Hoda Muthana, Astrosplained

Gentle reader,

I’m warning you this is a long post.  I have so, so many feelings about all of this, for so many reasons.  I did not expect to have my mind blown by this story.  I’m putting the actual astrology between asterisks.  So if I start ranting and you just want to read the astrology just scroll down to the next asterisks.  I will give you a quick synopsis:

  • Sun and Pluto both in Scorpio.  Mars-Pluto ruled chart.  Sun and Mars in mutual reception.  Mars is the primary ruler, with Pluto also exalted in his own sign.  This is a very egotistical, self-centered, highly aggressive girl.
  • Locomotive chart with Mars at the engine and Saturn the caboose.  Mars on the same degree as Ceres, 12 Leo, showing extreme motivation, a willingness to charge into hell.
  • There about 125 degrees to the
  • Moon conjunct the raging Leo Mars.  Her Moon and chart-dominating Mars are both ruled by the Sun, her sense of self, her belief in her own validity.  She’s quite obnoxiously self-assured if you couldn’t tell.
  • Scorpio stellium including Sun, Venus, Sado, North Node, Juno, Nessus, Jupiter, and Pluto.  All of this is self-explanatory within the term “ISIS bride.”
  • Venus conjunct Sado, the asteroid marking sadism like the sort of thing ISIS is famous for.
  • Nessus conjunct Juno, literally the spouse or partner of the domestic abuser.
  • Pallas Athena in the bull’s eye, opposite the “payload” as I call it, the precious valuables at the center of the locomotive.  Pallas Athena is the field marshal, the one who sees patterns and creates strategies with her diamond-shaped, highly rational head.  Note that this is at 19 Taurus, the sign of Venus in her spoiled wife role (as opposed to her hostess wife role in Libra).  This is really on the nose for an ISIS bride.  Worse yet it’s directly across from Nessus and Juno at 18 Scorpio, and Jupiter at 20 Scorpio.
  • America is squeezed in between Jupiter and Pluto, again quite on the nose for an ISIS bride.  This is a very egotistical, aggressive person with the Mars described above.  Trump is a good example of a low Jupiter, running the government like it’s all for him personally.  And his buddy Steve Bannon , like Miller and many other Trump types, are the other side of the extremist coin from ISIS.
  • Pluto is exalted, and she has two fixed star contacts adding extreme capability.  She’s quite off the rails and likely always will be.  She does not have a medium setting, and is unlikely to ever chill out.
  • Asteroid Isis is at 11 Taurus, almost exactly at the center of the “payload” in the stellium, described in detail below.  Like Pallas in opposition, this really reeks of an ISIS bride, directly across from Venus conjunct Sado.   All of this suggests her in partnership with a violent sadist who also abuses her. She’s a twisted sister with very dark ideas and expectations.  I warn you I have a lot of feelings about all of this, it’s a long post below.
  • Saturn and Neptune are in mutual Saturn, which is IMHO unfortunate for Neptune here.  As might be expected with a religious extremist, Hoda has likely mistaken the map for the territory, her authoritarian Pluto gravitating to the worst reflections of her religion because she can’t do moderation.  Then her Saturn — and her rich, connected dad — give her unrealistic expectations because she’s quick to believe her own bullshit.  Limitations and cold, hard realities can be very foggy for her.
  • This little charmer has at least two high-voltage fixed-star contacts:
    • Mercury on Spica (and thus Arcturus)
    • Saturn on Fomalhaut

      As always, these are blessings or curses depending upon the integrity of the native.  As mentioned above, the Saturn-Neptune mutual reception, where they’re in each other’s signs and thus working on each other’s agendas, allows her to buy into her rich dad’s bullshit to a disastrous extent in the opinion of your humble astrologer.

  • Overall this chart shows someone who has a remarkable life story, a great degree of talent and many opportunities to draw from.  But she done fucked up.  And just like Louis CK or Jim Jefferies she thinks because she has some talent and said “Sorry, my bad” that now she gets to come back and keep rolling.  She seems to think some jail time is plenty of atonement, see her Neptune malfunction referenced above.

