Joe Biden, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

It must needs be said that Grandpa Joe Biden running for president in 2020 is a hard slap in the face to the estrogen-based American community.  The fact that he’s even talking about it confirms that someone needs to put him out to pasture before #MeToo throws him in a cauldron with some eye of newt and drinks his liquefied bones.

We just had a refresher course on the Anita Hill travesty via the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco.  It was a teachable moment for us, what a pig Joe Biden was, how craven and feckless.  I don’t want to hear him say he’s sorry 100 times.  I want him to demonstrate that he’s heard us by fucking the fuck right straight off.   Maybe he can go live on an island with Kramer and Louis CK and be president there.  It will not surprise me if a flood of “bimbo eruptions” — as aggrieved women are so charmingly called by  establishment Democrats — sinks the good ship President Gropey (allegedly/theoretically) Grandpa.

Maybe I am the one who has failed to put my finger on the pulse of the American people.  Maybe I’m wrong, and what America really wants next is a wealthy white establishment grandpa who is known to be touchy-feely and has already been in the White House for 8 years.  Let me again start by considering what I know from public information.   Spoiler alert:  Biden has Saturn on Aldebaran, making this a high-voltage chart. Saturn is the bean counter, but he’s also the hanging judge.  Misuse of one’s authority with Saturn on Aldebaran, even in the tiniest way, is a guaranteed unhappy ending.   Those major star power influences are all fun and games as long as your integrity is impeccable.  Is Biden’s integrity impeccable?  Or is he in for a world of hurt?

Well, happy as I was to vote for Obama, he was a constitutional law professor with an extrajudicial kill list.  That’s an oxymoron, like “sanitary landfill” and “military intelligence.”  An extrajudicial kill list is absolutely unconstitutional, but we can do it because we ditched habeas corpus with Guantanamo.  Anyway please know I personally saw that the Obama administration was a living hell for undocumented immigrants, from Rockford, Illinois to Fresno, California and everywhere else, too.  Obama was the deporter in chief.   ICE was on one the whole eight years.

Obama and Biden are both deeply beholden to corporate America, which was clear to see right at the outset in the capitulations to the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street.  I saw that Obama had caved literally Day 1, with his cabinet appointments. Other Spoiler Alert:  Biden has a stellium in Scorpio, the meanest and sneakiest sign.  What was he actually up to for 8 years?   What do Vice Presidents do all day?  Who knows?

So even if some miracle occurs and there’s not one woman out there who’s going to tell us something horrible about Grandpa Joe (which I highly doubt based on his legendary touchy-feeliness and frequent boorishness), you still have the profound betrayal of the American left that Biden was a stalwart of, starting with Anita Hill and rolling through the fact that the electoral college still exists even after the GW Bush election, unchallenged.  The Democrats really suck.  They’re not inept, they’re complicit.

cthulhu 2016 1

Granted, Obama was a ray of pure sunshine compared to the silver-spoon chuckleheads that came before and after him.  Michelle Obama is one of my all-time favorite people.  But Biden started running for president literally as soon as he was constitutionally eligible, in his mid-40s.  Clarence Thomas and Bart O’Kavanaugh are both still on the Supreme Court, and this joker thinks we’re cool for 2020. He needs to wake up from his pipe dream.  I’m not having the nightmare of President Joe Biden, go to hell.

