Paul LePage, Astrosplained

Gents and Gamines,

So, this guy.  Talk about an idiot.  Paul LePage is a great example of the sort of person I would no longer normally Astrosplain, but at this point he’s a perfect storm of Republican bullshit.  Not only is he pale, stale, frail, and male, but he was voted out. Maybe he’ll hold the door for the loathesome Susan Collins.  Probably not.  Anyway this chart is just too teachable to resist.

Ike militarism

I’m going to do a bit of a civics lesson here, just some basic info to show you how to un-gaslight yourself as you watch the revolution unfold.  If you want to skip to the astrology go to the asterisks.

Here’s a choice quote from the linked article, in which Paul LePage laments the fairer election changes we are finally making.  We’re moving away from the winner-take-all method that has put the Republican minority firmly in control pretty much throughout my lifetime.

“What would happen if they do what they say they’re gonna do, white people will not have anything to say. It’s only going to be the minorities who would elect. It would be California, Texas, Florida,” he added.

That’s the key to this whole conversation, the word minority.  White people, and especially the ones he’s talking about in Maine, are absolutely the minority in this country.  Everything Paul LePage says is exactly upside-down on Earth 1, where I live.

I know that so many of you Gentle Reader types are international, and I thank you for dropping by.  I can only imagine how hard it is to understand what’s really going on in America if you have to rely on our press, plus I’m sure you have your own problems to think about.

Understand that while our press is “free” it is also profoundly corrupt, like everything else in this country.  Our current understanding of corporations is a pervasive malignance as you may have noticed.  The famous military-industrial complex has spawned a prison-industrial complex as well.

The American press does enormous disservice with the way they frame our conversations, significantly to the right of the “American street.”  For example they keep talking about the Gallup polls showing 40 percent of the country supports him.  Be advised that I’ve never known anyone who has ever participated in a Gallup poll even once, and I’ve lived all over this country, coast to coast.

So today’s little beans spiller used to be the governor of Maine, a state known for its natural beauty, Stephen King living there, and a large hill of uneducated white conservatives.  It’s a cooler, prettier, closer-to-New-York version of Alabama, but without the African-Americans that make Alabama worth existing.  So just for laughs before I go real deep on Paul LePage, some quick facts from

POPULATION:                       Percent of US Population:

Alabama 4,888,949                            1.49%

Alaska 738,068                                   0.22%

Arizona 7,123,898                                2.17%

Maine     1,341,582                           0.41%

Kentucky  4,472,265                           1.36%

Wyoming    573,720                            0.17%

Utah 3,159,345                                      0.96%

Kansas 2,918,515                                    0.89%

West Virginia 1,803,077                    0.55%

(Subtotal)                                             8.22%

[So all of those states combined almost equal Texas.  They’re nowhere near California in terms human capital.]

California 39,776,830                       12.13%

Texas 28,704,330                                    8.75%

Florida   21,312,211                               6.5%

(Subtotal                                               27.38

Each state gets two senators.  So in other words, Kamala Harris speaks for about 6.6 percent of our overall population.  Susan Collins of Maine speaks for about 0.2 percent.  This is why the right is so quick to claim false equivalency, like Fox News’ “fair and balanced” mantra.  In real life California puts so much money into the federal government that nobody in any of these dinky ass red states should ever say a fucking word but “thanks, California.”  They bite the hands that feed them on the regular.

For example, in real life Obion County, Tennessee stopped having a fire department years ago because they couldn’t afford it.  Meanwhile the county I live in, Los Angeles County, has its own air force.  Without the money California pumps into the federal system, Maine, Alabama, West Virginia, North Carolina, all the states with huge military bases, all that money dries up and blows away.  If the red states had to live within their means they would die.   So Marsha Blackburn, Bob Corker, all of them should STFU and ask how high California wants them to jump.  Think how much you heard John McCain’s mouth, for the big 1% of the population that he represented.

I included Utah in the above as they are so disproportionately represented in our judiciary committee and our politics overall.  Mike Lee, Mike Crapo, and Orrin Hatch are all Mormons.  Granted Crapo is from somewhere else.  But Mormonism is Utah like Catholicism is Rome.  And the two churches are equally disgusting IMHO, though Mormons allow zero variance from the rules.  The Mormon Church takes at least partial credit for the extreme rightward lurch of our American judiciary.   They were also largely behind the passage of the anti-LGBTQ Prop 8 in California.  Anyway keep in mind when Mitt Romney opens and closes his mouth unit that at best he represents less than 1% of the American population, in real life.