If you want to skip my personal thoughts on this scroll down to the next set of asterisks.


I’m not so focused on the bad men anymore in terms of this blog, because something deep inside of me is shifting.  I’ve come to realize that when other people make negative choices, it doesn’t have to affect me unless I choose to join in their misery.  If you look at my chart, I have a Cancer Sun and a Neptune bucket handle.  So the two intuitive planets are my life’s focus.  I’m getting spookier as I get older, too, with larger visions and understandings, more contact with a wider range of non-physical beings.  My chart sets me up to internalize and process everything I experience, especially with my 8th house Moon.

I’ve learned to do “simple pleasures for simple minds” kind of stuff, and it has made me slightly sane.

I’ve seen that even the worst people have their place in the scheme of things.  In other words something has shifted inside of me and I’ve come to see that nothing that happens on Earth actually makes any difference.  It’s all like a laboratory, where we can choose to incarnate to do our experiments and work out our processes.  Money-loving, conflict-driven people have created a world that has really never seemed worth living in to me.  (I started wishing I was dead at age 7.)  But of course I’m only responsible for my own choices.  It need not be a problem.

That’s largely why I started doing astrology, because I need to try and place most of humanity into a context that I could understand.  Especially the ones I find completely incomprehensible, like most of the people I’ve profiled on this blog.  But all of that was a warm-up for not freaking out about this next thing.

They’re talking about a 900-year storm that could potentially put my city, Long Beach, under 10 feet of water.  America is the new Atlantis, of that I have no doubt.  All the same hubris and disregard for the planet and her life forms. the worship of hedonism and technology, the ruthless, remorseless greed, it’s all in play again, all the old things are new.  I know that it would serve America right to be washed off the Earth.  I never was part of ‘Murca.  I’d like to make us great for the first time.

If I have to deal with losing my new home, where I’ve finally found some comfort and rest, started to feel like I belong and can thrive, well, fuckety.  I’d rather not.  Much as I’d love the racial justice of South Central LA being the new beachfront property, it would suck to have about 15 miles of extremely dense population get washed into the ocean.  I like it here.  I’d rather live on a version of Earth where that didn’t happen.  But I’m ready to just wait and see.  I’ve decided to enjoy the adventure no matter how it looks.  So it’s not that easy to piss me off these days.


And that brings me to Hoda Muthana.  If you haven’t heard, she’s a young woman who was born in New Jersey to a Yemeni diplomat who was later naturalized.  She was born in New Jersey (listen for the distinctive New Jersey accent, like Jon Stewart and the Sopranos).  She ran off to Syria, married several ISIS fighters, and had an admittedly adorable baby.  Now she’s in a refugee camp being guarded by Kurdish women (who are IMHO actually worth a shit, unlike so many people) in a refugee camp.  So her dad is suing America because she wants to come back now.  Not gonna lie, I have a lot of feelings about this.  Got right under my skin somehow.   Let’s look at her stars.

Hoda muthana chart

So this is an interesting sort of chart for the Twitter peeps who are always asking about stelliums.  Hoda Muthana has the Sun at 5 Scorpio, and lots of other stuff, too.   (I have to confess that when I say her name out loud it sounds quite like “Ho the Putana,” with putana being of course the all-purpose Italian word for subhuman woman.)

Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Along with Saturn, those three are the Malefics, with I think Saturn being the greater and Mars being the lesser, and then of course they didn’t know about Pluto but he’s no slouch in the whole hierarchy of bullies.  Saturn is about the material focus, and specifically it’s the opposing force to Neptune, from whence we may align with our higher selves.   This is why (IMHO) they say the love of money is the root of all evil.  Because when you love money more than people, you lose access to your higher self, reflected in their higher selves.  Capitalism=abuse, wherein people cannibalize each other although there is enough for everyone.   Hoda has Saturn and Neptune in mutual reception, but let me not get ahead.

