Public Service Announcement: Enjoying the Blood Wolf Moon

Friends, Foes, Freaks of all nations:

Referring to this video about AOC, Gentle Viewer Shawn pointed out:

“…Robin hood at 0 Aquarius…” is where the Eclipse is January 20/21, 2019.”

And that got me thinking about the way my country seems to be swirling around a golden toilet bowl, and what the lunar eclipse means.  There are a few ways I feel like we can use the opportunity. For the quick and dirty:

This is a wonderful chance to invest in each other, to use this reflective reset as a way to connect emotionally.  This is the time to connect with the dead people whose presence and leadership you most desire, whose influence you’d most like to see in the world.  There is only one life, we’re all sharing it.  This dark time is how the most beautiful future unfolds. The path is mutual co-investment.  We have never left the garden.  Rejoice!

Suggested actions:

  • Martin Luther King and Robin Hood are the two archetypal energies of this lunar holiday. Do things that remind you of either one for great success.  Not saying rob a bank.  But rage against the machine as you can.
  • Make food, water, and light (candle) offerings.  If you’re in America, maybe provide some food, water, shelter to a homeless African-American.  As he said, you can’t ask a barefoot person to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.
  • Meditate on belonging to the Earth and sky.
  • Think of people you wish were alive, and emulate them.  [Note that when China built a big wall Genghis Khan rode around the back way.  Just saying.]
  • Imagine the Moon as a stabilizing influence, like a weighted blanket.
  • Even if you’re not in the path, or you miss the actual moment, know that this emotional reset button has been hit over a large patch of the Earth.

I’m taking the long view below, incorporating perspectives from before and after history as we know it.  The time to rejoice is now.  Remember everything is now, there is nothing else.  Yesterday it was now, and it will also be now tomorrow.  Everything else is an illusion, just fuckery.