I just randomly chose a few smaller states whose representatives are prominent, like Wyoming which now has Liz Cheney.  Conservatives often act like everything is the Westminster Kennel Club, like your pedigree is what matters, and thus Liz Cheney is the natural heir to the throne.  Kansas, which has a parade of bossy jerks like Mike Huckabee claiming to be the Moral Majority.   Carol Miller, the Repug who beat out Richard Ojeda in West Virginia, thought she was clever at the Cohen hearings.  I sometimes hear the Repugs say something about a “silent majority” that they believe exists in support of themselves.  Paul LePage just blew the whole game in the first-linked article above.  Definitely worth reading.

Anyway all of that is to just give you some perspective on the way people talk about demographics in my country.  It’s grossly misrepresented as a center-right country.  It really isn’t.  Texas is the only one of the Big 3 states that I would put on the plug ignorant page with West Virginia and (white) Alabama.   Even that will come down to a ground game, as we see with Beto almost taking it.   It’s grassroots or die for the Democrats.  They have to get off their lazy asses and connect with citizens rather than PACs.


On to the astrology.

Paul LePage chart

First things first, Paul has the Sun in Libra, making this a Venus-ruled chart.  Now, for a guy who’s a famous hater, Venus may seem an odd choice.  But remember that Venus is not necessarily about women or even love.  It’s about affections and connections, the old “who you know and who you blow.”  Venus is about connecting to other people, needing and being needed by them, that interpersonal symbiosis.

I will mention quickly that this is a locomotive chart, where the native is a getter-done of things.  I have observed many locomotives to have both a “payload” near the center, where the most important planets are housed, and an itchy spot across from it, in the center of the “bull’s eye” of empty real estate in the chart.  Here the payload is the Sun and the combust Neptune.

I’m going to zoom around to the very last planet, Neptune, and insert just this quick bit up top and probably not come back to it, because it’s combust.  The combustion of Neptune is an actual disaster in this chart, worse than a calamity.   This person had as little chance of becoming a nice guy as Ayn Rand did, IMHO, for very similar reasons.  Neptune is where we may either engage the divine or not.  Like Ayn Rand with her deeply broken Venus, LePage was born with a non-functioning integrity unit.  Neptune is debilitated in phony Libra.  Nothing does well conjunct Algorab.   And nothing does well combust.  This chart shows the ego (Sun) swallowing the shriveled, atrophy-prone sense of integrity (Neptune), basically.

The Sun is on the same degree as Seginus the Guard, which explains a lot about the ordinarily charming and light-hearted Libra native, how a gentle, artsy Libra can be such a misanthropic crank.  This is why horoscopes, or just working from the Sun sign, can be extreme oversimplification. In this case I believe it’s Saturn and Jupiter spoiling the soup, along with a slew of dark stars.

There are multiple fixed stars to look at in this chart:

  • Seginus (Sun)
  • Algorab (Neptune)
  • Regulus (chart ruling Venus conjunct Saturn)
  • Mintaka (opposite Jupiter)
  • Hamal (North Node)
  • Algol (asteroid America)

I’ll discuss all of the fixed star contacts in greater depth below, but remember that Trump has Seginus conjunct Jupiter.  That makes Seginus the marker for the political disgrace that will come to everyone connected to him (Jupiter ruling politics).

The mystery of the extreme hater Libra is solved when we look at the chart ruling Venus’ placement.  She has multiple things going against her here:

  • In Virgo, the virginal sign of not connecting with others at the heart level as Venus lives to do;
  • Conjunct Saturn, the guy who makes everything cold, sour, and materially focused;
  • Both of those conjunct Regulus the Heart of the Lion, which does not bode well for anyone with as little integrity — or personal integration is another way to say that — as Paul LePage.

The Regulus contact here (and the busted integrity issues of Neptune)  is probably what puts Paul LePage white supremacy-adjacent.  Regulus is about being a king among men, or feeling that way.  IIRC both Farah Suckabee Flanders and her dad have Regulus contacts.  When Regulus is contacted in a highly-evolved native’s chart, it can make them what Buddhists call a wheel-turning king, like Genghis Khan, still revered for many years after his death.  (I realize Genghis was not known for his warm, cuddly nature.  But people followed him because he lifted and united them.)