The other two malefics, Mars and Pluto, co-rule this young lady’s chart with her Sun in Scorpio.  It’s a little hard to tell from where the names are written on the chart exactly where the planets are, because Scorpio is so full there isn’t room to write it all.  But she has nothing in Sagittarius.  All that stuff from the Sun to Pluto is in Scorpio.  The only thing in Libra is her Mercury.

Mars is the one who takes action.  He does not consider consequences.  He’s the God of War because he has a huge amount of energy and needs to expend it.  As Mars evolves he may learn to control his impulses, derive some self-discipline especially through Saturn, and become a leader.  This is akin to someone like General McMaster, who has been around enough to have more perspective.  The idea is that such a person has more clarity of thought, and will not send others off to make the same mistakes that he has made.  This is the main process of the Aldebaran-Antares axis that I do yammer on about, the thing of whether to roll with our most destructive impulses or harness our energies for their highest possible use.

Then Pluto is like the back fence of our solar system (at least as we think of it now).  Way, way out yonder in space Pluto can be seen as the doorway out of our solar system.  There is no in-between with Pluto.  There are no half-measures.  There is no medium setting, only on and off.  I also have prominent, disastrous Pluto, so I’m speaking from experience here.  That plus my raging Aldebaran Mars make it really hard for me to sit still and let things work themselves out, as described above.  I share this with Hoda.  Maybe that’s why she pisses me off so extremely.   She takes my head to bad places, many of them.

This is a locomotive chart, adding to the enormous amount of drive that a Mars-ruled chart will tend to have.  Expect significant physical energy from her, hardiness, and probably a high pain-tolerance threshold because Mars gets on his roll and doesn’t care what happens.   Every locomotive has an engine and a caboose.   And hey, guess what planet is driving the train of her life?  Mars!  Yep.  Conjunct the Moon and Ceres, in Leo, ruled by the Sun.  So Mars and the Sun in mutual reception, along with Neptune and Saturn.

So while Mars the God of War is absolutely ruling this chart the other co-ruler, Pluto, is ruling his own roost.  Again Pluto is out there on the fringe, where we look for all manner of extremism.   When highly evolved, Pluto can make someone a searcher for truth who will make any sacrifice for it.  An evolved Pluto makes a great detective, because you can’t get anything past them.  Their minds know all the darkest corners of the human experience.  These are the people who read true crime novels, the friends who love a dirty joke, the people you can’t shock.   Scorpios dislike the weak sauce, is what it is.

When less evolved, Mars is just aggressive, obnoxious, oblivious to all but his own impulses.  A less-evolved Pluto is sneaky and meaner than a snake.  For cruelty, sadism, anything that seems completely uncalled for or over-the-top, look to Pluto.  Stephen Miller and Omarosa are both classic Plutonian personalities.  Miller is the one who came up with not only separating the children but making it permanent, like no reunification, as a punishment and deterrent for seeking asylum on our southern border.  Absolute sadism, no brakes.  Then Omarosa secretly collected the receipts the whole time, like from Day 1.  That’s Pluto in the house, too.  Plutonian personalities may or may not caught up in petty control bullshit.  But they never show their hands.

So again, Hoda has a Scorpio stellium, with Mars at the engine of her locomotive chart, and Pluto in his own sign of Scorpio.  You can’t really tell if someone is a sociopath by looking at their astrological chart, because the chart only shows the nature, not the nurture.  And there’s always that bugaboo free will.   It’s down to the person whether they will make lemonade or just start throwing lemons at people’s heads, basically.  You have to look at their track record to see how many lemons they might have, and how they appear to be using them.

In this analogy Hoda is a giant lemon tree, like a mini orchard in one tree.  The caboose of her locomotive chart, the period at the end of her sentence, is Saturn the Bean Counter.  He is not only at the tail end of the locomotive, a full sign away from any other planets that are in his sign (giving him an added bit of emphasis), but in Pisces and retrograde.  The retrograde just makes all the things of Saturn that much more complicated for the native to master.  For example she may not really have thought the whole “moving to Syria to marry this heavily-armed zaddy” thing through in a truly pragmatic nuts-and-bolts sort of way.  Whoopsie!  (Sociopaths often focus in the short-term, moving from one impulse to the next without ever considering consequences.   Like the guy who kidnapped Jayme Closs.  They want something, so they get it.  Lather, rinse, repeat.)

