Patton Oswalt, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

Patton Oswalt happened to throw his chart details out on Twitter for his birthday.  Fun!  I wish more celebrities would do that.  And hey, what a cool chart.

For those who may not know who Patton Oswalt is, he recently responded to someone trolling him on Twitter by boosting the guy’s GoFundMe page.  For those of you who have dark stars in prominent places, this is a great example of what that can look like when you evolve your shadow, as performing stand-up comedy is prone to do.

patton oswalt chart

Here are the high points:

    • Patton’s Sun is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus at 7 Aquarius.  IMO Uranus is the stronger of the two chart co-rulers.  A highly-evolved Aquarius/Uranus is well-exemplified by Nikola Tesla: brilliant, eccentric, ahead of his time, often misunderstood, socially isolated (even more so with a 12th house Sun), a humanitarian with a dash of misanthropy.   In this chart Jupiter overtakes Saturn to co-rule with Uranus IMO.  Patton’s Saturn is weakened in Aries, while Uranus is conjunct benevolent Jupiter.  This is how Patton is actually a nice guy who really does think and experience all the awful things he jokes about.  The friendly, fun-to-be-with Jupiter part is much stronger than the judgmental, scoldy, penny-pinching Saturn part, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus and ruling the Midheaven.  There’s a largesse and desire to let the good times roll with Jupiter.  This chart is a great example of why they call Jupiter the Greater Benefic.
    • Patton does have the Sun in the 12th house, which is unexpected in a famous person.  12th house Sun is about marginalization, isolation, inability to fully become part of society for reasons beyond one’s control, and covert actions taken against you, like haters and backstabbers.  The 12th house Sun is like a deformity where your eyes are facing backwards on your head.  This is where Patton’s spouse comes in, why this individual needs a partner.  The need for a life partner is the main theme of this chart.  He needs a queen to hold him steady, much like a blind person needs a cane.  Patton at least needs some very fancy mirrors so he can see where he’s going.  The thing is this makes him much less egotistical than most famous people would be.  Especially with the Sun in the grand trine, you have a very big-hearted person, a lover and a giver. Venus in the 1st house, other people are where it’s at for him.  12th house Sun is for the sort of person who dies so that others may live.
    • Multiple high-powered fixed star contacts assist this 12th-house Sun to become a famous person.  Patton has Antares on the Midheaven and Aldebaran on the IC.  That means basically the battle of good and evil rages hard inside him.  His career makes his inner turmoil sort of indoor-outdoor, where the bottomless well of his heart is exposed from the limitation side, the most public face.  Like a Samurai with his mental health issues on his sleeve.  No half measures here.
    • Mercury is prominent, as we would expect in a professional thinker/talker.  But he’s also both retrograde and combust.  This suggests someone who may have a hard time choosing his words, like auditioning his words over and over in his mind with the retrograde, even if he weren’t a comedian.  Mercury retro in the natal chart can be someone who replays conversations after the fact, too, or does tons of research for no special reason.  The combustion can make it a little harder to speak up for oneself sometimes, maybe.  It gives me a tendency to overidentify with my thoughts, which is a likely challenge for Patton especially with the Moon in Mercury’s sign of Gemini.
    • Here’s the Kozminsky symbol for Patton’s thinking/talking Mercury at 11 Aquarius:
      11º Aquarius: Flowers twined round a scepter.
      Denotes one of gifted mind and exceptional qualities, a singer of songs and a bearer of light, whose works gain for him respect and dignity, and whose name will be remembered long after his form has left this earth. Beautiful thoughts will cling to him as the ivy clings to the garden wall, and pleasant minds will come to him as the flowers which entwine the scepter. It is a symbol of Taste.
    • Saturn is the primary grounding planet, where the person becomes focused on money and responding to mundane conditions from a position of authority.  While it is a co-ruler of the chart as discussed above, it’s at such disadvantage as to be a bit of a sad trombone in this chart.  I don’t expect Patton to be a big fitness guy, or extra judgmental, though I do see some frugality and money motivation.  Recall that Saturn adds a sour note anywhere it is, making the 2nd house of money and valuables something of an issue, possibly with recklessness or impulsiveness in Aries, or perception of limitations where there are none.

The locomotive chart shows someone determined, who wants to get things done.  Patton has a locomotive with a Pluto in Virgo engine.  His nitpicky and dark thoughts, and most out-of-control urges, are what drives the whole train.  He has the Moon at the caboose in Gemini — both ruled by Mercury.  Very clever, talky, versatile, ADD-ish, lover of information for its own sake.  Very passionate and driven overall.With Regulus on the Descendant and Aldebaran on the IC, I imagine he’s a really great husband, like 100 percent high-road, very dedicated.  If he ever falters from that even a tiny step, his whole life will fall to the shitter because of all the high-voltage stars.  I don’t get that he has any integrity problems in his marriage.  Regulus the Heart of the Lion is about leadership and integrity, nobility.  He really thinks the world of his wife, I imagine.

