Corey Booker, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

I intend to Astrosplain the American 2020 contenders for all to see.  Fortunately the database at has a lot of birth times, and once again I have found that they have just what I was looking for, Corey Booker’s chart details.

Like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand, I don’t necessarily have an opinion on Corey Booker.  Just as I can think of several things to like about each of those ladies, I’ve seen a lot of things over the years that would tend to make me like him, like tales of him saving a lady from a fire.  I think on that human level he’s a great guy.  But he’s quite a corporatist, center-leaning Democrat.  I don’t know if other people understand this the same way, but I believe capitalism requires a permanent underclass, someone who will get less so that others can get more.  That tracks directly with the GOP’s brand.  For me, Democrats can’t get anywhere near that and still work on the agenda of serving the people.

Like Kamala Harris, the very real issue is that nobody has gotten anywhere in politics in my country without playing the corporate game for a very long time, until AOC came along.  The political groupthink has been that it’s just too hard to gain sufficient grassroots support with small donations.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle made their lives easier by courting big-dollar donors.

That and the continued existence of the Electoral College are why the Democrats have so little credibility.  If we had a third-party candidate, like a viable third option in this country, they’d all have to hustle and distinguish themselves.  During my lifetime America has only had Republican and Republican Lite to choose from.  Cory Booker is IMO a bit Republican Lite, and I don’t know if that will ever change.  Kamala Harris is very bright, and has gotten out in front of this by seeking small-dollar donations.  But it may also be too little too late for her.  People are waking up to the stench.

So my challenge is to give the Democrats a chance to evolve and prove themselves.  I’m keeping an open mind, while encouraging them to merge left in no uncertain terms.  So let’s get up close and personal with Cory Booker.

cory Booker chart

First things first, Cory Booker has the Sun in the 3rd house at 6 Taurus.  Saturn is also in the 3rd house, but in Aries, ruled by Mars.  Cory’s Sun is on the same degree as fixed star Hamal, which actually took me aback when I saw it.  I didn’t expect to see it there, because as DM Hoover discusses, Hamal is one of the stars to look at in a murder chart.  It is seen to impart brutishness and physical violence, base character, and loss of reputation similar to Seginus the Guard.  So of course there are two sides to everything.  I’m going to have to reflect more on what this means in this chart, since he seems to be the opposite of physically violent.

The proximity to the Sun here is closer than a combustion.  You know that little gap of clarity between the actual Sun and the corona?  That’s where Cory’s Hamal is.  So it’s more like Cindy Crawford’s mole, placed for major emphasis.

So let’s get to the points:

  • Sun in Taurus, Venus is the ruler.  Venus herself is debilitated in Aries and retrograde.  The retrograde can keep people stuck in the past, especially when it affects Venus and relationships.  It can be difficult for a Venus retrograde to say “I love you,” and I expect this is especially so for Cory with his Virgo Moon.  Taurus is stubborn and territorial, and does expect to be supported.  I’ve heard Venus described as “she who lounges in the crown on Siva’s head.”  It is Venus’ job to rest and be served and supported by those who love her.
  • The chart-ruling Venus’ placement in Aries makes this a Venus-Mars chart, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris.  Venus-Mars charts are about rallying people to action.  This is a fine trend to see among Democratic leadership generally I must say.  Venus retrograde in Aries suggests one who is likely to inadvertently trample others underfoot.  Venus is specifically where we ARE supported, where we remain passive and allow others to take the active role of giver or doer.  In Aries, not so much, first sign of the zodiac and all, smashing his way to the front with his head.   Venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house generally, though, somewhat improving Cory’s interpersonal situation.  Taurus and Capricorn are the material kids, who love the dollar bills.  The 2nd house is like the safe of the zodiac, where we stash what we really care about.
  • Cory has the Moon in Mercury’s sign Virgo at 4 degrees.  It’s also conjunct his Vertex at 2 Virgo and in the 7th house.  The Descendant is where we look for the things we learn in relationships.  This is where we partner up to discover more of ourselves by reflecting off of another person.  The 7th house Moon is about being very much emotionally affected by other people, though the Virgo placement dulls that.  The Moon isn’t debilitated in Virgo, but IMHO this is a challenging Moon placement because Virgo by definition does not like to be affected by others, especially not emotionally.  Virgo Moons show you they care by nitpicking, basically.  You lose all of the mothery smothering in Virgo, because Mercury can’t operate below his neck.  There is an unfortunate IMHO likelihood of staying in the head mind and difficulty connecting to the heart mind.  Virgo also likes things to stay the same, or at least predictable, which is not how the Moon plays.  Virgo likes to make lists.  The Moon controls dreams.  Try making a list in a dream.
  • So chart-ruling Venus is beholden to Mars here, due to being located in Aries.  Mars is also prominent here, ruling the Midheaven and the chart’s ruler.  Mars himself is located in Sagittarius in the 11th house, which I have to say is probably optimal for a politician.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who represents the government and anything where one person represents many or is an icon.   The 11th house is where we interact on a societal level, beyond your career in the 10th house to yourself as a citizen of the world.  This is actually quite a nice Mars placement for Senator Booker, one of the best things in the chart in terms of his 2020 prospects.  It makes him likely one who can truly accomplish things.
  • Before I go any further the chart shape here, when de-crapified, is an hourglass.  He has about half of his planets on each side of the chart, with all of the action happening in houses 2-4 and 7-11.  This sort of chart is about seeking balance, especially when you consider how personal houses 2-4 are and how public 7-11 are.  With this in mind I think the Virgo Moon might actually be helpful, tamping down the emotions that I think could really go amok in another chart.  Specifically with his Sun inconjunct Pluto, this is someone who can be very much personally affected by very small things, and the Virgo Moon I think will keep that from throwing him off his game mood-wise.  In general, like Kamala Harris this person is very much motivated by seeking balance.  In Senator Booker’s chart I see it more as an internal-external exchange, where with Senator Harris I think it’s more wanting to see balance externally — though it’s always some of both.
  • Mercury is quite prominent here, ruling the Moon, Pluto, and Jupiter.  There are several high-voltage fixed-star contacts in this chart, and we see a native who has accomplished quite a lot in a short time, very young to be a national figure, especially for an African-American.  He’s very bright, with the Mercury bandwidth.
  • Cory has Mercury and the IC directly on Algol the Blinking Demon.  I’ve talked about this potent fixed star at length, in sum it’s like Pandora’s box.  It can be an amazing blessing if your integrity is up to speed.  Kamala Harris also has an Algol contact.  This can afford extreme creativity, in this case making Senator Booker extraordinarily clever, as it is a Mercury placement and on the IC, in the bottom of his heart.  Saddam Hussein also had Mercury on the IC, and was notoriously quite clever.  Algol is a binary star, which has a blinking effect, creating a sort of intermittence to the extremely high-voltage ideas and opportunities.  Flashes of extreme loss of intellectual boundaries.
  • With the North Node at 29 Pisces, there is a bit of an “anything goes” aspect to this chart.  The very last degree of the zodiac is a magical place where anything can happen.  In an Algol-contact chart I think that is even more so.  You can’t rule out his becoming president, not with this Node placement.  I would be a lot more comfortable with either Booker or Harris for president if Richard Ojeda was the VP.  Ojeda doesn’t have the fixed star power to become president himself IMHO.  But he would be the best Vice President ever, I have no doubt.
  • One thing that works against Corey is Scorpio ruling the Midheaven.  That is going to make it hard for people to trust him, like with Richard Ojeda.  It doesn’t mean he’s not trustworthy.  But the intensity, the passion, and the generally reserved nature of Scorpio simply make some people uneasy for reasons they can’t necessarily put a finger on.  The Mars-Pluto corulership can be a boon in terms of Mars being the guy who gets things done.  But Pluto will gladly coerce you, and he never shows both hands at the same time.  See how that will tend to freak people out?  If the integrity is strong, if the native has a sense of the sacred, this Scorpio Midheaven is an awesome strength.  Pluto doesn’t do anything by half measures.  If he’s going to fix it, he will fix it for good.  Same if he feels like destroying it, which Pluto the Devil usually does and Mars the God of War is a bad influence in that regard.
  • Pluto and Jupiter are both located in Virgo, working on Mercury’s agenda.  Senator Booker is actually quite grounded, with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto all in Earth signs.  This pragmatism is a strength in this chart, considering that it’s someone who wants to be president.  If he comes up with a plan and says it will work, even if it seems drastic, it will work.  I’m sure this is what led to his being a corporate Democrat in the first place, he knows he needs financial support in order to do anything at all.  Unfortunately with his Sun in Taurus I don’t anticipate him being willing to go out and doorknock until his shoes fall apart like AOC, because Taurus is lazy AF and expects stuff to come to him/her, not to go out and get it.
  • His Ascendant is at 1 Aquarius, again suggesting one who seeks balance albeit not necessarily in a heart-centered way.  That’s where I see the biggest shortfall in this chart, is I’m not sure from where the empathy would arise.  Uranus is at 0 Libra, Saturn in Aries.  So Uranus is on Venus’ agenda, and then there he is ruling the Ascendant, like a sign on the forehead.  I see a theme in this chart of extreme interactivity while not engaging emotionally, like getting arm’s length close to as many people as possible.  That cardinal Uranus Ascendant really wants to get out there, and with his 11th house Mars, make his ideas a reality in the world.  The problem is Uranus thinks he’s different than everybody else.  Uranus thinks he knows us better than we know ourselves, and doesn’t understand why we don’t enjoy his company.  Sometimes he’s right, like Nikola Tesla with his Uranus on Algol.  But the unrelatability is on the side of the prominent Uranian, like John Bolton, Wayne LaPierre, or IIRC Ben Carson, the weirdest of all weirdos.  Anyway this plus the Scorpio Midheaven are going to give him a likability/trust problem for sure, even without the Mercury Algol.  Also with Mercury on Algol look for them to involve their siblings or families in their schemes.
  • So for anybody who wants to be president,  I think it’s good to check in with asteroid America in the chart and see what’s what.  Senator Booker has America at 7 Sagittarius, conjunct fixed star Antares.  Antares is of course currently on an axis with fixed star Aldebaran, as I have yippity yapped about ad nauseum on this blog so far.  So because of the semi-permanent opposition, I have to look at the other side and — rut roh — he has asteroid Gold on Aldebaran.  Now, Gold on Aldebaran could be and may be the best thing ever, a native who honors integrity above all else, who wishes to be the most noble of men, like the Archangel Michael walking around.  However with America on Antares, that guy is likely to see America as incredibly fraught with limitations, because Antares is the spot where we feel most disempowered, least at-choice, least able to assert our will.  This Antares-Aldebaran thing reads to me — especially in the context explained above of this specific chart — as one who thinks he knows what we want and need better than we know.  I usually check asteroid Gold to see how attached they are to money, like how materialistic or greedy in general.  I’m afraid that he may be a bit of a grifter at heart, though I must in fairness say he has no significant Algorab or Seginus contacts, which are IMHO disastrous.
  • However there are a couple of major red flags with respect to integrity, namely asteroid Lie less than a degree off the Midheaven and Pinocchio on the Descendant.  Lie is not so great to see on the Midheaven, which is the cusp of the 10th house of career, or where we look to see the native’s brand, what the world knows of them.  This suggests that he may at some point be caught in a lie, and that there will be no escaping it.  That is further suggested by Pinocchio on the Descendant.  Pinocchio is so phony and wooden that he will never be a real boy, like Duncan Hunter.  On the Descendant this suggests he will both attract and be attracted by phonies.  Pinocchio is where someone is not just lying to you, they lie to themselves so much, are so completely pretentious, that they have no idea who they are.  In fairness Senator Booker could be dealing with people who have these qualities and be blindsided by them.  But the placement of Lie on the Midheaven suggests that no, he’s a player, not a bystander.
  • The last unfortunate asteroid that I looked at in this context, of assessing his overall structural integrity, is Honeycutt at 5 Aries in the 2nd house.  Honeycutt is where we look for more than we’re entitled to.  That’s why I pull it up to spot-check politicians, to see if they have grabby hands and empty pockets or what.  The placement on Chiron suggests that this will be what wrecks him, a desire to get more than he’s entitled to.  Especially in Aries the problem would be aggression and short-sightedness.  I see the corporate lobbying of our representatives, and the politicians’ acquiescing to same relationship, as pure aggression against the American people.  One of the reasons I love Richard Ojeda is that he wanted to put body cams on lobbyists.  I am fairly certain that if we could see the conversations that have happened between Cory Booker and lobbyists he would be completely destroyed.  He may have felt that the ends justified the means, especially since at that time there was no way to get into the game at all unless you took money from our would-be overlords.  But I see that sticking a fork in him, especially with his 12th house Juno and Pinoccgfhio on the DC.  He shouldn’t trust people, especially when they’re close to him.
  • There is also a T-square, that red triangle in the middle representing a lifelong internal friction.  Senator Booker has a t-square from Mercury to Neptune, with the Moon at the apex.  The Moon and Neptune are where we look for heart-centered wisdom, where intuition and compassion may arise.  Unfortunately I see that being a significant problem for Senator Booker.  His Vertex or point of destiny is on Regulus the Heart of the Lion.  Regulus is another one of those fixed-star contacts that automatically puts you on the fast track in life, takes you straight to the top.  However as with all of them, if your integrity is not up to par you will definitely crash and burn, just as Harvey Weinstein has become the new Regulus poster boy.  With Regulus, what goes up may or may not come down, though few people have strong enough integrity to withstand both Algol and Regulus placements.