Like me Hoda has Saturn conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut (5:48 Pisces) (sorry it’s not shown on the chart).   This is said to “give an immortal name” by the ancients.  The deal is it’s one of the major magnitude stars, one that brings in support from higher realms.  So it’s likely that a lot of people who had Fomalhaut were highly successful in their fields, because they were able to gain unique and valuable perspectives — which again, would be peaches and cream in a highly evolved Mars chart.  If she had her anger well-managed that Fomalhaut would give her great depth of insight.  She may be a truly brilliant woman.  From the above-linked site:

Saturn conjunct Fomalhaut: Accidents, ailments affecting the lungs, throat and feet, loss through enemies, friends, Mercurial affairs, bands and companies, wrongfully accused, affairs involved at end of life, sudden death and family cheated out of their rights. [4] Justin Bieber 0°01, Woody Allen 1°03′, Courtney Love 1°11′, Boris Johnson 1°39′, Nigel Farage 2°15′

When I look at the list, I don’t really wish Courtney Love any harm but I can definitely see her bringing a stack of it onto herself, like the others on that list.   And me, too.  I have Saturn on Fomalhaut.  And I have caused myself enough heartache in fairness.  I don’t know about the others, but I have paid dearly for my integrity.

To go straight back to the astrology skip ahead to the next set of asterisks.


I have paid dearly for my integrity, enough to repeat it.   I’m a lowly astrologer living on my fixed income, because I’d rather be that than a dishonest anything.   Wheee!  And hey, let’s compare apples to apples.  As an angry teenager from a dysfunctional home I became acutely aware of the genocidal campaigns against my mother’s ancestors.  My raging T-square Aldebaran Mars, and my Saturn Fomalhaut, everything about the troubles of the 1980s made my blood boil.  In my early 20s I traveled to Northern Ireland to visit an IRA prisoner in the H blocks of Long Kesh.

I went there and saw it for myself.  I met a whole family, and I wasn’t sorry to support one of their family members.  I saw how they lived, how their son was held.  I came back to America knowing my own history better, still really angry, but without having married anybody, coming anywhere near a videotape or a gun,  joining or swearing allegiance to anything or anybody, etc., not even England, much less my own country.  Right?

And there were zero videos of the IRA putting people in cages and lighting them on fire, no beheaded journalists, no gang-raped anybody.  My distant cousins were framed as religious zealots — a complete falsehood.  The British Empire does not enjoy the separation of church and state.  To refuse Protestantism is to refuse loyalty to the crown, and my mother’s people weren’t having it.  It’s an ethnic cleansing thing, not religious.  Just to be clear about the fine points.

Unlike the situation that lured Hoda to Syria, back then my kinfolk in Northern Ireland were being brutalized on the news, as were our only friends the Palestinians.  My personal visit to Northern Ireland made the IRA seem not only valid but inevitable, more than just necessary.   My cousins are not all going to die of despair in the acceptable level of violence, the British eventually gave up on that idea.  I’m really glad the situation has evolved.  I’m not even thinking about the hard border of Brexit.  It will all work out, like everything.

Anyway I have a lot in common with Hoda and am using myself as a bellwether to judge her by.  I realize that when I use myself as a moral compass I end up not liking almost anybody, which is unfortunate for me.  I know that sounds wrong as hell.  But some of you know what my life has been like.  You know how hard I’ve had to work to be a decent person, and how much it means to me, the price I have paid to stand on this soapbox.  Thank you, gentle reader, for bearing with me while I work through this ugly mirror.