Back to LePage, I was not surprised to see Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius, where he is really feeling the urge to get out there and put his name on stuff.  Especially in Sagittarius Jupiter is likely to chafe at any constraints or demands placed upon him.  Trump’s Sagittarius Moon is really classic poorly-evolved Jupiter.  (The Seginus contact with the Sun here suggests that probably nothing will develop in an integrated way.)  Jupiter is all about the “Trump at Mar-A-Lago” feeling, being the Big Man on Campus, all eyes on you, everything just the way you like it.  My beloved Wesley Willis had a prominent Jupiter, but because of his life circumstances it was the thing that saved him.  Just for an interesting contrast.  Wesley had a lot of things keeping him humble, no matter how great he was in real life.  Sort of opposite, like the theme of this chart.

LePage’s Jupiter is also opposite fixed star Mintaka, which explains a lot to me.  This is probably the linchpin that made his entire personality go south.

Probably the darkest marker in this chart, however is fixed star Hamal conjunct the North Node.  I know that astrology is all based on the wheel, the idea that what goes around comes around, there are two sides to every coin, and other similarly applicable cliches.   There is nothing that is purely dark or purely light.  As we see in the yin-yang symbol, there are really three things:  the light, the darkness, and the ability to flip back and forth as we wish.  There is always light in the darkness and darkness in the light.

So with fixed star Hamal, that’s something we look at in crime charts.  Hamal is “symbolic of the death wound.”  From the above link:

Fixed star Hamal is of the nature of Mars and Saturn according to Ptolemy. It causes violence, brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime. [2]

Hamal on the Node here reminds me that everything is an orchestration, really.  We don’t fall into our charts by “accident.”  Our higher selves set our destinies up just the way we need them, no matter how it looks to our egos (Sun) or head minds (Mercury).

The Nodes and Neptune are the first places to look for the native’s interaction with their higher self, their sense of the sacred, any sense of fitting into a larger narrative outside their own ego’s perspective.  Neptune is the voice of the higher self, the part that is inextricably entwined with all other life.  That can speak to us through our heart mind via the Moon.  Our heart minds can connect with other people through Venus.  And that puts me back on track.

Especially with Seginus and Regulus, and the base Algorab conjunct Neptune, there’s very little chance this native would have become a loving nurturer.   Unlike Wesley Willis (who didn’t have all these dark stars) there was nothing to humble LePage, so he continued to spiral into the craziness displayed in the first-linked article.  Nothing checked his Regulus entitlement, and he had the social and financial connections he needed to advance his locomotive, so here we are.

I note that the Moon is in Capricorn, where it doesn’t belong.  The Moon and Venus being the two soft spots in a chart, LePage has rocks there with Saturn/Capricorn.

Mars is in Scorpio, which he co-rules.  So his sense of taking action, tackling issues head-on, fighting for what you want, all of that is rock solid in this chart.  Pluto, the coruler of Scorpio, is in Leo and thus on the ego’s agenda with the Sun/Seginus in Libra.

Uranus can’t really be overlooked, because it’s the engine of this locomotive chart, with the Moon in Capricorn at the caboose.  Uranus is where each man believes himself an island.  It can be very lonely and alienated.  But there is also a tendency for Uranian personalities to expect other people to meet them where they’re at, like a resentment of not being truly a part of the society they refuse to join.  Uranus can be very antisocial, even while focused on large-scale issues of humanity, because of that inability to connect specifically with Venus. (Uranus was castrated, unable to consummate or connect with others.)

Overall the only surprising thing in this chart, well a couple.  I thought it would have been a wedge or bundle, because of the way he seems to live in a bit of a bubble reality.  But I believe his tragic Neptune allows for him to exist in a fantasy world of his own making.  He’ll always be the Mayor of Tinytown in his own mind, especially with the Regulus contact.

His Uranus is opposite his extra large Jupiter, and I think that adds a certain stubborn weirdness that can’t be overcome with a million years in charm school.

The other surprising thing for me was the Libra Sun, because as discussed above, nothing about this guy says “Libra” to me.  But of course he is a national figure because he does represent some people in this country.  And unfortunately for us all, he represents their reprehensible views very well.





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