  • All of America has full eclipse visibility.  It can be kind of like an emotional time-out.  Not that we need one.  Everything’s great here, nothing to see.
  • For some reason we’re celebrating MLK day this weekend, and his holiday on the 21st.  That didn’t make sense to me, because it’s usually the 15th, his actual birthday (I think).  But of course the 15th was a Tuesday, so they moved it ahead a week?  Okay.  Well, that does make it perfect timing for this particular American reset button moment.  Keep in mind that people like Dr. King, when they die, contribute to the overall network of love and support that all humanity can draw on in moments of despair.  It’s a wonderful inflection for us.  He saw from the mountain, and he’s on a higher peak now.  That’s one flavor of this eclipse that’s available for all who like it.
  • It’s called a Wolf Moon because it’s in January, when the Farmer’s Almanac said the howling of the wolves confirmed the winter.  However, just like with the scientists who name the asteroids, it doesn’t matter how or why the collective consciousness assigns the names.   It doesn’t matter what it means to other people, only to yourself, because hey there is no objective reality.  Once they invoked the wolf, that brings the wolf in all its forms, including the Wolf Totem.  This video and one other sort of appeared out of nowhere like two months ago and gets about a million hits a month on YouTube.  Meanwhile it’s not clear how many people are in this band, or exactly “Hu” they are. (LOL oh I’m punny.)   Anyway Genghis Khan was buried in an unmarked grave on the tundra.  It was his way of merging with the land, tattooing himself onto it shamanically.  If you love the way this song makes you feel, roll with the Wolf Totem on this Wolf Moon.  (I note that they’re riding under the black (war) banner, as Genghis Khan did.  Genghis also made a white totem banner, but it was lost or destroyed almost immediately.  I believe the white banner will re-emerge one way or another.  What goes up must come down.)
  • I don’t have much opportunity to talk about it on this blog, but I recall many “past” lives.   I have a large Mesoamerican cohort, and know several parallel lives who participated in the Ghost Dance.  By understanding how they felt, why they did what they did, I have come to see that the Ghost Dance is being won right now, as we speak.  [Please understand, I am the only person I knew growing up — black, white, or Hispanic — who was not 1/47th Chippewa or did not claim to have one Cherokee princess way back down the line.  I have many “past lives” as a Native American, and many of those participated in the Ghost Dance, therefore I am… a white woman, because that’s who I am now.  To be clear.  I claim nothing but my own heart.]
    Anyway as soon as I saw this video I recognized it as a fulfillment of the much larger thing, the part of the Ghost Dance that is happening on the other side of the planet among other indigenous people from ancient communities.  This is what it looks like, when the old ways come back.  I had no idea it would involve a biker gang.  This video buoyed my spirits in a way that words could never capture.  I feel really calm now, one theme of the Blood Wolf Moon eclipse.  I remember the Ghost Dance, riding my best horse straight to my death without lifting  a weapon, forcing him to shoot me with my arms over my head.  And I landed on the same horse on the other side, except there were no white people.  The plains were back to normal, peaceful, the herd intact.  It was back to the old ways.  Part of our plan was to be reborn in white skins, so that we could ensure our victory, our continued presence on the land.   Our victory is at hand.
  • It’s called a Blood Moon because the pollution between us and the Moon makes it look red as it reflects all the sun coming back from the Earth.  (Please correct me if I’m wrong, I know you will!)  You can use the symbolism of blood purification for stabilization, like dialysis.  The redder the Moon, the more particulate matter  (i.e. pollution) between her and the Earth.  So maybe meditate on connecting the Moon to the Earth with the blood in your body, and feel yourself as the balance point, your own kidneys purifying the Earth and being purified by her at the same time.  You can bless water before you drink it or bathe in it.  You can bless the water of the Earth and know that the love is reflected.  The Moon’s sign Cancer is all about water, rituals, tokens, tchotchkes even.  But sentimental remembrances and keepsakes.  So a talisman or something is perfectly in line if that seems fun.
  • Bashar has talked about alien races — to hear him tell it, we Earthlings are their ancient ancestors  and vice versa — using the Moon to project emotionally stabilizing energies, which are then reflected back.  He said they do this through three artificially intelligent devices on/in the Moon.  He has specifically been over Sedona, Arizona adding emotional stability to the overall atmosphere for decades.  [Again, the Bashar people don’t know this blog exists.  This is not a paid promo, just information I have found useful over the years.]  This Blood Wolf Moon may be a great opportunity to reflect on the amount of unseen emotional support that is available, and you may be surprised how rich and vast it is, how big the universe and how long life goes on.
  • A lunar eclipse is generally an opportunity to hit the reset button emotionally for all those in its path.  Bashar noted that that the polarizing, clarifying effect of a solar eclipse is strongest  in the path of totality.  He discussed the last eclipse, where the Mnooch and Louise went to Fort Knox to rub money on their crotches like cartoon villains.  (That they were in the path of totality was a pure coincidence, of course.)  Anyway Bashar showed how the path of totality really went right over America’s big red patch, starting out in the south, cutting across the Bible belt like a fat man’s belt after Thanksgiving, and across Arizona and the Northwest.  He said that this was a polarizing thing, assisting some of the most energetically dense people on the planet in waking up while they still could, basically.  (This is all my paraphrasing.)  Anyway that brings me to the Hopi tablet.
  • So the Hopi have a tablet that describes very accurately the same splitting up of society as Bashar has discussed at length for 30+ years.    Bashar talks about the “splitting prism,” where everyone sorts themselves energetically as a mechanical property of the universe.  Everybody ends up exactly where they belong, always.  However he started talking about the Fall of 2016 as a time when two trains, two different collective consciousness paths, would leave the station side-by-side.   At the station the tracks split just ever so slightly.  Then as we pick up speed the gap widens, and it becomes harder and harder to change trains.  Eventually both trains are accelerating too much and they’re going in opposite directions.  We’re already at that point, in my estimation.  It comes down to whether we want to value people or money.  That’s the choice we’re all making here, which train we want to be on.  So here’s a drawing of the Hopi prophecy tablet, easier to see than the actual rock:
  • hopiprophrockbw
  • At the left we see a much larger figure, the Great Spirit.  Before people start freaking out about the swastika, please note that in the above Wolf Totem video by The Hu they have blurred out a swastika ring on one of the bikers.  That is because it’s a sacred symbol to the Mongolians.  I did not realize the Hopi also used it, but I accept this person’s translation of the rock.  (An actual picture of the rock is below.)  Anyway the Mongolians have held this symbol sacred for so many generations that I don’t think they can imagine the Nazis should ever be able to stop their usage of it just in a few years.  But people freaked out about that on YouTube, and they blurred it. The Hopi similarly were not implicated.
    Anyway this prophecy rock comports perfectly with Bashar’s train analogy.  There’s the Great Spirit, and the white people come and there’s a separate timeline where some place themselves above the people and the Earth.  And that path leads them off into oblivion, while the Great Spirit restores the corn to the Hopi who continue their relationship with the Earth and her beings.
  • Keep in mind that there is only here, there is only now.  All versions of the Earth exist, from the purest to the most degrade, all right now.  Choose where you will land with your joy.
  •  Also note the Hopi Kachina fit the descriptions Bashar gives of encounters between humans and extradimensional beings, what mortals would consider gods.  Many Native Americans believe our ancestors came from the stars, as Bashar has also said (of the Annunaki specifically).  (His “template-level reality” also comports to Australian Aboriginal religious beliefs, but let me not ramble.)  Here’s the picture of the actual Hopi rock from this site, which I haven’t read all of.  I don’t know the author’s background, but this generally comports to how I have seen a Hopi elder explain this rock.

hopi prophecy stone

Remember that toxic masculinity, or any toxicity, is a perfectly valid choice for those who wish to choose it.  Some people really need to learn the hard way.  If you want them to leave you to your choices, you paradoxically have to also leave them to theirs.  You have to go to that third place and just know that everything is just as it needs to be.

Anyway the time is right to know that everything is leading us back to the garden.  Do not be afraid.  Do not despair. Rejoice.  Here’s Wolf Totem on a 10-hour loop in case you love the feeling of non-toxic masculinity, or at least this flavor of it, as much as I do.






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