So Mars and the Sun in mutual reception, especially in such an extremely aggressive Mars-Pluto chart, it’s unlikely to end well for society.  Those two totally work on the Scorpio stellium’s agenda, no question.  Again, I have to balance what I see in the chart versus known facts about her choices.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has extreme Mars, and her whole chart is just a giant pile of T-squares.  Really it’s an intense amount of combustion going on with AOC, like she’s a mini-Mars herself.  But her Mars seems to be much more evolved, based on the results I can measure.  She’s much more effective in her leadership than Hoda.

Back to Hoda and her little Scorpio nightmare — holy shit, girl.  Seriously.  Though she has this whole trainwreck in Scorpio, nothing is in the Sun’s corona.  So no combustion.  Even her Mercury is way over yonder in Libra, on Spica.  That’s the second major fixed star contact in the chart, the second thing that will definitely wreck her life if her integrity fails.  Twice the opportunity to become famous, to develop leadership ability, to be in the right place at the right time, to have manna fall, to be in God’s spotlight.  All of those things depict Spica.

Also Spica is conjunct Arcturus, closer to us than heaven’s gate.  But Arcturus is about children being born knowing their higher selves.  (I have this on the IC.)    I have no doubt that this is why she feels like she should come back to America and become a big anti-radicalizer.  I would be amazed if her son wasn’t a wonderfully positive person, the proverbial two wrongs making a right, much like with Barron Trump.  I do believe he will pleasantly surprise us one day too.  She has clearly had an enormous experience and has a lot of perspective to share.  No doubt she’s a 100 percent believer in that.

Before I go further, I warned you I have lots of feelings.    Let’s discuss her actual words.   I know many of you read this blog from around the world.  I can only imagine how my country looks to other countries.  If you want a layered and nuanced look at this see below.  If you’re not interested in my rant and just want the astrology without the many things that were triggered by this story, go below the asterisks.

HODA:  I’m sure there’s no problem.  My lawyer is working on it and I’m sure he will win the case.

RICHARD:  Do you think you’ll be able to go to the United States?  Do you want to go to the United States?

HODA:  I prefer America other than anywhere else.  (She went to the Be Best school of sounding like a bona fide American.  That’s sarcasm, because Be Best sounds illiterate.)

RICHARD:  What do you want to do if you go back to the United States?  What do you think will happen to you if you’re allowed to go back?

HODA:  Of course I’ll be given jail time.

So in fairness, shame on Richard Engel for asking her these two questions:  what she wants, and what she thinks will happen.  Because that  (a) set her up to talk about her preferences and the galling certainty that she has no problem coming back, and (b) have her tell us how she thinks shit should work for her, like she knows she’s grounded and she’s fine with that.  As if anybody in this entire country GAF what this biddy wants or prefers, or how intense her sense of entitlement may be.   I have to admit it was an amazing feat of leadership, to get me on the same exact page with Trump and Pompeo.   The clanking metal balls on her, suing to come back here.

Just for perspective, serving in the United States military — with all the inherent complications — is one of the highest values of Native Americans.  The Navajo Code Talkers are only one example.  The major contributions of Native America to the US military are mind-blowing. This.   Every pow wow I ever went to opened with a veterans’ honor song, often a color guard.  We don’t in any way deserve them.  I’m going to smoke a bowl and geek out on pow wow videos for a little while to get over how much I fucking hate Hoda Muthana.

After all the shit they’ve been through, the primary way to gain respect in that community is through military service.  Okay?  What modern history calls a “warrior” in the old ways was called a “grown man.”  Native American leaders prove themselves, male or female.  Navajos and other Natives are still, to this day, defending our country with their lives, fighting ISIS.  But Hoda prefers to live here and is sure it’s no problem.  May a hellmouth open up and swallow her.

My heart can’t really take a full discussion of like the Buffalo Soldiers or the Tuskegee Airmen, I just can’t right now.  I personally know people who have come to the United States after serving in our military, usually burning all their bridges in their home countries in our service, literally and figuratively.  And then not been granted citizenship!!!!!  Breathe that shit in!!!!