  • Patton’s Moon is at 1 Gemini, adding to the alienation and emotionally challenging theme of this chart.  Like Louise Linton, the Gemini Moon people are not entirely comfortable in their guts.  With Mrs. Mnooch, we see that she kind of doesn’t understand food, like she’s skin and bones and she make cookies for birds.  Patton obviously isn’t using his Moon quite that way.  In his case it’s clear that he thinks and talks about his feelings quite a lot. He’s probably less resistant overall to the cyclical nature of life, the creative and dreamy side of things probably than Louise Mnooch.  But Patton filters everything through that Uranian alienation, always.
  • Chiron on that magical degree at 29 Pisces, the very last place in the universe, where everything has already happened and the wheel is right about to turn again.  Love that shit.  That is a sweet spot for Patton, and undoubtedly another thing that helped him to become famous.  He’s actually a great example of the Wounded Healer archetype, when someone works through their shit and has a lot to show for it.
  • Asteroids MadHatter on Juno the Spouse and MANIAC (No idea why this asteroid’s name is in all caps in the directory, must be an acronym?) in the 7th house of marriage, not quite on the Descendant.  This is why he had to remarry immediately.  His spouse keeps him sane.  He needs a wife to be a mental health air bag/life jacket/guard rail.   This is a good sort of husband IMHO.
  • Speaking of wives, Patton also has Venus in the 1st house.  His affections and connections are top priority, and women specifically are a focus in his life.  1st house Venus suggests a wife who he promotes, befitting the role she likely plays in his life as described above.
  • Patton’s alienated Uranus is actually in a bit of luck here, conjunct happy-go-lucky Jupiter in Libra, where Jupiter makes it rain fun and adventure.  Jupiter and Venus are called the Greater and Lesser Benefic, respectively, because they sweeten up everything they touch, and draw others in.  This is a godsend for Patton, who has Jupiter and Venus in mutual reception, or as guests in each other’s signs.  Both of those planets are in signs ruled by the other that work for them to be in, and this is why IMHO Patton Oswalt is famous, rather than a semi-hermit like most of us 12th house Sun people are, especially if we have this many depression markers in our charts.
  • Patton’s Priority 1 is connecting with other people at the heart level, with his Venus in Pisces in the 1st house.  He works at this shit.  He opens himself up, all his grandiosity and all his weirdness, in a long-term relationship.  He relies on his spouse 100 and gives 110.
  • The big grand trine, that big blue triangle in the middle, lends him a world of softening, smoothing, soothing, ability.  This is a great example of a grand trine with someone who is really not so lazy, as opposed to say Carter Page with his grand trine.  This is a very lonely chart, with hard crunch parts more fully discussed below.  The extra brain bandwidth of his complicated Mercury gets some love and support for his lonely Gemini Moon through this trine with the Sun, turbocharged Jupiter, and chart-ruling, quirky, inventive, lonely boy Uranus.
  • Patton’s Part of Fortune is on fixed star Mintaka.  I like to think of the Part of Fortune as a sort of “You are here,” the X where you should dig on a treasure map.  It’s where to ground the entire chart for great effect, where specifically to take action in your life.  Patton has this in Gemini in the 4th house, which is who we are deep inside, who our grandparents and parents made us.  The Mintaka issues of oppression, abuse, tyranny in all forms, the importance of that part of the human experience is deeply etched into the native’s sense of self.   As I linked above, responding to aggression with kindness is a picture perfect way to use your Part of Fortune on Mintaka.  The benefits to himself when he does this, uses the meanness of the world to create kindness, will always be greater than he imagines or even knows.

patton oswalt chartJust as all life on Earth begins with the Sun, I like to start the chart review with the Sun, just to see what the basic mission of this native may be, what approach they chose.  Here the Sun is at 7 Aquarius, in the 12th house (like me and Joe Biden).  Interesting to see another famous guy with a 12th house Sun.  Usually that’s anathema.  The 12th house is about not being able to fully express your own creativity for some reason beyond your control.  In my case it was child abuse.  For others it may be some a congenital ailment, unfair imprisonment, or some other form of marginalization.  With a 12th house Sun there is some major impediment to the ego’s expression that the native cannot control.

Here’s the Kozminsky symbol for Patton Oswalt’s Sun at 7 Aquarius.

7º Aquarius: A naked foot bleeding; above, a burning lamp.
Denotes one whose path in life will be filled with rocks and roughness, whose soul will be directed to the secret of the Holy Truth. He is liable to assaults, injuries, and the stings of jealous hate. Still he goes forward, forward like a conquering hero with light to lift the darkness and pain. He may falter, but he will not fall by the way. It is a symbol of Suffering.

Patton’s wife recently died, in a turn of events I wouldn’t write into a novel because it would seem to unrealistic.  She worked for years on a book about the Golden State Killer.  Then she got ill and quickly declined, leaving him with a young child.  Then they caught the Golden State Killer.  Then within a short time he remarried.  People gave him a ton of shit about that.  They don’t understand what it’s like to be a person whose whole life is about being in a married couple, in a family unit, and then your spouse dies.  The timing of her death, book release, and his capture was all kind of heartbreaking.  I was glad he bounced back so well, especially for the child’s sake.