joe biden chart

  • Thanks to the A students at there is a proper birth time in the database.
  • First of all, the Sun and all of the inner, personal planets but the Moon are in Scorpio in the 12th house. So this is a Mars-Pluto co-rulership with a stellium — Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars — in Scorpio.  Mars is clearly the stronger of the two, in his own sign in Scorpio while Pluto is over there in Leo, working on the Sun’s agenda.  The Sun and Pluto thus have mutual reception, meaning they are guests in each other’s signs.  But as I see it  Pluto has all but yielded to Mars.  So expect Grandpa Joe to be on the one hand someone who is all about seeing results.  But based on his track record, he’s also much more comfortable with war, or at least the military-industrial complex, than someone like AOC with her raging Mars.  Mars is about conflict, challenge, and action.  Biden is known to be quite collegial with his strong 5th house, like the Biden in a Hawaiian shirt meme.  But anyone with that much Scorpio is intense to say the least, and very sneaky too.  He also has quite a prominent Venus, continuing the Venus-Mars theme of rallying others to action as seen with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and others.  But his Venus is debilitated by the combustion.
  • The Sun is properly in the 12th house, which I would not have suspected.  The 12th house Sun is said to be self-undoing, being one’s own worst enemy, the inability to truly express your life’s mission directly due to imprisonment, chronic illness, something like that.
    I liken the Ascendant to the face, the Descendant the mirror you see in the faces of others, the Midheaven what others see of you, and the 12th house like the back of the head.  So a 12th house Sun is kind of like having your eyes on the back of your head, or face-blindness (which I have as a result of childhood trauma) for yourself, the inability to see yourself in some way.  It’s about being in your own blind spot.  I guess that could fit a gaffemeister like Biden.
    But if I had to guess I’d have put his ego in his 1st house, front and center.  Ran for president the very first chance he got, still on it.  If not blind to his own ego, he’s clearly tone deaf.  Anyway the time would need to be way off to put the Sun into the 1st house, so there we have it.  It’s the 12th.  Nothing about Joe Biden’s life makes sense for a self-effacing, self-sacrificing 12th house Sun.  That suggests dishonesty, an internal corruption to match America’s government.  The themes of this chart are belief in himself, and specifically belief in his own propaganda.
  • Let’s look at the combust bodies, those which are within 8 degrees of the Sun.  Venus, Mercury, and surely some minor asteroids that I don’t feel like looking for are there obscured within the Sun’s massive corona.  This is a very nice article on both Mercury and Venus combust, describing someone who may have great difficulty communicating and connecting with people.   I think that’s fair to say of Biden, that he often opens mouth, inserts foot.   But it’s said to be a difficulty in asking for what you want, which fits my 12th house Sun and Mercury combust.  I don’t see that really being a problem for Biden based on the fact that he’s running for president yet again.  He’s great at asking for social support with his Taurus Moon.  Who he is doesn’t necessarily line up with what we can see of his behavior — a major red flag in anyone with this much Scorpio.
    The Mercury and Venus combust both fit what I mentioned above about how his candidacy looks to a #MeToo voter.  That sort of thing.  Especially in the 12th house of self-undoing, extra oblivious, rut roh.   Uranus on the Descendant also suggests one who may have real problems relating to people, specifically women.  His Venus is actually quite unfortunate, prominent and debilitated, like John Kelly’s.  I note that Kelly would do anything for the people in his circle, like Rob Porter.  But he’s ruthless with “others,” like Representative Frederica Wilson.  That may be because of the prominent and debilitated Venus.  Maybe kiss up-kick down.
  • Next I like to look at the Moon.  Here it is right at the beginning of Taurus, making Grandpa Joe’s Venus quite prominent.  So this is part of why he’s still running for president to this day.  It’s the stubbornness and the entitlement to social/financial support that Taurus is famous for.  This is the prickly side of Venus, in Taurus, where she’s selfish and territorial.  Biden expects to be supported in the style he’s accustomed to.  There is a marked lack of work ethic with Venus generally, and style over substance especially with Libra.  But with all that Scorpio, no, he’s a very passionate, deeply-felt guy.  I think the Taurus Moon will make him a bit more of a dud emotionally, which is a good thing.  Ground him a bit, make him maybe more selfish but less likely to project.  Very, very likely to cling.  The Moon and Taurus both make good homebodies and hoarders, foodies and couch potatoes.  Biden’s raging boner Mars should mostly eliminate the latter issue.  He likes results.
  • Biden’s Moon is also the engine of this locomotive chart, with combust Venus at the caboose.  His Moon is quite complicated as discussed in the video.