There isn’t a word for how much I actually loathe Hoda Muthana.  Her father said something like he loves America and will always defend it.  And then sues us to force us to allow his ISIS daughter back in, because hey, she prefers that.  And he was a rich enough, well-connected-enough Yemeni to swing the whole “diplomatic appointment, not manipulating my way into citizenship wink wink here’s the cash” move that brought them here in the first place.  So they’re all citizens because she was born in New Jersey.  By his logic they’re all citizens of Syria now, because that’s where her baby was born.  Don’t let the door hit them in the asses on their way out.

For an analogy, let’s say America is a big apartment building.  This family moves in, like many others, fine.  Their daughter takes up with some boys on the other side of town, because they want to burn this apartment complex to the ground.  So she moves across town to stay with them, and has a kid there.  Then she realizes, hey, they are some really mean assholes!  WTF?!?  This sucks!  She gets support and shelter from the Kurdish women in the refugee camp.

She relly, relly needs to get back to New Jersey on the pronto, because the Americans are about to pull out of Syria and then everybody’s getting killed, like all of the Kurds.  So that’s gonna be totally icky and she needs to get out of there.  But we don’t want her back here because she wanted to burn our building down.  So because her dad is super committed to the housemates, he sues us to force us to let her back in.  OMFG, just trash.  Fucking beyond trash, the lot of them.

So yeah, if her father had a scrap of decency — and clearly he doesn’t — and he really wanted to protect America, he would pack his whole treacherous family up and move back to Yemen.  Or Syria.  Or anyplace where people like them better than here, which is pretty much everywhere but here.  Because in this case I’m on the same page as the MAGA people.  That’s no mean feat, since I don’t even believe in borders at all, I believe the Earth owns us not the other way around.  But I definitely believe in the social contract.  And this whole shithead family has done nothing but abuse the social contract because they were privileged enough to do so.

Sorry for the rant but OMFG this bakes my clams, like Confederates but even more outrageous because they’re from Yemen.  Went to Syria to support an army against the Native Americans, African-Americans, and immigrants from the whole rest of the planet — including Yemen — who serve the United States military.  No qualms about coming back.

Also, not for nothing (big New Jersey phrase, I’m sure Hoda says that all the time because of her deep New Jersey roots) her surety that she can come back here and go to jail is super adorable for all the reasons listed above.  (Again shame on Richard Engel for setting her up to look like such an asshole, as though she can or should dictate terms.)  But it’s extra fun since the actual penalty for treason in America is hanging.  We once hung a guy for pulling our flag down during the Civil War.  But she’s quite sure we’ll give her a time out for joining ISIS.  She has no idea how much she’d be better off in Syria, or anywhere but here.  Her whole gene pool should fuck off.


Anyway back to astrology.  Here’s the chart again for reference after all my blah blah blah.

Hoda muthana chart

When I see a locomotive, I often observe two components aside from the engine and caboose:  1) What I refer to as the payload, a concentration of planets somewhere near the center of the locomotive, across from the bull’s eye; and 2) something right in the middle of the bull’s eye.  This chart fits both of those.

The payload is the Scorpio stellium, which I will now look at in-depth.  The thing that freaks me out about ISIS — and would have repelled me immediately at any age — is their sadism.  That’s simply not called for, ever.  Beginning after the Sun at 5 Scorpio and working clockwise now, we have Venus conjunct asteroid Sado at 13 Scorpio, the North Node at 14, Juno the Spouse at 18 conjunct Nessus the Abuser at 18, then Jupiter at 20, America at 23, and Pluto at 27.  (Again it looks like Pluto is in Sagittarius because there isn’t room to write the words.)

In this case the “payload” is from 21 Libra to 27 Scorpio.  By my calculation the center of that is about 9 degrees Scorpio.  That puts the dead center of the payload itself — just from Mercury to Pluto — between the Sun and Venus, which is where the fun really begins.

Venus is about affections and connections, the people in your life.  This is a person who relies very much on their community, and communities in general, with Venus right on the North Node.  Her destiny as an ISIS bride is spelled right out here in no uncertain terms.  With Venus on Sado, love and cruelty are inextricably bound.  Especially in anyone with a Scorpio stellium this is an extreme red flag that gives me great concern for her child’s wellbeing.  She hurts the ones she loves, it’s her thing.

