They love balance and harmony, and appreciate art, children, and pleasant company.  For elevator chat, go Libra.  Like Beto with all his honey-dipped Venus, Libra is a people-person.  Her life is about affections and connections, the two things Venus focuses on.  Senator Harris also has a prominent Jupiter in Taurus, especially important for a politician as Jupiter represents the government.  Jupiter loves it in Taurus, because he loves spending other people’s money, just like Taurus.
  • The next most important planet to look at is the other luminary, the Moon.  Where the Sun is about things you consciously know about yourself, the Moon is where we find the mysteries within.  The Moon is about things you can’t control, like your dreams, moods, phobias, and things that happen deep in your guts.  Harris has the Moon in feisty Aries, ruled by Mars.  Like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this creates a Venus-Mars focus, where the native is all about rallying people to action.   Underscoring that point is the presence of Mars in Leo, ruled by the Sun, who is in Libra and thus on the agenda of Venus.  Think: “Rallying people to action.”
  • Chart-ruling Venus is in the 4th house, emphasizing the influence of her parents, and specifically her mother.  She has Ceres the Earth Mother in Capricorn, suggesting that her mom was a big “delayed gratification, self-discipline” type, a bit no-nonsense maybe.  Venus in the 4th house is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury.  Virgo generally makes it hard to connect at the heart level, suggesting an overall superficiality due to the Venus dominance and Venus’ shared love of unemotional, surface-level interaction.  I feel like that will add an even keel to her overall, making her more critical and less easily swayed.  I don’t think she is very easily swayed, not at all.  With the Moon in Aries she likes to get things done, and she likes to fight.  She’s not a warm fuzzy Venus, she’s a people shepherd.
  • Senator Harris (I really hate this thing where Trump is on a first-name basis with everybody in his public address, no matter what they’ve accomplished in life) has a see-saw shaped chart, like Mike Pence.  It’s not a highly classical see-saw with oppositions making an actual hourglass, but fitting the technical parameters anyway.  This emphasizes the balance suggested in the Libra Sun, showing a native who strongly favors balance, lives for it.  Like Pence, the see-saw could make one a bit waffley, like one who doesn’t really stand for anything at the end of the day.  But there are numerous factors in Senator Harris’ chart ruling that out.  That won’t be a problem for her, the chameleon thing.
  • Senator Harris has the North Node directly on the Ascendant at 24 Gemini, same degree.  I found this article on the Ascendant-Node very interesting.  I have the North Node combust, and I have found that to mean that the challenges of my life were largely set up before my birth.  It’s a different way of looking at the destiny/free will balance that we all have.  This placement on the Ascendant is also marked by the Part of Fortune on the Descendant, which I will circle back to later.  I note that she has all of this in Mercury’s Gemini, on Mintaka, which I will discuss below.  From the linked article:

    Those of us with a 1st House North Node (and this is a placement of my own) have to express and live out that Aries-like sense of independence and initiative, not needing to live through other people or have someone else by our side to feel complete… When you have the North Node in the 1st, you need to not be defined by anyone but yourself. The problem is that people with this placement come from a past where other people heavily defined them. I mean that in both ways, such as they feeling more complete or assured when depending on someone else, emotionally or mentally, and having other people tell you who you are and who you should be.

  • The Kozminsky symbol for the Ascendant at 24 Gemini:
    24º Gemini: A beautiful woman giving bread to a crowd of starving people. From behind her, showing dimly through a haze of white light, is a high Intelligence placing a crown of a bright strange metal on her head.
    Denotes one who accounts charity the highest of the virtues-charity of soul, charity of thought, and charity of action. When a generous act is performed, when charity is given to the opinions of others, and in relieving the sufferings of others, when there is unselfishness in act and judgment, the mystic crown bathed in holy light is on the head. It is a symbol of Glory.
  • Senator Harris has Saturn within 4 degrees of the Midheaven, which is said to be  an auspicious placement denoting fame, because of course the Midheaven is the door to our house of careers, and thus it’s where we find our personal brand.  This is in opposition to the IC, the door to the 4th house, which is where we find out who that person is in their heart of hearts, who their parents made them.  There is something interesting happening at each of the angles in this chart, underscoring yet again the focus on balance.  Saturn is also where we look for a person in authority.   If I’m not mistaken she started out working as a prosecutor, and that befits a Midheaven Saturn.  Saturn is about money and authority.  It should be noted that the only thing she has in a sign ruled by Saturn is Saturn himself, at the tail end of Aquarius.
  • Senator Harris has the Ascendant at 24 Gemini, conjunct fixed star Mintaka.  Mintaka is where we look for ancient-Orion conflicts, basically the fascist-antifascist axis.  Having a placement on Mintaka doesn’t tell us which side you’re on, the pro or the antifascist, only that it’s part of your life’s theme.  Barron Trump has a prominent Mintaka, and is by far the most capable one in his immediate family, judging by his chart.   Anyway we can look at how Senator Harris behaves with known fascists, like Jeff Sessions.  She’s the exact reason people like Sessions don’t want African-Americans going to college.   Based on past performance I say she is on the good team.  I have Venus on Mintaka.  She makes Sessions nervous.