I’m sure there is a lot more to say, but I’ve had quite a long day and need to curl up a bit early tonight.  In sum, I feel like Corey Booker could be a very decent guy who kind of gets used and lied to by partners.  He could also be a huge liar himself, with Pinocchio on the Descendant and Lie on the Midheaven.

Ultimately I don’t know that he will be able to ground his visions necessarily because of the way his Saturn is aspected.  If he has been unfaithful in his behind the scenes activities while holding public office, Lie and Neptune both on the Midheaven, as well as Pholus in the 1st house, suggest that dishonesty could blow up in his face like a trick cigar.  The 12th house Pallas and Juno suggest it’s entirely possible that Cory is the one who gets duped rather than the one who does the duping.  However, the 12th is the house of both secret enemies and self-undoing.  In a way, hanging with a bad crowd that stabs you in the back is a means of self-undoing.






5 thoughts on “Corey Booker, Astrosplained

  1. Wellhello gentle astrologer! Are you feeling better. Cory Booker was the mayor of Newark. Where I was born. He is a Vegan. Which makes him awesome . How are you feeling? Sorry to hear about those sparrows. I just don’t get humans.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I’m much better. Still bummed about the sparrows, too. But I have new info on Corey Booker that makes me not like him. It’s probably time to splain Betsy Devos, who has ties to Booker. It’s the partnerships that will destroy him, unfortunately.

      1. Ties to her? That makes my stomach turn. An awful human. I wanted to email you a thought that had. Is that ok? And can I use the email that I have for you? It might be an old one.

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