Further along that theme she has Nessus the Abuser on the same degree as Juno the Spouse.  Nessus was paid by Dejanira’s husband to ferry her across the river to see her family.  He could not resist the opportunity to rape her, and did not.  It’s about violence against the ones you have captive, like your wife and children.  Ariel Castro had raging Mars and prominent Nessus, go figure.

The presence of the Node in all of this is almost like an exclamation point or an underline.  Really the chart quite clearly shows a person who makes the kind of choices she has made.   This is the point of her entire life.  She is a highly polarizing figure with this extreme Pluto.  She seems to have almost the entire world polarized against her.  She’s done a great job of putting herself all the way at the extreme outer edge of humanity.

I didn’t mention it before but Hoda has Uranus conjunct Neptune.  I feel like that’s going to make her believe in her own quirky, weird-ass beliefs to an extreme extent.  This will not be a balanced thing, as it’s happening within the blurry-edged Neptune-Saturn issues described above.  Just add a certain intractability and belief that she really is special and different from everybody else, because Uranus is in the mix.

Hoda has an interesting Vesta the True Believer.  It’s in Cancer, so ruled by the Moon — which is of course bound up in the fierce Sun-Mars mutual reception discussed above.   It’s importantly in a sesquare to Pluto, which is how she can watch an ISIS video and think yeah, that’s a reasonable interpretation of Islam.  Her own rampaging, sadistic, Mars-inflected Pluto overtook her ability to recognize the sacred.  This is where her materialistic Capricorn Neptune screwed her right over.  It paved the way for her to just think she can do whatever she wants.  Everything is extreme with her, including her Ceres Mars.

As I see it Hoda’s Vesta has been corrupted by her dominant Pluto, basically.  She’s given way to her devils.  She claims to be some activist of not doing this sort of thing now, yadda yadda GFY.

Hoda’s Vesta is also trine both Saturn and Venus.  At the end of the day she believes in her rich dad’s ability to get her out of trouble.  With her Jupiter right there in the mix of the Scorpio stellium, I’m sure she thinks very highly of herself, loves an adventure, and doesn’t sweat the details as long as she’s in control.

Then there’s asteroid America wedged right in between her Pluto and Jupiter.  That all seems just on the nose, in terms of Jupiter being the government and Pluto being the extremist that rips a hole in the Earth so he can rape a little girl.  This bitch is crazy.  She should definitely not come back here.

As mentioned above she has asteroid Isis right in the center of her bull’s eye, the psychic itch that she can’t quite reach.  That’s located across from the whole Scorpio stellium, and I think I’ve made her dedicated, overarching cruelty and antisocial behavior plain enough.

Her Chiron is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury.  This doesn’t surprise me.  Virgo is where we refuse to internalize anything beyond the intellectual level.  So yes, I’m sure she’s quite bright and even gifted with her Fomalhaut contact.  She might make a fine scientist or researcher if she wasn’t ISIS trash.  And that Virgo detachment from internalizing the emotional realities of other people surely helps her be an ISIS bride in the first place.  I’ve never met a Virgo who enjoyed empathizing or relating on a heart level, even with people they’re close to.  It’s work for them.  People are often something of an abstract concept to Virgo.  And that’s where she will either learn or die from her mistakes.  She needs to get that other people are real, which is incidentally really hard for sociopaths.

Okay, this is kind of making me sick so I’m going to take a wee nap instead.  I did look up the chart of the young lady who shot up YouTube, Nasim Aghdam IIRC.  She comes to mind as I get ready to try to find some balance about all the shit this has stirred up in me.  No worries, I’m on it.  But I may at some point Astrosplain Nasim, because I am baffled by her as well.  I’m able to feel sorry for Nasim, that she went so off the rails, because I believe she was on some level a good person, though unbalanced.  Unlike Hoda, who appears to be a highly aggressive, sadistic sociopath.

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