Weird for a Libra, she doesn’t seem to get along well with Kierstjen “Baby Cages” Nielsjen, either.

So I have to say, speaking now as a Democratic Socialist rather than an astrologer, that I have very little confidence in the Democratic establishment, which unfortunately includes Senator Harris — at least for now.  It’s a hard thing, because I understand that especially for African-Americans, you really have to work from within the system to change it.  The thing that concerns me about all of them, including Corey Booker who I otherwise love in several ways, is that they’ve all had to take corporate cash to get where they are.  That’s why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can tell the establishment to suck it:  she only took money from we the people, not Mitt Romney’s friends the corporations.  I distrust Speaker Pelosi largely because her leadership comes at the expense of beaucoup corporate fundraising, polluting our political process.  Because John Lewis asked me to, I bit my lip and supported Hilary.   But this is a new day, and I have new hope.  Especially after seeing this chart, I love her and can’t wait to vote for her in 2020.  Unless somebody catches her being truly awful — and it’s going to have to be really bad for me to not like her anymore — she’s the one to watch.  /soapbox

  • Back to the astrologizing, with any politician it’s important to look at Jupiter.  Senator Harris has Jupiter conjunct both Algol the Blinking Demon and Varuna.  Algol is a distant, high-magnitude star like Regulus and Antares, also activated in this chart.  With all of these, the native is able to access higher-level concepts, be assisted by the forces of nature as it were.  Each of these contacts makes for a high-voltage life.  All three of them are often considered malefic.  Specifically seeing Jupiter on Algol in anyone who is anywhere near the government should be cause for pause, we need to look at that quite seriously.  With Algol, the native can take some concept in any direction, like Pandora’s box but in this case the government.  What makes or breaks all of these high-voltage contacts is the native’s integrity, which can really only be tracked through their behavior due to free will.  Anyone can choose to use any chart factor to either integrate themselves or to conflict with their environment.   So if the Algol thing was going to go bad, how would that look?  I mean compared to what we have right now?  I find it hard to imagine that Kamala Harris becomes president and finds some way to screw us over even harder.  But in fairness, if anyone could do that, it would be someone with Regulus on the IC and Jupiter on Algol.  Especially with Juno on Antares, that suggests problematic partnerships.
  • Before I get into the asteroids, let me preface with some insight into how I look at these charts.  I recognize that in the past I have mostly looked up the charts of people who shocked me with their awfulness, and so some of my work has maybe been overly dark.  So on the one hand, looking at the charts of nice people too has caused me to up my game as an astrologer, when I can’t simply rely on the dark interpretation because it’s someone I have seen being awful, if that makes sense.  On the other hand, the dark stars in this chart would have a completely different meaning on a person with a proven track record of misdeeds or dirty dealing.   Maybe I’m just a cynical old Gen X lady, but I could see that this was where the Republican party was headed back before I was old enough to vote, in the first Reagan administration.  None of this Trump train mess surprises me.  Some things are just too obvious.  People show you who they are.So in the interest of due diligence, I looked at the points where we might find treachery:  asteroids Honeycutt, where we see someone who wants more than their fair share; Lie, Pinocchio, and Gold, self-explanatory; California and America, just to see where we sit in our senator’s life; and of course Alice and the WhiteRabbit.   Alice is the only sane or decent person in the world, and it sometimes can show someone who really has that (like me with my horrible family).  It can also show us someone who believes that to be true of themselves when actually they are the horrible one, like Ronald Chump with his Alice in the 1st house.  WhiteRabbit can show a lot of things, including drug abuse (Not why I checked it here), haste, and most importantly, treachery.  White Rabbit is where I check for trustworthiness or integrity issues, like Pinocchio.