  • The Ascendant is at 3 Sagittarius, which makes perfect sense for a guy who started running for president as soon as he was eligible.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is about the fractal nature of existence, in that every human being has the same basic number and arrangement of eyes, heads, etc.  We’re all exactly the same in a way, even if born limbless.  So when Jupiter runs amok, we can have someone who believes that everyone else is just a reflection of himself, whatever makes himself happy is obviously best for everyone.  Ronald Chump, with his raging Sagittarius Moon, is an adventure junkie who cannot resist climbing up in every truck and tooting the horn.  But that’s his Moon; with Biden it’s his Ascendant, what’s Item 1 on his personal agenda.  Been running for president for a long time, like I said.  Really does believe he should be in the big chair, always has.  Wants to get out there and see his name in lights.
  • Gropey (allegedly) Grandpa has a locomotive chart.  This is the sort of person who likes to get things done, likes to see results.  With this much Mars in his chart, all those planets in Scorpio, that’s to be expected anyway.  Other politicians with extreme Mars include AOC and Orrin Hatch.  These are the hard chargers.  The locomotive chart is a getter-done of things even without Mars.   As noted above, the Moon in Taurus is the engine of the locomotive, combust Venus the caboose.  The Moon as a locomotive engine is surely aided by its location in Taurus, making him less moody and variable than other Moon placements might.   Taurus is where Venus is notoriously lazy, spoiled, and selfish, the archetypal bourgeois housewife.  So that’s where the Mars-Venus pattern shows itself again, in the drive to rally people to action.  The Taurus Moon expects the loved ones to come to her with tribute.  That’s what’s driving this life forward.
  • Another thing that will tend to put a fire in the belly to become president — as so many things in this chart would — is the IC in Pisces.  Hey, that rhymes.  Asteroid Ceres the Earth Mother is right there, on the same degree as the IC.  Ceres is where we look for motivation, because she’s the mother who charged into hell to rescue her kidnapped daughter from Pluto the Devil.  Anyway that’s co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.  It likely exacerbates that feeling I imagine he has of being every man, literally.
  • Jupiter is already prominent ruling the Ascendant.  Then Jupiter is located in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and thus beholden to her.  That’s not such a bad place for Jupiter generally.  But here he’s square to the Moon herself, and again she’s the locomotive engine, on the agenda of Venus in Taurus.  The ultimate overall agenda is that of Mars, the God of War, and to a lesser extent Pluto.  But that “I can represent everybody” thing is Jupiter on the Ascendant and in his heart of hearts, ruling the IC and the 4th house.  It supports the work of the Moon and Venus.  In fairness, I am sure that the people who like Biden find him very personable and heartfelt.  The prominent Moon makes people very emotional and approachable, sympathetic.  But it also makes him very changeable.  Importantly it has no light of its own, but only reflects the light of the Sun.  That’s what I see happening in this 12th-house-Sun chart with Sagittarius on the Ascendant.  He lives through other people.
  • Like Kamala Harris, Gropey (allegedly/hypothetically) Grandpa has Juno on Antares.  This suggests extreme limitations as a result of partnerships.  Literally just a non-stop challenge factory surrounding partnerships with the Antares influence.  Now, I know the asteroids have different orbits, some slower, some faster.  But I don’t believe Juno was in the same place for the 30 or so years between his birth and Senator Harris’.  So that requires further research.  But I’m not so into Biden, and frankly meh.  Whatever.
  • Biden has the North Node and Chiron both on Regulus.  I just wrote about Regulus once again in Senator Harris’ chart — the same placement on Antares which makes me wonder if my data is wrong.
    The thing with Regulus is that what goes up, must come down.  Regulus can make you an emperor among kings.  But if your integrity falters even slightly, as with Aldebaran (with which he also has a contact) things go very, very bad.  If Biden were to run again for president he should expect to be slammed to the ground in a way he could not have imagined.  Boiled in oil.
    The thing about Chiron is that it’s where you either learn from your mistakes or crash and burn.  As I said above, the fact that he thinks “I’m sorry” is going to make him electable shows that he is wrecking himself.  That’s happening in the 9th house, of which Jupiter is the natural ruler.  This again fits the theme of being born believing yourself the best president.  Both the North Node and Chiron underscore the point with a highlight.  Regulus is for the high road, nobility, and those who consider themselves noble whether they are or not.