Once I saw the high-voltage fixed stars, with Antares on the Midheaven and Regulus on the Descendant, I was reminded of an album he made called My Weakness is Strong.  I want to say I saw him do it on Netflix, or maybe YouTube.  He talks at length about his depression, his anger, generally what it’s like to be a person living with mental health issues.  Since he’s a comic he does this in a funny way, which is super useful for people like me who share many of these challenges.

The biggest planets in this chart, I will say, are Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus.  Saturn is a coruler.  But he’s disadvantaged in Aries, while Uranus is bountifully blessed.  This is shown in his inventive and quirky stage delivery, where he talks about being a sad boy as Uranus is wont to do.  Uranus does not feel relatable usually.  There’s also nothing happening in Capricorn, so Saturn is rather sidelined.  I suspect Saturn mostly shows up in a certain frugality or austerity mindset.  Ceres the Earth Mother is in Capricorn, and Saturn himself is in the 2nd house of money.  Both of these suggest significant money motivation.

Here’s the Kozminsky symbol for his chart-ruling Uranus at 3 Libra:

3º Libra: A young girl striving to escape from immaterial, but visible cords which surround her; the more she struggles the more they increase.
Denotes one who is in danger of being drawn into psychic conditions from which escape is difficult. Such a one should refrain from dabbling in matters he does not thoroughly understand. Danger in connection with occult or psychic matters is threatened and much suffering there from. Love affairs may embarrass, especially if intertwined with occult practices. The native will be gifted in some branch of art or science, but there is a peculiar force fighting against his success and against which a calm placidity is the only protection. It is a symbol of Involving.

And for his prominent Jupiter:

5º Libra: A naked arm and hand, from which blood is flowing. Above, a sword.
Denotes one who attains influence and a degree of power through aggression, forcefulness, and fighting. He is of an adventurous nature and endures a wound for the glory of getting it and the honor it gains him, and he will have many wounds. It is a symbol of Encroachment.

That makes perfect sense for me as a running theme of his career, especially with Jupiter ruling his Midheaven.  Jupiter is all about fun and adventures.

Venus is also fairly complex in this chart, making the affections and connections a big part of Patton’s life.  As discussed above with Venus in the 1st house his wife plays a huge role in his life.  Patton also has Regulus on the Descendant, which is the highest of high roads.  This contact suggests to me that Patton may not feel he can even be his best without a partner, like that sort of goodness does not exist within him and can only be reflected.  There are a lot of dark thoughts in this chart, and many of the mental health asteroids speak to relationships as discussed above.  Venus rules the 8th house, where we look for our superpower.  There’s nothing happening there, suggesting the point is to simple connect with other people, love them and need them in your life.  As long as he does that — and makes pleasing them his top priority as Venus archetypally does — his superpower is switched on.  Again Venus rules the top two planets in the chart, Uranus and Jupiter.  It’s all about his affections and connections.  This is an extraverted guy, who needs people in his life.  Even when he has them, with his alienation/depression theme he probably still feels alone.

Patton’s Venus at 24 Pisces:

24º Pisces: A giant ape dragging a woman into the forests.
Denotes one who is in danger of becoming a slave to his desires and to sacrifice his higher self to the exhausting excesses which eat into body and soul. There is a wasting of energy and power in the pursuit of so called pleasure which deprives the native of that perfect idealistic happiness which is gained by sweet restraint and a knowledge of perfect love. It is a symbol of Falling.

I think all of that fits the chart pattern perfectly, where he needs a partner to do his intense processes with.

Patton has some oppositions making a big red X in the middle of his chart.  That usually makes someone at least a little bit oppositional (ask me, I know!).  It’s an internal tug of war, going on between his heart mind and his head mind, basically, tugging him in different directions, back and forth.  This will be extra challenging for him with the Gemini Moon, since he’s not really that feely of a guy, very cerebral.  The Gemini placement should actually help him be less moody, snappish, or deep-end, because it’s a generally superficial and restless air sign, doesn’t wallow emotionally.

The theme of the spouse in this chart makes this absolutely essential, if you think about it.  This ability to move unbalanced energy all around the chart is sort of like earthquake-proofing on a building, or a gusset in your pants to keep them from splitting if you bend over.  Compare to Nikolas Cruz, with his three-sided box of anger management, where it could eddy, pool, and spill over.  Or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose entire chart is a pile of friction, like gravel in a tumbler.  But she’s got it all nicely balanced around the wheel, she has found productive outlets for all that turmoil within.

I wanted to mention the prominent Antares thing one more time, too.  Mark Twain had Antares right on the Ascendant, which is sort of like having it on the Midheaven in terms of how prominent it will be in your life.  The Descendant is more subtle and personal, and the IC even more so.  But the Ascendant is the top priority, and the Midheaven is your brand.  Mark Twain was not shy about addressing society’s foibles and limitations, and obviously had his own darkness to tread through.  He and Patton Oswalt are two great examples of using your pain and your process as your gift to the world.  Very inspiring I think.  I already liked him, but after seeing this chart I’m a huge fan.

So, chickadees, enjoy the chart of a highly evolved person for a change.  I’m so glad that I’ve turned over this new leaf.  Hopefully interesting celebrities will continue to toss up their chart data for interpretation in 2019.









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