    • Alice is at 1 Aries, the very first degree of the zodiac.  Remember everyone has everything somewhere, right?  So I look to see how it bounces off of the rest of the chart.  In this case she has two minor hard angles from Alice:  one to Neptune and the other to Mercury.  This could go a few ways.  Maybe she truly is better and saner than anyone else she knows — entirely possible with the major star power in this chart.  Neptune represents our higher mind and Mercury the conscious mind.  So that idea is either a minor issue in her life or a pet peeve of hers, like people who think their poop don’t stink.   Schroedinger’s cat would suggest that it’s both, and neither.
    • WhiteRabbit rubs Senator Harris the wrong way, with his feckless fickleness.  She has this asteroid square the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, and in minor hard aspects, irreconcilable differences, with Saturn and Uranus.  There’s really no way to gauge someone’s integrity without knowing what they’ve done.  But this looks to me like someone who gets assed up about dishonesty or unreliability.  Libras are notorious for staying calm.  But this racing around being treacherous really works her nerves.  I can verify that she’s not unreliable based on what I know of her public life.  She’s consistent and credible.
    • Honeycutt is trine Chiron, which is where we look for wisdom gained through life experience, or the end of the life through lack of wisdom.  This placement suggests that if Senator Harris ever reaches for more than she’s due, she will crash and burn in an enormous fashion, because of the extensive fixed-star connectivity — Jupiter on Algol and the IC on Regulus, especially, though she also has Juno on Antares.  Regulus is the kingmaker.  It suggests the pinnacle of achievement and specifically a high degree of leadership potential, similar to Aldebaran.   The main point being, if she derails in a crash and burn sort of way — as Stephen Miller should be doing any time now with his prominent Regulus — it will be from overreach, overconfidence.  I don’t see that being a real problem for her.  I see nothing suggesting the love of money, which is where it all goes so very wrong.
    • Well wait now, she also has asteroid Gold right there on Regulus at the IC.  In the tarot, gold represents (that which will not be stopped), i.e., the dawn.  So it can be what one values the most, and often this is where I look for greed.  But Gold carries all the connotations of the symbolism, including the metallurgic one about purity.  Having Gold right on the IC and Regulus suggests that she will certainly become the next president.  Just like when I splain the bad people, I look at what I know of the individual.  She hasn’t done anything to freak me out other than take corporate donations, as discussed above.
    • California knows how to party, and Senator Harris has it at 1 Gemini.
      1º Gemini: Two Ionic columns adorned with globes–a burst of flame issuing out of clouds behind.
      Denotes a double-natured, cultured, and gifted person who gains reputation through his acts. He has great mental energy and will, combined with an impetuosity which directs to good or evil results. His over hastiness may lead him to mistakes which incur displeasure and court danger. It is a symbol of Animation.
    • She has America at 5 Libra, right on the 5th house cusp.  The 5th house is ruled by Venus, the chart ruler in the first place.  Hey!  So that seems highly auspicious to me, as the 5th house is considered a lovely place of fun and creativity.  This also adds to the theme of seeking balance, along with the Libra Sun, prominent angles, and see-saw chart shape.

Kozminsky symbol for Senator Harris’ asteroid California at 1 Gemini:

1º Gemini: Two Ionic columns adorned with globes–a burst of flame issuing out of clouds behind.
Denotes a double-natured, cultured, and gifted person who gains reputation through his acts. He has great mental energy and will, combined with an impetuosity which directs to good or evil results. His over hastiness may lead him to mistakes which incur displeasure and court danger. It is a symbol of Animation.

That symbol bodes well generally, but does suggest that the WhiteRabbit thing of “haste makes waste” could actually be her Achilles’ heel.  Specifically, aside from taking the time to think things all the way through — Venus likes to skim the surface — I would advise her to avoid creating unhealthy partnerships, especially with warmongers of any kind.  I don’t see that becoming a problem for her, honestly.