  • There are two big things to consider, Saturn on Aldebaran and Uranus on the Descendant at 3 Gemini.  First Saturn.  Aldebaran is where we can connect with any archetypal energy, or at least be able to do that much more easily than most people.  It can be like a universal adapter for spirit guides.  It’s one of the Royal Stars of Persia, a distant, slow-moving star of enormous magnitude that has been thought of as representing the Archangel Michael due to, as I said, accessibility to the multitude of spirit guides.  Aldebaran stands in semi-permanent opposition to Antares, which in this analogy then is a demon pit.  Mechanically it’s the continuum of integration with self versus conflict with the environment, whether we choose to be little angels or devils.  That doesn’t mean an Antares contact makes someone a devil.  Only that they are likely to have major issues with that point throughout the life.  That native should expect a constant stream of challenges from the Antares contact.  Anyway Saturn is both the bean-counter and the authority figure.  In a government official you have to look first at the office, how the native uses their authority, which I described in the intro.
  • Uranus on the Descendant is where things really go sideways for Joe Biden I think.  Uranus is the “I gotta be me” factor, the weirdo who expects everybody else to meet him where he’s at.  Sometimes he has the wild card factor for sure.  Let’s look at Uranus the Inventor on the Descendant in a prominent Moon chart, where the Moon is both the locomotive engine and ruling Jupiter, on this guy who has wanted to be president all his life.  Biden probably does his best work when bouncing ideas off of other people.  With the combustion issues discussed above, he probably steps all over peers, much less underlings.  Uranus is the thing that makes John Bolton have that chick-magnet ‘stache.  I suspect with this conflict-driven chart, Biden is quick to see others as out in left field and seek to bring them into line with his thinking, rally them to his cause.  He’s not one to join theirs, and that is underscored with this Uranus placement.  Note that it’s also retrograde and early in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, exacerbating the inability to connect at the heart level that is so crucial to a successful Descendant.  This plus the combustion issues I’m sure are a major ongoing challenge in his life.  He’s quite unreachable in his way.
  • Note that Biden has a yod, the V-shaped pattern of dashed green lines, inconjunct aspects, from the Moon to the Sun/Venus and then to Neptune.  That puts the locomotive engine Moon in Taurus in an even more critical position in the chart, acting as the fulcrum for two different redirections.  Inconjunct aspects are about rerouting and dealing with things indirectly.  I liken it to people crammed into a bus together; they have to work together based on where they are physically.  But there’s no easy basis for real communication.  So the Moon, his heart-mind, is central to this conflict.  This will make him even more challenging interpersonally, in terms of the combust Mercury and Venus discussed above.  The yod is sometimes called the finger of God, because focus may shift back and forth from one of the planets to the other, leaving the native feeling reactive rather than proactive.
  • That brings me to the pattern that I call the skull and bones.  To be clear, that’s not a proper astrological term, only a working concept that I use as I continue observing charts and intuiting meanings.  I am referring to the criss-crossing dashed green lines, the inconjuncts from the Sun to the Moon and Neptune in the yod, and from chart-ruling Mars to Saturn on Aldebaran.  Note that in his official photograph Biden has his arms crossed.  I first noticed this on Nikolas Cruz, and since then have seen it on a lot of people who are in some way IMO antisocial.  Representative Maxine Waters also has it, though, and I love her.  Because this involves inconjunct planets (and can involve fractions of hard angles like semisquares) it makes the involved things more challenging in a way.  My workin theory is that it can be something like a series of chutes and ladders, internal escape hatches that allow the native to avoid certain communication.  It’s a sort of internal line in the sand, is my theory.  I would say Representative Maxine Waters also has an unwillingness to engage certain conversations.  See?  Branching out into looking not just at the charts of creeps has really helped broaden my range as an astrologer.
  • Lastly, I did pull up the asteroids where I look for integrity problems.  I note that Pinocchio is sesquare to Pluto, and square to the Midheaven.  Pinocchio is where we look for extreme narcissists, people so insincere that they will never be real boys.  Pluto is the primary rapist of the zodiac, even before Nessus the Wife Beater.  This Pinocchio aspect could signal a #MeToo problem tarnishing his reputation beyond repair.  With the Aldebaran and Regulus contacts, not to mention Juno on Antares, one tiny misstep will blow him up permanently.  It won’t be another little gaffe he can glad-hand his way out of.  I’m not sure about the data, why Juno is conjunct Antares for both Biden and Kamala Harris, so I’m not going to comment further on that except to say that in general it shows major issues with life partners, exploring relationships through conflict.








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