At the end of the day, this is a formidable woman.  She has an enormous amount of creativity with government (Jupiter on Algol), truly an outside-the-box thinker.  With her Mercury Ascendant and chart-ruling Venus in Virgo, she has the intellectual bandwidth to do whatever she needs to do.  Regulus, with its prominence on the IC, promises to take her as high as she wants to go, and guarantees that if she fails in her responsibilities, if she betrays her position, if her integrity flags in any way she will crash and burn in spectacular fashion, just like Harvey Weinstein, and many other Regulus types.  It’s quite all-or-nothing, with both Regulus and Algol, in terms of what direction the life will take.  There is no medium setting on either of those.

  • Her Saturn, who she is as an authority figure, has two very prominent pluses:  1.  It’s in his own sign of Aquarius, and in the 9th house.  This will tend to focus more on the responsibility side of Saturn, rather than the bean-counting side.  Aquarius is about taking 1,000-mile perspectives and grounding them.  In Jupiter’s 9th house, and opposite Mars, this will tend to slow her roll, keep her from getting out over her ski tips as they say.  2. She has nothing going on in Capricorn but the 8th house cusp, again suggesting that it’s more about the responsibilities and self-discipline side of Saturn than the cash-hungry side.  Her Gold is on Regulus, again, suggesting that she may have excellent integrity and value her leadership to an extraordinary degree, which seems to be the case.  Leo and Regulus, in a high-integrity person, are both about largesse and nobility.  It’s a classy thing, even though Farah Suckabee Flanders also has it.
  • Senator Harris has Neptune on the Vertex.  The Vertex is one of those things I don’t have a true intuitive grasp of, because I am self-taught and I need to experience something to know it if that makes sense.  The Vertex is a calculated point that I have no intuitive experience of.  But it’s said to be an important marker of fated situations in the life.  I can tell you that seeing her Node right on the Ascendant assured me that a lot of what she’s here to deal with is about the person she was born.  She wears her mission on her face.  So when I see the Vertex right on Neptune, the connection to the higher self — which makes or breaks a chart with fixed stars like this one — I feel I must consider what it means.  For now I’m just noting it.
  • Senator Harris has the Part of Fortune right on her Descendant, same degree, at 24 Sagittarius.  That’s of course ruled by Jupiter.  With her Node on the Ascendant, this is a truly striking marker in someone who wants to be president.  The Part of Fortune is another thing like the Vertex that is not well-understood.  There is a lot of debate among modern astrologers as to what it is and how to use it.  I had the opportunity to ask Bashar about it.  He said it’s like the X that marks “you are here” on a map.  It shows the Earth itself in the chart, and has the symbol of the Native American medicine wheel, the circle with the X in the middle showing the four points.  So this is where to dig on the treasure map of your life.  Taking action here pays off.  She has this on the Descendant, or in her interaction with other people.  This is absolute perfection in the Venus ruled chart with the theme of balance and harmony IMHO.

So there’s more to say, and I’m sure I’ll say it in the video.  Long story short, I like Kamala Harris much more, trust her much more now than I did before seeing her chart.  Prior to looking at her stars I looked askance at her due to the corporate sponsorship, just like the others.  But considering that her Vesta is also on the Midheaven, conjunct Saturn but in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, I feel like she is as advertised.  Vesta is what we would kill or die for.  The proximity to her strong — and not actually prominent — Saturn is highly auspicious here IMHO.  She’s a true believer.  Godspeed.

6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris, Astrosplained

  1. When I lived in CA and she was Attorney General, I knew then that I would like her for 2020. I have heard that many generals are born under Libra. I have been lax in visiting you so I have to get back to catch up.

  2. Hello I am really enjoying your analyses – very intuitive and really relevant in these times. I especially like your inclusion of the fixed stars, past lives and the whole good vs. evil thing. I got here by googling a chart on Roger Stone and then discovered that you had done one back in Sept 2017 that seems hauntingly prophetic today. I hope you can do Oprah Winfrey one day – she and I share the exact same birthday (:

    1. Thanks Brian! I appreciate the good words! I also love Oprah and can tell you she has Aldebaran on the Midheaven. I may very well do a whole book on her this year. She’s one of my favorite people. ❤

      1. Hi Priscilla, I know Oprah has Sag rising but we both have that almost exact T square with
        Mars-Pluto-Mercury. I also liked your reference to POTUS’ entourage as souls reincarnating as a group for specific purposes. It feels so refreshing to hear an astrology-based commentary on it instead of the mundane explanations we are bombarded with daily.

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